2 Aug 2012

LFC legend raves: 'Fantastic' Reds starlet is the 'best I've seen for a long time'...

Liverpool have a whole raft of promising young players currently progressing through the ranks, and one of the most exciting prospects is 18-year old striker Adam Morgan. The youngster played well during the Reds' recent US tour, and according to Anfield Legend Robbie Fowler, he's destined for great things at Liverpool.

In an interview with the Official Liverpool FC website, Fowler said it was 'massive' for Morgan to be involved with the first team on the tour, heaped praised on Brendan Rodgers for giving him a chance to impress. He added:

"As a goalscorer I think he's fantastic. He is composed in front of goal and Rushie would tell you as well, if you are composed and patient in front of goal then you will have a chance.

"He never looks ruffled and that to me is a great sign regardless of what level you are playing at. As a finisher he is probably one of the best I've seen for a long, long time to be honest".

Fowler conceded that Morgan 'has a lot to learn about his play outside the box', but seemed certain 'that would come' with time.

If Morgan is one of the best finishes Fowler has seen for a 'long time' then that is high praise indeed, and hopefully we'll get to see the youngster in a few games this season.

How great would it be to see another young, homegrown striker make a massive impact like Fowler and Michael Owen?

Morgan's goal against Toronto recently was an easy tap-in but it just shows he has the instinct to be in the right place at the right time, something Liverpool's goalscorers lacked last season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. liverpool4life5651:39 pm, August 02, 2012

    We needed a player like him last season, had soo many chances to tap it away. But suarez was never in the box he likes making his chances. We would of scored a lot more then aha :)

  2. what next??let's make sure streling,morgan&suso involved in this season to prove that we are going in right track..this lads hve big potentials so why should we waste by waiting another year??if they are not gonna get reasonable playing time then i'd like to loan out them for "premier league" teams for gain experience & fitness where they might be lacking in managers point otherwise no arguments on "talents" of this kids..YNWA

  3. Helloisitmeyourlookingfor1:52 pm, August 02, 2012

    fowlers been playig in australia and thailand for years...one of the best finishers hes seen in years isnt necesarilly huge praise

  4. The future certainly looks bright. I'm impressed with Morgan Suso and Sterling. but i also like Shelvey aswell. This is why i can understand why fans get annoyed to see Liverpool supposedly offering 15 million etc for Joe Allen? i like Allen but to me he's worth 6 - 8 mil tops. i really hope we see more of the young lads this season. Morgan is just a natural goal scorer who finds the net time and time again for the reserves. in my opinion he's ready to make the step up to the 1st team

  5. Yes they also don't have any televisions over there........

  6. Nemeth was a far better striker imo

  7. So?
    You think that Fowler has lost his eye for were the goal is? That´s a natural talent and not something that goes away just because you're playing in lower leagues late in your football career. Fowler's one of the best strikers ever to grace the Anfield turf, methinks his got what it takes to recognize real goalscoring talent. Not to forget that he implies that Rush sees it too.

  8. Morgan deserves a chance and unlike Carroll doesn't miss sitters in the 6 yard area.
    What worries more than anything is that people are ignoring the players who simply are keeping the likes of Morgan, Sterling Suso & Shelvey out of the 1st team.
    Downing, Adam & Spearing  my suspicion is that in training they show all the effort constantly running and screaming etc but when the real games comes they just aren't good enough.. in particular Downing.
    I have no idea how this guy get picked ahead of others, he must be a nice giy or talks a good game as well as trains well.
    But as paying season ticket holder I may well start booing him if he does what he did last season, which is CONSTANTLY cut in, pass back or square.

    I'm not sure what to make of Rogers praise of Carragher's 700 appearance.
    Is this a kind of swan song for the old campaigner in a coded way to say, your times up as a 1st team selection?
    Or is he about to start playing in as a 1st choice centre back?

    I'm watching Rogers very very closer on the carragher question, as I see this as a REAL test of his Managerial Credibility.
    As many will know that Carragher has a history of starting whispering campaigns and media briefings against those that tried to drop him in the past (with the exception of Dalglish).

    If Rogers drops him to the bench it will be a cleat signal to the rest of the squad that he's not taking any crap, if he doesn't then clearly as I stated before he wont last more than 18 months.

