16 Jul 2012

'LFC want him' - Boss reveals 'substantial offers' for £20m star. Replace Carroll...?

With Andy Carroll almost certainly on his way out of Anfield this summer, Liverpool will need another striker to bolster the squad's attacking options. Malaga striker Salomon Rondon has been linked with Liverpool several times over the last few months, and his Agent, Pablo Martinez, recently confirmed that the Reds are interested.

Speaking to El Mundo Deportivo, Martinez revealed:

"Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool are following him. The 27 goals he scored in two seasons did not go unnoticed."

On Wednesday last week, Malaga manager Luis Pellegrini admitted that he hoped that £20m-rated Rondon would stay in Spain, but conceded that he could leave:

"Rondon has had substantial offers from both Germany and England.

"Hopefully we can have him for longer but no player is untransferable. It is difficult to know what will happen."

Based on Martinez's comments, it's conceivable that one of the 'substantial offers' received by Malaga could be from Liverpool, but I doubt the club would pay anywhere near £20m for Rondon. In any event, that's just a notional valuation; paper talk, and the Venezuelan would probably be available for a lot less money.

Some stats about Rondon from the last two complete seasons:

* 25 goals and 5 assists in 67 league games
* One goal every 196 mins (1 every two games)
* Conversion rate: 15%
* Shooting accuracy: 44%
* Shots per goal: 6.6

Worth a bid?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. liverpool4life56512:41 pm, July 16, 2012

    No rather buy a small player who fast and can intervhange with suarez and borini so its hard for defenders to pick them up. Plus I think carroll will stayed after we rejected newcastle.

  2. Septimus_severus12:47 pm, July 16, 2012

    This is the best news I have heard in ages, Carroll should be moved on ASAP.
    The blame is not Carroll's but Kenny Dalglish's who in my view nearly destroyed the club had he been allowed to stay.

    I like Brendan's ruthlessness and hope this serves as a lesson to the players in the squad such as Downing & Adam that there days are numbered should they think there performances are adequate.

    I'd like to see Spearing,and Carragher moved on or out of the 1st team.
    I'd like to see Kelly who is actually a centre back as a choice behind Coates Skertel and Agger.

    One thing is certain, the less technical players in the squads days are NUMBERED..YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE ..

  3. I've watched Rondon play lot of times and he is never a £20m player.

  4. yeah u r ryte, from video, it seems he is also a front end targetman like carrol but ALAS, we dun hav any gud cross providers :(

    so its not gonna happen, we need a player like that of david silva (not david silva himself as we can't afford him so dun misinterprate). small, quick and good passer of he ball

  5. The notion that LFC 'rejected' Newcastle is paper talk.  How would they know?  Rodgers et al are not going to speak to the press to confirm that.  The deal is still ongoing behind the scenes.  Carroll will be gone by the start of the season, you'll see.

  6. Agreed.  If he was to move, final fee would probably be in the 10-12m range.

  7. Agreed, Septimus.  So sick of seeing technically limited players wearing the Liverpool shirt.  I'm not too fussed if Adam stays - he has supreme passing ability, and he'll do for a squad player, but Downing has to go.  Dump him along with Carroll, and I'll be a happy fan.

  8. newcastle will be back in for him-they've sold leon best and lovenkrats so def another forward.would like if we could trash out a deal that would involve demba ba.

  9. spearing is my pet hate.a technically poor player,very limited.no business being a lfc player.
    i hate this myth that some fans believe in of him being a like for like replacement for lucas.

  10. I think it's clear now that Carroll will leave. Even if LFC really did reject a bit, it's known they are open to the right offer. I'm actually a bit sad Jamie, I thought he maybe deserved one more chance until January....

  11. Plus a good chance that Demba Ba and Cisse will be away for a few weeks during the season for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. The schedule has been changed to odd numbered years.

  12. Malaga have got big money backing them, so it would be no surprise if he was on big wages or that they would play hardball over transfer fee. One player I'd love to see at Liverpool from Malaga would be Cazorla as I think he would fit in with the assumed upcoming playing style, though not saying it will happen of course or that we even stand a chance.

