6 Sept 2012

Newcastle hero insists: 'Disappointing' LFC star is in 'slow decline'. Agree...?

There's no getting away from it: Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina is not the player he used to be, and his increasingly error-prone displays are costing the club valuable points in the Premier League. The Spaniard gave away another near-post goal against Arsenal last Sunday, and if you take into account his error against Man City, and the costly communication issues with Martin Skrtel, it's clear to see that the Reds have a major problem to deal with. What is the problem, though? Why is Reina making so many mistakes?

According to Liverpool legend Steve Nicol, Reina has not played well for the last 'six to eight months', and he's become 'complacent' because of the 'lack of quality goalkeeping backup' at Anfield.

Nicol's view is shared by many fans, myself included, but West Ham legend Shaka Hislop has a different view. Discussing LFC on ESPN, the former goalkeeper dismissed suggestions that lack of competition is the problem, arguing:

"I think that [lack of competition] is offering Reina an easy out for what has been a disappointing spell. He's now getting to an age and a stage in his career where things are starting to get by him that really shouldn't.

"Unfortunately, it comes to us all. I just think it's Reina's time. Maybe competition will help him improve somewhat, but I think this is a slow decline of what was one of the league's best goalkeepers".

For me, there are four recurring problems with Reina's goalkeeping:

* Constantly being beaten at the near post.
* Half-hearted attempts at making saves.
* Poor on coming for crosses.
* Negative, dissatisfied demeanour on the field.

There are a number of possible reasons for Reina's 'slow decline':

* Loss of motivation due to wanting to play elsewhere.
* Loss of ability due to age/fitness concerns.
* Irritation/dissatisfaction with the progress of the club.
* Disappointment over perennially struggling to make the top four.
* Feelings of subconscious failure over knowing he'll never be Spain's no 1.
* Complacency as a result of having no credible challenger.
* Subconsciously 'checked out' due to not caring anymore.
* Envy over seeing the success of his compatriots at other clubs.

The list goes on. Whatever the reason, Brendan Rodgers needs to take a leaf out of Alex Ferguson's book and just drop Reina. Fergie dropped De Gea for United's game with Southampton, and publicly stated that he did so because of the Spaniard's mistakes.

Why can't Rodgers do the same? Reina has made several errors so far this season, and he deserves to be dropped. Brad Jones can come in and do a good job for the club, and if he does a great job, keep him in the team unless and until he makes a mistake.

How demotivating must it be for the likes of Doni and Jones to see Reina retain his place despite making endless mistakes? No wonder Peter Gulacsi was disappointed that LFC rejected his move to Xeres last week; what possible chance does he have of ever seeing first team action?

Alternatively, Rodgers could take the Paolo DiCanio approach and sub Reina off the minute he makes another mistake:

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I have said this for 2 years now, he is a liability!!!!!.

  2. are u an indian origin?

  3. Where is Doni ? He is a good keeper. We need him now.

    On aother note, should Liverpool sign Chelsea' Malouda on loan upto January ?

  4. He hasnt been at his best, but replacing a goalkeeper is not an easy thing to do. I cant really think of any realistic targets who would be better. There are a few that have potential like Butland, but I dont think he is ready to be first choice.
    Having said that, I dont think he was that bad against Arsenal. Maybe the first goal he could have done a bit better. But he did make quite a few good saves. The 2nd goal was so close to him, and its very difficult to get down to it quickly when its so close to you, epecially when the ball travels so fast.

  5. Load of balls! He's not in decline! He's out of form! Was Torres in decline when he played badly for us and moved to chelsea...no off form, now he's starting to pick It up again...that was 18 months! Gerrard is currently off form in my opinion, but we can't sub him can we? Why, because he's our captain, and we respect him! - well same goes to Reina, he's the best keeper we have, he's been with us through thick and thin! He will come out of this slump in form, and come back even better!!

  6. Class is permanent. Form often Temporary.

    I can appreciate the fact he has made basic errors in past 12 months and yes who could blame him for wanting to leave a few years ago.

