27 May 2012

"The truth is..." - Agent responds to £30m striker speculation. Still a chance...?

Earlier this week, Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov made it emphatically clear that he wants to leave Old Trafford this summer. Rumours have been raging ever since those comments, and Berbatov's Agent has today responded to growing speculation over the striker's future. A recent survey on this site showed that 60% of the 6000 fans who took part would like to see Berbatov in a Liverpool shirt, but it appears that the Bulgarian favours a move to France.

Berbatov has been heavily linked with Liverpool over the last few months, but in an interview with French radio station RMC today, Emil Danchev - Berbatov's Agent - seemed to dispel the possibility of a lateral move to Anfield:

"In the press, there are many speculations regarding Dimitar, but the truth is that PSG’s project can really interest him because he wants to play the Champions League next year. Plus, there has never been a Bulgarian player at PSG, so it could be good"

Last month, Anfield legend Mark Lawrenson urged Liverpool to sign Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov, arguing that the the intelligent striker would be the 'perfect foil' for Luis Suarez.

On Monday this week, Berbatov - who signed for Man United 4 years ago in a £30m deal - publicly slated Man United Alex Ferguson for not being straight with him about his first team chances, and according to a report, Liverpool were are/were allegedly negotiating a deal behind the scenes.

A potential deal seems doomed though considering Berbatov's desire to play in the Champions League, but to be honest, if he's not a first-team regular at Man United, how does he expect to walk into PSG's first team.

The odds on Berbatov moving to Liverpool are currently at 12-1, with the Reds amongst the favourites to land him along with Lazio, Bayer Leverkusen, Galatasaray and favourites, Paris St Germain.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Carroll's ability with his feet? Please provide three examples from this season where this fabled ability has had some kind of impact. I'll start you off with one (and it's the only one) - His goal in the FA Cup final.

    The idea that Carroll is good on the ground is a total myth.

    For example, the England game yesterday. Defensive work aside, Carroll was anonymous. Did he even have one attempt at goal in the entire game? There was one opportunity for him to play in Ashley Young for an almost certain goal, and he overhit his pass by about 10 yards, which is typical Carroll.

    So, two more examples please :-)

  2. In the same game he provided a great pass out to the wing for Henderson, this was one of the first things he did in that game. He also nutmegged John Terry and drea a foul the week after. His touch is getting alot sharper with matches. It would be a lie to suggest Carroll's in the same esk as Ibra or Llorente (Other players of similar height with good ball control and dribbling ability) but your utterly wrong to dismiss him as simply and only a long ball option. You mentioned the goal in the final, well that showed more than enough composure and finesse to suggest he has potential. Next season he'll be more prolific.

  3. he was great on the ground when he fell over the ball after rounding krul against newcastle.

  4. This season

    Berbatov: 10 goals in 14 starts (All goals from starts)
    Carroll: 6 goals in 29 starts

    Last Two Seasons

    Berbatov (31 years old): 39 goals/assists in 59 appearances
    Carroll (23 years old): 29 goals/assists in 77 appearances

    League only - Last two seasons

    Carroll: Minutes played = 4135. Minutes per league goal = 243
    Berbatov: Minutes played = 2723. Minutes per league goal = 97

    End product is all that matters, and despite being 8 years older than Carroll, Berbatov scores more, and has a better goals per minute ratio, despite playing half as much.

    Case closed.

  5. What is Carroll's job: making 'great passes' out to the wing, or scoring/creating goals. What possibly impact did that great pass have? Is that the club paid 35m for?

  6. 35 Million was relevant to the Torres signing. You know that. Newcastle knew we'd be recieving 50 million for Torres and put the price up through the roof. Carroll putting 'great passes' out to the wing means he has a better chance of getting on the end of a cross from the winger's. Carroll distributes the ball to the wings as well as any striker of his style in the league. He (as prooved yesterday needs to work on his finishing) however that will come with games.

  7. He was accused of diving and falling over. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Give the lad a break.

  8. I totally agree with Berbatov signing. I cannot understand the comparison with Carroll which was mentioned earlier and has since turned into a silly debate. Berbatov is very much a number a creative forward who can provide assists as well as goals, Carroll is a no. 9 he gets on the end of crosses and corners and poaches. They would compliment eachother well actually. Suarez and Berbatov might have a better understanding however.

  9. Jaimie, whats Caroll got to do with Berbatov movimg to Psg?. Stick to the point instead of slagging our players off! Typical of so many people not just commenting on the actual article! From LiverPaul in Denmark

  10. I'd rather have Defoe 

  11. We need two strikers and two wingers aswell as a creative midfielder. I believe if we strengthen in these areas we will be a far bigger threat next season.

  12. Didn't Berbatov said something about loyalty to Man utd?? So why would he consider moving to Liverpool unless he gets no other offers.IMO Liverpool should go for Nilmar from Villareal, also would have loved to see Rossi but he is injured for a very long period. Leandro Damiao is another player Liverpool should seriously try to sign, Spurs would be competitors but i think Liverpool can outmuscle them financially.

