16 Jul 2012

Frustrated £30m star admits: Boss says "I can leave for £5m". Should LFC Bid...?

Manchester United star Dimitar Berbatov has once again reiterated that he wants to leave Old Trafford this summer, and according to the Bulgarian striker, he could be available for as little as 5m.

Berbatov is growing more and more frustrated at United, and yesterday, he voiced his dissatisfaction by posting the following on his personal Facebook page:

"I want to play, I want to help, but for unknown reasons its not going to happen, or my chances will be limited, so it's better for everyone if we say goodbye.

"I am tired of speculation. I read the papers and I see they say 10 million pounds is my price. I go and talk with Sir Alex, and he says to me 5 million. Who is telling the truth"

So, Ferguson told Berbatov that he can leave for 5m? If that's the case, then Liverpool should surely get in there with an offer. Yes, it might be turned down but the club should still give it a shot.

Anfield legend Mark Lawrenson recently urged Liverpool to sign Berbatov, arguing that the the intelligent striker would be the 'perfect foil' for Luis Suarez.

I totally agree with Lawro - with his superior technique and trickery, Berbatov would fit right into Brendan Rodgers style of football, and the thought of seeing him interchange with Suarez and Borini as part of a front three is very enticing.

In March, TMW alleged that Liverpool were days away from negotiating a deal to bring Berbatov to Anfield, but the transfer never went through.

Realistically, a potential deal seems doomed though considering Berbatov's desire to play in the Champions League, but to be honest, if he's not a first-team regular at Man United, how does he expect to walk into the first team of another top club?

A recent survey on this site showed that 60% of the 6000 fans who took part would like to see the Berbatov in a Liverpool shirt.

The odds on Berbatov moving to Liverpool are currently at 33-1.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We already know that Fergy would NEVER let anyone leave to Liverpool.

  2. no!!!!! We dont want man u rejects.

  3. Septimus_severus3:02 pm, July 16, 2012

    Actually I may be alone in this BUT Carroll actually works HARDER than Berbatov so in my view I'd rather have a worker than a player who is lazy.

  4. I would rather have Dempsey than Berbatov. Berbtov wants to play a lot more than any 31 year old would normally play. 
    Last thing, you want is an unhappy player in squad.

  5. liverpool4life5653:12 pm, July 16, 2012

    Nah. He lazy. An most of his goals r tap ins. Doesn't help out in defence.rather have carroll works harder

  6. Why would we buy Berbatov when Rodgers is doing everything he can to offload Andy ?! 

    It's makes no sense at all !

  7. He has a good touch but not the sort of striker to fit Rodgers philosophy, we should move in on Theo!

  8. Agreed, very silly deal. And we getting rid of players over 30 (barring club legends Gerrard and Carragher). Even if Berbatov were to fit perfectly (which he never will), he offers 2 seasons at best, of which won't be his best. And yeah, no chance Fergie would

  9. I even think Fergie would let us have this one .

      That fact tells you everything you need to know about the deal .

  10. Alazy git keep him away from anfield

  11. ye I can imagine berby interchanging on the wings. He does not even have pace.

    As for carol being sold well if it is not for 25 mil which I feel Liverpool  may not get even with add ons I feel it isa no deal and Rogers may pay the penalty if his plans dont work.

    Firstly anyone who tells you that carol is not techically gifted does not know the  meaning of the word. David  Beckam was and is a very technically gifted player. It does not mean he is very skillfull!!!!

    Andy Carol knows how to hold the ball up as well as bring  people in to play.
    His left foot is as good if not better than  most and his right is not bad at all from what i saw last season. Not forgetting he can head a ball. He is aware of the players around him as well as  his positioning  for the team. Just because he is not as fast as  sum want him to be and taller than most as well as he doesn`t cut his hair does not mean he is not.

    Last  comment is this.

    A good manager has his own formation  and  puts players in to suit it.

    A great manager looks at the players he has and makes a formation to get the best out of the personnel.

    Carol is a wondersful plan b for liverpool that can  be used for cup matches, europe and  last 20 min of league games at least if plan a doesnt work.

    Forget the silly loan deal idea were he plays in a 4-4-2 we know he can do that and he has nothing to prove there.

    Also remember newcastle  get around 20 percent of any sale of carol. 

    Rogers if you are gonna sell  then 25 mil ill back you  but a penny less and its a very big mistake because carol in my opinion is easily worth 25 mil.

    but hey that just my opinion.

    rogers talk the talk but lets be honest  liverpool was playing his philosphy under  rafa . not much difference.

  12. Playing same philosphy as rafa happy days then we won the champions league under rafa rember that. bring back the glory days brendan. if he feels andy isnt the man for the job then no point in keeping the big man.

  13. Berbatov is one player who needs team mates to pass the ball onto his feet. I agree - he is a lazy player. Thats why Fergie seldom plays him. He rarely tracks back and hardly press for the ball when the opposition has the ball unlike Rooney who works his socks off. Even Carroll works much harder than him.

    Forget Berbatov. 

  14. Yep, because he doesn't run around like a headless chicken and isn't aggressive, means Berbatov is lazy compared to Carroll(!) 

    I remember watching them lose in the CL final :). The programme showed the stats for distance covered. Berbatov covered double the distance that Tevez covered, despite the so-called famous work ethic of Tevez coming on just after half time whilst Berbatov came on around the 70th minute. Body language is deceiving. I think Berbatov's work rate is fine and his body language is deceptive in that sense. But people seem to get deceived by the more obvious animated body language of the likes of Tevez, Carroll, etc. 