    Skrtel was at fault for both Man City goals, replays clearly show Reina called Keepers early enough in the lead up to Toure goal and Sktrel ignored it and headed it before he managed to intercept the cross.
    Martin Kelly was then at fault but people are keen to ignore this!!

    people are always looking for people at fault etc..sometimes things are a collective problem.
    Persoanlly I am very happy with our Back 5, mistakes will come and go as we see in the best players in the world.
    I can see the anger, hurt, pain and frustration in Reina following each mistake but I trust he will come good and am confident enough after more than 6 years he is a loyal and committed player to our cause.
    As for Jones, he is shite at best as the Blackburn game last season proved!! We need the cash to splash on a quality youngster to challenge, Butland etc....

  7. Hands up who would replace Reina with Jones for the man u match. That should give you an indication of the confidence in the backup keepers.

  8. Can we replace him with Ter Stgen, Jamie. He is being touted as the next Kahn.

    And guys stop overrating vorm, he is good but not woth the money. Among the cheap WC players available, i wud say Ter Stegen and Muslera shud be considered

  9. Since he's been playing for us there's been no challenge to his no.1 status so why now does he need it to play better?
    In my humble opinion it's because. He's playing in a team that is under performing. If he was playing in a team that was challenging or even improving, I think you would see as Rafa says... He has quality!
    He's no longer hungry for success because success is a million miles away.

  10. Who has a quality back up goalie, not many, City just signed Richard Wright he is awful, Everton have Mucha he is awful, Utd are probably the only club with a few decent goalies, Spurs have signed Lloris so Brad Friedel at 41 is still a good goalie to have. Chelsea dont have a good backup.
    Doni has left the club has he not for family reasons.
    Artur Boric the ex Celtic keeper is available for free but is he any good dont know much about him as backup.
    Everton tried to sign Jack Butland on deadline day should Liverpool not try to gazump them and get him in January.

  11. Remind me of the "error" that he made against City????

    Oh yes, that's right, he gave the ball to a hoofer who's been brainwashed by his manager into thinking that he is actually Beckenbauer...

  12. Would be like having Ryan Babbell back, no thanks

  13. Reina lives in a 3 house gated community in Beaconsfield Road, Woolton opposite SFX school with the other 2 houses being owned by Torres and Arteta. Since they both moved to London, Reina's form has dipped. Is that a coincidence, is he unhappy and homesick, as his mates have gone, when Liverpool had a large Spanish contingent and a Spanish manager he was one of the top goalies around.

  14. Forgot to add:

    He isn't 'in decline'. He just has the look of a man who joined a top club, genuinely feared in Europe, on the verge of something really big, with a tactically astute manager. But the club is suddenly skint, mediocre, and the bloke he signed up to play for was shunted off because he dared to question WTF was going on behind the scenes.

    At least he stuck it out, unlike Torres, Arbeloa, Mascherano, Alonso.......

  15. Maybe dropp for one game, gerrad reina & suarez...let them see from th outside how is the team playing, might re-ignite the spark....come January if you can get 30mil for saurez n 20mil or so for reina, let them go. i think we will have a better squad, all fighting for place, not bcos of name...only gerrad to stay, bcos he is mr liverpool, cant sell the brad, now can we....only i thin he shud take some games on the bench, just to make sure we have him for the whole season...

  16. Two words......Rafa Benitez!

  17. The guy doesn't want to be at Liverpool. That has been obvious ever since Benitez went.
    The thing with the crosses. To be fair to him, if you don't trust your back 4, and who would, then there is a tendency to try and do things that would normally be left for them to sort out.
    Replacement? Get a solid back four and the goalkeeper's quality is largely irrelevant - see Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool in the 80s.
    Cech is probably even more of a liability than Reina and has been for years, between Schmeicel and Van Der Sar, Man U had a succession of iffy keepers - one of whom turned up at Anfield to sign for Man U. Grobellaar... great character, shocking goalkeeper, Paisley's only poor signing, but he had some of the best back fours Britain has ever seen in front of him, one of which included Steve Nicol.
    Stop playing Carragher for a start. That on it's own will perk Reina up, replace Glen Johnson with a half-decent rightback & leftback, keep Daniel Agger injury free and stop telling Skrtl he's great, because he clearly isn't and it's gone to his head.
    With the way the back four is at the moment, the best keeper in the World would very quickly be making the same mistakes as Reina.

