23 May 2012

Next LFC manager? Agent provides new update on AVB speculation...

Former Chelsea manager Andre Villas Boas is currently odds-on favourite to take over from Kenny Dalglish at Liverpool, and his Agent Carlo Goncalves has provided an updated on AVB's future.

Speaking to RomaGiallorossa, Goncalves said:

"Liverpool and Roma? Well, what we are looking for is a [club with a] strong technical plan, that is solid and durable.

"Villas-Boas would like to return to coaching, but if these conditions are not available, we would have no problem waiting for another role.

"What we are interested in is a technical project, and a situation that has longevity."

Whether Liverpool is a club with a 'strong technical plan' remains to be seen, but is AVB the right man to lead the club forward? I think he's a good option, but I have a few reservations:

* He doesn't seem to exude the authority required to command respect from big egos.

* Seems a little over-emotional, and takes things personally too quickly (Example: his spat with Alan Hansen).

* Given the fact he's so close in age to the players, they could find it hard to see him as an authority figure.

Congalves' statement does not present AVB as a manager who is excited at the prospect of working at Liverpool, and for me, that's a problem. I would prefer the club appoint someone who is excited about - and actually wants - the job, as opposed to a dispassionate manager who sees it as a take it or leave it 'project'.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He's older than Dalglish was when he took over, and Dalglish was a team-ate of the team he was then supposed to manage. That didn't stop him being a great success as Liverpool's manager. I don't think age will be a factor with AVB either. He's my first choice - by a country mile. I think he'll be massive for LFC.

  2. Your absolutely right Jaimie, anyone who describes a job as football manager as a TECHNICAL PROJECT should be avoided. If he wants to work on a techical project tell him to go and work for NASA. I really gets my blood boiling when I hear the word Project, I used to do them in school for my homework.
    He has proven to be a failure in management in this country and a massive failure at that.
    I am interested in the Louis Van Gaal/Roberto Martinez partnership being banded about at the moment sounds more promising and you at least know Roberto wants the job. (As long as he doesnt call it a project)

  3. This is quite an interesting read: 

  4. The problem our club is likely facing is the timing of appointing someone like AVB,once the fans become restfull I doubt whether he will be able to be on top of the situation.AVB or Roberto might be good coaches but right now it is impossible to suceed a legend like King Kenny.His likely problem will be to try to please the fans and implement his philosophy at the same time.Please God guide us at this moment of sorrow.

  5. To be honest, if Van Gaal is in the frame, I want him as the manager - forget everyone else. He is a superstar of management, and opportunities to get someone of his experience don't come along that often. Scrap the DoF and just put Van Gaal in charge of everything. I'll be posting an article later with recent quotes from Van Gaal where he admits he wants to return to management.

  6. Think he will do well if he clears up any concerns about Carragher and Gerrard, etc, with the owners before taking the job. He did not get support from Abamovich, let's be honest. Although his changes at Chelsea look pretty stupid, now that they are Champions of Europe. Hardly a need for a major overhaul last season. I think his poor man management was against a backdrop of rebellion from Terry and Lampard and his reputation in Portugal was good as far as this was concerned.

    I think it is hard for any manager, apart from the shameless Capello, to look to excited about the job when the owners are making it obvious that they are even prepared to talk to my mum about the post. This kind of public interviewing techniques leads to people not wanting to embarrass themselves.

  7. Van Gaal LFC connection seems to be picking up pace, manager v director of football, do you think he fits the bill and for which position?

  8. True - but Dalglish had already established himself as a legend at the club, so players had massive respect for him despite his age.  AVB's perception would be a bit different.

  9. Excited ?!!

    You want a time machine Jamie , transport yerself back in time to when Roy Evans took over from Souness which was the last time we could be considered genuine Title Contenders .

    What credible manager could possibly be excited about the prospect of working for a board that clearly doesnt know its back end from its elbow ?

    Lets be sensible here & look how they treated Hodgson .

    They stated they had no plans to remove him then within 2 months sacked him .

    They brought in Comolli , then promoted Comolli & then less than a year later Sacked him !

