7 Jun 2012

One assist every ten games? Why LFC must steer clear of this £15m winger...

Wigan attacker Victor Moses could be on the move this summer, and according to his manager, Roberto Martinez, the Nigerian has the talent to go 'as high as he wants'. Liverpool have been persistently linked with 21-year old over the last year, but is he the right player to fit into Brendan Rodgers' footballing system?

Speaking to MTN Football yesterday, Moses - whose contract expires next summer - said:

"There's a link for me to Liverpool, Chelsea and some other clubs in England, and if the offer is cool, why not, I will move"

It seems to me that Moses is commenting on paper talk here, rather than suggesting that actual contact has been made with Liverpool.

Moses' Agent, Tony Finnigan, is working overtime at the moment to build positive publicity for £15m-rated Moses, and in a recent interview, he made some bold claims about the interest in his client:

"Virtually every club in the Premier League wants to sign him [Moses]. All of the Premier League clubs will be strengthening in the summer and we are not surprised that Moses has been linked with virtually every team in the top division"

Talk about overselling (!) - I sincerely doubt the likes of Man United, Man City and Arsenal will be in for Moses over the summer, and in my view, Liverpool should also look elsewhere, for the following reasons:

* End product: Moses does not score enough goals. This season, he has 6 goals and 1 assist in 37 appearances (34 starts).

* In 2010-11, it was 2 goals and 3 assists in 26 appearances (11 starts). Even Andy Carroll has a better record.

* Overall, Moses has 8 goals and 4 assists in 77 appearances for Wigan (1 goal every 8 games), which is not encouraging.

* League only - last two seasons: Scores a goal every 575 minutes; creates a goal every 1007 minutes.

Liverpool need creative players with significantly better end product that this, surely?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Fcuks sake, here we go again

  2. Jaimie, if you knew anything about football other than merely quoting stats you'd know that Moses is a young lad and is raw talent - not a finished article.  

    He has fantastic skill, trickery and pace, but obviously he won't have seen this from watching TV highlights.

  3. I am not saying we should sign because I don't think we should but you place too much emphasis on stats Jaimie. If you look back at Alan Shearer's stats at Southampton and Fernando Torres's at Athletico you never would have signed them. Look how good they turned.

  4. *you won't have seen this from watching TV highlights

  5. I agree, if we want to keep up with top 6 we need quality players with end product like Sigurdsson, Soldado, Muniain, Mertens, Susaeta etc.   

  6. 6 Goals and 1 assist. Shocking isn't it?

    Why would Liverpool want a winger with those stats when they've got  Downing?

  7. He is Europe's 21st most dribbling winger and has the 55th highest shots per goal! If he has no assists, it depends on the strikers of his team!

  8. Why don't you say the same with Carrol and Hendersen they are both young and have talent. Henderson at Sunderland created and scored goals but he's getting the stick at Liverpool same way you used to critiscize Lucas. A 22yr old still has a long way to go.

  9. How often has it happened in the modern era that an attacking player with consistently mediocre productivity numbers for several seasons (like Moses, or Downing and Henderson for that matter) has been transformed into a high productivity player?  I think the answer is just  about NEVER.  

    Good young attacking players produce end products regardless of age.  You can look at any winger from the top 4 clubs and check their history.  Every one of them produced at age 21.  Or compare Moses` numbers with those of Sigurdsson - there is a world of  difference between those two. 

  10. If you are talking about Downing you may want to check his history prior to joining Liverpool.  His career stats are an end product every 400 minutes, regardless of what strikers he played with.  His service is mostly poor and he is a predictable one trick pony, and has been that way throughout his career. 

  11. I think we all know what's happening here - Tony Finnigan is struggling to afford his next Ferrari and wants a payday

  12. My thoughts exactly Jaimie. LFC need 11 players on the pitch who can score. As for turning a raw talent into a premiership winning player? Well there are countless academy players who never made the grade. If a player is good enough for LFC it will be immediately obvious that he should be signed. I see nothing here to suggest that Moses should be.

  13. Carroll, Downing, Henderson - all rubbished on here, majority of posters want rid of them but, for some reason, Roy has taken them to the Euros with him. Why is that? Oh yes, I forgot, Roy is an actual football manager, nobody who posts on here is. 

