22 Sept 2012

Reds legend blasts: LFC are 'moving backwards' under stingy FSG. Agree...?

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness believes things are going 'backwards' at Anfield under FSG, and he's predicted that it's going to be very difficult for Liverpool to break back into the Premier League's top four without a massive injection of cash.

In an interview yesterday, Souness urged FSG to spend big in the next few transfer windows, and bemoaned the club's lack of quality players. He noted:

"Liverpool have slipped off the pace, and it's going to be very difficult for them to get back into the top four.

"Once you're out of it for a couple of years, everything starts to close down. The revenues start moving backwards, and the kind of players you can attract goes backwards too.

"Liverpool need a large injection of money. There's no magic to football, it's just about quality players, and Liverpool don't have enough of them right now".

I think Souey is right to an extent - it is going to be very difficult for Liverpool to break back into the top four, and given the club's start to the season, it seems unlikely that the club will make it into the Champions League places this season.

Liverpool definitely need more quality players, especially in attacking areas because Luis Suarez and [misfiring] Steven Gerrard aside, who is there? The club is seriously lacking experienced attacking players, i.e. those who've been there and done it, and can come straight into the team and make a difference. Clint Dempsey definitely fit that description, but we all know what happened there.

Reds legend John Aldridge agrees with Souness on the club's ability to challenge for the top 4. He told the Liverpool Echo:

"I can say now we are not going to score enough goals to even think about challenging for fourth place and we will just have to be patient and trust in the manager. But the owners also have to trust in Brendan Rodgers and back him in the transfer market in January".

FSG's 'buy 'em young' policy has merit, but the club also needs older, experienced attacking players too, and hopefully Rodgers will be given money to spend in January.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If suarez two goals in 4 prem league apps is misfiring, cant wait to see when his going full tilt.

  2. No I don't agree. FSG are getting rid of average players on top wages. They are rebuilding Liverpool. They will put more money into Liverpool in January....

  3. I disagree. You can't spend money you don't have unless you want to run out eventually, which has happened. Socialism is grand, but ebentually you run out of other people's money. Hmmmmm, sounds familiar.

  4. Isn't souness the first start of liverpool decline?

  5. he was of the originals to keep us off the pace of the top teams.

  6. where have they been. 1 big spend thats all we had till more revenue was created. the big spend didnt result in CL football but instead left us with even more bad players on big contracts. rogers said in his first interview he needed 20mil and he got it. he also found out how hard it is to get players out. hopefully theres money for llorente in january but id imagine a big part of rogers job will be offloading. the wage bill was a disgrace for what we were getting so fsg are not wrong to be sensible its just when your not winning everything is magnified. i have no issue with playing the kids they looked really good on thursday wisdom,coates,kelly,robinson,suso,sterling,borini,yesil theres plenty of potential. hope we win toomorrow.

  7. It says Gerrard is misfiring, not Suarez.

  8. what would happen if liverpool-kop.com didn't use the "Reds legend blasts" (and variants) headline? Would anyone ever come here!?

  9. souness....yes, he really took the club forward didnt he....top player,awful manager.

  10. What does that have to do his comments about LFC's current situation?

  11. That makes no sense at all mate. Prices are inflated during Jan cos no one wants to sell. If they are looking to save money purchases should be made in the summer.

  12. You either need a massive injection of cash - or a manager that is a miracle worker on a shoe string budget - I agree with Souness as the policy of the current owners will not get us back in CL football anytime soon. They wont pay the premium on players, they want young talent to be found but the worry is how long can you hold on to young prospects in the wilderness of top flight football? How long untill other sides take an interest in Raheem Sterling or Jonjo Shelvey what is the incentive for them to stay?
    To be fair they spent a lot last year which was wasted by Dalglish - if they are unwilling to do it again then top four is not something we will see for a long time, maybe we can sneak in in a few years but doubt we will sustain it unless this squad improves vastly.
    Forget the Liverpool of the 80s - we are nowhere near the club we were just 4 short years back.

