22 May 2012

Molby: Top LFC manager candidate is the 'unluckiest man in football'...

Anfield legend Jan Molby recently argued that Norwich City boss Paul Lambert should be the only manager Liverpool consider to replace Kenny Dalglish, but the former Swansea manager also concedes that deposed Chelsea boss Andre Villas Boas is in with a good chance, and sympathises with the Portuguese over the way he was treated at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo yesterday, Molby - who led Kidderminster Harriers to the Conference title in 2000 - observed:

"I don’t think Andre Villas-Boas will be far from FSG’s thoughts, and I can understand why.

"For me, he is the unluckiest man in football. He arrived at Chelsea to restyle the club and to make some tough decisions...but he wasn’t given the support or backing to do so..

"He made some mistakes, but his record is superior to Roberto Di Matteo’s, and some of the players – think Romeu, Lukaku, Cahill, Mata, will be mainstays of Chelsea going forward".

On Sunday, Villas-Boas made it clear he was in no rush to take the Liverpool job, insisting that he was still 'choosing the right project' and that arriving at a decision would 'take the necessary time'.

You can't really blame him for being cautious, and (possibly) a little bit insecure. Roman Abromovich paid Porto £13.3m to secure AVB's services, a huge amount of money that probably gave him the sense of infallibility. After all, who would pay such a huge amount of money for a manager if they weren't going to give him time to implement his ideas?

Being sacked after 9 months must have been a massive shock to the system for AVB, and he'll want assurances from FSG that the same thing won't happen again if Liverpool go through a bad run of results.

If I was AVB, I would have clauses written into my contract that prohibited termination for the first two years at least, but I'm not sure FSG would entertain the possibility of such a deal.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Our new manager should be either Andre Villas-Boas or either Fabio Capello.
    1. I am fully confident that the Principal Owner John W. Henry and Chairman
    Thomas Werner will get it right and make the right call. The man that should
    replace Kenny Dalglish should not be other than Andre Villas-Boas; no Roberto
    Martinez, no Brendan Rodger. Andre-Villas Boas is a good manager and his
    footballing philosophy and style of play will fit LFC. He is one of the world's
    most exciting young coaches and because he didn't do it at Chelsea that doesn't
    make him less good.
    2. On the other hand Fabio Capello has one of the most impressive winning
    titles record. He eventually became coach at Milan in 1991 and led them to
    domestic and continental glory with his crowning achievement the 1993-94 UEFA
    Champions League title, defeating Barcelona 4-0 in a memorable final. Leaving
    for a single season in charge of Real Madrid, in which he guided the club to
    the Spanish league title in 1997. In 1999 joined Roma. He won the 2001 Serie A
    title although that was to be as far as he could take them and he moved on from
    the debt-ridden club to Juventus in 2004. Juventus won the 2004-05 and 2005-06
    Scudetto under Capello's leadership. On a second spell at Real Madrid, Capello
    brought an end to Madrid's long trophy drought with another title in 2007.
    Capello does things his own way or players face the highway. It is as simple as
    that. A winner who does not countenance failure. Capello employs an anchor-man
    in front of his defence as part of a midfield diamond. He switches between
    operating with a tall striker and fast partner, with a more expansive three-man
    frontline, boasting pace on the wings and power in the central area.

  2. I would prefer Didier Deschamps to the other young candidates linked to LFC post.

  3. If FSG want AVB to help Liverpool is give him the full control of the new signings and don't interfere him in the management. That should give him the assurance over it and FSG can give the target that he need to achieve. That should be it but the problem lies on will the player give full cooperation and injury problem.

  4. sky are reporting that martinez hasn't had any meetings with fsg yet contrary to some reports saying he is due to have a second meeting with them in boston on thursday.

  5. These are really good/positive news my fellow friend Titi.

  6. out
    kuyt        5
    bellamy   free
    maxi        4
    aquiliani    5
    downing    10
    henderson   12
    adam        5
    spearing     2
    shelvey    loan

    joe cole
    strootman    10
    g.ramirez      16
    eriksen          25
    wilshere         25
    chielini           20


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  7. http://katecohensoccer.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/why-andre-villas-boas-will-be-a-success-at-liverpool%E2%80%8F/

    Read this website for a detailed analyis of AVB and what he can potentially do at Liverpool, very informative and well thought out

  8. It's not FIFA 12 and r u serious Cole for shelvey u must be a sheep not a red mate

  9. i'm presuming the numbers next to the names are prices.
    2 million for kuyt?-he has a 1million buy out clause if he moves outside the premiership.

