14 Sept 2012

I'm in charge! Rodgers dismisses FSG's big transfer idea. Good news?

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has rubbished suggestions that a so-called 'technical committee' is set to be instituted at Anfield.

An article in The Telegraph last week claimed the following:

"The technical committee will advise manager Brendan Rodgers but will also, interestingly, take on a much wider role as to how Liverpool is run, the type of football the club will play and all the 'technical’ aspects that are sometimes taken by a director of football".

In an interview today, Rodgers refuted the Telegraph's claims - which were picked up be every news provider under the sun - and outlined the 'simple' structure that will be put in place at the club. He explained:

"It's just one of those things. It's been in the press, and there's a lot of stuff being written, but the reality is it's quite simple.

"It's the same as every other club: you've got the manager, and we've brought in two guys from Man City, who've been outstanding recruitment officers for them [Dave Fallows and Barry Hunter], and they've already made a great impact in their first couple of days.

"They'll have support people around them to look at targets and everything about the player, and I'll have the final say on who comes in. It's very simple, and hopefully it stays that way".

So, basically, nothing is changing, and as Rodgers indicates, the structure will be the same as at most other clubs:

* Scouting network searches for/assesses players.
* Compiles reports on every aspect of a player's suitability.
* The manager has final say on who is selected.

A dedicated technical committee to debate transfers is a terrible idea (IMO), and no self-respecting manager would accept such a pointless, bureaucratic structure.

The creation of a 'technical committee' would mean that FSG don't have complete faith in Brendan Rodgers, and why would the manager want to work in a structure where his input into important transfer matters is largely marginalised?

If Kenny Dalglish was still in charge then a technical committee to discuss transfers would be a good idea (!), but that's not the case.

If at some point in the future FSG decides to impose a technical committee on the club, I really hope Rodgers stick to his guns and resists the idea.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If Rodgers really does have the final say then what is the point in them? Seems like a waste of wages to me.

  2. jimbo chief JK cult tormentor2:21 pm, September 14, 2012

    The technical comittee should have been there to discuss the dross that Rodgers has signed so far, complete waste of net £30 mill.

  3. You could probably read 'meetings will take place' or for the nostaligic, 'boot room'. Who can actually conceive a manager never talking to anyone about targets.

    Don't get your point about if Dalglish was still in charge. Players would have been discussed, not least with Comolli. How were we to know signed players would not step up to the mark when it was expected they would. The problem last year was hitting the woodwork, i.e. conversion which doesn't suggest a total failure, just in terms of putting the ball in the net more often.

    I seem to remember, Henry, Pires, Ronaldo even taking more than a season to settle at a big English club. Think also Roy Keane, took a while to find his feet at Utd.

  4. some of rodgers quotes are becoming cringe worthy he says he in charge but not long back he was saying he would not have let caroll go if he new there was not a replacement well if he was in charge he would know infact if fsg gave a damm about him he would know the fact his he his a lap dog for them and the sooner he realises it and stops comming out tothe media with stupid quotes the less embaressing he will make him self look hes out of his depth and he knows it fsg wanted a manager who would be so glad of a chance at a big club and they know he will be a scapegoat for them

  5. how could rodgers know that ayre would've messed up (putting it nicely)

  6. Alexander Supertramp5:34 pm, September 14, 2012

    Jaimie fukking Kanwar
    You lying twit. Go support Everton or Venky owned Rovers or somethin. U r a fukking disgrace to Liverpool FC.

  7. Easy there internet warrior.

  8. Surprised this hasn't been taken down yet..

  9. so BR says nothing will change...... ok so that means he will tell the board who he wants....and the board will go ahead and not sign them.......thats good to know then