  13. Yes, he is absolutely 100% right. Look at the teams who invested heavily/ correctly this season. I think our scouting network needs sacking too. Some of the players we have missed out on in recent years is disgracefull. I understand we cant sign everyone. But some of the players we could and should have signed that were available is worrying.

  14. He is 100% spot on. We are moving straight to championship with the current players.

  15. Mate, he's just claiming liverpool got a lot of mediocre players off the wage bill. I agree prices are inflated during the January window but he didn't claim prices were low, just that FSG are rebuilding, and that they remove obstacles from the team. Buying in January is usually a bad idea, but sometimes you find a good deal - Suarez and Jelavic are two of brilliant January signings I've seen.

  16. BS. You can build a decent squad with a decent transfer budget when you've got a good base to build from(as Everton and arguble Arsenal did over the last decade).
    Moreover, we've seen in recent times how you can have all the cash you want and just fail to use it wisely(AKA Carrol, Downing, Adam, Henderson).

    Maybe we're not going to compete for a fourth place, but we can definetly do well.

    It's not about the budget but the way you use it. I actually think BR has done pretty well so far with what he had, and maybe that will prove the owners he can handle larger sums of money.

    Out of the players we got in the latest window I'm very happy with Allen and Sahin, and am looking forward to see Assaidi(and Yesil).
    I'm not Borini's fan yet but I'll give the lad a chance to prove himself. By the end of the season I expect to see some quality performances.

    Anyway - to the point of the article, for now I think we're doing ok, and I think FSG will give BR larger sums in the future(though maybe not in January). We are still suffering financially from KD's signings.

  17. I'm not saying buy loads of players but we could get llorente and Walcott on cheap deals.... Because they will only have 6 months left on their contracts.

  18. No we are not going to championship. We are rebuilding.... It's like when Audi make a car.... They put all the parts together which makes a car.... Same with a new manager he going to put his type of players into Liverpool to make us better... What I've seen of Rodgers signing they look good... Borini will settle soon too... Looks bright.

  19. The Owners need to back B Rodgers ivery heavily in January with £70-£82M to bring in five players as during summer club shipped out 8 players and brought in four and a loan player.

    G Souness is absolutely right

    The problem was K Dalglish and Commoli spent £83M on four average British players instead of spending it on class quality players abroad.

    But last season club spent £115M on players brought to club, but also brought in £80M on players sold out of club. So the deficit was £35M.

    The owners need to give B Rodgers £70-£80M to bring in these five players who will get us from being top 7-14 side back to top 1-4 side.

    First and foremost B Rodgers should purchase three players from A Bilbao for a combined total of £53M

    1: A Herrera (23) AM Young, Mobile, Alonso Type player (£12-£17m)
    2: I Munian (19) LW/LWF Quick Pacey Tricky Left winger/Forward (£13-£18m)
    3: F Llorente (27) FD/ST Powerful Mobile Technical striker (£15-£18m)

    But i am sure the £53M that it will cost to prise these three class quality players to anfield, if B Rodgers got them. Then after two to three years within premiership , i am sure their value would have doubled at least.

    And these two other players need to be brought to club in January alongside the three above to get club back competing and rivalling the two Manchester Clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle and Tottenham for the top 4 positions in divison/league.

    4: B Matuidi(25) DM Mobile Quick Tough Tackling Midfielder (£10-£14m)
    5: T Walcott(23) RW/RWF Quick Pacey Right Winger/Forward (£12-£14m)

    With these five players we could have first elevn capable of being a match for any side in Europe :

    Reina GK
    Johnson RB Skrtel RCB Agger LCB Enrique LB
    Lucas DM Allen CM
    Munian RWF Herrera AM Suarez LWF

    Llorente FD

    Subs within squad: Coates, Robinson, Kelly, Borini, Gerrard, Shelvey, Matuidi, Walcott, Sterling, Downing and Henderson.

