30 Oct 2012

Noack confirms: English club 'has made an offer' for exciting €8m attacker. LFC...?

Schalke midfielder Lewis Holtby has been linked with a move to Anfield several times over the the last six months, and it looks like a move the Premier League could become a reality sooner rather than later.

In an interview yesterday, Markus Noack - Holtby's Agent - confirmed that an unnamed English club had put in an offer for Holtby. He said:

"The situation has definitely changed in the last period because several offers came in.

"There is an English club which has made a very interesting offer.

"Lewis would prefer [to play in] the Premier League or La Liga"

It's entirely possible that the offer has come from Liverpool. Indeed, last week, a source close to the Schalke claimed that the Reds are 'keen to talk' to the youngster about a possible move.

Holtby's current contract ends soon, and in July, he admitted that a move away could definitely be on the cards:

"I would be lying if I said I will definitely extend may contract [with Schalke]. My dream was always the Premier League, and someday I will make this step. I just have a great affinity for English football, and I've always said: If I am good enough for the Premier League, I want to play there too"

Alas, there is, unfortunately, one slight issue that could prevent €8m-rated Holtby from joining Liverpool:

"My father was born in England and was a Everton fan since the age of five. He immediately infected me with the Everton virus! Since then I have been a Everton fan and have always followed their games"

Holtby certainly fits the 'buy them young' policy at Liverpool but would he actually improve the squad? Here are his league stats from last season:

* 6 goals and 1 assist in 27 league games.
* 1 goal every 322 minutes (1 every 3.5 games)
* 1 shot on goal every 175 minutes (1 every 1.9 games)
* 28% Shooting accuracy
* Successful cross every 74 minutes.

Stats: OPTA

Granted, not the greatest stats, but he's only 22 and can only improve.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We don't need him !!

  2. Hassan Talib Haji7:01 pm, October 30, 2012

    It was goal.com who made that official. And, its Liverpool.

  3. he´s a midfielder not a attacker, so the stats are very good.
    Jamie, please do some better research before posting :)

    well, he´s a bosman next June so we can sign him on a contract in January and get him in the summer without a transfer fee.

  4. He's an attacking midfielder. An attacking mid is an attacker.

  5. holbys father and holtby are staunch evertonians he will never sign for the reds

  6. Even though the need for a player in his position is not as important as the need for a striker I like Holtby simply because he looks like he can run all damn day. I think that our club needs to increase the basic level of skill of the players we have in every position. Liverpool needs to be eventually gutted and a better class of player introduced to every position. This unfortunately will have to happen for you to see your beloved team hold up a European trophy or the Barclay's league trophy any time in the near future. I think we need to build a strong young talented foundation mixed in with one of two experienced vet . We are seeing that already as the youngsters get more playing time.

    While I am not a professional pundit nor do I have a back ground working in Foot-ball professionally as a player or a coach, but I think that I know talent when I see it. I feel that Holtby does posses some talent and that we should make it a point to pursue players just like him.

    Another player whom is also is a midfielder (since we are looking at midfielders a lot lately) that I would like us to sign even though I know we are not going to is 22 year old Spanish play-maker Isco who ply's his trade for La-Liga club Malaga. This kid is impressive, would complement Suso and be a good replacement when Sahin returns to Madrid. (oh well one can at least dream)

  7. Fowler Mcmanaman Owen Carragher

  8. So is a defensive midfielder a defender? If thats the case there are no midfielders.

    Misleading headline. He's a midfielder.

  9. Stats don't mean anything.

    Evidence: Downing, Adam, Enrique, Henderson, Carroll

  10. Given that he is an Evertonian it would probably be a good idea to ask Carra to talk to him.

  11. no your reply doesnt make sense attacking midfielder implys he plays higher up the pitch compared to a central midfielder and can opperate as a second striker so therefore he IS an attacker as he is more attack minded then central midfielders who are more versatile and are equally good at helping out at the back as they are getting forward and a defensive midfielders job is to provide a shield to the defence and then bridge the gap between defence by connecting the play so that doesn't make them defenders

  12. He is just 22, plays as an attacking midfielder, has already played for Germany in a position fought among Ozil, Reus, Schürrle, Gotze, Muller, Kroos, Bender, Gündoğan. That probably tells mostly. Had he played for a ugly, physical, sky-hoof long ball team with white shirt & deep blue shorts, he probably would have been priced 3 times.

    However, he is not going to join us - we are exactly not that lucrative now days that a German International 'll join us leaving CL football (specially when he is a toffee supporter). Actually, we should look for a goal poacher as top priority.