  13. Yesl he headed wide in the opening moments from close range and probably should of scored

  14. Berbatov very much likes a short passing type of game in the last third, so yep, reckon Suarez would be a much better fit. Bit like Keane-Berbatov dynamic at Spurs.

  15. why? he showed he lacks composure in a one on one.it was easier to score.can we not criticise that?

  16. Berbatov can easily land himself in a CL-bound club instead of LFC. As much as I support LFC, but rationally, I can't see a striker of his caliber coming to LFC, especially when we are now in turmoil. Please folks, AC is nowhere near Berbatov, like it or not. He's worth the most 8-10 mil pounds. We screwed up big time by paying 35 mil pounds for him, this is a fact, unchanged by any other circumstances like we got 50 mil pounds for Torres things like that. He maybe a 10-15 goals-a-season striker if the team plays to his style but he will never ever be in the class of Torres.  

  17. If it was your choice, Liverpool would swap Suarez for Berbatov :)

  18. And to compare him to Berbatov is what accurate your in la la land, Berbatov is twice the striker Carroll is and that is a fact, that's not to say i want him at LFC but it would be nice to have a proven goal scorer, jesus id take Bent right now.

  19. Torres is just a non-British, came to LFC in 07-08 season as a 23 year old, cost LFC 24 mil pounds, needed no time to adjust to EPL or label such as 'player for the future', scored 31 goals/3 assists for LFC in 46 matches in his debut season and all in all, 81 goals in 142 appearances for LFC. Also, if you ever watched some old footage of him playing, he definitely played more interesting football compared to AC and LS. 

    IMO, he may not be a legend in LFC history and no longer donning LFC colors but he definitely does not warrant a name of such, pal.

  20. i agree just give the big lad a break he has finally hit form we don't need people like you break that good form

  21. point is he is improving remember is still very young give him time

  22. Pity about the relegation form we showed in 2012 though.

    KK's best considerable league form during his second reign was during the second half of 2010/11 season. You know the time, when the likes of Downing and Hendo weren't here, Carroll was still coming back from injury, when Maxi was being used more, etc.

  23. all i think we should is get a good striker who is consistent and a good pacy winger 

  24.  In other words he gets yer panties in a Twist but he is useless for the club .

  25. i think we need more than that or are you happy with the midfield cretaivity of spearing,lucas and henderson?
    we bdly need a goalscoring midfielder.

  26.  What relegation are you talking about ?

    We havent been anywhere near the relegation zone in 2012 which still isnt even half way over yet let alone passed ! !

    You are obviously looking at micro stats & trying to equate it to form .

    In which case We played Title Winning Football for 7.5 minutes 3 games before or second last game before the FA Cup Semi Final !

    See that ?

    Ridiculous isnt it ?

    Reality = pre Dalglish we were a side that dropped drasticly from 2'nd to 7'th & hadnt won so much as an argument in 6 years then we were in & out of the relegation zone & out of both Cups .

    Post Dalglish = Stabilized , Galvanized Squad , Zero Relegation trouble , 2 cup finals , Returned to European Football at the 1'st time of asking & we won our 1'st Trophy for 6 years !

    Even if you dont like the players he bought because they dont look like yer favorite boy band you canne deny their achievement as part of our Collective .

  27. and hat if he gets injured?
    are you happy to have spearing and henderson?
    they were great in the cup final together.

  28. What a joke, Dalglish in his 2nd term is statistically one of our worst ever managers. He bought rubbish players for huge money and should have been sacked even sooner than he was.

  29. his goals vs brighton and oldham and exatar  showed pure power although it was against smaller opposition you should look at his goal against man city so 4 examples where he has been good with his feet

  30.  So yer saying that we should buy a player that is worse than what we already got in case someone gets injured ?

  31. It's a 1-2. You get the ball (maybe throwing the defender off the original passer or the winger) and pass it off to the wing and then run in and stagger your run for the cross. It's commonplace for almost any team to use that.

  32.  I feel that Henderson could have been better had it not been for the Lucas injury. He had to play a bit more defensively because Spearing isn't as good.

  33. too old for our 'project', move on.....

  34. Would I take Berbatov ?

    Lets be honest if he wasnt at Utd ? I'd take Berbatov on loan if we had a fool for a manager who didnt balance the squad & left us short of options up front .

    At 31 his best days are behind him but thats not to say he couldnt have a day in the sun or even a season long swan song but if we are down to openly desiring Utd's cast offs we may as well buckle up & prepare for the bumpy ride that will lead us to the lower divisions .


  35. Why are my comments being held back Jamie ?

    Have you got me on a black list ?

    Oooops !

    I said Black !

  36. Fastest to 50 goals ya say ?

    Big Whoopde Doo !

    Fowler was the fastest to 100

    What makes 50 goals so important ?

    Why not 10 goals or 2 goals ?