  9. So you think he has only seen Thai and Australian football in last few years???  Ridiculous!

  10. - Downing is already 28. 
    - It is very unlikely that he is on much less wages than Aquilani or Carroll. 
    - He has shown far less talent, or potential for future perfomances,  than either of them - whether at Liverpool or elsewhere. 
    - There are far better players out there that could be bought to replace Downing just by reinvesting the money that could be raised by selling him, without even requiring further funds from elsewhere.

    I don't understand LFC's desperation to push Aquilani and Carroll out of the door, while the likes of Downing, Adam, Cole & Spearing, who are never going to be any better than they are right now, continue to act as liabilities clogging up spaces on our squad list and preventing superior, younger (and cheaper) players from breaking through

  11. think you grabbing the wrong end of the stick.

  12. I will believe it when he actually makes it, i've seen too many false dawns  to believe otherwise.

  13. Dead right we have televisions here and you can get all the top leagues live but i would listen if Fowler spoke because he was a fantastic finisher.
    Hello needs to get his facts straight.

  14. Theycallmemrburt3:04 pm, August 02, 2012

    Another case maybe of scousers bigging up scousers?

    what I like about Morgan is he gets in behind defences naturally.  That's an important quality and in many cases a skill that can't be taught. 

    In rest of his game, like Borini, he reminds me of Alan Smith in that he works hark and works the back line but I'm not sure if he has many aspects of his game be it physically or technically where he really excells.  Neil Mellor was also a terrific reserve team finisher..............

    He looks like a good team player, a fighter.  It'll be interesting to see how he progresses.

  15. and we all know what happened to him if it wasn't for injuries he would of been the next Robbie fowler or Michael Owen his tap in against olympyakos proves that he knew where to be in the right place at the right time

  16. Theycallmemrburt4:02 pm, August 02, 2012

    As Rafa, Hodgson and Kenny found out if you start a central defender who's legs have gone you inevitably get the sack.  The Agger Barca speculation lingers on so Carra starting tonight could signal the end of the Dane, or simply imply lack of match fitness on Aggers part.

    Come the start of the season if Carra is back in the 1st eleven Rodgers will be taking a massive gamble that historically has only led to a P45.

  17. Couldn't have put it better.  

  18. God knows , as the saying goes . Hope he's all you say he is Robbie

  19. Still big up for the kid hearing Robbie Fowler saying that , let's hope he is a good un

  20. and all you probably watch is match of the day sometimes. what dribble

  21. where is the next gerrard fowler owen etc coming from ??? we are due one, we are liverpool !!!

  22. High praise was a great finisher. As for Fowler's eye for goal view the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9uV_itYaoM

  23. michael owen was not a home grown talent. he's not from liverpool jaimie you twat.

  24. Who said that Liverpool were trying to push Carroll out? People have made bids and they've been rejected. Don't pretend to know what BR and co are thinking, because you don't. Aquilani was rubbish. Great player when allowed the kind of time you get as a CM in Serie A but when it came to the rigours of the EPL, couldn't hold his own.
    And to Septimus Red, "I may well start booing him if he does what he did last season, which is CONSTANTLY cut in, pass back or square" - he IS a winger you know... He tries to take on players when he can, and when you are high up the line, like a winger is supposed to be in a 4 man midfield, the only options you have are pass back, cut in or square. I dont know what you expect him to do other than those things... fly? somersault? bark like a dog? Besides, he creates heaps of scoring opportunities with his crossers, but Carroll has been too slow or double/triple marked in the box and as said by someone else above, Suarez doesn't hang around the box, he starts his runs outside the box.
    Pretty average display the the Europa vs Gomel, but a win is a win. Good effort to SD, need to see improvement out of Stevie though, I hope he was just preserving is energy for the league because he was pathetic in the tackle, weak with his passes and haf hearted with his movement.
    YNWA - Benj

  25. Theycallmemrburt1:52 am, August 03, 2012

    Nemeth isn't scouse, and his father isn't mates with Robbie either.

  26. Yes, even without Suarez around, Carroll was last striker onto the pitch behind Morgan & Ecclestone, and left out of the squad entirely against Gommel because Rodgers is so desperate to integrate him into the squad right? Oh yea, I forgot that he's picked up a mysterious injury now right...

