2 Aug 2012

"He's important" - Carvajal responds to LFC interest in £7.5m Barca starlet...

The Agent of Barcelona starlet Gerard Deulofeu has responded to speculation linking the youngster with a move to Liverpool.

Liverpool have been linked with a move for the 18-year old several times over the last few weeks, and according to reports in Spain, the Reds have put in a £7.5m bid for Deulofeu, who helped Spain win the European Under 19 trophy earlier this summer.

However, in an interview on Monday, Gines Carvajal - Deulofeu's Agent - appeared to rule out any possible move over the summer. He said:

"I am very fortunate to have some very important players and I hope they reach the top, although I do wish the media would give them less 'hype'.

"With these players as I have said it is inevitable [speculation], but Barcelona wants to keep Gerard at all costs and will not sell"

Deulofeu may be a good prospect but why would Liverpool want to sign him when similar players like Suso and Raheem Sterling are already at the club? Surely spending £7.5m on an 18-year old who plays the same role would be massively demotivating for those two?

Having said that, he does look good...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Yeah you wouldn't want to have too many talented young players at your club would you?!?!?!?!

  2. Spot on. We don't need more youngsters. 7.5mill should be spent on prospective players for the now. today.

  3. Those kinda of tricks, I could have done them when I was younger...haha. No seriously the kid's got great skills for his age and looks like a solid prospect. Better to get him when he's young and available.

  4. George, It's common sense. What we want is players to come in and make an impact instantly. we lack the quality players now. 7.5 mil for a player who is going to be developed for the future is bad business. We have a string of potential young guns waiting to pounce on the first opportunity. I agree with JK. 

  5. This was Rafas problem. He spent millions on youngsters who might make it before establishing a first team..and paid the price.

  6. I honestly think that this kid is going to be a very good player. But not as a winger but as a lone striker. He is a shorter version of Fernando Torres. His touch, how he opens his body to shoot at the far post, how he goes past players with his pace and his shooting / placing from tight angles remind me of Torres. He should be deployed as a lone striker to get his positioning right and to get a feel of how to avoid the offside trap. 

    I would go for him even at 7.5mil.

  7. Maybe he will be a star in the future, maybe he won't. Just as with the prospective purchase of Joe Allen though, the signing of a big money academy player would just be a waste of time, money and effort that should be directed at the gaping holes that already exist in our first team squad.

  8. A pacy winger with lots of skill - along with Sterling, he could be in our first team almost instantly (with the departure of Kuyt and Maxi, and the pathetic play of Downing).  He's no 18 year old Cristiano Ronaldo, but at his age he still has lots of time to adapt to the English game.  If Liverpool are truely in a 'rebuilding' phase, then this is really the type of player we should be targeting AND playing - late teens/early twenties, loads of skill.  Complement these kids with our wiley veterans (Gerrard, Agger, et al), and they can blossom into some very good players.

    I also think that Suso should be getting more first team chances, but I fear that if Joe Allen is brought in, that's just one more first team player in a squad littered with central midfielders (some of which are not very good but will play because of their wages and first team status) who are going to play ahead of Suso. 

  9. As adisplaced lfc supporter,I am not familiar with allthe intricate financial situations,managerial,and owner problems,iam familiar with the scouting and handling of players both in soccer and hockey,when i hear of players of exceptional quality not meshing with their new club, it tells me someone missed something somewhere.(scouting report)You cannot expect a young talented player from a tropical country,to leave his family freinds, beaches all year round,not to mention local fame,and blinded by the money get told to go out there and save the team.Most of them have fragile egos to start with,you start playing mind games with them i.e playing lesser players in their place,or generally not paying attention to his wants and needs.That player is going to lose his edge,his desire to go all the way for his team,and the respect  for his coach and teammates.Its like arash once it starts you have to fix it.It appears a regeneration program is what is needed,Liverpool is one city that has proven it has what it takes to do the job,why?because of the people! so to you critics and nay sayers out there Quitcher bitchin.Regardless i will still enjoy watching them.