  13. Liverpool should ask NewCastle Demba Ba and £15 million for Carroll.

  14. rodgers not wanting carroll is also paper talk, dont pretend like you know rodgers intentions, all rodgers said is he wouldn't rule out a loan move after he is given a chance in pre-season to prove himself

  15. Cannot believe LFC fans wanting Carroll out when he has just started showing what he is capable of. We buy '35mn' player, yes 35MN and then complain about his inability to play a pass and move game? When you buy a player for such price, you tend to play as per his style, try to build team around him or at least give him more time when he starts adapting. He didnt ask for that price tag, did he?? Shock to see Rodgers being so narrow minded. He didn't even start working with Carroll and already want him out? How does he know whether Carroll will be good or not unless he works with at least once. He has been too much negative about big andy from the start. Very NARROW MINDED. This is not Courage but ARROGANCE. 

  16. You want them to accept Carroll (not in demand) for Ba (in demand) plus cash?

  17. nearly destroyed d club 2 finals and a season of bad finishing,think most clubs in pl would luv to be destoyed, bit ott

  18. Get a grip.  It's not paper talk.  Rodgers admitted that Carroll may go out on loan in a press conference last week.  You know, irrefutable fact direct from the man himself. He made his intentions clear.

  19. Haha, "may" go out on Loan. Also, you were sure about Sigurdsson coming to LFC when everyone said his going to Spurs. You need to realize that what you want to be true may not be the fact always.

  20. liverpool4life5652:28 pm, July 16, 2012

    If we are on the "subject" of papertalk then us sending carroll out of loan is papertalk. Rodgers words were misread and misunderstood. He said he would send a player out on loan if it benefitted the club he didn't say he would send carroll out. All this talk of carroll leaving is papertalk. We don't know the full story until carroll meets with rodgers and when we see how carroll does in pre season rodgers systems. How would you know carroll wouldn't fit in rodgers system? Has carroll ever playd in that sort of system? No but he could adapt or he may not you don't know unless he been tried in one!

  21. liverpool4life5652:36 pm, July 16, 2012

    His words were taken in the wrong way he just didn't say caroll he was on the milan caroll loan subject then he said if it benefitted the club then yes he would loan a player. He didn't mean carroll he was just saying that is a option for players.

  22. Septimus_severus2:44 pm, July 16, 2012

    £35 million for Carroll  £20 Million for Downing £18 Million for Henderson £9 Million for Adams.

    Loans out Aquilani, Cole, refuses to play Maxi, & Kuyt.

    We finish 8th worst league finish since the  Premier League was formed.

    Worst home losses in 40 years.

    Spent £82 Million pounds for 1 League cup.

    Dragged the Clubs reputation through the mud  unnecessarily  during an already sensitive time (race row)

    In ability to admit he made mistakes and poor media skills.


  23. Septimus_severus2:49 pm, July 16, 2012

    Shifting Carroll is going to be embarrassing and costly for us and I suspect that was one of the conditions that Brendan wanted BEFORE he accepted the Managers Job.

    Some of the board wanted to protect there reputation rather than putting the bad purchases behind them.

    Here's my team so far for next season :

                                   ReinaJohnson         Skertel          Agger       Enrique           Lucas          Gerrard         Adam     Borini               Dempsey            Suarez Subs: (Aquilani,Kelly,Sterling, Gulacsi,Coates)

  24. Septimus_severus2:49 pm, July 16, 2012


    Johnson Skertel Agger Enrique

    Lucas Gerrard Shelvey

    Borini Dempsey Suarez 

    Subs: (Aquilani,Kelly,Sterling, Gulacsi,Coates)

  25. liverpool4life5652:54 pm, July 16, 2012

    Rodgers said in the interview “Sometimes a player going out on loan – in general, not just Andy – can benefit the club in the long term.”. So its just not andy and he was stating if he got a loan offer for a player and it benefitted liverpool then he will look at it but he rejected newcastle loan move

  26. Reina
    Johnson  Skrtel  Agger   Enrique
    Gerrard   Lucas   Cole
    Borini   Carroll   Suarez

  27. I think the only way the Carroll deal with go through is if they offer us very close to £20million + Ba

  28. Although I really don't like/rate him either, I have begun to wonder something.

    Before I state this understand, I really do not enjoy watching this player wear the red shirt, in fact I physically cringe whenever he is on the ball.