  18. Lol Di Canio is a proper nutter, anyone see him after their win recently...slapping players round the face and kicking them up the arse with joy... :)

    Re Reina, i think its fair to say that it looks like he is going to be given another chance this season (up till jan..) to redeem himself unlike other players who have been shunted out of the team already.

    Could be argued that Reina with a select few others... were very much behind the fall of the great KD....personally i wil never forgive him for his questionable performances last season, him with his clique of mates are pretty much the reason why i a have lost much of the excitement/thrill and joy etc of watching my team play....

    Its probably going to take a lot of time for me to ever get back the same enthusiasm for LFC simply because of what has transpired since Rafa left, not because i was a fan of his because i wasn't, but because of the awful legacy of under performances by many individuals at the Club who i believe took it upon themselves to form a clique.....

    I don't think many fans would have took much joy from seeing us play under Hodgson, it was a dire period made much worse by the like of a clearly sulking Torres, a questionable Reina and others who no doubt were pissed off with the Club for outing their idol....

    Such selfish behaviour on their parts, they just don't get how important it is to play for this Club and how passionate the fans are, for me the passion is very much past tense, i don't feel it these days, under Kenny i felt the joy and excitement returning for a few games then it would be once again squashed by seeing certain players... making silly errors etc and losing us our momentum...

    So much water under the bridge now that i don't really care what happens to Reina or the Club even...., play him, bench him, sell him, keep him, i care not, the damage is done, if he and others wanted to get Kenny out he certainly did a very good job of it...

    Seen so many players that i loved watching leave the Club over the years when IMO they should have stayed, should have been treated better, VALUED...etc and usually the one's who i havn't enjoyed watching so much, have stayed for very long periods of time and contributed largely to our downfall...

    It really is hard not to become very dissilusioned with football these days, i felt that Kenny was on the right track last season in many ways, made a few mistakes and probably needed the Club to step in and take control of certain situations...but at least the love i have had for 30 odd years for this Club was returning. the joy of watching my team play again, and play more open attacking football, creating many chances etc, all that has been completely flattened with the help of Reina & a few of his mates...

    As i said already, the damage has been done, Kenny has been made to look like a complete fool, Gerrard is at the point of being sidelined from the team, and once that happens i will probably call it a day, hang up my boots, and find something better to do with my time, i don't particular like Rodgers, i definitely have gone off our new owners, and there isn't many players apart from the odd up and coming youths who i will continue to follow just to see how they progress at the Club.

    As for now Reina can go to hell, we can play him bench him whatever, i really couldn't care less....

  19. I think he does want to be at Liverpool, didnt he have the oppourtunity to leave a few seasons back? He is Liverpool, and he has stuck with it through all the crap, so I dont think he should just be dropped.
    He just needs to find his form again, as do most of the team.

  20. Most goalkeepers peak when they are in their late 20s and early 30s but Reina has become worse at that age when he should be at his peak. I don't think he should be dropped just yet but i think he shouldn't be played in cup games because even players like Jones or Doni don't inspire confidence either but that could be because they haven't played for so long, so it would be better to play them in cup games and if they impress then replace Reina with one of them.

  21. Stop playin Carragher you r jokin` he will still be in the squad in 5 yrs time. Playing is a matter of opinion.

  22. No chance Jones is useless, actually he's worse than useless. I have better reactions than him and I'm 65 and had 2 strokes.

  23. We tried to sign him not Everton and were told he is not for sale, end of. It would take Manure, City or Chelski dosh to tempt them to let him go.

  24. No, i would rather have Gulacsi.

  25. Your an idiot and illiterate to boot.

  26. Better he leaves then play half-hearted for Liverpool.

  27. Kenny did make some mistakes. 100 million worth actually. Anyway chill out. Three games in the season and your telling our keeper to go to hell and you could care less. Brendon will get the team firing and results will come.

  28. I read Jamie's article and put together a decent reply, then scrolled down and noticed almost word for word you had wrote what i was thinking!!!
    I guess with that said i must agree with you atleast!