    Anyway, I have detracted before I even started. I read a report that we're looking at a £16m bid for Adam Johnson. If we're going to spend this amount of cash  on a winger then I think he's the one.

    I also believe that what we need more than anything is a proven goal scorer. I read on the official site yesterday an article about who created the most goal scoring opportunities (the site doesn't have this available just now but I will post it up when I can). We created hundreds but failed to put them away, any other time (with the likes of Rush, Fowler, Owen, Torres, hell, even Collymore) we would be topping the scoring charts and riding high in the league. 
    Kenny implimented a 'pass and move' philosophy and BR will take it further next season. I, for one, are excited about the start of the season.

  14. What he will do is draw players in, which will give other players space. He has the tools to be a good player.

  15. The lad is available for free, why not take a chance, most are looking out for Adam Johnson which I find very distasteful, due to his lifestyle and the diving aspect of his play.  Prefer Moses he will link up well with Suarez.

  16. Well, Downing had 8 assists and 8 goals in 44 appearances for Villa in all competitions the season before he moved to Liverpool. So, your point being?

  17. Moses is the type of player who causes defenders all sorts of problems and creates space for others. I've watched Wigan all season and think he could do a real job for Liverpool. For defenders, having him and Suarez against them would be a nightmare
    Be careful of basing analyses on just statistics. Charlie Adam, for instance, looks decent if you go on assists

  18. Works both ways, if the strikers have no goals, it could be down to poor supply. Bit too simplistic that.

    Anyhoo, I think Moses is a fine player indeed but for a mid-table side. Maybe he could do a job as a squad player for a bigger club, who knows.

  19. When it comes to attacking players, end product is all that matters.  Who cares if someone has 'raw talent' if they only provide an assist once every 10/11 games?  Objective facts about performance matter, not wishy-washy fantasies about what might happen in the future. And since FSG are heavily into stats when assessing players, I think they'll take Moses' end product into account.

  20. why would you even bother trying to defend on downing on the season he has had by blaming the strikers?

  21. Yep, the same manager that chose Johnson and Jones over Micah Richards. Great(!) International selection, especially with England, is not exactly a reliable tool. It is the same England managers who keep on persisting with Gerrard and Lampard despite the majority of their 180+caps being mediocre at best.  Managers aren't perfect.

  22. there's better than moses available.
    hoillett would have been a good optionand rumour has it that afellay is available for 6mil from barca.
    sounds to me like moses's agent is looking for clubs to get into an auction and he'll go to the highest bidder.

  23. why not they are supposed to be highlights aren't they

  24. what about that t####r Lampard

  25. the point being i wish he had stayed at Villa

  26. What end product would that be?

  27. Strongest reason for not buying Moses: 
    If you want to buy him, Liverpool have to talk to Whelan.

  28. I watch football all the time and i see players who are being touted as great prospects and sometimes i just cannot see what these so called football "experts" such as Lineker,shearer or gary neville are seeing. I watched Downing (at Middlesborough) and never once thought,yes I would pay £20 mill for that guy.Henderson at Sunderland £16 to£20 mill,you are having a laugh.Damien Comolli thought it would be a good idea, obviously does not watch football, and he got exactly what he deserved. I believe that a good group of scouts is what a successful club needs and it is obvious Liverpool do not have one.Maybe it's time to start recruiting in this area before Liverpool have to start building stables for all our donkeys.

  29. Complete Hogwash Jamie. Gareth Bale the season before last assisted three times and scored I think only twice....or something to that effect....but anyone with half a brain could see the talent he had. I am not putting Moses in the same bracket...but from his performances at the end of the season it was quite clear the guy was finding his feet in the PL and definitely has the potential to go all the way to the top, no matter what way you try to paint it.

  30. Yeah! Long live Rafa... but at some other club. Move on!

  31. Agree with u Jamie. I wouldn't pay 15 pounds for him let alone 15 million. Apart from A Johnson no more British players please.

  32. My point being was that stats are not the be all end all to justify singing a player, yet Mr. Kanwar here thinks so, even though he has no managerial or scouting experience.

  33. I want to add something else. Who says we have to go for players the likes of man utd, man city, and arsenal are after? Prime example here is newcastle united. We are not one of the big clubs anymore financially, and instead of competing with united and the rest for players like the silvas, hazards, why not invest in some good scouts to find us decent players who fit our system? Just my opinion, couldn't care less who united are after, we should have our own targets, seems like we always end up being linked with the expensive players who end up going to either city or chelsea.