    Those five players would cost club £70-£80M the equivalent of Torres and Hazard Of Chelsea, The equivalent of Aguero and Tevez at Man City.

    Four out the five players would bring creativity, pace, speed, class, quality and goals to side. ( Minimum of 35-50 goals a season)

    And a player who can compete and cover LUCAS sufficiently if he is ever injured again for club

  20. Yes Souness is absolutely correct. FSG made a mistake by completely loosening the purse strings under Kenny and Comolli. Now, they want success on a shoestring budget - this is not possible in this day and age. The question is, does FSG lack spending power or are they just refusing to spend? If it is the former, then they made a mistake by getting into the wrong business. If it is the latter, then they are deluding themselves once again and showing that they have no concept of what it takes to be successful in the EPL.

    Look at Arsenal, run like a business (similar to how FSG want to do things), have consistently had better players than LFC and a more experienced, successful manager and yet they have won nothing for 6-7 years. What makes FSG think Liverpool have any chance of success with all the odds stacked against them? They further increased the odds of failure by their poor handling of the last transfer window fiasco. Surely a large average squad is better than a small average squad, when you have to fight on four fronts. They may be inadvertently adversely affecting Liverpool's future by forcing BR to overuse the youngsters - time will tell.

  21. 'they will put more money into liverpool in january'. :)

  22. Souness should be the last person to criticise anyone since he was the one to dismantled the great Liverpool sqaud.. Just tell me to shut up and watch from the sidelines..

  23. The owners have said quite clearly that from now on the club will be self sufficent. That doesnt leave much room if any for expenditure during Jan. Id be massively surprised to see any movement in the transfer this jan. Suarez was hardly a bargain at 24 million. A great player to watch, but has a suspect end product. Jelevic yes. But, that sums up the approach of Liverpools approach to transfers for the last twenty years. Llorente wont come on the cheap. Would be nice though. Or even Walcott. Cant see it happening tho i hope im wrong.

  24. totally agree did u see stoke vs chelsea adam was appalling glad he's gone

  25. Given the opportunities that Suarez had in games, I don't consider him the most prolific goal scorer of all. He can be quite wasteful and a little selfish at times. Hope we can get in an established out-an-out striker in January.

  26. This season, we are definitely suffering from the ill effects of KD's catastrophic spending spree. But so far, BR is doing fine in the transfer market as he got some interesting players into LFC, of course we have yet to see all of them in action in the league. We will definitely do better next season with merging of new recruits, promising youngsters and clear out of the highly waged and unwanted players. I think FSG is doing fine with all the spending so far, we just have to be fair that they are a sporting management company and not some Russian or Arabs loaded with oil. They need to run the club on auto pilot financially and not pump in billions of pounds into their 'pets'.

    People, this is really a 3 year rebuilding phase and not a time to challenge for top 4 in the league. Make sensible expectations and get behind the owners, manager and the team, please! So, we will whip Man Utd ass later today!


  27. There is little doubt that KK spending spree and Hodgsons before him have landed us in a bit of bother. We are mid table team and to expect anything more is fooling yourself. FSG have made it clear that they want to buy player whose value increases over time - which in esence they want a wenger type operation - where talented players are bought on the cheap and then sold for profit. The nearest we have had to wenger was Rafa. I dont think there are many Arsene Wengers about though. And plus for a club to be aspirant to the title why would you want to be selling your players to possibly your competitors.

    The clud is bereft of talent not just on the pitch but also on the boardroom - when they were going mad chasing Dempsey they missed out on a 4 million scoring machine in Berbatov!

    My fear for BR is not that he wont be a success but that FSG tie his hands so much that he isnt allowed to be a success.

  28. I hope to God that FSG don't repeat the mistake of spending inflated prices on what is effectively a write-off (in all likelihood, barring a huge turnaround in form) of a season like they did under Dalglish (when he first took over).

