13 Jul 2012

'I'm proud to be here!' - Fabio Borini's first LFC interview - Full transcript...

Liverpool FC have confirmed the signing of Fabio Borini, who becomes Brendan Rodgers first signing of the summer. Borini gave his first club interview a few hours ago, and here is the complete transcript.

On signing for Liverpool:

"It feels really good to be back in England. Liverpool is a top club with lots of trophies in the past, and we hope in the future as well. I got trust from the manager and the club, which is very nice, and I'm proud to be here.

"I feel really good because I wanted to be back in England one day. Sooner or later I knew I would be back. Being with Liverpool is even better because I can show people what I can do. We have the Europa League and lots of stuff to play [for], and show people".

On Brendan Rodgers' influence:

"[Brendan Rodgers] was very important [in the decision to come to LFC]. I don't say the key, but he was most of it. Even during last season, I spoke with him a lot, and congratulated him on the results he made with Swansea. First of all it's a relationship of friendship, and after that, work, which is more important than anything".

On what it's like to play under Rodgers:

"I like to play for him. It's very funny to play for him because you can have fun, and you can have results as well. You can see from Swansea that people love him because the football was attractive, and people like to see football like this".

On what to expect from Liverpool next season:

"Players that want to win, who will always work for the team first, and then themselves. Also, Liverpool wants results, and that's what we will try to do".

On what type of player he is:

"I describe myself as a player who never gives up. I run alot. It used to be difficult at Chelsea when I was younger because I came from Italy, and it was very difficult. I tried to be strong for myself to demonstrate to people that I could do it, and that's an achievement I've made, that's brought me here".

On Euro 2012:

"Euro 2012 was a big experience for me as a 21 year old. It was a good experience even if I didn't play, and getting to the final isn't something that happens every day. It will be great to bring it [the experience] with me".

On his goal celebration:

"My goal celebration is a knife between the teeth. In Italy it means you're a warrior; someone who never gives up, and always gets up even when they fall down. The fans at Roma liked it, so I hope to show it to the Liverpool fans too".

On playing alongside Luis Suarez:

"[I'm looking forward to playing with Luis Suarez] Alot, because he's maybe similar to me. He works very hard, I saw a few games. All of Europe wants him, and every player wants to play with him".

On Liverpool's history:

"I'm aware of it. I remember the CL final against AC Milan, which is the most recent I remember. It's very important to have this important past because you can bring it to the future and try and remake the past".

On playing at Anfield in the past:

"I remember we lost. We had a good team at Chelsea but we lost! The impression was very good because the stadium has a lot of history. It's a model for everyone to play at Anfield. It was very nice. It will be amazing [to play at Anfield regularly] I know the fans are very warm and very excited about football".

On his hopes for the future:

"I hope to achieve the maximum I can: scoring goals, achieve the Champions League, and everything else the club and the players want".

Welcome to Liverpool, Fabio!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. hope he does better than any other italian thats signed for us. Good luck Fabio !!!!!!

  2. liverpool4life5658:59 pm, July 13, 2012

    Welcome fabio,hope to see you score lots of goals in the red shirt for years to come. Are new number 29! Good strikers suarez,Fabio borini,carroll... Sad to see maxi go though! And looks like bellamy off to QPR so sign dempsey and ramirez! Brillant.

  3. Better than any Italian? He'll be better than Carroll. Anybody will be better than Carroll come to think about. He only had two good games all season. With what he is getting paid, if he worked in the private sector, he would have been fired long time ago.

  4. completely disagree we will live to regret it if we sell carroll mark my words and yes I meant what I said about italians dossena and aquilani spring to mind

  5. sky sports are reporting sources saying 7.9m so cant be bad if thats true. No doubt if he is a succes he will be a 7.9m bargain if he fails he will be a 12 million flop

  6. Cut him some slack. His arrival was overshadowed with injury and a big price tag. He must have felt the pressure of being bought for 35M with only half a season of premier league experience under his belt. 