    Ian Rush was the fastest to 346 goals & thats the only number that matters at our Club until someone beats it .

    Most successful partnership at LFC ever ?

    Ahahahaha !!!

    St John - Hunt

    Keegan - Toshack

    Dalglish - Rush

    Aldridge - Beardsley

    All won League Titles , some Won multiple European Cups & some won multiple domestic Cups .

    Torres didnt win anything !

    And if its simply goals per game yer talking about Aldridge & Beardsley only played 2 full seasons together & between them hit the best part of 100 goals & one of those seasons was a Title winning season !

    So take yer micro stats & shove them !

    Torres is a gutless Lady boy who never turned up for us once in a game that mattered .

    He never scored in a Semi or Final & he never scored in a crunch 6 pointer League game .

    Aldridge or Rush would have handed their wages back if they failed to turn up in a big game for us .

    You could bet yer mortgage they were gonna score & not just a consolation either , they were gonna contribute an equalizer or a winner , they were proper big game players , proper legends .

    The only thing Torres could be relied upon for is to pee his panties on the big occassion & disappoint those who put their faith in him .

    I've scrapped better than Torres from off the sole of my shoe .

  37. 'relegation form', the form showed in 2012 was akin to the form showed by a relegation-threatened by all season. 

    I was talking about 2012, that is a considerable length of form. Nothing 'micro' about it, unlike your example.

    Quite clear what I meant by the above in my earlier post but you obviously have an agenda your playing up to. Fair play though, even if it is obvious. I'll leave it there, as it gets dizzy watching you spin, even though admittedly it is amusing for a while :)

  38. What if we swapped Carroll for Berbatov ?? 

    We would put one over United wouldn't we ??

    You forget the fact Liverpool played shitty football in compare to United and that as lazy person as Berbatov would be buried alive by Liverpool fans as soon as it doesn't go his way.

    My prediction, in his first game, or second. The first fans would let go because he left United to join LFC. 

    I put the word "shitty" there to see what it takes for comment to be removed .

  39.  Then why did you ask what if Gerrard got injured if not to mention a replacement ?

    Replacements from within the squad are called reserves & generally speaking arent as consistently good as a regular 1'st teamer which Gerrard is & is the 1'sr teamer you have said cant get forward & score goals so therefore we need to buy someone who can .

    Explain yerself Missus Titty !

  40. Get off the drugs Chan !

    Yer in yer own wee world with spinning Agendas , Micro Stats , Selective Form & Misinterpreted Statistics .

    No seasons runs from the start of the calendar year to the end of the calendar  year , all seasons run between Aug & May & between Aug & May we werent once anywhere near the relegation zone !

    And besides that , 2012 isnt even half way complete yet !

    Sober Up !

  41.  Why are you holding back my comments ?

    I could understand you editing them but not selectively allowing some through while holding back others .

    Is there a censorship policy I should know about ?

  42.  Why was my reply deleted ?

  43.  Ahhh !..

    This Camera guy is a moderater & deletes the reply’s to his posts that he doesnt like !

    Am I right ?

  44. Why are my replies to Titi Camera disappearing without explanation ?

  45. Were you not pretty chuffed with the period of form in the second half of 2010/11 season where we were probably the best team in the league during that period and singing about how King Kenny is the man again and all that la-di-da, regardless of it not being a entire season
    Nah, probably not eh(!)Oops

  46. Phil Chisnall 25 grand 1964

  47. I have been waiting for a new topic, has Jaimie gone to the USA to be interviewed for the job.
    Who is going to get the job the tabloids are in a frenzy, Rodgers is 1/6, JJB Whelan is saying Liverpool havent got a clue, just  what they are doing, Van Gaal says he is waiting for the call to get the job.
    Just what is going on here.

  48. Brehon - Were you not pretty chuffed with the period of form in the second half of 2010/11 season where we were probably the best team in the league during that period and singing about how King Kenny is the man again and all that la-di-da, regardless of it not being a entire season.

    Considering your feelings  on periods of form that aren't a entire season, you probably weren't chuffed, Spin Doctor(!)

  49. because you are being an idiot and insulting for the sake of it?

  50. I think so too. Liverpool FC has hit depths  it hasn't hit before. It is time to change the mentality of the team. Changes from the top had to occur and we saw that starting from the new owners who took over to a new coach this summer to hope fully a couple newer quality signings. We need to turn the corner and start producing "w"s on a regular basis.

  51. Big difference between playing for utd who challenge for the league score goals for fun and us more relegation form and newcastle a top half team.

  52. You're also forgetting the stick this young lad has recieved and the lay off he had when we first got him. But I forgot one thing it's Jaimie saying this about a Liverpool player, why am I not suprised? If Liverpool was to get to the top, Jaimie you'd be out of work as there will be nothing write about. Lol

  53. Can someone please tell me that FSG are really F$%^&&g around with Rodgers, seriously they can not be putting him in charge.
    With the likes of LVG, Rafa, AVB, Capello, De Boer and Pep, they want Rodgers, Martinez and Lambert what a F$%%^^g JOKE, this is bullshit and these owners a making a mockery out of this famous footballing club. I know it's their club because they bought it but seriously who the F$%k is informing them of these bullshit decisions, i mean come LVG shit even Pep wants to be enticed back. Someone please tell this is not happening.