  29. Enough already, we get the point. Don't need to post this 4 times in different posts.

  30. Souness is wrong, and here's why.

    Look, there is no doubt that FSG is willing to spend money. Look how much they blew on Carrol, Adam, and others. It's never been a question of money. They just don't want to get burned by it. Again, look at Carroll, Adam and other signings. What is the last signing we had that really worked out well at the level we wanted? Probably Suarez. And that was under Rafa.

    Brendan didn't have a scouting department and has already blown his budget on the likes of Borini, who isn't impressing yet, and a couple others. BR also openly stated at the beginning of the season that Liverpool "didn't need another striker" before changing his mind in the lat three days of the transfer window.

    FSG are businessmen first, sad to say it, but they are. And they're smart about it. There is no way that they will let LFC be relegated. No chance. I'd be willing to bet that if in December we're still in a relegation battle, BR will be on his way out, and someone like Rafa will be back, or Pep G. They won't let LFC be relegated.

    That said though, when a good investment opportunity comes along, I have no doubt they will take it. But BR hasn't shown them that the players he's targeting are worth that kind of money yet. Until he does, I can't blame FSG for not wanting to throw more money after players who aren't deserving.

    What I think is going to happen, we're not going to have a great January transfer period either. We'll pick up a few players, but if they don't play up to the money expectations, BR's budgets are going to be lower until he gets some winning picks. Hopefully the new scouting team can make some better calls on who to target in January, or this rebuilding process is going to take a long time.

  31. At end of day, in last few seasons our club have gone so backwards it hurts and the main and biggest problem is American Ownership. And certain managers wasted money on wrong players: King Kenny wasted £83M on four average british players, C Adams £8m, Downing £20m, Henderson £20m and Carroll £35M

    The money should have been spent on these players 6 PLAYERS instead:
    1: B Matuidi Of St Etienne at time should have been brought for £8-£10M DM
    2: Diego Of Wolfsburg should have been brought for £10-£12M AM
    3: Coutinho Of Inter Milan should have been brought for £8-£12 M CM/AM
    4: D Capel Of Seville at time, should have been brought for £5-£9M LW
    5: Pedro Of Barcelona should have been brought for £15-18M RW/RWF
    6: Soldado Of Valencia should have been brought for £22M FD

    Those 6 players would have cost the club would have cost the £83M that was spent on four average british players.

  32. Teams like City and Chelsea who are spending heavily each season are going to have major repercussions when Financial Fair Play audits get done. The times of Sheik's and Russian Billionaire's throwing their petty cash around will soon be over unless the club ITSELF (not the owners own money) brings in a wack load of cash each season which City and Chelsea as clubs don't. They run at losses every season and they by far have the highest wage bills in the League so how are City and Chelsea going to get out of this predicament? Clubs will no longer be able to live above their means.

    Playing fields will be leveled sooner or later and the likes of LFC and Arsenal are playing their cards right. The days of buying success are now over so that is why FSG are following the plan which Arsenal have been practicing for many many years and that is spend money wisely. Lokk at how much money has been pisses down the drain by previous LFC managers over the last decade.

    Only clubs that break even will make it in the long run and that is why FSG are looking to get things right now before it is too late.

    Liverpool4life565 is quite right saying that FSG are rebuilding. Might take a bit longer to get back to the top but start now and reap the rewards in years to come when other clubs are still trying to get to the point of breaking even which will give LFC the upper hand. Chelsea and City are heading towards a dead end. The Sheik and Abramovic are going to find it rather difficult when they get to the stage where their clubs i.e. City and Chelsea have to pay for player wages and transfer fees. The money in their own pockets will mean bugger all if the club cannot sustain itself...

  33. Some people even claim that Souness inherited an ageing squad from Kenny with no quality youngsters coming through. Souness' then tried to change to many things too quickly. Probably can't blame one single man for our decline.

  34. I know that you don't like me commenting on comments, but, erm, may I point out that we just hired two new guys for our scouting network. I know, I know, they are not the entire scouting network, but why sack them, when they've arrived just five minutes ago?