  34. but im sure u have no problem with suarez's diving aspect of play and moses is NOT free he will cost in the region of 11-12 mill which you can get adam johnson for and is miles better 

  35. most teams sign there players based on facts and facts play a huge part when it comes to signing a player so shows how much you know not saying that that where it ends but

  36. if your looking towards moses your better of going with roudellga who is free and a lot more productive

  37. And this has got exactly what to do with Victor Moses ?? LOL

    Is that you Rafa...

    On a more serious note mate.. You need to get over the whole RAFA buzz.. I'm a fan of Rafa's but guy's like you are giving him and us more sane fans of his a bad name..

    He's GONE.. He's NOT coming back .. MOVE ON !!!

    Your ment to be supporting LFC not Rafa Benitez FC

  38. Jamie is missing out on the big picture .

    Moses would be an excellent marketing move & our image will sell better in certain continents & we will need all the revenue we can get very shortly  when we are depending on Premier League parachute Payments to compete while Yo Yoing between he divisions & besides he will be absolutely capable once we are playing in the lower divisions .

    I say sign him , Pronto !

  39. 15 million for moses ! thats some profit !

  40. Whats with the unapproved comments Jamie ?

    Is yer "Censorship Bot" cranking it up to tha Max or wat ?

  41. Valencia played for Wigan for three years, and how many assists do you think he had? As many as jerks like Antoine Sibieski scored goals (i.e. none). And now he's on many people's premier league top XI. People keep talking about Moses, or even Martinez, with out taking one thing into account: they represent a team that would struggle in the championship given their payroll and attendance, yet went on a run against top clubs the like of which the premier league has never seen, all from a town of about 60,000. To think that Moses can't compete, when you see him smoking the leagues top defenders repeatedly while on a team like Wigan, it seems crazy to let him head over to a rival club where he will start to score and assist. Use the eye test, I say, and you can't deny the talent.

  42.  Micah Richards is the best defender I have ever seen , ever , full stop .

  43.  But Johnson is white & even worse than that he is white & English , the gutter press , who kindly run the club for FSG wont like it .

    Better to go for the black & or ethnic option for political reasons .

    Why not ?

    Its not like we are going to win anything anyway so we got nothing to lose as long as we stay up .

  44.  Rafa inherited a top 4 team in his 1'st season , finished 37 points from the top , got to two out of 3 cup finals , won a cup & got us European Football through a loophole .

    Dalglish inherited a relegation threatened squad in his 1'st season , finished 37 points from the top , got to 2 out of 2 cup finals , Won a Cup after a 6 year drought & secured a return to European Competition after a years absence .

    Theres an obvious hypocritical , political , double standard in place .

  45.  In other words hes off to Villa like N Zogbia !

  46. I acknowledge your amazing hindsight but I must dare to ask ...

     Was there even a £20 million player on the planet when the 17 year old Downing played for Middlesborough ?

  47.  Forgive me if I didnt name your Censorship Robot correctly , should I from now on just call him Titi Tha Big Man ?

  48. why waste money on a winger, from what ive seen from sterling on the wing he has far more about him than downing, right wing we dont have a right winger, thats where the money needs to go, my thoughts Adam Johnson 12 million, Jordan Rhodes 6 million, Wilfred Zaha 6 million think that will be it for this season, get them playing football the Rodgers way! 

  49. I'm getting sick of your pointless, antagonistic barbs towards other posters/the site. Your views on football are welcome, but please cut out the other stuff. Thanks.

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  50. Well Hoillett is gone to Munchengladbach and Afellay has been reassurred by Villanova that he is in his plans for next season so is going nowhere either....!!! But anyone else you care to mention that might be realistic. !!!

  51. Wouldn't worry about such stats

    Rodgers knows what he is looking for, Technique, team ethic, work rate, ability to learn.

    I feel very confident that Rodgers knows exactly who he wants

    His appointment was a master stroke. Wow!

    This is the only possible route back to being competitive, other than petro dollar madness

    FFP here we come

  52.  Yer gettin sick of what ?

    Yer moving the goal posts .

    I'm here for critical realism about LFC , that is what you have advertised .

