14 Sept 2012

'He's the best I've ever seen!' - Reds legend hails Fulham star's unique 'style'...

During the summer transfer window, Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson urged the Reds to buy Dimitar Berbatov, who he claimed would be the 'perfect foil' for Luis Suarez. The Bulgarian ended up at Fulham, probably for some ridiculously low price, and Lawro believes the striker could make a huge difference for the Londoner's this season.

Berbatov became a bit-part player in his last season at Old Trafford, and upon signing for Fulham, he directed a few parting shots at United boss Alex Ferguson:

"He [Ferguson] has lost, to some extent, my respect because of the way he treated me. I said goodbye to the people, who deserve it. I couldn't say goodbye to Ferguson"

In an interview with BBC yesterday, Lawro absolved Berbatov of any blame for his public criticism of Ferguson, arguing that the striker was 'entitled to his opinion', and then heaped praise on the Bulgarian:

"He [Berbatov] is the best walking footballer I have ever seen. He is also a player that needs to be loved. You don't expect him to chase back and close people down; it's not his style. You basically have to give him the ball and get people around him as he makes things happen"

'Walking' footballer? That's an interesting way to describe Berbatov's static - but effective - style (!)

It would've been great to have him at Anfield as a back-up striker, and it seems many Liverpool fans agree with that. In a survey on the site last month 60% of 5000 fans (approx) voted in favour of Berbatov joining Liverpool.

With FSG's inflexible transfer policy, there's no way a deal would've been sanctioned, but Berbatov definitely would've strengthened Liverpool's squad, and the striker situation would'nt be looking so bleak right now.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Hmm?
    "We don't want Owen, because he played for Utd."? 60% of 'fans' are hypocrites.
    Oh, and backup to who, exactly???

  2. Liverpool fans would have voted yes for any decent striker capable of putting the ball in the back of the net because it has been a problem which has dragged for too long now.

  3. I dont always agree with Lawro, (if ever) but i must admit the thought of Berbatov, playing in the middle of a three way attack, with Suarez and Borini, would have been Frightening for any defence.

  4. I agree that not buying Berbatov was a HUGE mistake.

  5. In fairness there would be little point going for him as Ferguson would never sell to liverpool. Have people forgotten the Heinze ordeal

  6. didn't want owen not because he played for united but he chose newcastle over a return to lfc

  7. Robbie Keane instead of the Dimitar Vampiyaarrr was a mistake back then already... roughly the same price at the time i think too...

  8. berba went for around 12 million more then keane

  9. ah ok... exact memory of those times long gone! Damn Fergie for always getting those great buys!! RVP!!

    Makes me sick. We've got the best youth in the league though right? is it not so?

  10. never chose newcaste over a return to liverpool. he wanted to return to liverpool. everybody knws thats. but rafa didnt want him. at the end he didnt hav any choice but to go to newcastle.

  11. I got the impression from excerpts of Rafa's recent book that Liverpool DID put in a bid for Owen at the end of his Real Madrid career, but Newcastle's bid was much, much bigger? ... (We sold Owen for £8m, and NUFC paid £16.8m)

    If I'm mistaken about this, please correct me.

    And then in 2007, this happened ... http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/113056-benitez-owen-was-a-target

  12. Alexander Supertramp5:36 pm, September 14, 2012

    Who wants to buy from the ManU scums?????
    You ugly twit. Go support Everton or Venky owned Rovers or somethin. U r a fukking disgrace to Liverpool FC.

  13. thank you MR MARK............for your comment i thought i am the only one seeing this........in my entire journey through life,i have i had my greatest player of all time......1 LUV