    Agreeable, he could have performed better throughout the season. However, this wasn't solely his fault. KD didn't give him a reasonably string of games, he would perform well, then get taken off the next game. He only held together 2 games or more 5 times throughout the season. However, towards the end, most notably the FA cup, he showed true glimpses of someone that was prepared to take on the weight of a price tag of that stature. He continued this performance in the euros and topped it off with a magnificent header against Sweden. Only to come back to England with BR already talking about loaning or selling him as he 'won't fit into his style of play'. 

    If there was one way that I could so far criticise BR since his arrival it would be that he isn't even giving the young lad a chance. Even if he can't fit into the 'pass n' move' style of play, he'd be as good plan B as anyone. 

    Can't think of many other players in the premier league that really create fear into the opposing teams defence through his sheer force and heading ability. 

    Give him a chance to succeed and then if he can't, take a loss and sell him to the highest bidder. 

  7. Looking across the sites, whilst there are some doubters, there also seems to be a lot of LFC love for Borini. He isn't the big name signing that some fans crave, but I don't think this is important, he has ability. The Romans are wondering why on earth he was sold, that in itself is positive. Even if he gets off to a slow start, at his age, he has time to develop. There are many reasons why he should fare well, however, ability, work ethic, he's played on these shores previously and then there's the BR link.

    The other thing to point out is, as I've been saying all along, there isn't much at Anfield these days to attract top drawer players. But Suarez alone is a draw for many, players want to play with someone of his ability. Keeping hold of him is as important as acquiring any new player.

  8. This might be a dumb question that I just don't know the answer to, but does anyone know why Roma would be willing to part with a young striker, Italian international, with a decent strike rate (one goal every 2.5 games), for only 8M?  Seems too good to be true...  In any case, welcome Fabio!

  9. liverpool4life5659:50 pm, July 13, 2012

    I tottaly agree brillant post. Tbh carroll can fit in well. He has two pacy strikers up front with him which he could pass left or right when receving the ball. Then you have suarez or borini running onto the ball then crossing it on the ground or onto carrolls head.. Carroll can score either with his feet and head and same with suarez and borini.

  10. Watch out for the next Italian coming in................ From inter!

  11. the other italian did't get a CHANCE to show what he can do if he had half the chance corroll had he do a lot better two season on loan after what we done for him

  12. I totally agree that Carroll should not be sold. He's really not the sort of player that defenders like to face. If after half a season or a whole season, it's patently obvious that he's the wrong fit for Rodger's system and there's no chance of him adapting, then by all means move him on, but right now it's a bit too early.

    I find it hard to believe that the American owners would sanction such a sale after spending £35 million to bring him to Anfield, anyway. The other thing to note is that Rodgers intimated that any player who did not fit into his system could be moved on, not specifically Carroll. The media decided to run with the Carroll story, probably because there is not enough transfer news at present. However, the fact that BR has not set the record straight 5 days on does speak volumes.

  13. Carroll cannot fit in; he will not fit in, and there is a mountain of evidence to support this.  He is noot good enough, either technically or tactically. His mobility and balance are poor, as is his finishing.  I can list 10+ specific, objective reasons why Carroll will not fit in (and I have done already numerous times) - please list your evidence to support the contention that Carroll will 'fit in well'  Thanks.

  14. Italian football is in a worse place than Scottish football mate!

  15. I will give you 1reason he will....... Because Brendan Rodgers will keep him, end of

  16. Ah, just wrote out a long post opposing your post Jaimie. Then by mistake pressed on 'back a page'. 

    Anyway, to summarise it, why cant Carroll try to adapt and if not, why not be used as an impact sub? 

    Last season Barcelona were crying to have another option like Carroll on their bench. 

    Besides, we will not get much for him if we do sell him. Nothing near that 35M that was, unfortunately, splashed out on him. 

  17. liverpool4life56510:11 pm, July 13, 2012

    Jaimie he touches have got better as you can see when he scored against chelsea in the final. He can hold a defender off then pass the ball he be fine. Don't be so negavitive about carroll. He deserves a chance and he will show rodgers what he can do.