    BUT, is it just me, and may I add I mind not being involved in an educated discussion on this or even being shown the error of my ways, purely cos I'm not a football manager, but:

    Jay Spearing.... He's got loads of energy, two footed, heart that just keeps pumping blood to those short little legs, been through yheliverpool academy.

    I wonder if under Brendan Rodgers that he could be trained, used, turned into a footballer who doesn't panic, like he does when he's on the ball, instead patiently and calmly looks up and finds that short pass then moves quickly to a position to recieve again,

    I know I'm gonna get killed saying this and I've got my whatever proof vest on for it but arent iniesta and xavi short and quick and mobile and intelligent, they are like little titanium cogs making thd team just tick away nicely.

    If BR can teach him and coach him and hypnotise him into watching hours and hours of how those two players Play then could BR make him useful?

    I'm imagining Spearing in my mind and how he takes the ball and him overly quick impatient movements and I wonder if someone gave him a shot of courage and calm, a dose of intelligent optioning and passing would he be really useful?

    Above all could BR be the man to do it?

  29. liverpool4life5653:56 pm, July 16, 2012

    Reina,johnson,skrtel,agger,enrique,gerrard,lucas,ramirez,borini,carroll,suarez. Subs doni,coates,kelly,adam,cole,sterling

  30. Spot on, my friend! Looking at statistics, it's pretty safe to say that anyone who thinks KD was a success last season is a fan of the man instead of the club.

  31. Jayzus. "Supreme". Steady on pet.

  32. Anyone know why Reina hasn't made the plane today for the US tour?

  33. liverpool4life5654:45 pm, July 16, 2012

    Because spain went all the way to the final he gets 4 weeks off from that date that's why he missing


  35. Liverpool4life565 you have just made three comments in your attempt to explain what Brendan Rodgers really meant in relation to Andy Carroll's future loan or transfer. Why Andy is so much more special than any other player we have on the squad is a mystery to me. It's not exactly  like he has been at the club for years. I can understand if it were Gerrard or Carragher or even Reina, but for someone who has only had one season ( a bad one at that) the fuss being made over him is simply amazing. I think that he may actually be missed more than any other member of the club except Gerrard.

    If foot-balling stats were based solely on the popularity factor Andy would win hands down and be the most talented member of our team  that is for sure. 

    I am afraid that a lot of Liverpool fans would probably kill themselves if Andy is sold since he enjoys something akin to a cult following. I want the best for Andy but I at the same time I want the best for Liverpool. I want a striker that is going to score goals in the double digits . I don't think that is Andy and yes it takes time , we don't have that right now we want a top four finish as soon as humanly possible. So we will probably have a lot of suicides when Brendan Rodgers gets rid of Andy.

  36. how do you know remember this post when it comes back to bite you.to say you have inside info about lfc is laughtable who in there right mind inside the club would tell you anything

  37. Tell Newscastle to F.O. Its a simple as that.

  38. We already have a player capable of that, if he is given the opportunity! His name is SUSO.  he is good enough to have a good run in the 1st team.

  39. i think it was more embarrasing to pay 35mill much for a player who had only played a half season of Premier League foot-ball when he was bought because you know he couldn't have been assessed on anything he had done in his short time in the Premier League. It can be seen as one of the biggest hustles in foot-ball history, that is what Newcastle pulled off with selling Carroll to us. They want him back and are not going to want to pay anything close to what we paid them for him. To me this is the real embarassment anything else pales in comparison. 

    If Borini and Dempsey and any other attacking player signed by Rodgers start scoring a lot of goals Liverpool fans will competely forget Andy Carroll , because simply put no one man is bigger than the club. Andy is a fan favorite but foot-ball is more than just a popularity contest it is a results driven business. Kenny can attest to that, he was hailed as the savior for Liverpool and in the end he needed saving himself. Those who can do the job better will always get to keep their jobs. In the real world you if  don't perform at your job after the probationary period you are let go, but not at Liverpool FC. We hold unto under performing stars because we have lowered standards our standards over the years.

