11 Mar 2012

One of Benitez's biggest flops set to return to the Premier League...?

Former Liverpool midfielder Bolo Zenden could be on the verge of a return to English football with Blackburn Rovers.

Speaking to TalkSport yesterday, Blackburn Rovers boss Steve Kean revealed that he'd discussed the possibility of a move with Zenden. He said:

"He [Zenden] has a wealth of experience; He's only ever played at the top level, when he was at Marseille, Barcelona and so on. He's had plenty of offers to go a level down in this and other countries, but he wants to finish his career at the top end and that's important for him.

"We're confident we've made a good case for what we want to do, where he would fit in, play him and what the dynamic is. I'm sure he left much more positive that when he came and that was important from our point of view."

Some fans may feel it's a little bit harsh calling Zenden a 'flop', but for me, that's what he was for Liverpool. What exactly did he do during his time at Anfield except collect a fat pay-check every week, and keep promising young players out of the team?

Supposedly a creative midfielder, Zenden managed only two goals and 3 assists in 47 appearances, yet Rafa Benitez kept playing starting him ahead of more deserving players.

In one of the most inexplicable decisions of his reign, Benitez started Zenden in the 2007 Champions League Final against AC Milan ahead of Craig Bellamy, who later argued that the snub had driven him 'to his wits end'.

So ineffective was Zenden's performance that Benitez withdrew him in the 59th minute, but the damage was already done.

Having said all that, Zenden is a model professional, and I wish him all the best, and if he goes to Blackburn, his undoubted experience will be a great benefit to the team.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. i'm glad you mentioned him starting the champs league final.
    he put in a pitiful performance that night.
    a player that did nothing week in week out in a red shirt.

  2. The only positive was he came on a free....and not 35million or 20 million or 20million or 8million

  3. he was definately aplayer who did not live upto the hype.

  4. There is one undisputable fact we will never ever be able to criticise Kenny for a wrong team selection in a champions league final will we,

  5. He wasn't brilliant but did get a severe injury. He was a good professional as you say and a good player for Middlesbrough so I think getting him on a free was a good call.

    Shouldn't have started the European Cup final- bit of a Kewell moment.

    Hardly call him one of Rafa's biggest flops though.

  6. Trying to change the subject are you? KD's atricious display against SAFC so drag out an ancient subject of Benitez to try a slight of hand mis-direction! Get real Galglish will go down as the greatest flop provider ofall time!

  7. oh great, fed of the sight of his floppy hair lol
    rubbish for liverpool simple as that, bit of a poulson............or is that a bit harsh?? who cares............were shocking regardless. we could probably make messi look sh#te in a red shirt at the moment.

  8. just champs league qualifier would be a start eh??
    comebackrafa.....for sure

  9. Had Bellamy started, we would have won it 6 times! Zenden makes Downing and Henderson look like Ribery and Robben.

  10. Zenden was ok, he was versatile and he was reliable. But like a lot of our current players, he was a squad player, not a starter.

  11. "a player that did nothing week in week out in a red shirt." just like Downing, Henderson, Adam, Carroll? get a grip!

  12. Your all slating Bolo Zenden but I think you will find that in his first season at liverpool he still got more league goals and assists than Downing and Henderson combined and yet he was free whereas Downing and Henderson have cost us £36m and only contributed 1 goal and 1 assist in the league. Face it other than Suarez, Enrique and Bellamy kk has purchased poorly

  13. Whats wrong with you people? Zenden was a top player who had been through the mill with injuries. He came to Liverpool for free and did a very good job. I certainly wouldn't call him a flop, good solid player who will do a decent job for Blackburn.