7 Jun 2012

VP confirms: LFC have 'shown interest' in Mexican midfield starlet. Pursue?

Pachuca vice-president Andres Fassi has confirmed that Liverpool are interested in signing Mexico International Hector Herrera.

Speaking to Star Media two days ago, Fassi confirmed once again once that representatives from Anfield had made contact with Pachuca over a possible summer transfer. He said:

"Those who have shown interest are the people of Liverpool and the people of Udinese, there is also a great relationship with the people of Manchester United and of course they have tried".

Pachuca Chairman Jesus Martinez Patino made similar comments last week about Liverpool and United's interest, and in a recent interview with ESPN, Fassi also confirmed that Liverpool's scouts had been to watch the player:

"Liverpool's people came to Mexico on a general scouting trip, there's a declared interest in Herrera. [Herrera] can surely be one of the Premier League's best players in two or three seasons. He's that good."

Herrera then confirmed that he's met with Liverpool Scouts:

"I was only introduced to him [the Liverpool scout], he didn't tell me anything specific. I found out about the [Liverpool interest], I haven't been told anything concrete yet and I'll have to wait to see what [Fassi] says about it. I think it's a great opportunity, it's one of my dreams to play in Europe."

Herrera was nominated for the Mexico league's 'Golden Ball' in 2011, an award that recognises the country's best talent.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. “The third group are the critics and you never change them ever. If you win four nil it should have been five. If you win the league it should have been three.”

    Does this make you think of anyone?

  2. Finally, we are starting to appreciate 'getting in there' quicker than other clubs.
    With a whole 'team' from the ground up, on every tier and at every level, this club is now looking young, hungry, talented and hungry to prove themselves.
    This 'american' ethos of competition at all levels from playing staff to administration is the only way forward. I believe we now resemble a young vicious grat white shark; ready to prove himself, ready to take a few hits and expenditures of energy chasing strong prey but still knowing it will learn and it will kill!
    I'm excited and it's really nice to read that you are too Jaimie, sometimes there is a danger of submersing oneself in controversial criticism for the sake of creating a forum or discussion, which is fine by the way; only hotheads forget that debate is the forerunner of creation and change, but I feel on occasion you leave yourself open for people to take potshots at your loyalty.
    Well, to see you excited means they have to eat humble pie because you do have the ability to view objectively, I'm referring to their view not mine, and to read you talk about Roy Evans being the last manager to excite you till now means you have a well balanced view of affairs at LFC.
    Anyway I'm loving the freshness coming into our club in personnel and in ethos; it's a strong group with up to date mentalities and a world view.

  3. Should be a wonderful talent..Get him..

  4. There are people from Alien team B from Mars that must have tried too for 100 milion Euro's. Oh sorry Mars dont have Currency.

  5. Slightly off topic but does anybody know if we have a deal in place for his team mate Marco Bueno? For the past year I keep hearing conflicting reports that he has a pre-contract and last time I checked his wikipedia page claimed he had. But a report this week now says Man United are in for him aswell?

  6. Certainly we should sign him .

    Think of the low transfer fee & how easily affordable his wages will be when we are trying to get promotion after next season .

  7. i don't know the player but when i think of Gio Dos Santos , and Javier Hernandez I think that we need to start to explore the Mexican market for untapped talent. I believe we should pursue young impressive talent anywhere we can find them. The market in Latin America has become to saturated with a lot of western clubs looking for new next phenom. 

  8.  And more importantly .... They are Cheap !

  9.  Nobody expensive you mean !

    MONEYBALL !!!!

  10. Rodgers will be great for us

    My first choice all along

    If this kid is anything like Joe Allen we should snap him up

  11. joe allen would be great. i don't think swansea would do a deal though.

  12.  Why not ?

    They were kind enough to give us their manager weren’t they ?

    I think yer underestimating their generosity & besides , if they wanna play hard ball we can always offer them Gerrard & Adam & Lucas as a sweetner then play Allen beside Clint Dempsey & Sigurdsson .

    Simples !

    No Brainer !

    Money Balls !

  13. NonEventHorizon6:03 am, June 08, 2012

    Blah blah, funny joke, yawn... ;)