    They begged Dalglish to come back , gave him a 3 year contract & then after he ends a 6 year trophy drought , gets to 2 cup finals in the only 2 cup competitions available to us all while only dropping only one minor league position from the last time a manager had a full season in charge with that squad but only dropped that one position after having secured a return to European Competition after a 1 year absence all while using a squad of inexperienced kids , the losing left overs & proven trophyless failures of previous managers & new faces who hadnt even had time to settle into the club .... they go & sack him !

    Any club or board with any integrity woulda gave Dalglish a contract extension & a bonus for what he achieved in his 1'st & so far only season.

    Only a fool or a desperate lower level manager would be excited about working for LFC in the current conditions .

    Anyone with personal & professional pride & ambition have already asked not to be considered which is without doubt a gigantic slap across the face & the true indicator of how far the club has fallen & how it is being percieved professionally within the Game .

    Excited ?

    Any manager with even an ounce of credibility & respectability wouldnt touch it with a barge pole .

    Mercenary & desperate lower level wannabes are the only ones gonna be interested .

  10. yes on Radio City News at 8am on the way in to work the headline was Luis Van Gaal could be coming. The masterplan is to have him completely oversee the whole club from the football point of view the academy etc and have Martinez under his guidance coach and manage the team. I think DOF would be just part of the role. More a hands on DOF than one in a suit like Comoli.

  11. The new manager is Martinez - nobody else has been interviewed, I believe the speculation is all nonsense, He was picked subject to interview before the FA cup final.

  12. Van Gael, sounds about right for the Americans, build a team with an English backbone then get a dutchman in.

  13. Kenny was a legend as a player not as a manager, you need to distinguish between that fact.

  14. Got to be a careful balance between the short term expectations v the long term ambitions, that was what AVB got wrong at Chelsea, in my view, as Roman (in hindsight of course) did not want to sacrifice too much of the short term expectations. From the outside looking in, AVB didn't seem to take into consideration how much he would have to tailor his methods and tactics to the players that were already there in order to maintain the short term expectations. That of course just one possible factor but a considerable one, me thinks. Either way, long term ambition takes time to fruition, if at all, its how much leeway a manager gets in the short term that is one of the obstacles to that. I hope he finds a more patient club and see how he does then.

  15. J so many of your post I read sound like your a evertonian, however I do think this one is spot on.

  16. Big Joke - if Daglish HAD finished 4th we would not be in the Champions league.

  17. Sporting Director is the title they would call him. In the Telegraph, Guardian, Mail and Mirror, however he might want the Managers job as well. The Yanks they say prefer the Sporting Director role with a youthful coach.

  18. What do you reckon the chances of achieving 'total football' with such a mix ;)

  19. Liverpool Echo today is saying Van Gaal as Sporting Director with AVB fav as manager. Martinez not in Boston he is actually on family holiday in carrabean. Also says that Capello has NEVER been considered and although Rogers has ruled himself out initially he may be approached. Reading between the lines everybody thinks they know something and the newspapers who dont know anything just make it up. same as with player speculation. LFC will sign no one until a new manager is in place.

  20. I think they should rename the competition 4th to me isnt Champion and in the Olympics it doesnt even get you a medal.
    How about calling it the  European Cup. That sounds a good name.

  21. so what we are after is someone with the following attributes then Jamie, 1.not in same age bracket as the players, 2. Not too emotional, 3. Must exude authority.

    Sounds very much like Benitez too me...oh an he has the added benefit of being a proven manager in the top flight with good stats (for those into stats) and is LFC through and through.

    What really worries me about Martinez is that failure here could ruin his career which would be a real shame, he is a good manager, but c'mon lets be honest is he really LFC material, I'm not so sure.
    One thing is for sure, any prospective manager who labels one of the top managerial positions in the country as a Technical Project surely doesn't belong, Pride, Passion, Commitment and Belief are the honorable qualities we should be looking for, oh and then there's the football too.  

  22. I think players need a reality check.  They arent the cleverest bunch out there are they.  I manage people way older than myself, and get what I need out of them everyday.  If I didnt, they'd be shown the door.
    It's not about age, it's about ability and leadership qualities.