  29. I only have 4 words on the issue


  30. We should get the guy from the Mars advert hes good......lmfao

  31. We should put john henry in goal and take turns blasting the ball at his head.

    1 point for the head
    3 points for knocking his smug glasses off
    0 points for missing

    the good news for john henry is

    Luiz Suarez is first!!!

  32. Please please keep your word and go away, your writing is so boring. You promised us that if kenny was sacked you would leave.

  33. Lol, yes,my writing is so boring that you couldn't help but read it....

    I'll "go away" when i've said what i think needs to be said, thankyoi

  34. Your posts are very interesting Mitszu, and based on individual post viewing figures, they're among the most popular on the site.

  35. Jaimie i like this site but am dissapointed that you allow mitzu to write such nonsense day in and day out. Everyday he accuses our players of intentionally losing mathces and putting in poor performances without the smallest bit of evidence.

    I am not allowed to say charlie Adam is bad without you demanding the proof. It's ok for Mitzu to accuse our players of criminal activity

  36. comments not speaches

  37. To be fair, you should not have a go at Jamie, this site is a god send for alternative views re all things Liverpool, you should reserve your indignation for me....

    I am the one you are objecting to, or more correctly what i write....

    You see, what im saying is just the same as someone else saying that Moores is the real culprit for the Club's downfall etc, OR Parry etc OR H & G....

    Its not that im accusing them...its that i suspect that to be the case, based on my observations during that particular time period...

    IF i had proof i would for sure have headed to the Club who could have taken a legal route in terms of said players breatching contracts...but it can't be prooved can it..? Which means that it can't also be prooved that it DIDN'T happen either....

    Just my view on things, which will continue to be my view, history is all about interpretation as you should well know...it CAN be twisted and turned around to suit certain agenda's....

    The only agenda i have is to say what i think needs to be said re somewhat sensitive issue's at the Club, maybe your agenda is to try and discredit me or stop me from saying it because you don't want others to read it...

    I applaud Jamie for allowing people to have proper open debates we might not agree at times but i respect him for having strong views and convictions and putting the time/effort into making this site what it is...

    Let it be mate, if you don't like what i write, don't read it simple.

  38. Arabee - I appreciate your comments but everyone here is allowed to post whatever opinion they like, as long as it expressed in a civil, non-derogatory manner.

    You may feel that others post 'nonsense' - I feel that too sometimes (and people sure as hell think I post nonsense most of the time!), but one person's nonsense is another's person's insight.

    Re your Charlie Adam comment; I don't believe I've ever said you can't criticise him; I may have asked you to justify your view, but that is just about entering a debate - it's not a pre-requisite.

    Some examples:

    "Charlie Adam is shit and he's a tosser'

    * Not acceptable, and would be deleted.

    "Charlie Adam is a really bad player, and he's not good enough to play for LFC'.

    * Perfectly fine.

  39. brilliant heartfelt post by Mitzsu,and its how i also feel having watched and supported this club for 30years...Theres something rotton happening at anfield behind the scenes..As for Rodgers...he is the kind of man americans like...bend over,don't answer back and full of talk...Another reason kenny was got rid of.Personally i loved the way kenny treated the scummy lying press they are trash and kenny new it.Blind faith in the new manager with no evidence to back up that he can even handle a big club never mind win anything.Wait for all the " Brendon we (blindly) trust brigade" to come out in force to attack.

  40. Why?...Have you some kind or attention deficit disorder? or just plain lazy minded?.

  41. Anyway, re Di Canio, in a way (and i know he might be an extreme example...) we could have done with someone like him at the Club with more mettle esp after Rafa's departure...

    I know people now want BR to get tough with the players which i agree with, but it does annoy me that it has taken this long for us to realise that....

    A lot of damage to certain highly respected individuals could have been avoided, let alone the damage to the Club itself...