  35. I think the club is still hiring new scouts and you seem to think that you are one. Great job opportunity, isn't it?

    BTW, Diego? Are you sure? The guy is selfish, moody, inconsistent and causes problems in the dressing room if he doesn't get his way.

    Note to gideonsupert: I made that up all by myself and didn't copy and paste it.

  36. Odd as it is, I have to defend Hodgson here. He hasn't exactly spent much money. His one big signing, Mereilles, was sold for a profit as far as I remember. Jovanovic was, probably like Shelvey, already signed by Rafa.

  37. Same with Sturridge, who I'd be more excited about than either of the other two

  38. Only one person has hit the nail on the head. Our owner have given up on Liverpool and are now thinking of only profit. They want to be a wenger team promoting youth and selling on to make money.
    People say they have spent a load of money well 30 mil net to me doesn`t buy andy carol then, Also remember the wage bill was reduced under KK and he got rid of alot of waste to.
    Fact is Andy Carol improves our squad like him or not, he gives us another dimension and our manager and owners got it wrong.
    Another fact BR knows exactly what the owners are doing and has bought into it. Why do you think Martinez didn`t take the job? The owners will make their 50 mil profit each year and in 6 years time may even think to sell depending on circumstances.
    Whether the owners have money or not is not the issue. The issue is whether they are willing to spend. Our wage bill has been reduced by around 30 mil and yet we spend 30 mil on players with lower wages. Not hard to work out.
    Anyone who shouts this Tika nonesense football should look at wenger team and ask what have they won? The law of averages says yes eventually we will win games but to expect a title is a far distant dream and I cant see Suraez staying at liverpool for more than two seasons more.
    People call reina for his faults but will be hard for us to buy a better keeper who want to come to liverpool.
    One other point you guys have not noticed is the next player liverpool want to buy after that demsey thing will never tell his club he wants to go to only liverpool so in the wrong run Liverpool will pay more for players not less.
    Last point in my opinion last years squad would do more than this years squad easily. The only positives to come out of this mess is our youth are carring our beloved club.
    Soueness is spot on, owner are money driven not success driven, My opinion.

  39. How on earth is spending (net) £20.3 million, making Liverpool the 5th highest spending club in the league, and the putting spending way above that of Arsenal, Spurs, Everton and Newcastle, working on a shoestring?

    The only clubs outspending us are Man Utd, City, Chelsea and Southampton (who are taking a massive gamble on survival IMO). There's no case for Souness or anyone else to be complaining that not enough money is being spent at LFC because this idea people have that the owners aren't spending much is a myth.

  40. My advice to BR is this-
    1-Talk to the press all you like but don`t give out specific information out about you players because when you change your mind you look silly. Don`t say downing will be playing left back and use him as a winger or shelvy and sterling will have to go on loan when they are carrying the team.

    2-Not good to publicise players wage especially in a negative way.

    3-You need to back your players publicly as much as you can, they may cost you your job.

    4- Next time you go to another club try to gradually change things with the resources you have, the results would then not be effected and people like me wont moan lol.

    You can still do it if you learn fast from mistakes and don`t be narrow minded in the way you want your team to play. Play with their strengths blended with your ideas.

  41. We have been out of it for a couple of decades, not years.

    Splashing cash and a high wage bill has not closed the gap yet, we need to rely on UEFA's FFP and remain financially secure.

  42. FSG issued an open letter to the fans in response to the failure of the last transfer window. This can be seen as a sign of true honesty and could safeguard FSG from the fans wrath with 1 subtle excuse, mistakes can be made.

    However, when you look at the last 2 seasons we have not made any headway with the squad. Players have come in, players have come out, managers have come in and managers have been sacked, yet Liverpool are still in the same boat as when Hicks and Gillet took over. We have to sell to buy YET AGAIN, where is the money?!! Liverpool is a global football club, it has one of the biggest followings in the world, where is the money from merchandise? Advertisement? Sponsors? Success driven, money driven are two totally different things. Take Abramovich for example, the guy loves football, and personally wants to succeed for Chelsea. Where is this ambition from FSG? They will only buy top players, if they sell their top players first. I wonder sometimes if we sold Agger or Skrytl like the rumours were suggesting we would probably have a few fresh faces in the squad.