  23. breaking news Martinez has just arrived in Boston,
    Boston Lincolnshire he put wrong postcode in his sat nav

  24. how can any of you on here, think martinez is good enough for liverpool? hes a young guy with lots to learn second in charge yes manager no. you lot will be on here next year saying oh hes no t good enough because he wont be. if they give him the job next season we will be in the bottom 4.

  25. Glad to hear someone else doesnt like the job called Technical Project, aaaaaaaaaaaagh,  the ony thing that makes me blood boil more is when someone tells me they are a consultant.

  26. i hate this new fad in football of referring to jobs as 'projects'.
    it's a football club not a school.
    i reckon AVB has an element of fear of failure after the chelsea fiasco and probably needs to feel wanted,this probably isn't happening when there are reports of up to 11 other candidates being linked with the job.

  27. He won the league three times with liverpool and could have won four if it wasn't for hillsborough . 2 FA cups and three league cups so what do you mean not a legend

  28. Van Gaal is worse than Dalglish in term of media handling skills! Watch him on Youtube having confrontation with media.
    I just wish Owners make right choice! 

  29. If the new manager isn't cutting it and the club is at the bottom of the table, Fenway can sack him and van Gaal can take over as boss. Win win. :P

  30.  Please keep ABC (as the Chelsea fans nicknamed him) far away from Anfield. He talks incomprehensible management twaddle.

    Earlier this year AVB's press conferences were so rambling and incoherent Adrian Durham on Talksport used to preface Chelsea segments with the "Mr Benn" theme tune and the strap line, "AVB he hasn't got a clue!"

    Please just say no to AVB.

  31. AVB was bought in to overhaul an ageing squad at Chelsea which was exactly what he was doing. The senior players such as Terry, Lampard and Drogba couldn't or wouldn't adhere to his footballing philosophy so were dropped to the bench. 

  32. Jamie, are you having a Giraffe....you want Van Gaal over everyone else mentioned....!!! He made an absolute balls of Barcelona....did the same when he went to Bayern....is an absolute certainty to fall out with players....the guy is a disaster waiting to happen....!!! He has lasted no length in any of his recent positions and for good reason....!!! 

  33. No, sorry Jaimie but he's too old.  We want him as DoF to attract players and Martinez as Coach.  That way we benefit from experience but are not held back by it and Martinez can create a vibrant, attacking, team.  I would also like to see Carragher appointed as a player/coach with a view to taking over from Steve Clarke in a couple of years time.

  34. Well, that's it, there are ONLY reports. Fenway never said there is a list of 12 candidates, only the media. Fenway never said they approached the likes of de Boer, Klopp and Deschamps. For all we know, the aforementioned said publicly they are ruling themselves out but privately they agreed to talk to Fenway about the position. 

    If you are going for a job interview, you're not going to tell everyone at your present company you're doing so, are you!

  35. That's because Adrian Durham hasn't got a clue himself.

  36. With someone like Van Gaal above Martinez, there would be constant speculation about 'when is VG going to take over from Martinez'? Every time the club had a few bad results, the press would be speculating about LVG taking over, and eventually, it would probably happen.

    If we're going that structure, we need a DoF who doesn't still have designs on managing, and LVG definitely does.

  37. What are you talking about? He wont the league and cup double at Bayern and got the club to the champions league final; how is that screwing up? He also won the league twice at Barca, as well as winning titles with Ajax.

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  39.  Bayern are Germanys most dominant best supported & richest club .

    Barca are one half of Spains most dominant , richest & best supported Clubs .

    Ajax are Hollands most dominant biggest & best supported club .

    Point being he had a lot less competition to achieve what he did do than he would with mid table cheap skate LFC who have clueless Yanks chopping & changing personnel more often than a ditzy trophy wife changes her shoes .

    Van Gaal done a wonderful job against the odds for Ajax back in the mid 90's , in real terms he only barely managed to fulfill the minimum expectations at any other club he went to after that .

    You are living in a time warp Jamie , LFC is no longer the club you seem to imagine they are .

    They are in very real trouble & if they avoid a relegation battle in the coming season it will be a success no matter who replaces Dalglish , unless they do a U Turn & replace Dalglish with Dalglish & I wouldnt put it past them .

    In that case I'd expect Kenny to continue the revival .