  18. Good luck Borini as for big Carroll i think he can fit into our formation carroll down the middle borini on the left, suarez on the right  

  19. Have you read anything that BR has said?

    There won't be a "Plan B" of the form that Carroll would be useful in. BR will not abandon his principals to launch it long for the last few minutes.

    The best option is to loan him out to a club that will play to his strengths, hope he bangs in a hatful and that a bidding war ensues next summer, hope we get £15 million offer, swallow our pride and cut our losses.

  20. Borini has certainly said all the right things.

    Front 3 of

    Sterling   Borini   Suarez

    could be useful

  21. A plan B with Carroll does not necessarily mean booting the ball out long and hoping that Carroll gets on to it. Plan B can simply mean getting more crosses into the box to fully utilise his heading prowess. 

    Whether BR says it or not, every team needs a plan B and Carroll is as good plan B as ever. 

  22. hopin for ten million and dempsey for carrol, would make me happy and what a front 3.   welcome borini.

  23. williams s.etete11:36 pm, July 13, 2012

    Good interview and you are welcome also we want you to help Suarez and other players in the club and others that will follow your signing to take us back to were we belong .

  24. Welcome to LFC Fabio ,hope you will be an integral part of BR's new philosophy that will get us back to the glory day's, we all have been waiting for. Good luck mate!

  25. Barca don't seem to have a plan B.

    I feel that the only genuinely good way of using Carroll was the way Spurs use Adebayor under Redknapp.

    Super quick wingers on either wing, not allowing defences time to get setup, and providing regular service into the box.

    If this is to be our "plan B" then fair enough but plan B's usually involve lumping it into the big man from all directions

  26. I bet he does better than Adam , Spearing , Downing , and Cole . Good luck Fabio.

  27. Even with Rangers no longer in the top league?

  28. 'Last season were crying to have another option like Carroll on their bench'

    Sure they were(!)

    Yep, can imagine Messi & co playing to the strengths of one-dimensional striker like Carroll(!)

    More chance of them playing against Stoke on a wet windy night in Champions League, than them crying out for a one-dimensional option like Carroll. One could say Llorente but he isn't one-dimensional as he is, alas, technically and tactically superior.

    The injured Villa was the one they missed last season. 

  29. Unfortunately our wingers are not the same calibre as Bale and Lennon. 

    Downing & Bellamy Vs Bale & Lennon? I know who I'd choose.  

  30. How many times last season did you hear commentators and co. say that Barcelona needed someone to spice things up a bit? 

    If you regularly watch and listen to football, then the answer should be a lot. 

    At times, their football became very fluent and dominant without penetrating the defence. 

    They needed a plan B and someone like Carroll would be able to lead that plan B.

  31. They weren't crying out for someone like Carroll though. They were missing something but haha, certainly not a one-dimensional option like Carroll.

    They missed Villa big time. 

    They missed something last season but to say they were crying out for a option like Andy Carroll is amusing as well as belittling and ignorant of what Barca's style and footballing beliefs are about and how strong they abide by them. So don't give me that crap 'if you regularly watch....' bla bla nonsense as that is just waffle/padding to a point poorly put out by you. They don't cry out for a mediocre one-dimensional player like Carroll. They wouldn't for one second seriously entertain sacrificing their footballing beliefs to accommodate the one-dimensional Andy Carroll. Ibra, a far far far superior big striker, failed to last long there for good reasons, yet you think they could have done with...hehe...Andy

    I'll leave it there as I simply can not fathom a side like Barca crying out, regardless of team form, for someone like, hehe, Andy Carroll. 

    'Barca' and 'Carroll'. Bloody hell. Cheerio.

  32. Which is why Carroll will leave. We don't have the players to supply Carroll properly, and do we really want to go down that route anyway? Not me

  33. Most of the commentators out there are rubbish. Highly paid mouthpieces, pushing whatever agenda they are instructed to by the producers. MOTD people rehearse before going on air... REHEARSE!!!!

