13 Sept 2012

'It was crazy!' - Angry LFC star in scathing attack on 'ridiculous' Cakir...

Liverpool right-back Glen Johnson has launched a stinging attack on Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir, who booked 5 players and sent off Steven Gerrard during England's 1-1 draw with Ukraine on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters after the game, a furious Johnson slammed Cakir's 'silly' decisions, and claimed Gerrard should not have been sent off. He raged:

"There was a lot of frustration with the officials. Everyone watching could see that it was ridiculous. Some of the decisions were crazy!

"I clearly played the ball when I got booked – it wasn’t even in doubt. It was the same with Steven’s one but he gets sent off.

"If you deserve a booking then you take in on the chin but when it’s a silly decision like that you get frustrated".

Gerrard and Johnson will both miss England's next game, but poor refereeing decisions are the least of Roy Hodgson's worries. Once again, England were embarrassed by their fatal inability to keep hold of the ball, a rudimentary skill that the team's highly-paid players *still* haven't been able to master.

Liverpool legend Steve Nicol was similarly unimpressed by England's ball retention incompetence, and placed the blame on Gerrard and Frank Lampard:

"England cound't get the ball. Ukraine were so much better on the ball, one of the problems England had in the middle of the park was Gerrard and Lampard. They really couldn't close the ball down quick enough. They're not quick enough, and they got exposed too many times".

In my view, England will not progress at the requisite speed until all the players associated with the so-called 'Golden Generation' are removed from the squad. That means the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Johnson et should all be forcefully retired, and replaced with younger, hungrier players, who are untainted by the years of abject failure.

A scorched earth policy is required; why do the likes of Gerrard and Lampard deserve more time in the England team? Over the last to years, the 'golden generation' have failed time and time again, and now, these players are just holding back the team.

Terry, Lampard and the rest of England's perennial losers have had their chance; time to put them out to pasture.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. You don't put youngsters together? You mix youngsters with a few older heads.... E.g(Germany,Italy,Spain) all have done that over the years...

  2. Keep older players like Lescott, Defoe etc, but the 'Golden Generation' should be dumped IMO. They are failures on the international stage, and they bring over 10 years of failure-baggage into every game.

    The idea of Steven Gerrard playing the next world cup is a joke. What has he done for England to deserve that?

  3. So you would replace older players with? Walker,caulker,an so on? That wouldn't work! You slowly replace it... And gerrard vision, you could see yesterday how he played. which no youngster would find? And lampard? Is the best penalty taker I've seen? I wouldn't agree because we would be worser than we r now..

  4. The standard of refereeing is appalling worldwide. The body should regulate and analyse referees performance after a game.
    They should also be rated after a game. Give them a yellow card for a poor judgement on a game. A red card if handling of a game was way off.
    Put the man in black under pressure to perform or get suspensions just like players.
    Why can't technology be used on dubious decisions? Just like field hockey.

  5. You english are all the same win and u are world class when u lose
    you's blame every player over 25 that they are past it.
    Why not just face facts you have a ok team at best and never
    win anything even telling the world how you are going to win world cup european
    championships but then give us all a laugh at ur lot loseing . 1 lucky world cup for the so called super power of word football.make me sick slagging of wales
    scotland and Ireland but we all enjoy watching or teams win lose or draw we know we are not great but our fans are world class.top ten in the world arse

  6. Don't think many Scotland fans are enjoying Levein, matey.

  7. Until England have a quota on overseas based players playing in the top teams, your international side will never compete. Liverpool at one stage, and I am sure you will correct me if I am wrong, had Carragher and Gerrard as the only english players in the starting side. This from what was at that stage a top 4 club. Much the same can be said for Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea and now Man C. This means that your pool of talented experienced players is dramatically reduced.

  8. England are rated 3rd best team in the World, (dont laugh its true)
    Joe Harte might get into the top 15 players in his position in World football,
    every other player on view last night, I would not rate in the top 30/40 players in World football. Says it all really.

  9. 'Scorched earth' is a pointless strategy. There is no need to make changes for the sake of it. Players should be eased out (Lampard, Gerrard, Terry) but there is no need to get everyone out. Personally I think if one of the old guard is worth keeping, it is Gerrard since he has total commitment, is willing to do several jobs for the team and is an experienced and influential figure. I don't think he'd bring the same baggage as say John Terry (and probably, in conjunction with him, Lampard). He isn't overbearing. Obviously, for the sake of his Liverpool career, I'd be happy if he packed it in for England, because I care infinitely more about us than what happens with In-ger-lund.

    I don't think Johnson necessarily has to go either. He'd do better in a more progressive side. I can't believe, JK, that you advocate 'scorched earth' but would keep Jermain Defoe in the squad- I've never known such an overrated player in my lifetime.