  40. Just cos Durham is sarcastic most of the times doesn't mean that AVB is bad mngr. it just means that Durham is one of the idiots who somehow earn a living by talking rubbish on radio. That radio station has lots of idiots working for them. Stan Collymore, a Gray. Id rather listen to Classic FM.

  41. I think we as fans have to unite and get behind any decision FSG makes.I think AVB will b good appointment and we shouldnt judge him from his time at Chelsea. Player power was the reason he didn't succeed there.

  42. As mentioned by Brehon....easy things to do with the sides that he had....but he also marginalised players where ever he went, and you fail to mention about the time he went back to Barca and made a complete French Hen of things...Barca fans were glad to see the back of him both times....!!! Bayern also struggled to third in the league under Van Gaal that would be like Fergie taking Utd to finish behind Arsenal and Spurs right now....!!! Nothing to write home about.

  43. You forget that van Gaal took AZ Alkmaar, a mid-table club, to the Dutch league title in 2009. 

  44.  i agree.however it seems weird that dave whelan confirmed we asked to speak to martinez but sky are reporting that we haven't actually spoken to im.
    i hope this doesn't drag on.

  45. Thankyou. I dont get where people are getting the idea that Kenny never did anything as a manager. Its either "he only won anything because of Bob Paisley or he only won with Blackburn because he had money" That is beyond stupid.

  46. Your point being that he obviously can motivate mid table players to over perform in one of Europes weaker Leagues  ?

    So can Martain O Neil but that doesnt make him the right man at the right time for LFC .

  47. The points you've made to belittle LVG's achievements are either irrelevant, unquantifiable, or just plain unfair. You can't just turn up at these clubs and win trophies without management skill. How many other managers have won top titles in three different countries? A manager's job is to win trophies - end of story. Yes, they have ancillary duties like developing youngsters etc, but the main task is to win, and LVG has done that continuously.

    I'm not quite sure what your point about 'living in a timewarp' has to do with anything - if that was the case, I wouldn't have been calling for Dalglish to step down.

    Additionally, your points about LVG winning trophies because of 'less competition' and achieving 'minimum expectations' have zero merit. They're just meaningless soundbytes.

    * How is winning 2 league titles in a row with Barca just meeting 'minimum expectations'?

    * How is a league and cup double, plus CL final appearance for Bayern (in his first season in charge) just meeting 'minimum expectations?

    * I suppose you'll tell me that leading AZ Alkmaar to their first league title in 18 years in 2009 (and only the club's second in its history) was due to 'less competiton'? That was a magnificent achievement.

    Plenty of managers go to big clubs and fail to win anything; LVG has won top trophies at every club he's managed. That means something, and when assessing his suitability for Liverpool, that is the only fact that matters (IMO).

    If you have factual reasons why LVG is not good enough for LFC then I'd love to hear them.

  48. Some good points there and agree with most of it. But I do think the Alkmaar achievement is a amazing achievement, even if it is in a weaker league, as Alkmaar aren't on the same level as Ajax and PSV (there is always the Ferguson-Aberdeen example I guess too). That doesn't necessarily mean that alone is good enough to be given a shot at a big club but certainly worth more credit than you give it, in the post below, in my view. 

  49.  I already stated the relevant facts & haven’t omitted anything , you on the other hand have omitted the facts that Bayern Sacked him , Barca Sacked him Ajax sacked him & he was a failure with his national team .

    If you knew anything about Van Gaal it is that he is very difficult to work with & work for , he is notorious for falling out with his players & employers .... hence all the controversy .

    That aside I respect him as a football man but I'm not fool enough to ignore the baggage that comes along with him at this a very delicate time to be joining LFC .

  50. Project isn't a bad word he means rebuilding of a football club we desperAtly need it and fsg call it a long term strategy. With a senior football director a younger manager happy with the smaller remit us needed tha rafAS of this world want total control

  51. So, being sacked is now the barometer of managerial quality? Lots of top managers have been sacked over the years, often more than once: Examples: Mourinho; Ancelotti; Benitez (twice); Brian Clough Capello (Twice); Arrigo Sacchi was sacked by Milan...and the list goes on.  Being sacked is par for the course in football. 