  42. I just saw drogbas agent in liverpool.

  43. Fantastic heartfelt post sums up exactly how a lot of genuine supporters feel.
    I too have supported the club for over 40 years. I have known the good times and experianced the bad times (through the wind and rain) I have spent fortunes watching the team home and away. I am now reaching the point were I just dont care anymore. Even JKs posts which infuriated me so much over the years dont seem to matter anymore Gross Spend / Net Spend who gives a ....
    The management of the club have made so many mistakes since the great days of Sir John Smith and Peter Robinson that whos fault it is that we have reached this point no longer matters.
    Is David moores anymore to blame than Hicks and Gillett or FSG. Is Parry anymore to blame than Purslow or Ayre. The team hasnt been managed well either money wasted starting with Souness, Evans, Houlier, Rafa etc. All culpable and the amounts all relevent to the period they managed in.
    Dont get me started even on the fans Groups like Spirit of Shankly they only represent the minority of fans (if you are reading Mr Henry)
    After last Fridays debacle I think ALL LFC fans should draw a line and say the past is the past. This is were we are now. and realise that actually at this point we are not very good. Bury the ghost of Rafa and Kenny and everyone else we hold so dear and lets try and move on.
    I think if FSG could bale out now with there investment returned then they would. American Owners have proved to be not very good and before any one shouts the Glaziers just have a look at the Debt involved in the club.
    We are stuck with each other LFC, The Fans, FSG and Brendon Rogers so lets try and move forward Lets hope FSG learn from the mistakes made and move forward positively. lets support Brendon Rogers in his efforts to change things on the pitch (like it or not). I am sick of the negativity surrounding the club, its managers, its players etc etc lets be supportive and positive just for a whole season and see where we are.
    Do I really not care anymore ?

  44. Jk I just spent 30 mins writing a perfectly measured response to Mitzsu and again it is being held by moderator. I dont think it contained anything offensive if it did please tell me. If I am black listed please tell me and then I wont waste my time Thanks

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  46. Putting this out there in the public domain because I want to hear what people think about it. "At what age is a goalkeeper the most effective?"

    I seem to think that goal keepers are more effective while they are younger from their early 20's. By the time they start reaching their 30's they are vulnerable to more injuries and they do not posses the lightning fast reflexes and really can't jump higher than their younger counterparts. I like what Sir Alex is doing at Man U. He is allowing young goal Keepers Ben Amos and David De Gea to play in big games giving the youngsters a lot of confidence. By the time they are in their late 20's they will perform with a load of confidence in big games that can only come from experience.

    Bringing it back home it is my opinion that Pepe Reina needs more comptetion. I also think that Peter Gulasci should be actually get more real competitive games. I personally think that Reina should be made to lose some of his weight . Doing that will increase his reflexes. Jones and Reina are two goal keepers on the wrong side of 20 and I feel that one of them can be moved on for a younger signing to be brought on. Like the fact that the owners are trying to bring on younger players (don't agree with it 100% though) , i think that in the case of goal keeprs it should be enforced. Kenny relied too much on Reina last season and it wasn't really good for the Spaniard who eventually got injured near the end of the campaign last year allowing precious minutes for Jones and Doni.

    Some iconic goal keepers are still in the game and are enjoying regular playing time. The likes of Casillas, Valdez, Friedal, even Khan (who played till his 40's). So you could argue that my theory is shit since these big names were deemed successful even in their 30's and 40's. I will take nothing away from them. They worked hard to get where they are. I believe that these keepers while they are indeed talented benefitted simply by playing for really really successful foot-ball clubs. It is my belief that if they were not associated with the clubs that they played for no body would even really care about them. Their fame to some extend came about from playing for really ambitious clubs. More people know the full roster of a cup winner than they do of the teams that don't achieve any sort of glory season after season after season.

    Liverpool can help Reina by buying a hungrier younger keeper to challenge him, and also demoting him to the bench can do wonders for his motivation. I agree with Jaime that Reina will never take the number starting position from Iker Casilass while Casillass is still alive and playing foot-ball. Reina threatened to leave Liverpool near the end of the RAfa administration i think that would have been a good move for the club honestly. Reina won't fetch today for the club what he could have fetched a few years back.

    Think that we should move with a younger man in goal at Liverpool. What say you?

  47. Much appreciated, and you are right, we are stuck with what we have, i am still quite angry about certain things re the past but as you know yourself those wounds will eventually heal.

    Reminds me of the Paul Simon song The Boxer where he says at the end " I am leaving, i am leaving but the fighter still remains.."

    All a part of life's rocky old road i guess.

    Thanks for your comments.