    At worst I have indulged in banter nothing more .

    My comments are as valid as anyone else & if you applied yer "rules" even handed I wouldn’t have any need to defend myself or question where my posts are disappearing to & why .

    Fact is I am making football comments & you are obviously reading too much into what I am saying & or judging them by lower standards than my own .

    I am not responsible for your or anyone’s paranoia , if you cant take it at face value then that is nothing to do with me .

  53. realism isn't accepted by 90% of the people on here.

  54. so 24 million on those 3 and that's all we need?
    what about a proper goalscoring midfielder.
    adam johnson will cost alot more than 12mil especially if city are going to sell him to another premiership side.
    rumour is that we have been quoted 16mil.

  55.  What is FFP & what are you basing yer faith in the completely unproven Rodgers upon ?

    I can only see Hodgson standards at best from this appointment .

    Truth is he has a lot to live up to just to equal Hodgson .

    I cant see this gimmick , media trick , short term con trick of an appointment ending well .

    I think staying up will be a success next season .

  56. you have to look at the chances we created last season/ success rate, minus the missed pens minus the woodwork hits, we havnt got that bad attack, think a few players will provide freshness, every one is forgetting one MONUMENTAL player for us LUCAS we were doing well until he got injured, look at busquetts for barca doenst score but is a steel door in the DM role!

  57. FFP = financial fair play, where city chelsea and utd will all fail in 2-3 seasons

  58. N Zogbia + Agbonglahor  (If we can afford them ) ,
     Diame , Rodallega , (Both on frees )
    Some cheap Swansea players
    Clint Dempsey (If we can afford him )
    Tiote (If we can afford Him ) Odemwingie (If we can afford him ) Vorm (If we can afford him ) Is that "Realistic" ?

  59.  Aha !

    When the sober systematic German clubs will start flexing their financial muscles ya mean , is that next season ?

    I expect a muscular Euro 12 outa them too by the way .
    Podolski is gonna have a big championship .

    I expect Gomez , Lahm & Schweinsteiger to have excellent tournaments too .

    Neuer is an excellent Keeper , still a bit young & crazy but he has that big game presence ya need in international Tournaments . He reminds me of Kahn that way .

    This is the best German collective I have seen since 96 .

  60. Do a bit of research.

    Look into Rodgers history, his education. Listen to his hunger, his drive.

    We could never compete with City, Chelsea in a straight out financial slugging match.

    We need FFP, which is only logical step in football, to happen as planned.

    It is not feasible for football to keep going as it is, City's wage bill was 121% of turnover in 2010 / 2011, Bolton are 100 million in debt.

    FFP, combined with this brave appointment, is the only way we can ever possibly compete for PL again.

    Rodgers turned the Liverpool owners down twice until he got the conditions he wanted. That shows class, confidence and integrity.

    How is this a media trick? Actually don't bother answering.

    You're disparaging attitude sucks. Anfield faithful will be happy that we have Rodgers over some of the other candidates and real fans will be happy to be still going to Anfield week in, week out.

    Just back from 7 a side here, soaked and freezing, but we just played "superior" players off the pitch by controlled short passing game, lots of movement and hardwork. Chuffed!!!!

    Hopefully Rodgers gets the same from Liverpool players next year. It will take time, by January the change should be stark

    Don't allow yourself to be brainwashed by media deciding who the big name players and managers are. Be fair to your own intellect...... Make up your own mind

  61.  I can tell you now the Anfield faithful is scratching its head in bewilderment & asking

    "Brendan Rodgers Eh ? ... Well no mater who's in charge we still gotta support em haven’t we ?"

    Thats no word of a lie .

    As for yer advice ?

    A Wiseguy called  once said ...

    " Physician , Heal Thyself "


    I'm so awfully glad to hear your 7 a side went so wonderfully well & that it inspired thoughts of Brendan Rodgers & success playing a short passing game never before seen at Anfield .

  62.  Why was my reply deleted & by who ?

    My reply was perfectly polite .

    Isnt it time you admitted you have me on a black list ?

  63. If you are going to continually delete & or deny my posts will you tell me where is the list of appropriate reply’s & or appropriate words I can use  to prevent it from happening in the future ?