  54. I think Martinez refuses to work with a Director of Football, which I do not blame him for and either will stay at Wigan or go Villa.
    Therefore Rodgers is now hot favourite and the Swansea chairman has attacked Liverpool today.
    Not doing themselves any favours our American friends by their handling of the whole situation and the reputation the club once had with fellow league members is being tarnished by them.

  55. Just hope Rodgers (assuming its him) is given the environment and time to stamp his way on the club, rather than being bottlenecked by DoF and owners. Though I do think this job is a little too early for him but they don't come around often I guess, which maybe why Rodgers has 'seemingly' changed tact. If it is him, a bit strange that Sigurdsson is signing for Swansea (transfer fee and contract have been agreed according to Swansea, waiting upon medical it seems) amidst the potential departure of Rodgers.

  56. yes I agree with you over that and in January he persuaded a promising Northern Ireland player Rory Donnely to sign for them when Liverpool had practically announced his signature and Everton were also claiming he would sign for them.
    Swansea have several very good players that would be an improvement on the likes of Downing and Spearing in midfield also.

  57. Looks like it is Rodgers 

  58. Martinez is now 5/2 favourite for the Villa job, with the Villa squad he is better off at Wigan as they and Wolves were the worst two teams since Jan.

  59. i'd rather ted rogers, but if it is him, then we must back him...and hope if it doesn't start well, consign him to the dusty bin!! (shocking, i know)

  60. just announced on local radio, Rodgers to be named tomorrow, interesting if they go for a DOF, I hear Van Gaal is dictatorial which is why Martinez wouldnt take it.
    Mind you if my boss said to me he is bringing in someone between him and me I wouldnt be happy either.

  61. i don't think a DoF works. i don't think american sports strategy works either. i think rogers will have his work cut out, big time, but good luck to him. to me, if you ar a manager, you manage. if you are a coach, you coach. i'm not a fan of megalomania either.......sorry rafa!!

  62. It won't be strictly a DoF as I think Ayres said that there won't be a DoF but a few people sharing the responsibilities that come with that role, e.g., technical director and sporting director. So could be Segura getting a more senior role (technical director) as well as Van Gaal (Sporting director)

  63. AndWithSuchSimplicity10:10 pm, May 30, 2012

    Far be it from me to be pedantic, but Torres scored in the Champions League semi in 2008, a goal that would have got us into the final had it not been for Riise having a 50p for a head....

    Stop trying to be overly controversial. Your early posts were a breath of fresh air, but you're getting a bit dull.


  64. Jaimie, when's the new article?! 

  65. Daily Mail is saying Sigurdsson will be his first signing for Liverpool
    Not a great pedigree as manager
    Sacked by Reading after 6 months, took Watford to 13th in the Championship, took Swansea up via the playoffs with Martinez's team.
    Finished 11th, I reckon he would of struggled in his second season.
    Would of preferred Martinez who appears to have no ambition if he wants to stay at Wigan.
    Lambert going to Villa who have one of the weakest squads in the Premier League.

  66. Feel a bit sorry for Swansea if Sigurdsson decides to come to us, as he is so close to making things official over there but hey-ho, he is a good player, so would be pleased to see him at Liverpool for under the £10m mark.

  67.  Where are you Mr Kanwar, no new articles about the new manager? :/

  68. think Mr Kanwar is in hospital having his Man Utd tattoo removed

  69. AndWithSuchSimplicity11:32 am, May 31, 2012

    Last I heard he was taking a well-earned break with his bezzie mate, a certain Mr Luis Suarez. 

    They were last heard chatting about how buying Duty-free fags if you don't smoke is "cheating" and "sackable".....

  70. Maybe they have gone to  Ghana for a holiday together.
    Or he could be in the USA to be shortly named as the new Director of Football.

  71. Apparently they won't a three-tiered system. One person would look exclusively at stats, the second would serve as a negotiator and the third (Rodgers), would be more footie related. I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I could fathom a two tiered Sporting Director and Manager system, but one guy to look exclusively at stats? Are they serious? What the hell. Football is way too dynamic to make Moneyball work. It's not like Baseball or Football. Given stats have their place, but making buying decisions purely of statistics is damn near idiotic. I hope they shelf this terrible idea.

  72. AndWithSuchSimplicity5:44 pm, May 31, 2012

    The other rumour I heard was that Evra was signing for a Ukranian side.......