    Carroll is aggressive, yes, (even the quality of that I doubt, when I see someone like Pirlo winning a header against him) but in terms of movement on and off the ball (in terms of work rate and attacking movement), he is average at best. Carroll doesn't even come close to Berbatov's hold up play, which comes about because of the big difference in touch between the two. So when people talk about Carroll's hold up play, I really don't think he is any good at it for a club that aspires to be up there with the best.

  15. he will go to manure res  everton !!

  16. no no no and no again

  17. 5 million is a steal for Berba, the lad oozes class and composure at the hugest level, Carroll on the other hand is not bad but he needs more about his game which he will never learn under the new system being implemented at Anfield.
    I recon Berba could have the effect on Liverpool like Eric Cantona had on Man U when he joined from Leeds. Rather than dismissing him as being lazy because he does not run around like Scot Parker look at the talent and imagine our younger players learning all about his technique and ball control..
    Who cares if he played for the Mancs football lost it soul years ago now it's all about winning end of.

  18. I will bet you £500 he will not go to liverpool

  19. Berbatov had the chance to join from Leverkusen. I think his time has passed now. He's a luxury player and we have enough of those already.

  20. 33/1 equates to "not a snowball's chance in hell"

    He would certainly be an excellent addition in terms of skill, don't see him putting in required workrate though, plus Fergie would never sell to Liverpool

  21. You're not alone.. I agree 100%. He is a lazy player.

  22. Your retarted so your basically sayin find a system to fit Andy caroll and co. Which with the average squad means hoof the ball to Andy...lol Brilliant

  23. I suspect both managers would not be terribly interested. Berbatov would certainly work well with Suarez (and now Borini) i.e. three very intelligent attackers with great movement ... how could it not be a good attacking combination? But Rodgers needs more from his strikers than just good movement and Berbatov's general unwillingness to work is a mark against him. While he'd be effective in attack the rest of his game would leave us hanging and Rodgers has no place in his side for any 1 of his 11 players to not be on task for a full 90 minutes. 
    And Ferguson just won't go for it. There are a host of other clubs he could sell to for a similar price, some in other European leagues that could also offer CL football. Berbatov would have to buy out his own contract and actually want to explicitly join Liverpool. Too many conflicting requirements for it to be even worth the fuss. 

  24. Hello Patouz27, I really wonder if we were watching and talking about the same player, Andy Carroll, AC in short. You really think he is very technically gifted? My utmost humbly honest opinion, after watching games he played last season, I think apart from being physically gifted, I really can't see other any other footballing talents in him. What do you think he's worth if he's not a grossly hyped-up British footballer? 25 mil pounds, my guess is nothing more than 5-7.

    Come back to those genius who signed him, how a young lad in AC, who had only half a season of premier league games under his belt, be bought for 35 mil pounds, on a 80 grand weekly wage and a 20% sell-on fee for Newcastle??? I begin to think if KD and Comolli were sent by someone who wanted to annihiliate LFC. John Henry and FSG were equally guilty in this outrageous transfer saga. As an experienced sports management person, John Henry should know that the deal is extremely lousy, sorry for my English, I really cannot find a better word to describe that pure hopeless stupidity of those people. Not sounding cynical, right now, it is also because of this gigantic price tag, so many of us wanted AC to be given a 2nd chance at Anfield even we jolly well know that footballing ability aside, he is a misfit to BR's style of football. This is really a cruel reality. If BR cannot handle or solve this problem in LFC, one foot of him is into the grave.


  25. Hi there.I say he is technically gifted you say I say he is  very technically gifted. Firstly we know his price was over inflatted. Let us remember  that 6 months before we bought him spurs had a 20 mil bid for him turned down by newcastle. and west ham have just bid 15 mil at it seems newcastle are preparing a 17 mil bid. so your 5-7 mil valuation is unrealistic.
    Carol had a poor first year. I am  not doubting that but the carol i have seen the last 3 months for Liverpool is the Carol I know and the One I am judging him on. Injury free, settled. fitter and less raw.

    Its all about opinions and I see the raw talent that if his developes at the same rate at 25 he will be unstoppable.

    In my opinion Liverpool let down andy as much as andy let us down.

  26. remember what happened with heinze

  27. I wonder what Jamie thinks about Berbatov.

    If we livpool have any intregity we will not go close close to any manu player, forget about a manu reject anyway Michu is available for 3 million and much young abd better. why go for a reject

  28. Mr Point Of View11:58 am, July 17, 2012

    1st : AC wont be sold or loan out until LSrz pen a new deal ...to prevent he last min hand transfer request (i hope no happen to us again pls)...

    2nd : Every1 said no to berba is due to PRIDE (coz his man utd reject) or TACTICAL (he wont suit us)???? i see his footwork is still better n his passing is good n his vision to see game flow is good and most his finishing (that what we wanted most)...BUT due to his age and laziness and his top form starting drifted away in recently might be a challenge for him to face LFC fans which is now HUNGER for anything...

    3rd : The possibility in this transfer is there and once again depends on owner philosophy (buy young n sell, which give me a feeling we will become a feeder club)....so i will said it all about Berba wage demand...

    4th : If i were berba i would try to choose rival club for humiliating purpose...like MCity is good on dealing on this kind of business...since mcity not likely n tottenham just goin for adebayor so leaving LFC is d only top club to choose...

    MY views is doesnt matter berba or whom we bring in...as long as BR wanted and most important is BR knew how to USE THEM WELL...not the board or owner said so...

    PS : Mr. Berba, LFC is not ideal place for u to hang over n plan ur retirement, i would say coming here is more hard then u imagine rather than u rotten at Man U...

  29. who said it is a man u reject the guy an score goals for fun

  30. No.....never.

    But for his obvious sins, I would take Owen back on a pay as you play contract...impact sub to bag a needed equaliser/winner..he still knows where the net is...

  31. load of rubbish it will never happen is that the best you can think to write jamie