13 Sept 2012

Ex-Red warns: LFC 'Lionheart' will 'leave Anfield for Barca'. Possible...?

Former Liverpool striker Dean Saunders believes that midfield maestro Joe Allen is destined to play for La Liga giants Barcelona.

In an interview a few days ago, Saunders - who scored 25 goals in 61 appearances for the Reds during the Graeme Souness era - was full of praise for Allen, who he described as having a 'heart like a lion':

"Joe’s an intelligent player, and is difficult to play against. He’s got the whole world in front of him.

"He’s still growing and he’ll get stronger and stronger.

"He wants to listen and very respectful of authority which you must have to be a top player.

"He can get even better and go on from Liverpool and end up at Barcelona".

Is Allen good enough for Barcelona? His stats seem to suggest so:

* This season: average passing accuracy of 94%.
* Allen is the most accurate passer in the Premier League.
* Last season: Third best passer in Europe (Behind Xavi, and Leon Britton)

Liverpool legend Jan Molby - recently named LFC's top passer on the official club website - believes Allen is 'a bit like Xabi Alonso', and is impressed by the midfielder's 'Barcelona mentality'. He told LFC TV:

"He [Allen] has been our best player, and for him to change clubs and come into a club like Liverpool and basically take the midfield by the scruff of the neck is very impressive.

Former Reds defender Mark Lawrenson is also a big fan of Allen, and believes Liverpool have got real value for money:

"The tag of £15m is a lot for someone so young, but this time, I think the club will get value for money from the player. Allen is only going to get better. He has a great attitude and doesn’t give the ball away, and will be central to the way Brendan Rodgers wants to play".

If Allen is destined for the Nou Camp, it won't be for a few years yet.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Too early to say. He must also score some goals and provide assists like Xavi and Iniesta to reach to that level. Btw, why can't he stay at LFC? LFC ain't that bad a club.

  2. Allen is a little warrior. Destined to be a legend at Liverpool. Pure class.

  3. The talent we have amassed in the last two years beggars belief....


    Henderson was gonna be the next Gerrard

    Adam was better than Alonso

    Carroll was the next....no idea....

    NOW Allen is gonna play for Barcelona...

    I wish these x lfc pundits would stop talking out of their u know what....

    ALLEN if anything is a 5mill player who we paid over the odds for

  4. Its becoz BR said" this lad is going to play for a big club someday"

    No joke.

  5. It's laughable considering just how poor Saunders was.

    Saunders was a journeyman and never a LFC favourite so frankly his views carry as much weight as a ANT

  6. how many assists this season how many shots on target his passing is short hes hardly playing 30yard balls sorry saunders keep off the mushrooms iam not saying hes a bad player but at the moment hes not in the world class bracket

  7. carroll was the next shearer haha

  8. He wont go to Barca. You dont get many British players going to other countries.
    Lets just concentrate on him doing well for Liverpool!

  9. Couldnt agree more mate.Dont forget Cheyrou who as the new Zindine Zidan !!!
    Dont Know about you but i am just glad we have the First Stevie G, Alonso Etc Etc.
    As for Joe Allen I cant believe the Hype. He is only a 5m player I agree. But against Arsenal (he was given the MOM award) I felt he was completely anonymous. Time will Tell but inesta he is not

  10. If we do a few more things right in the future than we did in the past, he will not want to go to Barcelona as we will take their talented players away.

  11. Babel was the new Henry.

    But Allen is a lot more than a five million player. If Adam was a 8 million player, then Allen is, judged on very few games for us so far, a 15m player. If Downing is a 20m player, then Allen is, ah, don't get me started.

  12. To be fair, Hollywood/long passing isn't the be all and end all to being a good passer. In the position he plays, short, simple and ticking over/recycling possession is key (and this isn't easy either, as illustrated by England's ineptitude at keeping possession over the years due to having players obsessed with playing direct and hollywood in central midfield, instead of simple recycling of possession. Sorry Stevie but your no two-man central midfielder in modern day football, especially at keeping possession), not getting itchy feet and forcing the issue by going all hollywood or looking to hoof it straight away. Though not saying Allen shouldn't mix it up a little bit, especially when the long switch ball is on for a winger (we only have one decent winger anyway, though I guess there is Johnson's width) on the other side a la Xabi/Scholes or a quick counter opportunity but certainly shouldn't be obsessed with playing the long ball especially in a side that likes to play a certain way. One of the reasons why we jettisoned Carroll was because we didn't want to utilize the long ball much down the middle. For a player that plays that deep, assists and shots aren't the be all and end all as illustrated by the likes of Xabi, Senna and Busquets.

  13. Jamie, question for you
    What are your thoughts concerning the whole ' being Liverpool ' thing.
    Do you think it's appropriate to open the secrets of the club in this way?
    I saw a trailer when Brendan was being kinda rude to Raheem.

  14. Hi Siavash - I think the 'Being Liverpool' documentary is a terrible idea, and it will only bring negative publicity/pressure onto the club. At a time when complete focus is required on the field, it will be an unnecessary distraction.

    I'm not even going to watch it as I have no interest in it.

  15. not really intrested as he has a contract till 2017 and has played 5 games for liverpool. I voted no, as he is to good to play for barcelona, that is why he is at liverpool, come on people we are miles better!:)Why would allen take a step down to that pile of crap! Best fans, best club and a top progressive manager, by the time 2017 comes people on barcelona websites will be saying on their websites, do you think messi is good enough for liverpool!!! oh ho i dream, have faith it will come!

  16. He meant Aunt, but didnt wanna appear sexist.

  17. I didnt know why we signed Allen, but I must admit he is a Gem, just the type of player that SAF was looking for. Well worth £15mill.
    Has a way to go b4 he is of Barca standard though.

  18. Alexander Supertramp6:29 pm, September 13, 2012

    This is old news. So sick of this Jaimie guy. Always wasting my time with these non-sense articles. If you have nothing interesting to write, instead of coming up with crap, go get a life , get laid or something moron.

  19. I'm quite interested in it.

    I hear the show's soundtrack is going to be supplied by Bill Shankly spinning in his grave.

  20. Too early for this by miles. He'd certainly fit in with their style and I suspect one day he could be good enough for them, but I'd imagine somone like Thiago Alcantara would get in the team ahead of him in a more attacking role and Busquets has the defensive mid role pretty safely locked down.

  21. Its often hard to see the good that he does because he does his job so well. In some of our matches I had to double check to see if he was playing but when you see his personal highlights he does a very good job!

  22. Allen has been excellent so far, watch his movement closely at he weekend.

    He always moves into excellent positions to receive the ball, natural football brain.

    Himself and Sterling have been the highlights so far.

    Gerrard could learn a thing or two from him, personally responsible for concession of 3 goals with sloppy passing.

  23. he is a class player, easily our best centre mid this season. looks very simular to alonso, just brilliant on the ball and reads the game excellent.
    maybe try a more attacking role would benefit liverpool.
    a true pro, great signing. shame we couldnt sign another 4-5 swansea players !!

  24. we havn't seen anything in the guy yet as he displays good composure and accurate passes,he is someone who doesnt lose ball to opponent too often as the case of some flops in the team,and doesnt give pass to where no team mate is.His uninfringingly tackles is something that admires me as a fan.....pls mates watch this guy intently as pass your own comment if i'm too exaggerating.

  25. Whos to say in the next couple of years, that some barca players, will want too join LFC ? We could become the best team in Europe once again. And allen will be part of it.

  26. I dnt kno wen we wold accept the fact that gerrard has lost his footing, cant ignore the motivation he tries to bring to the team tho