  73. AndWithSuchSimplicity5:46 pm, May 31, 2012

    Sorry, I spelled that wrong. (Thicko)


  74. AndWithSuchSimplicity5:53 pm, May 31, 2012

    Looks like Swansea already had one guy to look exclusively at stats, if Live4Liverpool is anything to go by:"performance consultant Glen Driscoll would also leave the Welsh side with immediate effect.
    Driscoll had spent 10 years working as a performance analyst at Chelsea, before moving to South Wales only last year along with Davies, who previously worked with Rodgers at Reading."

    I am, of course, presuming that "performance analyst" means : looking at stats, and not simply clapping like a seal when they do something good.......

  75. AndWithSuchSimplicity5:56 pm, May 31, 2012

    Jaimie would be revered as a God in Ghana, thanks to his vendetta and constant whining about the Quarter Final "incident". Hope they don't chuck him in a volcano as a sacrifice.......

    joke ;)

  76. what a bad appointment what level are the club now at if they take this guy on. They Yanks want a yes man and they got one, Martinez wouldnt be a yes man.
    Watford, Reading (sacked) Swansea. OMG

  77. Hulk-Hazard-Mata

    Bloody hell. Even if Hulk is overrated at that price, could be something special and exciting that attack.

    Hope the rumours are true that FSG won't be making 4th place the be all and end all next season as we are miles away and Rodgers needs time to make things click in his own way.

  78. The League Cup is set to be sponsored by Capital One, so will be called the Capital One Cup, aka, COC. 

    So we are the COC holders.....

  79. I have a Capital One card they are based in Nottingham think they did or do sponsor Notts Forest.

  80. they mean business, Chelsea will be the team.
    Lot of people will be GREEN with envy signing HULK

  81. So, if i give you 35 million for your house and you go out and buy a ford fiesta with the money, is that ok if the seller asks you for 34 million? Was there no one else at a better price? Particularly as the guy spent two months injured when we signed him and has only just got fit now, nearly 18 months later.  

  82. If he was a yes man then he wouldn't have told FSG he wasn't going to work under a DoF. 
    Give him a chance, give him time. He knows his stuff and will instill a possession based attacking philosophy at Anfield.

    Welcome Brendan.

  83. Unless he is a total idiot, i would say that he knows that. Half a season of relegation form is enough to be worried about. Especially when there was no European football to worry about.

  84. Too much to ask I think!

  85. since the second post he put on here. Sounds like a bored child.

  86. that's what a squad player is for. You know we are talking about football, don't you?

  87. What a load of cobblers. No one got the money to waste on the dross that he bought. While Arsenal and Chelsea were floundering and Newcastle were creating a better team with the money we gifted them.

  88. Spearing better than Lucas. Enough said.

  89. He won't last long. He'll get bored and try stirring it up somewhere else.

  90. at least rodgers knows what he's getting into and said it straight out that we can't win the league.if he can get us playing decent football and get rid of some of the poorer players it'll be a step in the right direction.

  91. AndWithSuchSimplicity9:43 pm, June 01, 2012

    You only agreed with me cos I changed my name, Gab!!!

  92. AndWithSuchSimplicity9:52 pm, June 01, 2012

    Certainly his first press conference was impressive. A nice nod to everything Kenny did for us (not just the last 5 months, either), then straight down to business.
    The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is that for the first time in my life, LFC have a manager YOUNGER THAN ME!! It's hard enough to accept when players who you idolise are now 15-20 years younger, but when you get to the stage that the Boss is younger, then a mid-life crisis surely beckons!?Think I'll buy a motorbike.Or have an affair..........

  93. I was about to post the exact same thing. This site exists solely to publish negative articles about Liverpool. When there's a positive feeling about the club or any kind of good news or uptick in form, Kanwar disappears. It happens every time.

  94. i remember vividly when Kenny was appointed first time around. player manager no experiance young (34 i think) and yet did the double. doesnt matter what we think now or who we wanted for fs sake lets wish him well, welocome him and get behind him. A lot of contibutors to this site where desperate to get rid of KK (a disgrace imo) well you have got your change. LFC are not the draw we once were so those that thought Pep or Jose or other notable would walk from Barcelona or Madrid to manage us were living in a dream world. We have got a young manager with new ideas who does have a philosphy of bright attacking football. Lets support him everyone and see what happens.

  95. Rodgers said most of the right PR things to say at the moment. Which is no mean feat for us at the moment I guess as our PR hasn't exactly been great this season, considering the Suarez incident and KK's miserable sourface interviews.

  96. Theycallmemrburt4:36 pm, June 02, 2012

    Well done to FSG.  They have shown both strength and courage in making an appointment based on what they believe to be correct as apposed to what many of our sentimental fans were calling for.  I for one am encouraged.

    Maybe the days of signing flair players and the opposition worrying about our quality are back.....here's hoping. 

  97. Mate, I posted this in another forum yesterday and I'll put money on us not being the only fans mentioning this. My wife just laughed when I told her this...then asked if I wanted a zimmer - I'm 3 months older than BR.