    I love the ruthlessness of the new manager, it is now  really more about the club  than it is about Andy Carroll. If he can't make it anywhere but Liverpool then he is not the kind of player we should be signing in the first place.

    Keep up the good work Brendan Rodgers 

  40. here is a clue Felderkirk he was involved in wining something called Euro 2012, so he has an extended vacation

  41. liverpool4life5656:57 pm, July 16, 2012

    Andy scored 9 goals for a player who was in and out of the team he scored same as bellamy. I think he deserves one more season atleast.

  42. No, we are doing a great job of making our self look stupid and this is not a knock on our Gaffer who needs eleven players thinking and playing alike in his system to make our 2012-2013 team effective.  Carroll just does not fit that style.  Andy can be very effective in a certain type of system but not in our new system.  Plus he wasn't close to being worth 35 million when we bought him.  Bloody stupid bit of business that!

  43. pure speculation, could be a target, should we make an offer. were do you get you information from. fairy tales all of it and I would never listen to a players agent.

  44. cos hes no good in the air!!!

  45. well he had 49 games in which to prove himself and he could only score 9 times. That doesn't look good no matter how you slice it.  Maxi Rodriguez came off the bench and scored one hat-trick and a few more goals and he didn't get nearly as many start as Carroll did. In-fact it is the lack of starts is the main reason he left.

    Andy is such a victim  on a huge contract ( he makes much more money  than Borini) he has been positioned as something which he is clearly not. No one man is bigger than the team. Brendan Rodgers is thinking about what's best for the whole club and not what's best for Andy. If it is deemed that selling or loaning Andy is what's best for the club then that is the direction the manager is going to go. Rodgers is simply motivated with cutting costs which means trimming the fat and unfortunately it might mean Andy. He has only been here one season so he is clearly more expandable than someone who has been at the club for 3 years for instance. If he can't hold his own sufficiently anywhere else but at Liverpool then he is clearly not the type of player we want anyway. We want players with enough quality to be  able to play in any environment. 

  46. just read bellers off to QPR.  him and scumbag barton in same changing room ! give it a week before the golf club is out !!!!!!!!

  47. You're so stupid it beggars belief Kanwar. lol.

  48. bellers off to QPR? him and barton in same changing room. give it aweek before the golf club is out !!!!!

  49. liverpool4life5658:40 pm, July 16, 2012

    Carroll came to liverpool injured an unfit. He hasn't had the service nor has he had a fair chance. Andy played good then got dropped the next game. His confidence had gone... Which came back at end of the season. Players need confidence to perform fact.

  50. The BBC reported that initial loan offer was rejected, pretty reliable usually

    If we managed to squeeze £17 million from them I'd be amazed

    What about a swap deal for Papiss Demba Cisse?

  51. Hiring the "expert" Comolli turned out to be an awful decision.

    He handled finances, must have a fetish for writing big cheques, £35 million for Carroll was a shock at the time and still is.

    Is it only me who thinks that Kenny was hung out to dry during Suarez race row? Everyone from the media team to legal team have been let go for that one.

    Kenny's first 6 months were amazing, the midfield played with such fluidity. Making so many new, big money signings was a mistake, in hindsight.

    Way to stick the knife into a club legend Septimus. You should be ashamed.

  52. Like Giroud.

    A while back papers were quoting £50 million, Giroud's agent must have forgotten Comolli had been sacked

  53. Forget about Ba. We want Papiss Demba Cisse

  54. Forget about Ba. We want Papiss Demba Cisse 

  55. Rondon not coming to Liverpool

  56. Somehow I can't see BR improving Jay Spearing & certainly not to the level of Iniesta or Xavi... It's a bit like trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear!

  57. Interesting you mention Henderson in there as a waste of money.

    A week ago BR himself has said "This boy can play football" and went on about how good he thought he was. Sounds to me like BR believes he was a good buy. Add to the fact that Fergie wanted his as well, I would take Fergie, KD and BR view of him over your arm-chair critic view ant day of the week.