  48. Thanks fella. I just wanted to put another side of the story across, one that shone a much kinder light on the legend that is KD, and one that i feel is often swept under the carpet out of convenience to push a different agenda forward..., there definitely were other factors at play IMO.

  49. Well, we definitely need some serious competition for him, but i have a feeling that he will improve, not because of the new manager and new set up either but because he will surely know that the heat is definitely on him....

    If that happens, and he does improve then the Club should still look for competition for his place in Jan just in case he has any lapses further down the line....

    Its a very tricky one for the Club IMO because he could just hand in his transfer request when we do find someone capable of challenging for his position in the first team (after re finding his form..) so it wouldn't go down well with the fanbase (as usual....,) im sure the Club will monitor his form closely from here on in, at least i hope they bloody will....

    Personally i think we should have hacked him off during the summer, forced him out like we did others and replaced him with another quality keeper, would have been a good time to do it too....

    As it stands i think the Club are "hoping" that he will just return to form and as i said that might well happen...

    Im still in a state of shock that he's managed to get away with it for so long and STILL doesn't have competition for his place...how the hell was this allowed to happen...?

  50. Good shout.

    People forget that these are just human beings, and if they are unhappy at home then naturally they'll be unhappy at 'work'.

    I'm sure some smug blogger will say that the £60+ grand a week he gets should make him feel a bit happier, but it doesn't work like that.

    Imagine your 2 best pals fncking off down the smoke, and the only person you have to talk to is your wife (however attractive she may be). It's not like he can fnck off down the pub for a session, is it?

  51. No, not at all. Better for the Club, or more pointedly the MANAGER to find out what the fnck is up with him, because he was THE best goalie in the Prem for 3 or 4 years.

    Surely in these times of economic hardship it's better to invest some time sorting Reina's head out for him than offloading him and replacing him with someone inferior. LFC would lose out again that way because they would have to sell low due to his poor form, then get fleeced by some other club to bring in a goalie who MAY be better. But probably won't.


  52. I just heard a voice in my head and started typing. Must have been you!!!

    For what it's worth, YOU ARE RIGHT.

  53. God, Cohenhaywood! Please tell me you are female so I can marry you...
    FINALLY someone who thought Kenny had EVERY right to talk to the media the way he did, even if our 'Diversity Champions' felt uncomfortable with it all.

    BR only had to buy a striker (a proper one). He had 3 months. And he couldn't even do that.
    But we'll get plaudits for our approach play................

  54. Why step in for someone when you can wait to see how things pan out, then when it's going pear-shaped, stab a club legend in the back??

    Kenny was hung out to dry, and it was a FUCKING DISGRACE.

  55. The other thing that annoys me is the convenient changing of our ultimate aims:
    Last year; anything less than Champion's League = failure.
    This year; "expect more days like West Brom". @Copyright FSG/BR


  56. Trouble is, the wounds rarely do heal.

    Championship wins used to last a couple of days, maybe a week at best. Cup Final defeats always take at least all summer to get over.

    we move on.
    We have to.

  57. Mitzsu I like your argument but i have to disagree with you. I don't think Reina will really get back to the form in which he enjoyed when Rafa Benitez brought him over from Villareal. I think he is physically not capable of that performance again due to his age. As a younger player he was a more agile individual and as part of the aging process he just cant take the same abuse. He seems more prone to fumbles in front of goal these days, and last season we saw him redcarded near the end of the campaign for making a silly mistake in front of goal. He has certainly lost his quickness of that there is no doubt. i don't think he comes out for crosses as much has he used to. I also think that he fails to make a lot of diving saves. I see his overall performance as diminished. That having been said, I think in line with Liverpool's tinkering with the established system should involve tinkering with the goal keeper more often. Right now the club has hit the reset button and has began the long term process of changing the teams core players. Under Brendan Rodgers we are going to see more involvement from people like Sterling, Martin, Morgan, Coady, and Kelly all trough out the regular season and not just cup competitions. They will definately see more first team involvement than they did under Kenny. I think we need to bloody Peter Gulasci more and bring in another goal keeper while moving either Jones and Reina on. Reina is a great goal keeper but I don't feel that the Spaniard has always been totally committed to the club. I say this based on some controversial comments made by him at different times. He came out and has made some unfortunate comments even to the media. He was initially openly was against the Rodgers signing as he backed Roberto Martinez's appointment but he later apologized for it when it was apparent that he would have to work with Rogers. I think we can do better than Pepe Reina if we really wanted to . I have no real problem with him if he agree to be demoted and fight to win the starting job back. It should not really be promised to him. There should always be competition for every position on the pitch.