  98. what the f has pr got to do with producing good attacking football get your priorities right moron

  99. p r i c k what has PR got to do with producing great football and trying to finish 4th or better .........answer........... nothing

  100. well  said mr burt

  101. fool what has pr got to do with anything

  102. I really hope that most fans will give him some time to see if he can get the team firing again. I just don't see much benefit to be gained from pre-judging him.

    Personally he wasn't my first choice but that doesn't mean I won't get behind him fully.

  103. i felt old when I went to the doctors and he looked like he was still a school kid.
    Rodgers is 39 but he has been coaching for 19 years due to his injury ending his career. So technically speaking he is as experienced as a bloke in his mid fifties with the number of years behind him

  104. The papers are linking Joe Allen of Swansea with the club but Swansea are claiming he cannot sign any Swansea players for a year. Surely that is not legally binding just a Gentlemans agreement if it exists. Lambert is supposed be making Grant Holt his first signing at Villa but he resigned and was technically out of contract as he was on a rolling contract and I do not read anything similar about this.
    And like I said in a posting about Dave Whelan, he is a liar, he lied to the Office of Fair Trading and was fined 8m and to Sky over Martinez joining LFC. I wouldnt trust this man at all, he has made his fortune on the back of buying from Far Eastern sweat shops and paying staff the basic wage with no union rights. If you go to DW gyms you will find the heating turned down and the water lukewarm under orders of the tightwad to keep costs down. Just go to any reviews of DW gyms and the problem is not just in my local one either.

  105. Theycallmemrburt3:57 pm, June 03, 2012

    I can't believe we let Amoo go on a free.  Absolutely criminal.  Ince and Amoo will come back to bite us on the arse.  The strange thing is they are not too dissimilar to Sinclair and Dyer in terms of their pace and directness.  Rodgers would most likely have brought them into the 1st team set up.

    Diame? Well done FSG.

  106. nonsense post again

  107. apparently kuyt had a contract that he could leave for a million to a club outside the premiership.

  108. I know mate, it's the number which the media keep printing after his name which got me: Brendan Rodgers, 39. 

  109. Berbatov not on Manure's 'release list'. Just Owen and Kuszczak

  110.  If he is that cheap then surly it should have been Whelan the Cheapskate Yanks interviewed & not Martinez !?

    On second thoughts , he sounds a bit too flash with his cash for LFC .

  111.  LoL @ strength & courage !

    So bowing to the whims of England’s Gutter press at each & every opportunity now means you are brave & strong ?

    Stop The World .... I want off !

    Come back & tell us how brave & strong they are when we will be looking for promotion inside two seasons as they continue to bluff all the arrogant school boys & housewives as they continue to asset strip our club .

  112.  Aye coz image is everything when you have zero intention of investing in actual success .

    Its not a manager we want its an actor , or better yet a brown nosing Yes Man like ... er ... ummm .... lemme see now .... hows about Brendan Rodgers !?

    In fairness to him I do think he has a chance of winning us a league title , its just a shame its the title in the division below us at the moment .

  113.  If you remember so vividly why did you fail to include the fact that Kennys unofficial 2'nd in command during his 1'st season was no other than the one & only Bob Paisley !

    You also neglected to mention that Kenny had at that point been the undisputed best player in English Football for over 8 years .

    How you could compare Rodgers taking over in miserable , clueless , blind leading the blind , asset stripping , cheapism circumstances to that is beyond me .

    There is absolutely no comparison .

    The only differences in Hodgson taking over & Rodgers taking over is

    1: Hodgson is a stronger more capable manager .

    2: Although the job was too big for Hodgson at that time its even more so for Rodgers .

    3: Hodgson was employed by more generous less snide thieving Yanks that the ones who have employed Rodgers .

    4: The odds were actually slightly against Hodgson getting us relegated .

    "Theres a bad moon on the Rise "

  114.  He is only as experienced as any other British coach whose playing career either ended early or he wasnt good enough to make the grade & then coached at Watford , Reading & Swansea .

    Its not like he was actually managing any teams that ever even qualified for European competition let alone regularly compete in European competition .

    Blind leading the blind .

    We are about to challenge Forests record as being the multiple European Cup Winners who fell the furthest .

  115.  In your perverted fantasy’s , obviously .

  116.  Oh dear .

    How many divisions did Forest drop after winning multiple European Cups ?

    2 or 3 ?

  117.  FSG is looking to rake in the Premier League parachute payments while asset stripping us .

  118.  LoL .

    So how long should we give him ?

    One relegation or two ?

  119.  Because no Dalglish team plays possession football , ever , right ?

  120.  Yea coz Chelski are wonderful & LFC are awful , we should not even try to compete & we most definitely shouldn’t support our own .

    We should content ourselves with Premier League status & be happy to watch the "Big" clubs actually invest in success .

  121.  Idolizing players younger than you eh ?

    I'm sure theres a specialized website for your like somewhere .