    As for Carroll, they were left with 12-24 hours to get a striker after Torres left and after trying Gomez, they went for who many people thought was the best young talent in Britian and lets face it they werent going to get a Euro player at that late stage. Personally, I think he needs another season. Pretty football is fine if you are winning, and Liverpool had amany a agme last year where they dominated and played beautifully , but sometime you have to win ugly. What are we goign to do if pretty football doesnt win it. And do honestly believe the like of United,City, Chelsea and Arsenal arent going to be prepared for us next season?

    As for Adam, even the highly critical JK has said he has 'supreme passing' ability'.

    KD also brought in Saurez, Bellamy, Coates, Texeira, Enrique and from accounts I have heard was getting closer to at Ramirez. So lets balance that out a bit shall we? 

    You say KD dragged the club through the mud during the Saurez affair. During this whole affair, I was wondering where the club owners and Ian Ayre were. This was a matter that should have been dealt with by them, not KD and I believe they left KD out to dry. He should never have had to be the front man in that scenario. They should have had the Leadership to know that, but they were gutless. At least KD had enough passion for the club to try.

    KD ruined our club? No, KD was asked to step in when they were 1 day away from administration when they were tottering in relegation mode. He took them to 6th. The first 6 months of last season we were 4 point of 4th (end Jan) and then we had a dismal last 3 months. He also won a trophy (and I for one like nothing better than to see the red shirts walking up the steps of wembly to recieve a trophy, irrespective of what trophy it is) and that win got us back into Europe. We also ended the season with the 3rd best defensive record. So, he did some good things too. Was he the right person for the future, probably not. But I also acknowledge the great things  he did for the club as a player and in BOTH his periods of management, because in his second spell there were greater things at stake than where we finished in the league.

    As for the claim of the amount of money he spent, how much have City spent to win the EPL (+-500mill?) and how long has it taken them? 82mill is nothing if we want to win the league..   

  58. Disagree totally. How can you say BR is narrow minded? He has a vision of how he wants the game played at Liverpool & that apparently might just be without AC. Forget the £35m.. if the player doesn't fit he has to go. The 'narrow mindedness' may actually be down to the previous management in the purchase of such a player. BR may be many things but I fail to see arrogance in his behaviour.

  59. Glad to see you removed Adam from the line up.

  60. Yes, so is Brendan Rodgers the Leonardo Davinci of pig sculpting?

    This is the question!

  61. I agree with you totally. Spearing plays with the heart of a lion. His passing is not too bad (I admit he had been careless at times, but overall his passing's not too bad). He passes the ball with more courage and adventure than Henderson. With proper training from BR, he may become an asset. His attitude has been top-class. Give him a chance.

  62. Septimus_severus7:54 am, July 17, 2012


    If you knew anything about my posts you would have known that I never wanted Dalglish back in the first place.
    I said it at the time and I was proved right.
    He's a legend as a player and as a Manager the first time ...THAT'S IT.

    Dalglish damaged the club with his actions and player purchases and stubborn attitude.

  63. Septimus_severus7:58 am, July 17, 2012

    So in your view despite all the excuses that you've just typed out for the world to see, is that Kenny Dalglish was a success last season?

    Karl D don't tell me you don't think he should have been sacked last season and deserved more time as well.

  64. this is the same bullshit story you stuck up yesterday with a different heading! fuck off you cunt!!!

  65. pah they will never swap cisse are they mad?! nor demba ba, they need 3 strikers after losing best and lovenkrands and carroll would be their third. strong doubt there will be a swap

  66. How did you feel during first 6 months as results turned around?

    You must have been hoping that he would ultimately fail so you could triumphantly shout "told you so!". So you could unashamedly castigate an adored club legend - both for his achievements as a player and manager and for his strength and dignity during the Hillsborough tragedy.

    Let's not blame Comolli, the signatory on the transfers, or the precious owners who "saved" us for their naiivety in hiring a multiple times failed Director of Football and entrusting him with the biggest pot of transfer money in decades.

    Let's single out the biggest living Liverpool legend, with direct ties to Shankly, Paisley and the boot room.

    Who needs enemies when there are "fans" like you slithering about the place?