    Tbh, I'm not quite as fussed about the prospect of losing Carroll, even if I think it is a bit foolish to give up on the guy so quickly just because he was signed for too much money. Especially since I have a funny feeling that money brought in from transfers won't be immediately reinvested in the squad anymore, thereby just weakening the squad to prove a point.

    But stop the b.s. about Aquilani. Pretty much every time he's been on the pitch for Liverpool he's been our best midfielder - starting from Benitez's dire final season (where Aquilani rare just appearances happened to coincide with most of our rare good team performances), up until this preseason. You seem to buy into this myth that the Premiership is all kick and rush, happily ignoring the fact that there are many technical players, just like Aquilani, flourishing in the Premiership nowadays. And that despite their consistent opportunities to stamp their authority in central midfield over the last year+, none of Adam, Spearing or Henderson have come close to matching the levels attained by Aquilani during his limited opportunities to play for us.

  27. Did you not see the last few games he's featured in? Aquilani has been overshadowed by Shelvey and Henderson (not saying Henderson was great, but better than AA). I don't have the notion that EPL is kick and rush, Its just a very different league than what he is used to. Saying that he was our best midfielder when he played is a) not saying much as our midfield has been woeful and b) just not true. He is overhyped and overvalued. I'm glad we are getting rid of him finally and looking to sign the likes of Allen, who had a stellar season and is young and promising, not slow, injury prone and used to a different league. Technical players do flourish in the league, but they need to have SOME pace about them, and if not pace, then ability to stay healthy. Aquilani has the pace of a 2 legged sloth and the fitness level / injury resistance of an 86 year old. I'd much rather see Shelvey, Hendo and Spearo (I really want to see Spearo improve, it'll take some doing, but the potential is there) given time to improve than waiting for Aqua's next ankle injury.

  28. Aquilani may have been overshadowed in our final friendly, where Henderson featured, but that may have something to do with the fact that Aquilani did not. Shelvey has been pretty good in his appearances so far under Rodgers (better than both Adam & Henderson), but he wasn't better than Aquilani still. Not in my opinion at least, but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree there. Shelvey has had a few more forceful runs and shots on goal, while Aquilani has been more consistent and creative with his passing. 
    Aquilani has stayed available for more games in the last couple of years than Gerrard and is at least as quick, if not definitively quicker than Adam, Shelvey Lucas & Spearing. Aquilani is already on the books as a LFC player and has made it clear (again) that he's happy to play his part if given a chance, yet we're looking to pay for him to play for another team (again), so that we can spend big money on another player to come in in his position (again). As I said last year, and the year before, it doesn't make any sense.(btw, I don't see the potential that you see in Spearing either. As far as I'm concerned, he's a midtable player at best, and as such it is no coincidence that we were a below midtable team when featuring him heavily in our team)

  29. Ehat do Nemeth, Mellor, Welsh, Hobbs, Le Tallec, Amoo, Dalle Vale, Ayala, El Zhar, Ngog, Plessis, FSP, and (hopefully not) Pacheco all have in common? Hope Morgan can buck the recent trend, but other than Kelly (and to an extent Spearing) we have to go back to Owen/Carragher/Gerrard to find the last top notch players who broke into the side and stayed there. Warnock almost made it and Guthrie was close(ish) Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

  30. Typically arrogant and ignorant view of a brit whos never been outside of his own a hole. They televise more games in S East Asia than they do here.

  31. A couple of years ago I had high hopes that Nemeth, Pacheco, Insua, Mavinga, Plessis, Ayala, San Jose etc would be given the opportunity to step up as they all shone in the reserves, but it just wasn't to be and their time typically passed without them ever getting a look in (Insua being an obvious exception). 
    Hopefully some of the current crop are given more of an opportunity to breakthrough and establish themselves in our first team (especially if we are to continue to use such underwhelming and overpaid senior players!), but in spite of all the noise over the last year or so, I can't honestly say that I think the current lot coming through the academy are really any more talented than their predecessors 

  32. That is exactly what i want also those 3 can be a handful for teams.

  33. I think you're also being naive comparing a 22 yr old with a 28 yr its just a matter of time for Spearing and Hendo to prove you wrong.