  64. Who deleted my reply & why ?


  65. For once I agree with u Jamie!!!
    And as a hardcore fan of LFC, and someone who loves football, it astonishes me fans only talk about names the media brandish.. If u love football and watch all football with a passion you'd expect to see or hear talk about 'REAL' talent that they have seen perform and produce... Why not talk about proper raw talent and proven? Eg. Young talent such as Mateo Kovacic, Ilkay Gundogan, James Rodriguez, Granit Xhaka, Josip Ilicic, Adem Ljajic, Erik Lamela, Yan M'Vila, etc etc or proven such as Diego Ribhas, Hernanes, Miralem Pjanic, etc etc....
    Going on about players who will never be considered amongst even the best in the premiership is ridiculous... By the way Moses has been checked out by a lot of the big Premiership Clubs prior to him moving to Wigan- nobody wanted him then so why now? He played the same at Crystal Palace or wherever he was at, if I remember correctly he scored more goals then too, do by moving up a level he hasn't taken the league by storm- his productivity has gone down.. Clubs bought Palacios and Valencia, I'm sure if they thought he was as good as the others they would already have snapped him up!

  66. Can't agree with you more. Moses is only 21, & still growing in the game. His form towards the end of season suggests there's more to come from him. I remember a certain Ashley Young playing for Watford, not phenomenal but bags of potential. Young has stepped up a few levels to what he is now. Just too early to dismiss Moses IMO

  67. Lots of folks are assuming Rodgers is going to go for budget replacements because he's come from Swansea or the owners are sick of spending money. That doesn't really make sense. Have a look at what Rodgers has said already in terms of the quality of this club, how we're fans with high expectations and the team is currently not meeting those expectations. I think he knows very well what will be required to have Liverpool succeed at the top level. He might look to sign younger players but that doesn't mean we're looking to scrape the bottom of the barrel or be particularly thrifty. 

    The press is linking us with free signings or players like Moses and it seems to be because we're re-assigning ourselves as a small team. It's just not the case. Rodgers isn't going to drop players like Maxi and Kuyt only to replace them with second rate bit-players from Wigan. If he's going to sign players they WILL be quality, I'm very confident of that. I don't expect us to sign any players who wouldn't be capable of challenging for a spot with any top-6 team. 

  68. Richards didn`t get in citys starting 11 for the last 5 games. So he cant be that good.

  69.  What planet are you on?

  70. Move on. your living in the past. The bitterness is embarassing. Rafa had his chance and faded, like your support of your beloved team. Liverpool are miles behind the top 4. Alot of us accept that and are giving rodgers a shot. As for the stadium. As long as the gate rises to 60,000+ who cares, if its at anfield. Such negativity is becoming a trend lately with the so called die hard fans.

  71. I agree, stats count with attacking players. But only strikers for me. Wingers are a grey area. The chances they create, aren`t always taken! According to downing. lol.

  72. I think that he is a good player. Simply because he has better stats than our Mr. Stewart Downing. Haha

  73. It's got everything to do with how far we have fallen since Rafa left and the immense task of taking us back into the top 4. Wasting 16 million on a midtable player that reminds me of S.W. Philipps, where non of the top 4 teams will be looking at will be cementing our midtable status. We should be looking for creative, intelligent MFs in the mould of David Silva, Mata, Modric or Van Der Vaart, a hard working MF that will work hard, track back and contribute to goals/assists (ala Kuyt) and a tricky dribbler with pace, ability to cross and end product (or players with 2/3 of these attributes) which is more difficult to find.  

    If Moses turns out to be a super star, great! We just don't have the money to take these risks. At 5-6 million pounds maybe he is worth a punt.  

    For 15-16 million or 20 million you want someone who is at least close to the finished article or raw ability that is plain to see and cannot be ignored. 

  74. Hendo has got no balls, pulls out of 90% of tackles and i don't know what skill everyone keeps talking about, Sterling showed a lot more than him, Hendo will be an average player in the EPL at best, now Sterling on the other hand looks very good. 

  75. am johnson didn't get many starts for city and a large percentage of pool fans would love to have him.just because richards couldn't get a start doesn't mean he's a poor player,it just shows how strong their squad is and that's why they won the title.i'd have richards over johnson any day of the week.

  76.  'Ever' ???


    He's not even Citys best defender ..