    Just recently, there is a segment on my local sports channel of "Being Liverpool" which airs every Sunday at 9pm. There are not many football clubs around that can have this kind of exposure to an audience that lives across the Atlantic Ocean.On a marketing standpoint FSG are generating that extra revenue. Something about FSG stinks, I hope its not true, because Mr. Henry has so far looked like a complete gentleman for LFC, but how far can stereotypes go when it comes to an American businessman tycoon.

  43. The rot began to start under KK with his lack of refreshing the experience but ageing squad. His latter signings in that first reign were bit of a dud to say the least. Souness came in and tried to do it but when about it in a horrific and radical fashion, which accelerated the rot so fast. KK started it and Souness took it to a whole new level. Add on the other bits that his persona did such as going to The Sun, etc, he is not a liked man that is for sure.

  44. Yes patouz27, it is your opinion that FSG are only here to make a profit but your opinion ultimately does not mean it is true does it?

    Do you have any idea of how difficult it is to run a club like LFC? In order for LFC to become self sufficient (the club making its own money and not needing some oil rich owner bankrolling the club) is for LFC to become PROFITABLE.

  45. I am sure each and every fan will make a great manager. HA HA.

  46. patronising points don`t deserve attention. yes my opinion and i`ve hear or read yours.....

  47. Just hired is key to that comment. Im talking about previous regimes.

  48. Tell a lie our chairmain and owners have supported liverpool all their lives wink wink.
    300 mil for our club was a steal. bankrupcy or not.
    I may not know how to run liverpool but I run my own bizness with a profit!!!
    If thats all u can say constructively after all the points I have said then maybe you need advice not me....

  49. What good is Abramovich's money going to be in years from now when Financial Fair Play takes it toll?

    Abramovic keeps on splashing the cash which is fine but the new rules state that clubs can only spend funds which are generated by the clubs NOT THE OWNERS.

  50. No rocket science needed...

  51. maybe u havnt noticed realised how much city got from their staduim naming rights. all endorsed by fair play, done legally which helps them cover these expenses. Rich clubs will always find a way and poorer clubs will just be content like you.

  52. fact is if owners choose their manager they should then trust and back him in the tranfers. All tranfers with the right budget. Clearly this has not been the case with our manager this summer.

  53. How long can City depend on Sheikh Mansour 'fixing their books' before they are caught out.

    Let's face it, we do not have oil fields but where will City be if the Sheikh decides he has had enough of footbal?. City will close their gates in one day if the Sheikh decides he has had enough of football.

    How will City as the club even be able to pay player wages with no money at their disposil?

    Success is not just about spending billions of pounds, it is about having a plan and that is excactly what FSG have.

    We have spent more money than UTD since we last won the League under the guidence of Kenny Dalglish but where has all that money gone to and what has all that money spent brought us in success?

    If you can properly answer that question then I will belive you that FSG are only in it for profit.

    Be my guest.

  54. city have now the team to compete left right and centre so don`t need huge amounts of money on players. as for players wage it will be interesting to know their total wage bill as compared to ours. two years to go there was nothing in it. city are also investing in youth alot more than us hence they should have continued success. And if their owners decide to leave and the only problem city have is wage after winning all the trophys then sure the worst scenario would be to give their top earners all free tranfers and play with their kids. And here is the catch....all the trophys they win in the mean time together with chelsea they get to keep.
    Small price to pay for success don`t you think?

