20 Apr 2012

VIDEO: Mikel Zaton - The '5 hat-trick' striker that LFC want to sign...

As revealed earlier today, Liverpool FC are currently 'in negotiations' with Athletic Bilbao over the potential signing of youngster Mikel Zato, a striker with an amazing scoring record. What kind of player is he? Check out the following video to find out more.

Zaton, who is also being watched by Barcelona, Real Madrid and Villareal, has scored an incredible five hat-tricks this season, and you can see some of his goals in the video below:

What do you think?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Hey Jaimie, Unai Emery said today that he's leaving Valencia in the summer. Call FSG !!!

  2.  depends on how much money for signing him, is it really worth the investment to have him in our reserves for 3-4 years untill he shows premier class. maybe if the total is 1-2 mil.

  3. Theycallmemrburt5:41 pm, April 20, 2012

    My advice to the kid would be to Speak to Dani Pacheco, Dani Ayala, San Jose, Bernard Mendy, Krisztian Nemeth, Dalla Valle, Le Tallec and Sinama Pongolle before you sign ANYTHING.  Anfield:  The young players graveyard.

  4. If he is good enough, then he will get his chance. Mendy was never good enough. Le Tallec thought he was gods gift and look where he is now. Pongolle was too inconsistent and Nemeth and Dalle Valle clearly never had enough about them either. San Jose could have stayed though. I always thought he was a superb defender and he is proving that now week in week out at Bilbao. Pacheco was a strange one though.  Zaton seems to be able to hold up the play, make good runs and finish, so why not? 

  5. Pro_Benitez_Cult9:24 pm, April 20, 2012

    Any reason why my comment was deleted?