    You state that he's 'notorious for falling out with players', but that is paper talk.  You're overstating it to suit your argument.  All managers alienate some players; it's unavoidable, but in the modern game, it's good IMO to have a manager who puts these overpaid ladyboys in the places.  And how has this alleged 'baggage' affected his achievements as manager?  He's still won the league with every team he's ever managed, and that is success, whatever way you slice it.

  52. chibuzo akobundu6:59 pm, May 23, 2012

    I have said in many previous  postings said that AVB is the wrong choice . I will say it until the cows come home. My biggest problem with AVB is that he did not work hard to win the respect of the players at Chelsea. I don't know if he was expecting the same type of locker room he had at Porto, but like I have said before he has shown the world that he does not have the ability to adapt "his" tactics when it does not work too well. 

    At Chelsea he got into it with a few of the veteran players who are the core members of that squad. Namely John Terry and Frank Lampard, so much so that the latter was dropped and found himself starting many games from the bench. After receiving the dreaded vote of confidence he went on ahead to try to bring beautiful foot-ball to Chelsea by tinkering with the system. He started the 50million pound Torres and benched Drogba.  While he thought that he was acting with the backing of the manager AVB found out the hard way that owner was going to support his team instead. It is always easier to just fire one man than it is to get rid of a whole team. 

    Villas Boas in my humble opinion  tried to do too much too soon. He should have taken a good look at his squad and identified their strengths and weaknesses and then set up a system to take advantage of those strengths while working to improve their weaknesses as time went on.  I think he wanted too much too soon. Chelsea will never play like Real Madrid or like Barcalona, it has it's own foot-balling signature style. It can eventually play like Real Madrid or Barcalona but you would have to actually replace a lot of their players. 

    Another reason I don't want him as Liverpool manager is just like Jamie has said he does not exude the authority to properly handle the many egos found in big clubs. People could turn around and say well he took Porto to the top of the Portuguese leagues he must have the skills to communicate with different types of players . I think that he succeeded there simply because he had a working knowledge of the Portuguese style of play and the Portuguese player psyche. To make a long story short he could not "adapt" his technique to fit the English style of play. That is why he failed to make a positive impression with a team chuck full of talent. Managers with the ability to adapt are those who succeed plain and simple.

    In this respect I believe that Roberto Martinez is a better candidate for the job because he has got a lot more experience in English foot-ball from his time at Swansea and the time at Wigan. If Martinez had Daglish's budget at Wigan he would have finished higher up the table.

  53. I've stated my points & I'm not going to argue with you for the sake of arguement .

    Van Gaal is one of Europes top Football men but he is notoriously hard headed & stubborn .

    If City were to employ him & ask him to deliver the Champions League & back him with ridiculous amounts of money then I would expect it from him .

    LFC are not in that scenario though .

    Van Gaal , like Benitez would deliver Hodgson standard results & mid table with a couple of cup semi finals would be a success .

    That is by no means an insult .

    I whole heartedly expect a relegation battle unless we do manage to deliver a Van Gaal to replace Dalglish .

  54. AVB must be appointed ahead of MARTINEZ. The simple fact being AVB is massivley under rated know that he was recently sacked and he has player PULL.

    He had a + 80% win record in Portugal and is well respected in that country.

    Benfica and Porto is a portal for the best young south american talent in the world. After years of dealings they have a tight grip on that market  and buy low and sell high, AVB can tap in to the current crop i.e. Pierera, Moutinho, Gaitan etc who have been quoted as wanting to leave for the Prem and he will also no doubt have direct contacts in South America.  

    JT, Lampard, Cole etc did not like him because they have big egos and would not listen to some Potugese lad that made them watch videos over and over, and try to play possessin football which they were not used to whereas technical players like i.e. Luiz, Romero, Bosingwa, Mata, Meireles understood him/his tactis and liked him. Nevertheless the squad split and caved in.

    I am quite sure that our squad would take to him, are future players do not have egos (Hendo, Carroll, Coates, Sterling), Reina, Enrique, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson all love to get forward and can play a AVB high line effectivley.

    Lucas, Suarez and Coates all speak his mother tongue and Gerrard albeit egotistic will listen to his ideas and is not a dick as such.