  10. AVB is a massive risk and should not be considered at all. He has one year of enormous success at Porto to show for his career so far, counterweighted by a massive failure at Chelsea. 

    Managing change is the art of management - and AVB made a right big mess of it. Di Matteo showed the flaws in AVB's approach by playing to Chelsea's strengths while also bedding in new players (Torres, Cahill, Luiz, Lukaku), even though as he showed at WBA his natural instincts are to play in a more attacking way than Chelsea were able to in key matches against Barcelona and Bayern. 

    I rate AVB's chances of success at Liverpool at well below 50-50, a gamble Liverpool's owners will hopefully not take on.

  11. Capello would be a great choice!! He can tell Andy Carrol to change his lifestyle(again), back Luis Suarez if there is another Evra situation(like he did Terry) and be forced to resign(again). PR disaster waiting to happen, rather get a manager who can build a relationship with the players, instead of having a manager who has previous conflict and failings that seem very similar to some of the reasons why our previous manager was removed.

  12. We might as well buy leo messi and cristiano ronaldo while we're at then eh.


  13. Compare the quality of players Capello had at Milan, Roma, Real and Juventus to the squad we have here at Liverpool. Big difference in quality, generally. Unless the owners give him some serious transfer funds, it will be a alien environment for Capello in terms of the standard of players. His first job was at Milan and from there on, he has been used to nothing but seriously quality players at every club he has been at. He is a top club manager that is for sure. 

  14. I agree that avb is a huge risk but really he is the most high profile managaer we can attract.  But I agree with you on him hopefully not getting the job. dont think avb should take the job because he is a poor man manager and cant make his teams defend. Id rather see us snap up carlo ancelloti, he wont come because of PSG but he would almost guarentee us a return into CL.

  15. Ya i agree, the players do seem to fear capello.

    But then again i dont blame them

  16. chibuzo akobundu9:55 pm, May 22, 2012

    I don't know what planet you and all the other people who are asking for AVB live on but in my planet he failed at Chelsea a team with Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres, Juan Mata, Lampard just to name a few. If he could not get them to play for him how the hell will he get the Liverpool team to play for him. He wasn't respected by the team and it showed in their performance. I think you need to open your eyes and really look at all the other candidates before you get on here and make your point.

  17. Shelvey will be the long term replacement for Gerrard in my opinion.

  18. just had a call from ashworth.  your room is ready !

  19. Juventus's 2004 and 2005 titles were stripped from them because of match fixing 

  20. I agree that FSG will get it right at the end of it. At least they have embarked on a sensible approach in the hiring process. Though, I know a lot of the British press and pundits opined that the process is a farce. Its the American way and if done properly and objectively, it is a very effective approach.

    But I feel that a lot of fans are pre-judging the candidates and pre-emptively deciding on who they will endorse as manager. We should leave it to FSG on this and lend support to whoever the new manager is. Afterall, they are the owners and they too want to secure their investments.

    AVB or Capello is fine in my opinion. Although I have reservations about Martinez, but after hearing his footballing philosophy, he seems quite credible. He is tactically sound but his Wigan's experience may be a drawback. Then again, if young managers are not given a chance, we may never know if they are really good. 

    There is no tag on Ferguson's and Wenger's head that says "I am a great manager" when they first walk into their job or even Bob Paisley's for that matter. We will have to trust FSG on this one and lend our support to whoever the new manager is.  It is easy for fans to scream this manager is no good and that manager is good but we may not be privy to all information relating to the candidates and we do not know them personally. Its always easy to look back in hindsight and say, I told you so, but it takes guts, objectivity and good judgement to call the shot.

    So, lets leave it to FSG and support any new manager appointed like a true Liverpool fan.

  21. Yea that is why we have beaten Roma, Milan, Real and Juventus on more than one occasion.  That is why we will always beat them and that is why Capello will never be our manager

  22. Very wise statement my fellow JJ. Let us stick on the two main candidates: AVB and Fabio Capello.

  23. davewestausregularguest5:41 am, May 23, 2012

    All under Benitez i believe ?

  24. Hot favourite according to who? The bookies? Nobody really knows except the owners. 

  25. Yes AVB was beyond all shadow of a doubt a disaster in this country. Irrespective of what he did at Porto he was absolutely bloody awful, he is far too young and do you think he is going to get the respect from Gerrard and Carragher that a manager should after not getting it from Lampard JT and Drogba.