  58. ive said on many occasions there's an almighty click at Liverpool....it must be really demotivate you if a player that occupies your position makes constant mistakes and is never dropped...ie gerrard,reina ,

  59. can anyone imagine reina makin that double save that jersy made in cl final. err think about it and the answer is NO .HE WOULD HAVE BEEN BOLLOCKING HIS DEFENCE INSTEAD. the man is past his sell by date give doni or peter g achance .sunday league keepers dont make these kind of mistakes .he is the worst keeper i have seen in the reds goal and been supportin the reds for 5 decades.missed the boat with ben foster.great display at anfield for wba last season when reina again was beaten at the near post.nope hes got to go he is always 1 st to point the finger when he should have a good look at himself.would barca have him back if he was up for sale i dont think so.think any top club come in for him ???? no i think is the answer . forget xmas i cant wait for january

  60. Some good points Chib, essentially we will all differ to a certain degree in how we see certain players and their form etc, i have to admit that im far from convinced that he's past his best, as has been mentioned he is actually peaking in terms of his age now....so it doesn't seem to ring true considering his previous high standards etc, fact is he has been under performing and it has become a problem for the Club....

    However we do both agree that he most certainly needs some serious competition....

  61. Just have a little problem with your argument that Reina has been under performing all this time . I don't know why he would want to actually do that when we need everyone to put their best foot forward. At this level if you cant do the job you should be let go. At your place of work if you under perform you can certainly kiss your job goodbye. As a coach if I know a player is under performing and is not motivated to pick up his game he is immediately put on the transfer list. Liverpool should have no room for complacency. We have falling from grace and need all decks on hand as we fight to right the ship. We currently have a hole in our attack that needs filling and now we certainly don't need anymore problems from Mr Reina. It is really not rocket science if he is not motivated to perform at his best he should do the club and the fans a favor and move on. The funds we save on having to pay his massive wages can be used to bring in more motivated players. No one man is the team.

  62. I think i've already answered your question in my original post in this thread...

  63. I think calling someone a criminal and a cheat is far worse than shit or a tosser. that's just my opinion though i guess.

  64. The problems of Liverpool Football club are down to 5 men. Kenny Dalglish is the first, he has nowhere close to enough ability to manage LFC anymore, and he knew it. Such Gross overspending could also only have been intentional. He also refused to resign and had to be sacked, maybe he just wanted a payout. The other 4 are Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing. Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll. All 4 were so dire since they joined the club. The only reasonable explanation for this is that they were deliberately under performing. The fact that all will be gone in the next 6 months just adds to this theory. None of them care about the future of the club. I am not sure what their motives are, perhaps they are agents of ferguson

  65. listen bill u sound like harold bishop its not about who lives next door to u .hes gettin 80k aweek to keep clean sheets and he is feckin crap .he lives in woolton not far from jla one way ticket back to spain asap

  66. bruce shockin keeper ??? you live up to postin name simple man. u r simple my boy!!!!!! feckin nuts

  67. no he got sent off. he dropped the ball again got clatterd and then butted a newcastle player guess what if he wasn t so crap he would not have spilled a simple save in the 1 st place feckin useless!!!!!!

  68. the manager made the mistake against city puttin him on the team sheet

  69. i totally agree with your post,i share the same views.Good job...

  70. Thanks for proving me right, billy....

  71. im fillin up here thinkin about poor pepe .my arse he gets well paid to do a job that he ins t doing.he agrown man for gods sake .if hes not happy put in atransfare request .no .i think he knows he on to a good thing at LFC .and is takin the piss out of everyone.jim you think u are right ? i know that i am!!!!!!

  72. you are right on this one. the king should still be incharge !!

  73. yes mine would be dudek!!!!!!