    To make AVB's type of 4-2-3-1 work you need specialist players, we already have the most of what we need, and with getting rid of Maxi and Kuyt we would need perhaps need only 4 or 5 addidtional players max to compete well for the top 3/4.

    Appointing AVB instead of Martinez probably doubles the chance of signing many top foreign techincal players that we have lacked since Rafa's reign and even then we missed a mata/silva type.

    Ballague said on talksport that Martinez is view in Spain and Portugal as a British Manager as he played the majoirty of his carrear and then managed in England. IMO in his first season, Martinez would not be able to attract the type of player we need to break into that top 4. AVB could straight away, whether he could get them playing how he wants in the first season is the million dollar question.

    Personally I would sign AVB as there is no compensation to pay and I believe in him and that LFC would give him time to blend a championship winning team. Every manager has their faults AVB is young and will make mistakes but I think he has the character and technical ability to be one of the greatest managers of all time and we would be foolish to let him go by.   

  55. Magento Development Company8:02 pm, May 23, 2012

    f we, as fans had a choice of who to pick as our boss at the end of the season...... who would you go for?

  56. chibuzo you talk common sense and you put your points across well

  57. may I bring to your attention that Uruquayans speak Spanish not Portuguese. Lucas speaks Portuguese being a Brazilian. The treaty of Tordesilla 1494 divided South America between Spain and Portugal apart from the present day countries of Surinam, Guyana and French Guyana who were colonies of Holland, Britain and France
    AVB was whether you agree or not was an unmitigated disaster of a manager at Chelsea and was turfed out by the owner, because he quite frankly didnt have a clue. It might be all nice and pretty theorising and drawing diagrams and watching you watch endless dvd's but at the end of the day his theories and ideas didnt work and were not accepted by the team. So how is it all going to happen with a different club, particularly now with LFC who are full of players who are not technically equipped to take all this in.
    (Carroll Henderson Spearing Downing Adam Enrique)

  58. Van gaal is my first choice too with carra as assistant. It would b a win win situation an experianced manger to get us back where we belong and show carra the ropes along the way.

  59. The problem is that FSG cant tell the difference between a football and a watermelon.
    All those Nobel prizes of Moneyball have been proven wrong.
    Benitez is the only serious candidate for the job.

  60. Read this please........


  61. They had a choice and they got it wrong last season. 

  62. I wish people would let the owners get on with things. There is no magic wand that can turn clubs into champions overnight. Barnes had it right with his interview the other day. This is going to take time. It looks like they are stripping the club infrastructure and rebuilding. Good on them, it shows they mean business. What concerns me is the halfwits behaviour who think because we got of h&g, they can do the same with NESV. They need to time to get this right, because it is going to take a new vision. The club has stagnated for 20 years due to living in the past with no clear idea of the future. Leave them to it. 

  63. Akash_superstarfc10:14 pm, May 23, 2012

    Roberto Martinez........(NO BIG TEAM EXPERIENCE).
    Rafa Benitez..............(VERY EGO). Brendan Rodgers........((NO BIG TEAM EXPERIENCE)). Fabio Capello.............(OLD) Andre Villas-Boas........(NOT THE RIGHT MAN FOR LIVERPOOL). Pep Guardiola............(CANNOT SUCCESS AT OTHER CLUB). Didier Deschamps Jurgen Klopp Michael Laudrup David Moyes............(NOT VERY GOOD). Harry Redknapp Only FRANK RIJKAARD as Manager and LUIS VAN GAAL as Director Of Football. If liverpool appoint middle class manager, only middle class player will join liverpool. BUT if liverpool appoint SUPERP manager, sure all the SUPERP and fantastic players will join liverpool. Before this, liverpool already try managers from: FRANCE (Gerard Houllier). SPAIN: (Rafa Benitez). ENGLANG: (Roy Hodgson). SCOTLAND: Kenny Dalglish.
    So now go for Holland Management… because Holland always got talen,
    that is Frank Rijkaard who bring Barcelona to the Top & also Luis
    Van Gaal that win 2 La Liga title in 3 season with Barcelona.
    Both also like to play Attacking Game. So I hope liverpool will appoint
    FRANK RIJKAARD as Manager and LUIS VAN GAAL as Director Of Football. And Give Them Money To SIGN: Higuain (Striker) Ibrahim Affaley (Right Winger). Eden Hazard (Playmaker). Kagawa (Left Winger). Lucas Biglia (Defensive Midfielder).

