22 Sept 2012

£15m LFC wing target warned: Sign or you're gone! Reds to capitalise...?

Theo Walcott continues to stall over the signing of a new contract with Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger has admitted for the first time that the England winger could leave the Emirates before in the January transfer window.

Liverpool have been linked with Walcott several times over the last six months, and when discussing transfer targets in a press conference prior to the end of the summer transfer window, Brendan Rodgers described Walcott as a 'very good player'.

Speaking to Reporters ahead of the Arsenal's game with Manchester City this weekend, Wenger admitted that he 'still hoped to sign him', but conceded that the 'longer the situation lasts, the more difficult it is'.

When asked if Arsenal would consider selling Walcott during the January transfer window, Wenger threatened to run down the player's contract if necessary. He said:

"It will depend on the needs of the team and the club. We can afford to go to the end [of the contract] if needed. The fact he doesn't play regularly at the moment is right, but it's not necessarily linked with his contract situation. No player is happy when he doesn't play"

The 23-year old's existing contract runs out next year, and Rodgers has already contacted Arsenal about the possibility of a deal, but is yet to hear anything back from the the London club, who are allegedly 'willing to enter negotiations with both Liverpool and City'

One thing in the Reds' favour is that £15m-rated Walcott is a huge Liverpool fan, as he revealed in an interview a couple of years ago. He enthused:

"I was a Liverpool fan simply because my dad followed them. Unfortunately I wasn't born when the team had their golden era, but I enjoyed watching the likes of Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman when I was growing up. When Liverpool won the Champions League I went mad. I was shouting so loud I think I woke up the entire village where I live!"

I'm not a huge fan of Walcott but his end product over the last two season was far superior to any of Liverpool's attacking midfielders:

* Last season: 11 goals and 10 assists in 48 apps (43 starts)
* 2010-11: 13 goals and 13 assists in 47 apps (34 starts)

Walcott is a goalscoring attacking midfielder, and Liverpool need that type of player, but his wage demands would probably be too excessive, and IMO, the club should spend any transfer funds on a striker.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. A nice player at times, but a luxury we cannot afford.

  2. He's too specialized to fit either of our systems.

  3. He turned Liverpool down when he first left Southampton or did i imagine that?

  4. I hope not. There r better players than him for 15 million. IMO he's massively overrated and NO i would never waste all that money on him.

  5. The owners need to back B Rodgers heavily in January with budget of £75-£82M to bring in five Class. Quality players to get side back top top 1- 4 side. As last season we finished 8th with Bellamy, Kuyt, Maxi in squad. They have now been shipped out and so has Aquilani, Aurelio, C Adams. And A Carroll and J Spearing were shipped out on loan. And brought in only 4 players and one loan signing. And we are currently sitting 18th in league after 4 games. And B Rodgers needs the players to be a success, he has implemented his theories to club and sid, but he needs class,quality players to get club competing with likes of Two Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Newcastle for the top 4 positions in league.

    B Rodgers needs to be given £75-£80M to bring in these five players to get us back in top 4:

    1: B Matuidi (25) Of PSG should be brought for £10-£14M DM to compete and Cover with LUCAS

    2 TO 4 : Three players from A Bilbao should be brought for combined total of £53M

    2: A Herrera (23) AM /CM for £12-£17
    3:I Munian (19) LW/LWF for £14-£18M
    4:F Llorente (27) FD /ST for £15M - £18M

    5: T Walcott (23) Of Arsenal RW/RWF for £10-£14M

    These five players would change dimension of squad and bring more competition(Quality), Depth to club.

    And with these five players we could have side capable of competing with any side in europe: 4 2 3 1

    Reina GK Johnson RB Skrtel RCB Agger LCB Enrique LB
    LUCAS DM Allen CM
    Herrera AM
    Munian RWF Llorente FD Suarez LWF

  6. Yeah we are gonna get three players from one team..... And 75-80 million are you for real....... GOBSHITE

  7. i would like just falcao ...

  8. Our club have never been like Man United, Chelsea Or Man City in bring more than one £20- £30M player at a time. where as chelsea in last two seasons have brought in Torres (50m) Mata (24m) Luiz (24M) Ramirez (24m) Hazard (32M).

    And same with Man City : Yaya Toure (25m) Nasri (24m) Silva (24m) Dzeko (27m) Balotelli (21M) Aguero (35m) Tevez (32m)

    The owners need to back B Rodgers heavily in January, we do not have the money to bring in five £20- £30+m players to the club.

    But owners need to give B Rodgers £70-£80M to bring in five players who will provide good quality competition, depth to side.

    And get club back into top 4, attacking creative players and goalscorers are the most expensive players within side as without goals you don't and can't win games.

    so B Rodgers should be given £70-£80M in January to bring in these five quality players :

    1: B Matuidi (25) Of PSG DM cover and competition for Lucas (£12-£14m)

    2: A Herrera (23) Of A Bilbao AM Competition and Cover for Gerrard and Shelvey (£14-£17m)

    3: I Munian (19) Of A Bilbao LW/LWF competition and Cover for Downing (£15-£18m)

    4:T Walcott (23) Of Arsenal RW/RWF competition and Cover For Sterling (£12-£14m)

    5: F Llorente (27) Of A Bilbao FD/ST competition and Cover for Borini and Suarez (£14-£18m)

  9. Don't think owners will spend more than £20 million for a central striker. That is the money saved from players who have left the club. All other new income , I believe will go towards stadium development. Liverpool will need at least another £150 million in the next three years to increase capacity to 60,000. They have not found anyone for the naming rights yet, so Liverpool has to fork out itself now. If anyone thinks that Liverpool are going to spend like Mansour City, Manure, Chelski and Ar-se, you are mistaken. The new financial fair play coing into play next season will stop everyone in their tracks. If Platini, carries out his threats, Chelski, Mansour City and Spurs may not be playing in the Champion's league next season. Principal owner Henry will be keeping an eye on the fair play situation and will not be parting with new funds to put Liverpool in the red (no punt intended). Patience is the game now and hope that some of the young kids are going to get better and will replace some of the dross in the current first team. Forget top four for another season as the team is in transition at the moment.

  10. Theo is not the type of player BR wants. I wonder how he was linked to Liverpool when BR only mentioned he was a "very good player"

  11. No on Llorente, at age 27 he's not got a lot of time left in him. But yes to Minian and Herrera. Adding depth with Lucas only works is Lucas stays healthy. He's one of my favorite current players, but I'm actually beginning to wonder if Lucas should be shopped this January for someone a little more fit.

  12. Without question, Walcott is a one-trick pony.

  13. Hope we go nowhere near him