    Why would Barca need a Plan B when Plan A has been so remarkably successful?

    If Barca routinely abandoned their principals whenever things got a little sticky, then there would not be a revolution currently happening in football.

    Young British managers are recognising the need for highly skilled, technical players versus the athletic robots we produce in abundance.

    Plan B is English commentator talk for route one, more direct, long ball etc up to the big man. It is Neanderthal football.

    If we really need a  Plan B we could stick coates up front!!

  34. http://www.football.co.uk/liverpool/fulham_offer_9m_plus_dempsey_for_liverpool_stiker_carroll_rss2768292.shtml

    is it true that fulham has offered 9m pound + dempsey?

  35. Mr. Point Of View10:17 am, July 14, 2012

    Well ton of time bcoz of AC bring lot of debate among LFC fans...

    - i would said keep AC for BR had an alternate tactical other than tiki taka...

    - AC obviously not a 1st choice n may not b a very very promising fwd BUT i wouldn't deny he had this ARIEL DANGER...

    - If offer come in i would said we sell but if loan then y not keeping him as i said alternate tactical use...who knows new mgr new tactics might had new solution for him ( or mayb worse AC we ever seen )...i think if AC playing at STOKE that kind of tactical may suit him but current LIV player not designed to doin so...

    - end of good luck to u AC if u decide warm anfield bench....hope u can perform something this season under new mgr to shut some OVER REACTION doubter/critics (shame on those fans carry LFC brand) mouth...

  36. to those that said they missed villa it is evident they never because meesi scored 72 goals last year

  37. bellamy is better than lennon but downing should be rated 1 in fifa 13 anything more means he is overrated

  38. Whether you like it or not, every team needs a plan B, something to change it up a little. Carroll will provide that indifference. 

    Why sell him when we will be getting a much lower fee than the 35M originally splashed out on him?

    Furthermore, nobody has proof that he is unable to fit into the pass and move style of play. 

  39. Simon, 
    Albeit Barcelona being successful in their previous campaign, it was only mild success. They didn't go on to win La Liga, nor did they go on to win the Champions League. 

    So yes, in times like this I think that Barcelona could have appreciated to have someone like Carroll on their bench. 

  40. A Turkish Newspaper headline read: "Half of Scottish Football Goes Bankrupt". The SFA has the slogan: "The Home of Real Football" which reinforces the view that "Reality Sucks". I don't follow Serie A but it is hard to imagine that Italian footie is worse than Scotland except perhaps in fixing matches.

  41. So because Messi scored loads of goals, that meant they didn't miss Villa? Odd reasoning. So we might as well chalk off the goals alone that Villa contributed in the successful season, the season before last. Yes, they did miss Villa in my view as they missed what gives from coming inside from the left wing. At the end of the day, they did not win La Liga or CL last season, so considering that, it is definitely plausible that they missed Villa as he was a key part of the team that won it the season before. Barcelona is not all about Messi, as seen with Argentina, you got Xavi and his chronic ankle problem which has taken something from his and their game as well as the absence of Villa. Absolutely laughable and ignorant to belittle Villa's importance to that side, when considering he was brilliant the season before. That is some cack 'evidence' you just gave.

  42. Typical anti-liverpool comments from paki jaime

  43. Yet they won the CL and La Liga the season before, that included a side that had Villa available for most of the season and didn't have some one-dimensional big man on the bench like Carroll. 

    Barca do not appreciate one-dimensional big striker like Carroll, simply does not register on their radar of what their football ethos is about. It is just laughable to say/imply they would have appreciated such an option. By their standards and vision, Carroll has very poor technical and tactical ability. 

    When was the last time they had some one-dimensional mediocrity like Carroll on the bench and looked like they appreciated him for a while?

    Its a hard one, because they simply do not care for such an option as its not in their ethos, like it is over here in England with the plan B of play it direct to the big man. 

    Appreciate? pffft.