15 Oct 2012

Man Utd reject admits: I wanted to join LFC but 'Rodgers said no'. Mistake?

In the wake of Liverpool's failed bid to sign Clint Dempsey on transfer deadline day, the Reds were linked with a whole host of free agent strikers, none of whom seemed particularly enticing. One of those linked with a move to Anfield was former Manchester United striker Michael Owen, and many Reds fans were actively calling for his return. Was this ever a a realistic option? Apparently, yes, as Owen revealed in an interview over the weekend.

In an interview on Soccer AM, Owen - who ended up joining Stoke City - was asked if'd considered rejoining Liverpool in September. He said:

"Yeah, I asked the question, but the manager [Brendan Rodgers] said no"

So, Rodgers rejected the chance to sign Owen. I think it was the right decision overall, but I'm sure there are many fans out there who feel Rodgers should've taken the chance. After all, Liverpool had nothing to lose really, especially if Owen arrived on a 'pay as you play' deal.

Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson also believes that re-signing Owen would've been a bad idea. He told The Mirror:

"For me it is a retrograde step [to sign Owen] and Liverpool should never have left themselves in a position where they even have to be considering it.

"In terms of being fit and available you have to ask how often that will be the case with Owen. I also get the impression with him that it is not just about the fact that he only wants to play football.

"I just don't think he wants to play for the love of the game any more. Again, if that was the case then his people would have sorted out a pay-as-you-play deal for him to do that".

Owen has already been injured once since signing for Stoke (!), and he's only been there for a month. Clearly, his fitness remains a massive problem, so it looks like Rodgers made the right decision.

You can watch Owen's full interview below:

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. buying old players just slows down the development of youth players.

  2. He was a LFC reject long before he became a man utd reject. Rather have Morgan up as striker than Owen. Good move BR.

  3. Michael Owen join enemy Man.Utd team case very worst than Torres join Chesea.He is too older and always get injured.He is not productive goal scorer player,so for what need to sign him???He want to join LFC because desprate carrier football and for money....loyalty.huh !!!! Don't say about loyalty.Owen,your times already finish for LFC.No poin to you regret about this.You run away during LFC needed you.You are traitor same as Torres.

  4. Scraping the barrel's bottom, here Jamie!, there was NOT a cat's in hell's chance, of Owen joining LFC, Owen has always been about money, not football!.

  5. What a waste. Viewed as a Judas by us, a mercenary by Newcastle fans, and will barely be remembered at all by Utd or Real Madrid fans. Rodgers was right to steer clear.

    Good luck Stoke fans - if he strings more than a 3 game run together it'll be a miracle.

  6. I still respect Owen. You can call him whatever you like but you can't deny his ability to put the ball into the back of the net. He was one of my favourite players. Let's see what Borini/Morgan/Pacheco and the like achieve and compare that to Owen.

    Decision not to sign him was probably the correct one. But it was a shame to see Fergie wiping his back side with one of the best talents Liverpool has ever produced.

  7. Jesus, really?! That's disgusting! No wonder he left.

  8. Owen for me has been vastly overrated . From 17 to 21 he was
    brilliant , but he relied everything on his fantastic pace , after
    he was injured he lost a yard in pace , similar i suppose to
    Torres . As far as coming back here never.

  9. Pity he and the club didn't manager his injury situation in his early days better. From the outside (I know, I know), seemed like he always came back too early and overplayed. He can still score goals with good service, despite the downhill development of career after his initial hamstring problems at our club. But even with our current striker situation, don't want him back here.

  10. wish he came