14 Oct 2012

We don't want you! £18m LFC striker target 'allowed to leave' in January. Bid?

Last week, Darren Bent publicly admitted that he is having a 'crappy' time at Aston Villa, and spoke of his 'frustration and disappointment' over how he's being handled by Villa boss Paul Lambert. Now, it appears that the Midlands club is ready to dump him in January, and with the Reds desperate for a prolific goalscorer, perhaps Brendan Rodgers should look take at Bent in January?

Villa are reportedly 'ready to sell' Bent - who cost £18m - in January as his 'feud with Lambert continues', and the 28-year-old will be 'allowed to leave' if the right offer comes in.

Bent was recently stripped of the Villa captaincy, and he now finds himself regularly languishing on the bench, something that he described as disappointing.

Liverpool have been linked with Bent many times over the last year, and in the january transfer windo, the speculation was particularly acute, with Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson claiming at one point that a deal had actually been agreed. After the window closed, Bent confirmed Liverpool's interest:

"Liverpool's interest was flattering as they are one of the biggest clubs in the world but, at the same time, it never once crossed my mind to leave [Aston Villa]."

With 164 goals and 39 assists in the last nine seasons, Bent definitely matches the type of striker Liverpool need, but given the fact he will be 29 soon, it seems unlikely that FSG would sanction the deal.

If Bent came to Anfield, would he fit into Liverpool's style of play? Liverpool legend John Barnes is not so sure. He explained:

"It all depends on the way you actually play and you have to play to someone’s strengths. I don’t know if he [Bent] is the type of player that Liverpool want; he likes to be direct, play over the top, run on quickly.

"Liverpool don’t play that way and as good as Darren Bent is a good goal-scorer in the right team, I don’t know whether he’d fit at Liverpool.”

I disagree with Barnes; I think Bent would definitely fit in at Liverpool. He's quick and mobile, and he has the knack for being in the right place at the right time in the box.

Most importantly, Bent scores goals! He is Premier League proven and he has done the business for every team he's played for.

Bent cost Villa £18m but there's no way he'd command that kind of fee now. If the club could get him for less than £10m then given his goal record, it would surely have to be worth it?

There's also the age issue to consider: Bent is 28, and it seems unlikely that FSG would sanction a significant fee for his services, and Villa are not going to let him go on the cheap.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Doubt if we would pay for him also, but a swap for Downing etc would be ideal. Hopefully we are looking at bigger fish than Bent.

  2. how many more times.............no..........no........no !!!
    but give them downing back..............for free.
    we dont need a headless chicken that is darren bent.
    sturidge would be our best option if hes aboout 10-15 mill, thats if brendon has that much to spend.
    and if were really flash we should try nik walcot off the gooners.
    and maybe if the owners sh#t the bed, micah richards for right back- centre back

  3. Thanks but no thanks, he isn't good enough for us and I don't want anymore English and British crap as we have wasted enough money on them already.

  4. FSG will not pay £10M for a 28 year old, I doubt they would even pay £5M. I don't think he would suit Brendans style of play and he ain't going to change that for the sake of buying a striker, otherwise why get rid of Carroll, it's pointless.

  5. Who know's what FSG will or probably won't do in January. Im no fan of Bents but he does get goals but I would only want him if he was less then 10 mill but h still wouldn't be my first choice, there has to be other options before we go down this line, wouldn't mind a deal including Downing tho.

  6. FSG wouldn't pay £6m for Dempsey (and he would have been their American hero signing) so I very much doubt they'll pay £10 for Bent.

  7. Downing + Cole = Bent , 12 m = Hooper . Strikers
    sorted . But getting rid of Cole will be a problem ,
    reckon we would still have to pay him 60k per wk.
    Sickening thank you Roy .

  8. You said it pal. If FSG do not spend in january, there will be trouble. we have been patient. but patience is running thin right now.

  9. FSG are skint, so say the media?, yet they are paying £150m to redevelop Anfield, spent £113m summer 2011, spent £300m to buy LFC etc.................I wish i was that skint. I also support the possibility of naming rights when the stadium is upgraded, as long as Anfield remains part of the name i say why not!!!

  10. swap him for downing

  11. Darrent Bent and Ricardo Quaresma is not the players that we needed. They are not suit with LFC transfer policy and very expensive needed to get them.They flops talent who unwanted by the clubs.

  12. No more than £5 million, and I would say yes. Otherwise I dont think its worth it as it would only be a short term fix.

  13. would rather give youth players a chance than waste money on him

  14. It's time to get serious here... Darren Bent would be nothing more than a squad player... Get in there with players you know will score! Falcao! Ba! Huntellar! Hulk!

    I read somewhere FSG will make 40 mill avail in the transfer window... if in fact this is true, we should stop faffing around and just get a proper quality signing. Break the bank and we can have a really strong second half to the season and run in for that top 4 spot!

    We have abundant youth, now we need a guaranteed quality addition!

    But also... BR should not be focusing on that too much at the moment... turn good performances into good results first!

  15. I would rather see talented Argentinian Luciano Vietto and Celtic's Gary Hooper brought in over the January transfer window, perhaps with Andy Carroll recalled from West Ham if Rodgers is willing to be more flexible in his game tactics ...

  16. No friggin way!!!!!

    Lets focus on developing yesil and the other very talented yout we have rayher than buying an over the hill average player!

  17. I hope if the headline comes out Liverpool sign bent it has a picture of a sign saying Liverpool which is bent and twisted.

  18. just give us another 20 million and we will even send you a video of him, but please keep Downing, no amount of fake videos will convince us to have him back.LOL Haha