    The worst decision though, is after everyone finally now seems to understand that England need to start playing a passing game, the FA appoint a man in Roy Hodgson, who has no history of playing that way and has gone on record, several times, advocating a more direct style. It beggars belief. To be fair to Hodgson, he appears to have instilled a good spirit and team ethic in the England side (by which I mean they work hard and are resilient) but with the 'Golden Generation' clearly on the way out, this is clearly the time to build a team around the likes of Sterling, Ox, Wilshere, Shelvey, Henderson (if he sorts his head out), Rodwell etc. The potential team for the future, despite all the fear-mongering in the past few days, could be very good.


    Walker - Jones - Smalling - Baines/Bertrand


    Wilshere - Shelvey/McEachran (I haven't seen much of him, for all the hype)

    Oxlade-Chaimberlain - Sterling

    Rooney (crap for England I know, but should be good, based on his form for United)

    That is potentially a much more athletic side, that could actually play from the back and has nice balance. Admittedly, unless I'm missing someone, there seems to be a dirge of quality centre-forwards but there is still Rooney, Welbeck, Sturridge and maybe even Morgan.

  10. jamie aren't you a liverpool fan?!?!?!!? stick with your captain mate

  11. Jamie show again his true colours as a fake kop - show some respect you ass... pay your tribute to the 96 now that the report is official!

    now go rot or die...

  12. Another pop at Stevie ! So predictable

  13. The England national team didn't exactly compete at the top end in times before so many good foreign players were brought into the league.

  14. Im so fed up of hearing about England, and how they fail all the time, and then all everyone does is big them up until the next game saying "This could be the one" only for them to do waht they always do - be a bit average. Lets face it England arent that great, I never expect them to win any tournaments, because we are not good enough.
    All I want to see from them is a decent performance where they try to win, and they did that from the what I saw of it against Ukraine. Ok maybe they didnt keep the ball that well, but Ukraine are a good team, maybe they were just better. It never seems to be that we lost or drew agaisnt the better team, its always "England throw it away", as if we should win every game as a given, apart from the odd game against the "top" nations.
    The ref was bad, and we had a goal ruled out that shouldnt have been. Apparently thats Karma from the Euros?? Yea what ever, there goal should have been called offside anyway, but i digress.

  15. gerrard has done a lot to help england in his time he may have had a few mistakes but his performance agianst ukraine was brill an by the looks of things he looks the most confedent an willing to show that gonna put is best in the future an england need gerro an always have

  16. do you have to relay everything moaning old steve nicol says. he was a good footballer, thats it. why you keep bigging up his moans i really don't know.

  17. they will miss him when he's gone.. and probably post how great he's always been.

  18. Wait so you think there are 15 goalkeepers that are better than Joe Hart in the world? Really I dont think so, he is top 5. I woudl be interested to hear who these 15 are??!! But agree with the rest of the players, they just arent all that good, and the press put too much pressure on England to perform, and then destory them when they dont.

  19. Personally there is a lot of evidence missing from this. Steven Gerrard and lampard were amongst the best passes on the field. The times we lost the ball were when it was played into cleverly, milner, or even chamberlin, each had a poor game and that is what blunted england. That and he ref consistently being inconsistent. Also how can you say ukraine kept the ball better? have you seen the stats?

  20. Gerrard and to a lesser extent Lampard were awful in terms of acting as a base to orchestrate and keep possession ticking over. Absolutely awful but it is nothing new, as we have seen them do this time and time again on the international stage. Absolutely criminal how inept the likes of Gerrard were at being options for our centre backs to pass the ball to. They, the central midfield, gave nothing for the four attacking players to feed off. Oxlade and Cleverley didn't play well at all but Gerrard and Lampard rarely looked competent enough to get them involved in the game as they were too busy playing ghosts when our centre backs had the ball. Never rated Gerrard as a central midfielder in a two and looks like that will carry on. It was a silly type of tackle to make on the international stage as you don't go through a player to get the ball but we know how hard it has been for Gerrard to rein his tackles in on the international stage as seen in the friendly against Norway before the Euros. Hardly surprise. Commentators thought they were good because they ran around a lot....yippee. If you can't keep the ball on the international stage, your screwed unless you pull off a Greece.

    Yet another manager that plays with bloody Gerrard-Lampard in central midfield. Must be like the fourth/fifth England manager to do that now. They are absolute cack at shifting the ball around and being the core possession receivers in central midfield them two which is key on the international, absolute cack.

    Got to say Johnson has been very good going forward for England but predictably, always looks a dodgy defensively, though I guess that is why Hodgson seems to opt for the unambitious workhorse that is Milner ahead of him.

  21. Too right if any of the youngsters he talks about putting in become half as good as Stevie is right now they will be talked about as world beaters . Still you can't educate pork as they say , by the way in his all time greatest Liverpool eleven he put Barney Rubble at left back . Nuff said aye ? That's all time best eleven . Barney Rubble .