  64. the beatles have spilt up ! steve clarke ?

  65. disgrace what this gang of hillbillies have done .in it 4 a quick buck . yanks .look whats happened to facebook etc .run LFC ????? wouldn"t let them run a bath ! go home you septic tanks

  66. In my opinion, you could not have said it any better,the bottom line here is MONEY and screw anyone or anything that get's in the way of that!,and by money I am referring to CL qualification.

  67. You are correct there is no magic wand!,so why sack Kenny?,he was on the right track, now we are going to be starting from scratch and if you think a top four finish is attainable next season, think again!. FSG havn't a clue about the EPL or it's complexities and what it takes to run and operate a successful team,the bottom line for them is money!, that's all.

  68. Please God,no to AVB,made a mess of it at Chelsea and will do the same for LFC and in ten month's time we will be starting all over again!. Give HOLLOWAY a call, he's the guy LFC needs!

  69. That's a fair point, but I fear that will be the case whoever we get as DoF unless we go for someone who is not a "name" in that role - in which case I think it would be a waste of time appointing them.  The only way I can see it working with LVG or Capello or even Benitez would be if FSG decided that they wanted Carragher as their longterm coach/manager and used the others as a shorter term appointment.  I just cannot see them going for age and experience as they believe that they had their fingers burnt by Kenny. 

  70.  director         luis van gaal
     coach           fabio capello

    kuyt      5
    maxi      3
    bellamy   free
    downing   10
    henderson   12
    adam        5
    carroll       20
    spearing    2

    total     57

    strootman    12
    g.ramirez        16
    van wolfswinkel  15
    mertens        15
    javi martinez    40
    eriksen      25

    total    123

    -----strotman-----javi martinez----

  71.  The Good of the Club needs speaking up for now they have got rid of Kenny .

    Thanks for the comments lads .

  72. Football is a results game and after spending 110 million the owners wanted to see progress. In their opinion they didnt see it. I don't have the answer to why he was sacked so questioning me is pointless. I quite liked some of the football we played this season. Though, and this is something i brought to the attention of my friend some time ago. There is a MASSIVE problem when players miss as many chances as ours did. You can play pretty football allday long but, if you don't get results, you walk, simple. Confidence, coaching, etc. Whatever, its the job of the manager to sort these problems out and he didnt. I said at the start of the season that losing Mereiles would be the same as Rafa losing Alonso.

    I don't expect to be in the top four next season. I'm not your average deluded Liverpool fan. I thought this season would be a tough task anyway. With Kenny gone and rebuilding going on, its going to take even longer.

    How do you know they know nothing about football? What evidence do you have? Do you think our owners would spend millions on a whim? They are ruthless and have shown as such. They are looking after their investment.

    Football since 1991 is all about the money. Get over it. I bet you don't whine about money, money, money when you switch on Sky. You and the rest of the 'i know better than yow' crowd make me cringe. The hypocrisy is laughable it really is.

    The way i see it now is, we don't really have a choice. These guys are not H&G and won't be seen off by bent owners anytime soon. So, the only real choice is to give them a go. What's the alternative? Split the fan base and if we do have a problem, escalate it?

  73. You are right football is a results business and whilst I agree ou league form was pretty crappy at times we did win Carling Cup ( I know just an insignificant competition) and got to FA cup final ( also not worth much of anything either), so there are some results for you. I know they no nothing about football in the way they have handled th whole Dalglish sacking along with the other sacking's that have been made. If they did no anything at all they would have lined- up a replacement for KD,at least in initial approach,now they are scurrying around trying to find a suitable manager. It seem's rather strange that so many managers have declined an interest in becoming the next manager of LFC, would have been unheard of a few years ago,but they obviously also see how ruthless these people are as well! Of course football is about money but this IMO shouldn't be the bottom line but if that makes me a hypocrite,oh well!, I don't know better than anyone else and never stated that I did, I was merely putting my opinion forward. We don't have a choice it is what it is but we can still can and should voice our concerns!