27 Sept 2012

'Muy contento!' - Senior LFC stars hail 'amazing' Reds starlets after Cup win...

Many of Liverpool's senior players were rested for the club's Capital One Cup victory over West Brom last night, but like most fans who watched the game, they were excited by the performances of the club's young rising stars.

As John Barnes noted when analysing the game for LFC TV last night, the team that won against West Brom was much more direct than the usual first XI, and the end product in the final third was definitely more accurate.

For instance, how long has it been since we saw a Liverpool play produce an accurate cross straight to the feet of someone in the box? Assaidi's cross for Sahin's second goal was inch-perfect, and has missed that the kind of precision quality from the wings.

After the game, comparative old fogies Luis Suarez and Jose Enrique were full of praise for the team. Suarez enthused:

"So happy and proud of my teammates for this great victory. I also want to congratulate Nuri Sahin for his first goals!"

Jose Enrique added:

"Great game by the team today. Congratulations in particular to Nuri Sahin for his two goals, and to Suso for his amazing display in the second goal. Great win lads!"

In his post-match interview, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers reiterated again that age does not matter when it comes to getting into his team:

"Young players are going to get a chance, and if they have the talent then they'll get in irrespective of age."

Daniel Agger also believes that age is irrelevant. He told LFC TV:

"The age of the team doesn't matter. The only thing that really matters is the quality in the team, not the individual or average age. It doesn't matter if you're 17 or 27, if the quality is there you have the right to be here.

"I think that's the most important thing to get across because if that quality is right, the only way you get experience is by playing the games".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If you're good enough then your old enough- I.E. Ronaldo, Messi, Owen, Rooney, Wilshere, Fabregas and the list goes on.... Oh off topic, Sterling just became a father for the 3rd time at the age of 17! Wow!

  2. We saw an accurate pass or two for shelveys first last week. Hoever there have not been many that have resulted in goals

  3. I'm 17 myself (18 in November), and can't believe that there is a first team starter that is younger than me, and that he's a father that's younger than me!

  4. Watching our kids realy does fill you with pride, Jack Robinson is way better than Enrique, no question about it. They all look good on the ball and i don't care how old they are, they can pass and create and that will do for me. They have no fear at all, Wisdom, Coates, Yesil, Assaidi, Sahin were fanatstic.
    Suso, Pacheco and Robinson really played well, Suso could be incredible like Sterling. If we can just get a striker to hep the youngsters out it will be happy days, Stewart Downing is going backwards by the game. I don't see a future for him or Enrique longterm, they will be sold in the summer for sure.
    Get more top youngsters from around the world, as it seems to be more value for money. 1m for Yesil is robbery and we need the scouts to find more of them, we have plenty of quality but need more depth in the next 2 windows!!!!

  5. yes! make us more sterlings for the future!

  6. Really impressed by last nights' display. Just want to vent my opinions on new players and replacements...

    First off Yesil - did not have the greatest game, but I saw what he was trying to do... I think with a bit of sharpness and more experience in the pacey EPL... He'll be lethal!

    Pacheco - I really think this lad should get the nod ahead of Borini - he's got guile, works hard, has a boomer of a shot on him and he links up well. Product of the Liverpool Academy, knows the Liverpool way better than Borini, He's Spanish so the style suits him genetically and is more familiar with the system than Borini... Same age and eager to impress. More passion, more skill, more everything than Borini!

    Assaidi - This cat is special! wow, I think he should get the Nod ahead of Pacheco and Borini in a front line of him Suarez and Sterling. So tricky and accurate and pacey and amazing! Do it BR! I think this guy can be a top player!

    Sahin - Well well... this guy is special... reminds me of Alonso, and he's got a bit of Joe Allen going on, dare I say he might be like having another Stevie G in the team?!?!?! Closes down well, pin point passsing, works hard, links up excellently, match winner... need I say more?

    Suso - In the squad permanently please... amazing player! Loads of vision and he's versatile, now that's a substitute and a future first teamer... maybe sooner rather than later!

    Wisdom - well not as good a game as he had in Europe, but he's definately a good backup option.

    Robinson - He might start challenging Enrique... good game

    Brad Jones - Dodgey, but good saves, poor distribution and what's up with that hair? I'd personally like to see the younger keeper come through...

    Carra - Keep playing! Colossal - reminded me of istanbul! Great backup to have and inspiration for the youngsters!

    Coates - on the verge of challenging for first team! dangerous, solid, massive - this boy is great!

    Downing - shyte

    Just a little vent from last night... buoyed by the win


  7. Moral of the story: Don't have babies young unless you're a professional footballer kid!

  8. or we could just keep churning out the academy and make 1 or 2 massive buys per transfer window!

  9. Agree on Carra he is playing superbly well, very positive post from you and why not.

  10. We all know what BR is doing and like what we see, the man know's his stuff!!!

  11. I get the impression that with every passing game more people get off the back of Rodgers, which is great to see. We've been infighting for a while now, but it's time to unite behind the manager and team. That's the only way forward. If result now follow our much improved approach play, I have no doubt at all that trophies will follow and in a few years time people speak of Rodgers just as highly as some do of Rafa.

  12. Some people only will speak highly of Rafa. Lfc fans don't.

  13. suso has immense vision. he reads the game well and is always looking at options to pass even before he receives the ball. class act.

  14. You know what I love about BR?

    He knows when a change is needed. He'll make immediate substitutes, drop players that are in favor, go against the grain where necessary and he's not afraid to play young players. He is not swayed by paycheques, reputations or popular opinion - He is his own man, with unique ideas - he knows how to react to a situation and be proactive in others...

    So far - Class BR!
    Even in the face of those bad results we've had to endure...

  15. great result last night and iam really pleased for the youngsters but lets not get carried away lets wait till the weekend and if we can win then things will be looking up but it will be a lot harder at the weekend still dont think its going to be a successful season maybe get a few youngsters coming throught but cannot see a trophey or champions league maybe not even europa next year

  16. In response to comments about age made by Rodgers and Daniel Agger about age , Age does matter when it comes to a player on the opposite end of the spectrum. No matter how good a player may be FSG has made it clear that they are only interested in signing young players. I think it is more accurate to say only older already at Liverpool at younger players have a chance to make the Liverpool squad.

  17. It's sad, but it's true. No person is bigger than the club.

  18. You do realise that most of the players we are enthusing about now were Benitez' buys right? Pacheco, Suso, Sterling, Shelvey.. not to mention the first team regulars: Lucas, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson(I think), Reina.. People like you have really short memories. One bad season out of 5-6 is not enough to discredit a manager. YNWA!

  19. Seems like Sahin and Allen would be our best midfield pairing; and a strike force of Assaidi, Sterling and Suarez orchestrated by Suso might just be our most attractive option.