    Think someone has a crush...awwwwww LOL

  77. Sorry mate but did you and I read the same post and article..

    The first 1000 words of his Rafa rant were about the stadium and attacking FSG and Ian Ayer !! 

    Then he goes on to attack Brendan Rodgers as a 'chancer' and done nothing to merit the job.. and the 'only ' man that should have got the job is of course Rafa !!

    The article is about whether we should take a punt on Moses and while I agree with some of your points that are related to this article, my point to him was to drop all this nonsense about Rafa.

    Its pointless,destructive,divisive,embarrasing and its the same ol' diatripe time and time again.

    I am and always will be a fan of Rafas. I recoginise and am greatful for all the good things he has done for our club.

    But some guys can't even have a conversation about a potential signing without writting an essay about Rafa !

    But I unlike some guys support LFC not Rafa FC.

    As I say its time to MOVE ON.....

  78. on one hand you are on about the missed chances and then you mention a non goalscoring midfielder-what's he goin to do for us to start converting chances?
    we hit the woodwork loads-for me that's bad finishing not bad luck.

  79. Will someone please tell me the "Correct" reply to this post directed toward me so that my "Illegal" replys stop being deleted & or refused entry .

    While yer at it could someone please point out what exactly was so wrong with my polite & courteous reply ?

    Thanks ever so much .

  80.  You make a fair point , I now take it back , Micah Richards isnt the best defender I have ever seen , ever .

  81.  The one where we live by the religion of perverted political correctness even though we arent actually politicians .

    And yerself ?

  82. Rubbish, most of the team that KD had were part of the squad that came 2nd, and he didn't have to deal with H&G

  83. I think you have been spending too much time in the hairdressers .

  84. Again with the double standards!

    Did or did not the squad assembled by Benitez drop alarmingly from 2'nd to 7'th & get him sacked?

    Did or did not that same squad continue its slide & drop into the relegation zone under Hodgson & get him sacked too?

    Dalglish performed a miracle in those 16 months!

    Benitez inherited a top 4 side from Houlier & done no better in his 1'st season than Kenny did .

    That is not opinion , that is fact .

    Both finished 37 points off the top .

    Both got to two cup finals & won a cup .

    Time warp anyone ?

    Delusion anyone ?

  85. Their inclusions made me chuckle, I've been reading on here all season about how 'crap' they are yet they've a nation's hopes pinned on them in a major tournament (yes, I know there's 20 other players in the squad too).

    For the first time ever, as a Scotsman, I want England to do well in a tournament purely for the Liverpool players to garner some confidence and to hit the ground running at the start of the season. If all 6 players can be on the pitch at the same time, it'll give them a better understanding but, personally, I can't see it happening unless there's a spate of injuries/.

  86. What the one where Terry gets in the squad and someone else gets dropped cos he abused their brother? You are on planet BNP more like.

    Why don't you spread your BNP nonsense somewhere else? This is about football, not your views on black and white.

  87. No he didn't. He inherited a team ruined by Hodgson. But, being politically correct, let's pretend that it is some foreigners fault. Why not?

  88. Double standards are better than no standards, that's for sure.

    If 7th gets Benitez sacked. 8th gets Dalglish sacked. No double standard there.

    Dalglish's miracle? Wasting money on players that would satisfy the likes of you, no negritos in there, but who, unfortunately, were mostly rubbish. So much so that for half a season, the team had relegation form. I know you find this hard to understand, that 19 games of relegation form might get you sacked. But you don't sound like the notion of the sack makes much difference to you, so that would explain it.

    Benitez won a Champions League, Kenny definitely was not going to manage that any time in the near future. And why has no one leapt to bring Dalglish in as manager?

  89. Sounds better than Carroll, 35m, Henderson, 16m, Downing, 20m, Adam, 9m, all pleasing to your little englander eyes, but all not very good. 80m of money wasted. 

    Is it realistic to say Kenny worked miracles with those kind of signings? Anyone wasting money like that would be sacked.

  90. You are right, total rubbish. Dalglish thought he was managing Newcastle again, bringing in that rubbish.

  91. Since when did 'political correctness' come into whether we should sign a player or not?

  92. You don't mean 1939?

  93. Who doesn't?

    I think he is a decent player who can score a few goals, is fairly versatile and is improving. We are not going to get many established stars, so we have to be clever now. Not like we were last summer.