  26. Great article on this site: 

    Why Villas Boas Can Succeed at Liverpool, Whilst Failing at Chelseahttp://www.eplindex.com/14831/andre-villas-boas-succeed-liverpool-failing-chelsea.html

  27. The right call is Louis Van Gaal as Director of Football and Martinez as manager, Capello is now to old and a dinosaur all his achievements go back 5 or more years.
    AVB was one of the most disastrous footballing management appointment times of the modern era. Why do  you think after such a disaster he can turn it round.
    As for the Americans I wouldnt trust them to make the right call at all. They have about as much football knowledge between them as Colonel Sanders.

  28. http://www.eplindex.com/14831/andre-villas-boas-succeed-liverpool-failing-chelsea.html

    Great article: "Why AVB Will Succeed At Liverpool, Whilst Failing at Chelsea"

  29. haha, hope its padded

  30. Plus from a purely childish point of view, have you heard AVB speak? Can't stand to listen to it. Urghhh ARhhh errrrmm.

  31. ReturnoftheSh1b9:32 am, May 23, 2012

    Whatever happened to the £500 you were supposed to donate to the H'Boro Group after LFC failed to get top 4 last season?

  32.  So, where is the £500 you were going to donate to Hillsborough after LFC failed to get top 4 last season?  You are a worm.

  33. Just according to the bookies I was in yesterday pal. I know this means nothing in regards as to who will actually get the job but as I said before he is the favourite. Then again that seems to change from day to day.

  34. AVB did well in Portugal with the country's best and richest team, so we need to look at his Porto achievements in context.

    As for his time at Chelsea, he was badly undermined by prima donnas such as Drogba, Lampard and Terry but he also made a lot of mistakes. I know he's young but some of his errors - especially with tactics - smacked of naivety. 

    The thought of his appointment doesn't exactly fill me with joy. I know some are dead against it but the best tactician available at the minute is Benitez. He's also got enough clout to attract big names, at least bigger names than Martinez, Rodgers etc could attract.

    For me, Rafa is the best candidate. Whether that means he'll be made an offer I don't know but if you're going on achievements, standing etc, Rafa is head and shoulders above the rest. Plus, he loves the club and after all, love for the club was enough for FSG to give Dalglish another go so why not Benitez, who also has better credentials?

  35. So what if we have beaten Roma, Milan, Real, Juventus, etc...we have also lost to the likes of Fulham, QPR, Reading (Rafa...I think twice lost to them), etc. A big result here and there doesn't mean anything, especially when it only results in 1 CL title and no league titles in two decades. A league season involves 38 games, not just a handful of games against big sides. That is our problem, this mentality of turning up against the big sides and not showing up against the lesser sides. This was apparent in Rafa's reign, before Rafa's reign and after it.

  36. Cappello..thats got be the best joke yet.He is a joke of a man and tactically he has never been up to much.Just becouse these managers only manage top teams with money to spend and a set up that is usually top class to start with,dont make them any better than some poor sod who works on a budget and does a good job but is never given a chance to manage a top team.Its just jobs for the boys. 

  37. Well said..Totally agree.

  38. Sensible approach...wow,They are making us a laughing stock.Why can't people accept that they are capitalists who bought us on the cheap to make money,I support liverpool like i have for 30 years and will the manager ,but stop making out they are some kind of saviours becouse its money addicts like their sort that have wrecked it in the first place,Football in general that is.

  39. Actions speak louder than words and he failed at chelsea.Martinez has got to be given a chance at a big club at some point.

  40. High profile why,what does that mean.Is it becouse his name was banded in the papers for failing at chelsea,People are fooled so easily.

  41. Totally agree its ridiculas if he is not even interviewed.

  42. AVB took Chelski , a proven competitive consistent top 4 side & turned em into a top 6 side because he couldnt command the respect of the players .

    LFC are a proven gutless top 10 side who are now looking to under achieve under their 4'th manager in 2 years .

    Logically a relegation battle is the foreseeable outcome .

  43.  Benitez lost the players he himself assembled .

    Ferguson made a monkey outa him time & again .

    Opposition fans , managers & players disrespected him as did the press .

    The Kop openly turned on him at the end because of his ridiculous in game decisions .

    In short he was found out at the level .

    Because of this the Inter Players instantly rejected him as a fool he failed miserably there & was sacked & now because of that his reputation as a clown isnt just here in Britain it is Europe Wide .

    Sadly tho ...

    Until he is returned to fail once again with the core of the squad of failures he put together & who in turn betrayed him no manager worth their salt will look twice at the job hence the reason the likes of Klopp , De Boer & Rodgers have asked not to be considered .

