7 Jun 2012

'They used me' - Angry Liverpool FC star to sue 'arrogant' company...

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger is in dispute with Swedish TV broadcaster Viasat and betting company Bet24 over the use of his image in a TV advert, and the Dane is so incensed that he plans to take the matter to court.

The dispute revolves around a TV advert for Bet24, which ran on Viasat's TV3 channel over Christmas.

Agger claims that he did not agree to take part in the ad, and he claims that the footage was obtain surreptitiously.

Speaking to reporters at Denmark's Euro 2012 training base, Agger explained:

"Bet24 had been in Liverpool, and they took video footage of me and our coaches for several seconds, but they wouldn't admit it.

"If I had just been asked if they could use it, I probably would've said yes, but they did not ask, and used the footage in the advert without my permission.

"I think it's very arrogant to use me in an advert for a betting company when I have no contact with them, and that is why I want to sue"

At the time of the advert, Bet24 was owned by Viasat, but the company has now been sold to Unibet.

This seems like a matter of principle for Agger rather than being money-motivated, and I guess that's fair enough.

Let's hope a court case doesn't detract from Liverpool's pre-season schedule, or indeed the new Premier League season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Decent point alright. I doubt Dan would have to spend too long in court though - he'd probably just be represented by a solicitor in his absence. Granted, he might have to give evidence to say that the Swedish company had been spotted filming him, but I doubt that this would take too long.

    Out before lunchtime. Settled on the steps outside the court. Etc.

  2. what are the odds of that happening!     

  3. absolutely agreed about disrupting preseason or the start of the prem, Agger and Skrtl where much improved last season ( credit to clarke maybe) and everyone needs to focus on football matters not a sideshow of court appearances.

  4. Another irrelevant & pointless article not relatef to FOOTBALLING matters.  Where are your articles on the new manager, the new coaching team and the future for the playing staff.
    I thought this was site by fans of LFC for fans of LFC...?

  5. just as long as it doesn't become some huge story in the media and just to prove that it isn't about the money he should give the proceeds to charity

  6. LoL @ Not money motivated !

    So thats why he is crying like a scabby old hooker who failed to collect ?

    Fact is in this age sport is big business  & gambling is big business , the betting company stole Aggers image & used it to make money , Agger is perfectly correct to sue em & he is perfectly entitled to every penny he gets from doing so , he isnt a saint , he has a short career & if or when he donates whatever to charity is his own concern .

    Although in saying that it would be cool if he made a sizable donation to Gamblers Anonymous if he is successful , just to rub their nose in it .

  7. Censorship is gay .

    Please dont send me to tha Gulag !!!

  8. No footballer has enough money these days

  9.  If you are going to moralize why are you stopping there ?

    What about all the millionaire singers , dancers , Actors & Prancers ?

    Its all supposedly entertainment so why pick on Footballers ?

  10. Is this really worth discussing?

  11. Why bother clogging this thread with such a pointless comment? If it's not worth discussing, just move along!

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  12. KennethMurray23211:07 pm, June 07, 2012

    Sensational headline; author scribes brief 20 second opinion after main body; headline gets hits.

    And this post gets deleted :-).

  13. Granted, Daniel Agger is a decent footballer, but he is certainly anything but a "star". Jaimie, do readers a favour. Do not use the word "star" so wantonly.

  14. I am willing to bet a lot of people wont get that.

  15. To be fair he is at least a high class hooker since a 'scabby old hooker' wouldn't be able to pay for the legal representation necessary for litigation.

  16. Son of a...They could have used my footage and I wouldnt mind. LOL. Email me Bet24. I am available FOC. :)

  17. Daniel Agger is right. Look what happened in Italy, a lot of players are being investigated because of betting and corruption. I think he is doing the right thing. For a premier league player to be connected to a betting company is not right.

  18.  I'm not going to even ask how you might kno such a thing .