  55. Liverpool was 50 mil in the red last year if i was not mistaken, well they were only 30 mil in the red before we intially sold our club to those cowboys. if u look at all our sponsorship deals, tv rights and gate takings of which we were promised by the owners that it would be used to strengthen the team. their promise not mine. clearly that has not happened this summer. so tellme where is the profit going because i certanly dont expect liverpool to be in the red on the next accounts statements even if our owners try to fiddle the books. i expect a 30-50-mil profit that should of gone on players but i guess will go in a savings bank. our owners could not sort out a 6 mil deal and you think theyll buy another player for 20 mil.

    lol coocoo land

  56. true honesty? saying they are not in it to make a profit?

    lol more fool me ....

  57. City give all their top earners free transfers???

    Do you realise that City will have to pay out each and every player for their remaining contracts if they ever had to find themselves without the Sheiks money. How on earth will City as a club be able to afford that on their own and to say that they will play their kids is just a joke. They wont even be able to pay their kids to play if the Sheik packs up and leaves.

    How will City survive without the Sheik's money?

    The answer is plan and simple. THEY WON'T.

    Money is good to have and the Sheik wants to buy success but if City (which is his play thing) do not win trophies every season then the Sheik will eventually get bored of his play thing and move on to a new hobby.

    Is City of sentimental value to the Sheik? Absolutely not.

  58. your talking if and i was being sarcastic. fact is a winning team has winning players and winning players have good value. so your point is irrelevent. example bareteli was wanted for 40 mil this summer not the 25 mil city paid for him. as long as city comtinue to win there is no problem.
    sheik or no sheik the team is now there and all they need is 30 mil each season to refresh squad not 100 mil as previously used.

  59. how much did city spend this season? compared to us? what is their wage bill compared to us?
    how many of their players are actually on more than 100k a week. remember they get 40 mil a year for there naming rights and another 40 for being in champions league, maybe your the one who has not done your maths.

  60. What part about City running at a loss every season do you not understand? And we are not talking about a small losses either.

    In 2010/2011 City ran at an annual loss of 195 million pounds.

    You want to start talking about maths?

    How can a loss of 195 million pounds be good for a club?

  61. that doesnt answer my question . pls answer the question, city got 400 mil for naming rights. hence they have 200 mil to spare over next 9 years. end of conversation,

  62. And to even ask me how many of City's players are on more than 100k a week is being daft. 195mil annual loss should give you a good indication that City's wage bill is out of control.

    I think you need to go back and do your homework now before you reply to my post.

  63. Yaks....it's pretty sad. The team I watched at Anfield vs Man U does not even look like a typical Liverpool. Almost every team in the EPL will beat Liverpool at Anfield this season. Our first ever win this season will come after the team is probably relegated or perhaps if they decide to rehire Benetez in Jan. How can you fire a manager who at least ended 8th in the and won a trophy for a person who ended 11th on the league table? I just don't see any sense in this kind of decision. Our cpndition is getting more and more pathetic after every game we play in the EPL.

  64. If most other strikers had had the amount of changes he has had, they would have had 5-10 goals 4. Therefore, his is misfiring, IMO

  65. Yes, we are rebuilding. So far, we have got rid of players who don't fit into Rogers style of play but we did not have viable replacements. I don't agree that those players who left were average but its just that they don't fit in.

    January is a bad time to buy because prices are inflated. But FSG need to commit in investing more money into quality players in the coming 2-3 transfer windows. If not, then we will start to regress and spiral down in a vicious cycle.

  66. Actually we have some good young players in the squad. Unfortunately they need time to come up to speed. I particularly like Suso. So lets see how Rogers blend them in over time.

  67. some better than others......

  68. Another pop at Stevie ! Give it up man

  69. You're playing too much FM.
    I play it too, but it doesn't mean all of the game stars are actual stars. If that was the case our team could have challeneged this year.

  70. I think Hodgson didnt have enough time to spend much more! Shelvey along with Sterling will prove to be massive leaving gifts from Rafa.

  71. Well, then it should be obvious that our scouting network is currently overhauled.

  72. Id hope Liverpools idea of overhauling our network doesnt involve two new employees.