    Using a talented player as a role model or an example when yer developing is perfectly natural & appropriate , personally if I could have grown a tash back then I woulda been a John Aldridge clone .

    However once I did develop & actually could grow a tash Aldo became just another excellent finisher to aspire to equal not an "Idol" .

    The implications of what you are saying are creepy beyond imagination .

    Surly I cant be the only one who merely begrudgingly acknowledges that Gerrard is just about good enough to make any LFC squad from any era ?

    Idolize ?

    LoL !

    It breaks my heart to even acknowledge that some of them are the best of their own eras , they have no chance of being idolized ! Best they can hope for is acknowledgment .

    Or did I take a wrong turn somewhere & ended up the only one who was brought up correctly ?

  122.  Couldnt be .

    I'm sure the clause was that if some European club would do us a favour & get his wages off our bill we would compensate em £1 million seeing as he has no nerve in front of goal when the pressure is on & could no less lead a band of boy scouts on a nature walk through Stanley Park than he could lead an ambitious team despite him being 31 with a wealth of experience .

    He wont even be a regular starter at Fenerbache unless they need an average right sided midfielder or an unreliable centre forward really really badly ?

    If Van Basten is the Bench Mark for Dutch Strikers , & he was the best of them I have seen with the sublime Bergkamp a close'ish 2'nd ...

    Then Dirk Kuyt is a cross between Carlton Cole & Nabil El Zhar  .

    Sadly , I'm not even joking .

    If Ian Rush is , & he is the benchmark for LFC Strikers then Kuyt like Emile Heskey is just another in a long line of sub standard forwards  who couldnt fill the hole Rush's talent , consistency & work ethic left in our club so we repositioned em to the wing in the hope of not destroying their careers & professional reputations .

    I'm glad to see the back of him , its just a sham we brought in a sub standard manager at the same time so theres no chance of progressing .

  123. they the same rubbish players picked for England ?

  124. 1: Rodgers has proved himself to be a very capable coach
    2: How do you know the job will be too big for Rodgers? All Managers have to start somewhere. If Rodgers was spanish managing a small team like Malaga then everybody would be made up because he is British then "the job is too big for him" maybe he should change his name to Brendon Benitez and everyone would get behind him.
    3: read the book 44 months with a pair of Texan Cowboys and you will understand the difference between themand FSG. No Comparison FSG are much much better owners.
    4: And your point is ?
    5: Rodgers has a philosophy of bright attacking football. He makes his teams play to the strengths of the players he has. He also has a good eye for a player.
    6: Since the days when LFC were invincible at home and in Europe probably back to the days of Fagan, succesive managers and I include all of them worried about the opposition and how they would play instead of making the opposition worry about LFC. Rodgers will change that.

    So as I said in my original post lets welcome him, support him, give him a chance.

  125. Your posts are boardering on the ridiculous. I have just read them all on this thread and to be fair what you write leads me to believe you cannot be a Liverpool Supporter.

  126. out of interest who would you have appointed as our new manager if you could have appointed anyone

  127. Thanks for demonstrating a perfect example of the sort of pre-judgement I was talking about.

  128. Are you on drugs?

  129. i agree,he was bought as a striker and ultimately was a failure.

  130.  I wouldnt have appointed anyone because I would have let Kenny see out his contract at the Very Very Least .

    As a matter of fact I have so much faith in him I probably would have handed him an unprecedented 10 year contract extension at the end of the season just to show the world how pleased I was with his 1'st season in charge after inheriting a relegation threatened squad .

    37 points of 1'st place , 2 cup finals , 1 trophy & a guaranteed return to European Competition in his 1'st season ?

    Thats exactly the same as Benitez's 1'st season , the only difference being that Benitez inherited a top 4 side not a relegation threatened one & that he had 3 chances for Cup success not just the two Kenny had .

    Our club is a disgrace .

    We turned our back on success the day we sacked Kenny & cut our ties with Shankly .

    If for any reason in those 10 years Kenny felt the need to retire ?

    Gerrard is the obvious replacement for Kenny but not in these circumstances .

    This summer if for any reason Kenny resigned ?

    I would have broke the bank to guarantee this guy the transfer fees & Wages required & then I would have nailed him to an Iron Clad 5 year contract ....

    Kenny on a 3 year contract is one thing because he is a proven quantity , an expert who was well on the way to delivering a Premier League Title & Champions League in that time frame but Kenny is one in a million .

    To take in an outsider its pointless unless ya guarantee him at least 7 years especially a young inexperienced manager cutting his teeth .

    If thats the desperate route we had to go then the name is De Boer .

    He is the only young manager with a chance of filling Kennys shoes & more importantly he is the only young manager capable of delivering inside 5 years wat Kenny had on his 3 year menu for us .

    De Boer + Bergkamp Management team ?

    Do I need to say more ?

    Ajax must be over the moon to have held on to them .

  131.  Chelski are the Champions of Europe & Arsenal finished 3'rd in the League so on which planet did you say they were "Floundering"?