    Whoever takes over will like Dalglish simply be treading water until such time they are axed by a board more intent on pandering to the populist press than they are upon restoring the club to its full & glorious competitive potential .

    Simple fact of the matter is that sacking Dalglish has set the clubs progress back anywhere between 5 & 7 years because if Benitez is returned he will need at least 2 years to re convince everyone beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the failure he has proven himself to be & from there it will take who ever replaces him at least 3 to 5 years to restore us to where Dalglish has now left us which is on the brink of challenging for duel trophys in a season , namely the Premier League & the Europa League .

    Dalglish was & remains the only man for the job & with a board as clownish as the one we have in place it wouldnt surprise me to see him returned to the management position within the time span of the Contract he signed only last year .

  44. No, I have never made them out to be saviours. Indeed, they are capitalist, full stop. Unfortunately, in the real world, money talks and the fact is they own the club. We can only hope they do not wreck the club like the previous owners did. As you know, football is an immense global business and it generates many spin off businesses. 

  45. Then mid table here we come

  46. hahahahahaha, wilshere? selling downing, henderson and adam and letting go of Bellamy. Glad you wont get the managers job, bet you always lose on fifa aswell

  47. We were lucky as hell to even qualify for two cup finals, let alone be lucky enough for cardiff to gift us the CC trophy. Kenny's starting 11's where complete frustration all season.

    I for one am glad as kenny is gone. His style of play at anfield was a snoozefest ffs. If Kenny is all you got to hang your hat on then you my friend are 'bang out of order.'

    Seriously, the King is and will always be a legend on the field. I have respect for that man. But he was never going to be the one to lead liverpool to a title. I think the stagnation of the club is a direct result of the personnel behind the scenes at liverpool. It is about time someone decided to change some things. 

    Has anyone else considered that Kenny leaving the board to become care taker and then manager was some inside job to remove him from the club to begin with 15 months ago? Right or wrong, you have to consider how it happened. The question is why?

  48.  We werent one bit lucky , we worked hard & earned our position in both finals & were very unlucky not to win both of them .

    In the league no teams out side the top 2 created more chances than us so how you can say our football was boring is a mystery .

    The same top two teams are the only clubs with a better defence than us this season .

    Dalglish done a magnificent restoration job on us this season .

    He was sacked because we have a clueless dishonest Yank board in place intent upon pandering to the whims of the populist press & banking the profits .

    Meet the new Yank owners , same as the old Yank owners .

    Ayre has stated that even winning both finals wouldnt have secured him a 2'nd season & as fate had it the 4'th place Henry mentioned wouldnt have delivered Champions league qualification in any case so basically Kenny was sacked for not taking a relegation threatened mid table side from 4 'th bottom to 3'rd top  in the space of only 1.5 seasons & all while using a squad 6 senior players short of the permitted Premier League quota .

    LFC is a disgrace .

    It is a poison chalice which is why so many high profile managers are asking not to be considered for the managers job .

  49. Then please do us true fans a favor and find a new team to support. It is ridiculous to think that a team could win the clown cup on PK's when liverpool was the worse in the league when it came to converted PK's. We even missed two out of the five with supposedly the best PK shooters on the team. One of which Kenny even paid 9L for, specifically for his set piece specialties. How about the FA cup? Who's fault was it that the first 30 minutes of the game the team played like a bunch of rookies? It is the managers job to motivate the players, care to tell me what happened that day? Keep defending Kenny and blame the yanks. You are delusional my friend.

    If the new regime fails over the next two years then sure go ahead and blame the owners. But from what I see, I think you will be eating crow. Because a shake up is exactly what liverpool football club needs and a lot less fan input based on past bias. 

  50.  LOL !

    PK shooters indeed !

    How long have you been a true fan now then Jax ?

    are we talking weeks months hours or days ?

    This new shower of Yank thieves have done nothing different than the last crowd of Yank thieves so far & now they have been here robbiing us for almost 2 years .

    No new Stadium , & no stability , just exactly how their Yank  "Buddies" left us .

    Strange tha eh ?

  51. That was not the first time Chelesa players have alienated a coach. While I am not for AVB at LFC, I am not against him as a coach, his tactics are far superior to what Chelsea play. The factis that Lampard refused to learn or play in the new system as did the rest of "the old guard." He was never given a chance to implement his tactics. Chlesea players have been known to run the club and choose their own coach. We will see how DiMatteo will do once the love affair has worn off. Carragher and Gerrard have far more respect than Lampard and Terry.