27 Oct 2012

'He's a perfect midfielder!' - Man Utd hero hails 'quick-thinking' LFC flop. Deluded?

It looks increasingly likely that Joe Cole will be on his way out of Anfield sooner rather than later, and with Spartak Moscow interested in the midfielder, Russia could be a viable destination for ex-Chelsea midfielder. Cole clearly isn't part of Brendan Rodgers' long term plans, and Manchester United legend Andrei Kanchelskis has urged the Londoner to consider a move to Unai Emery's Spartak side.

When asked about the possibility of Cole moving to Spartak, Kanchelski - who now manages Nizhny Novgorod - was full of praise for the 31 year old. He raved:

"Cole is the perfect midfielder.

"He is quick thinking, a real organiser, and he's able to take the initiative and lead the whole team.

"He would be a useful midfielder for Spartak Moscow"

The perfect midfielder? Even in his prime, Cole was very far from the perfect midfielder!

To be honest, I don't know which statement is more ludicrous: Kanchelskis' assertion that Cole is 'perfect', or Steven Gerrard's contention that Cole is 'better' at some things than Lionel Messi (!)

I was against Liverpool signing Cole in the first place, and when it comes to his current ability to influence games, I defer to Steve Nicol's view on the subject. He told ESPN recently:

"Joe was at his best maybe four years ago, and I think the reason Liverpool let him go [to Lille] is that he's a bit slow now doesn't have that extra yard in his legs anymore.

"He can't get away from anybody, and he can't hurt anyone going forward".

Cole is way past his best now, and he's just a drain on the wage bill.

Granted, Brendan Rodgers knows him from his time at Chelsea, and he may be suited to a quick-passing game, but Liverpool can do better, and given Cole's age, it's not like he's going to be part of the club's future.

Let him go, preferably in January.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. But who else will carry Sterlings booster seat?
    I hate hearing Nicols views he always says the things you kinda know but don't want to admit. But I suppose that is what makes a good pundit.

  2. This is the place for Nicol's opinion on EVERYTHING!!

  3. we will never know!! he never plays 2 games in a row!! was top drawer at chelsea before that injury that kept him out.
    took j.cole to bury us twice when no other chelsea player could.
    but at present, who knows........................better than borini............i think so...
    pace has never been his game. on current form you cant change the team much, borini injury was a blessing.......sorry, im sure he has great potential and will come good.

  4. Sell, sell, sell. Or loan.

    Joe Cole is still living off the reputation he was tagged with while at West Ham by a desperate media looking for the next great hope, a precocious talent who has, sadly, never fulfilled his potential.

  5. Cole should move on. he still has a couple of years left in him. but not at Liverpool. He should consider moving to a less demanding football league.

  6. I don't care what you're talking about! It aint importortant....Klass-Jarr-Huntlelaar say's it all. YNWA68

  7. Joke Hole a brilliant signing by that idiot Purslow - who's sucking £90K a week out of the coffers for little return, just like Carragher!

    Robbery, just like the decision today that cost us the win.

  8. Can't resist a dig at Stevie can you ?