  132.  My Granny is better than Lucas .

    Lucas is a joke .

    Lee Cattermolle is as good as Lucas if not better .

    Spearing under Kenny was better than both of them .

  133.  No prejudice involved , I wish him all the best however looking at his career to date he simply isnt qualified to manage LFC or any other well established Premier League regularly competing in Europe .

    The core of that squad which was assembled by Benitez alarmingly slid from 2'nd to 7'th under him .

    It then slid into the relegation Zone under the highly respected & at worst very competent Hodgson .

    It took some wise shopping & careful manipulation by a club Legend called Dalglish to reverse the trend .

    I'm sorry to burst yer bubble but reality is dictating that all isnt as rosy as you seem to think they appear at LFC .

    Rodgers is a puppet , a yes man , a gimmick to draw attention away from their thieving activity at board room level .

    Bring on the 2'nd division standard cheap , free & low wage signings & lets call it Moneyball !

    Welcome to the real world .

  134.  Yer obviously dreaming .

    You havent addressed a single point I made you have simply screamed blind denial & blind faith .

    Fact of the matter is Rodgers is untested at both managerial level & more importantly Managerial level at a club currently , notice I said currently , as big as LFC is .

    We are not Rodgers or any other managers mother .

    If he has a track record thats comparable to the task being asked o him then by all means give him tha job .

    But reality is he is no more qualified to take over at LFC than Ian Holloway or Ian Dowie or arguably even  Lee Clarke or Chris Powell .

  135.  People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones & you are in no position to criticize anyone’s posts or question their association with LFC .

  136.  I was happy we had Kenny back because I kno how Kenny works & I know Kenny = guaranteed progressive success .

    I was also happy he reversed our slide instantly & steered us back up the table ... is there something wrong with that ?

    I didnt care about the form guide over a selective period because I wasnt placing money on any of the games .

    Simply put I was glad to see the right man in charge instantly making relegation trouble a thing of the past .

  137. Spot the selective policing .

    I'm pretty sure no argument is being attacked here , only the poster .

  138.  Ah , you mean like Spearing & Lucas ?

  139. His stats are identical to Emile Heskeys .

    Both were signed as strikers & then moved to the wing .

    We won more with Heskey tho .

    Heskey therefore is an Uber Legend if Kuyt is a Legend .

    Its beyond ridiculous .

  140. Cast yur mind back to the situation, nobody knew Torres was going to hand in a transfer request. It was a shock, and it was maybe a day before the window shut. Carroll has been decent for Newcastle, he's english and young which fits FSG criteria, now Newcastle know that LFC are recieving 50 million which is over priced for Torres, they know LFC need a striker and they want Carroll. They have us by the balls, and ask for an inflated price. £20 million would have been realistic for Carroll, as would £35 million been for Torres so the inflation reflects both fees. Realistically we had no other choice and I still think this will be a good signing in the long term. He has already showed massive signs of improvement. Come on, this is really very basic stuff here.

  141. AndWithSuchSimplicity4:55 pm, June 10, 2012

    Untrue. You got your facts wrong regarding Torres, and I was just giving you some friendly advice.

  142. I don't agree with 'names', just with comments!

  143. How about the planet that got the Chelsea manager the sack, or do managers usually get sacked when the team are doing well? Or maybe the planet that was asking Arsenal supporters if Wenger had been there long enough?

    Maybe if we'd moved on our manager sooner, we'd be in Champions League iinstead of Arsenal.

  144. Tom, don't be ridiculous. Everyone knew Torres was going to leave. If the club had no idea, then they should not be running a football club. And what is basic stuff is that you do not pay 35 million for someone who is 'pretty decent' when your star striker leaves, particularly when it turns out that he cannot play for two months. Any manager has a choice to not spend 35 million on an injured player. The money Dalglish wasted was criminal.

  145. I mean like Lucas, Spearing can be a squad player at Preston North Enf or somewhere like that.

  146. In fairness to Tom, a few weeks before the transfer request, Torres had spouted platitudes about how he wanted his kids to grow up as "Scousers".......   

    The fee was set by an initial bid from Spurs, a wad of cash handed over by a megalomaniac oligarch burning a hole in Kenny's pocket, a baying set of Liverpool fans who would have gone berserk had we lost our best player and not got a replacement in, and a Geordie owner who couldn't believe his luck. 

    There is also a grey area in "injured". Look at Wilshere with Arsenal. They all thought he'd be back by Christmas. They just didn't say which one.

  147. Hi Jim,
            for some reason, I'm not able to reply to your comment.

    In fairness to Tom, however, I don't think that anyone can say that it is 'basic' that 35 million is well spent on anyone, let alone a grey area injured player who is not as good as who we sold. Injured or not, Tottenham or not, Ashley or not, there were other players that we could have made a bid for. And if the club did not realise that Torres was leaving if they did not strengthen sufficiently, and were looking at press quotes, then they are a bunch of amateurs.