11 Mar 2012

Ex-Liverpool star slams 'non-existent' Kuyt and Suarez

Former Liverpool defender Mark Wright has blasted Liverpool's players for 'letting down' manager Kenny Dalglish with a below par performance against Sunderland.

Summarising the game for LFC TV, Wright argued that Dalglish and the coaching staff were not at fault for the defeat (!), and laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of Liverpool's players, specifically Dirk Kuyt and Luis Suarez. He argued:

"There were lots of below par performances.

"For long spells in the second half, Kuyt and Suarez were non-existent, and sometimes you forgot they were even on the pitch!"

"It's not Kenny; it's not the coaching staff; the players need to take a look at themselves and ask: 'Have I given everything? Was I as urgent as I was during the Arsenal game?'

"This was a must-win game for Liverpool, but we can't make excuses; the players have let the manager down".

I agree that the players have to look at themselves but Dalglish and his coaching staff should not be let off the hook so lightly. The buck stops with them: they buy the players, choose the teams/formation, and are responsible for motivating the squad, and yesterday, the players looked as unmotivated as they've been all season.

After the Bolton defeat, Dalglish publicly threatened to dump any player who didn't put the in the required; well, after the Sunderland performance, is he going to carry out his threat?

Probably not, because that would mean an admission of failure on his part.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Midfield and Front is to blame they are not dangerous enough

  2. All the old liverpool players in them media. I remember them all Whelan, lawrenson, hansen, st john and their ilk continually crucified Benitezi  in the media over poor buys. Constant sniping. Where is it now?  They won't have a pop because they hang out with Dalgilish, play golf with him  when he's off work.  Whelan last night on irish tv said kenny has weeded out the dross , won a cup, he's progressing?  Can you believe that? 100M spent on rubbish, Hodgson and Everton coming fast. We are closer to 14th than 4th. We have regressed.  Dalglish has bought terribly and this is his team

  3. No, Michael Wright is absolutely right: Suarez & Kuyt were ineffective.

  4. Yesterday's performance was the worst I've seen in such a long time...

    We need to buy a decent striker this summer!

    Huntelaar would fit in, Proven goal scorer in Spain, Italy, Holland and Germany. Would cost about £20 million but he'll score the goals we so badly need...

    4th Place and Champions League football is nothing but a distant memory now...

  5. The biggest piece of bull I have seen so far. It is so obvious that the problem starts with the midfield. How do you expect the front line to produce the goods when the midfield can't put in good enough passes and dominate. Adam doesn't know how to run a midfield let alone jog on it. Henderson is too young, but still has been disappointing. Its blantantly obvious that for the Premier League you need a fast striker. Suarez and Kuyt are no exactly fast are they. Suarez is more of a link up man, wants to play those deft touches but who can he do that with? Bellamy's performance vs Man City has shown that most players in the team lack tempo and the conscience to tell them selves to pick it up!!!! Mentally and Physically there are players in this team that are not good enough. The writing is on the wall, and all faith is lost. Bring back Rafa. 

  6. Stefan ├×orgrimsson1:46 pm, March 11, 2012

    Conspirarcy: The players want to get rid of Daglish and play below par. 

  7. Dalglish needs to sell everybody apart front Adam..Carroll Henderson and downing and build a team around them with players of similar quality

  8. luis has 3 and 4 players around him and the lp boys can't seem to do a good job being on the clear that's not luis fault.

  9. We should not simply look at the Sunderland game. Liverpool's problem has been cumulative over the whole season, just that we have reached that point where every other defeat feels heavier than the much earlier ones. Kenny bought the players, pushed out the very players who got him the job in the first place: Kuyt, Maxi and Meireless all made us smile in the second half of last season, this season, they could have a total of about 15-20 appearances in total. Where we are, is all Kenny's fault. He should have acted as manager in a much wiser way.

  10. I agree with you , Hansen , Lawrenson on the BBC , Mark Wright here , Rushie and others elsewhere telling us the players are letting Kenny down , seems everyone is shit scared to say anything about Kenny . The league position is not acceptable , and if Kenny wasn't in charge all them people mentioned above would be telling us the manager is not up to it . Your paid to be objective and your not being , your actually cheating the public . Isn't that something that Shanks would never do , and Kenny doing the same saying we are progressing , don't know what's worse trying to kid people by saying it , cos if Kenny actually believe's we are improving he really should go A S A P before we get any worse .

  11. Bought by or selected by and coached by people brought in by THE MANAGER , the buck stops with the manager , a one off result you can live with but it gets worse game after game , and to actually say the game was gonna be won by a bit of luck , that means anyone could be in charge , doesn't it ? If it's down to luck

  12. Lucky we have West Ham's back room boys. We may need them for a relegation scrap

  13. no midfield, probably one the weakest in the premiership, no decent tackler, no vision or insperation from one person. just terrible.
    wat other so called top 5-6 team would let miereles and aqua go.
    were no better than the likes of villa and obviously sunderland.
    hopefully we can claw back about 30 mill in the summer for henderson adams and downing.wishful thinking maybe.
    these times remind me of the 2003-2004 seasons were we looked like we were not being taken seriously and we were getting worse.
    thank you raffa

  14. kenny is lucky that alot of his old mates-hansen,whelan,aldridge,lawrenson,shearer-are in the media because another manager would be getting alot of deserved criticism now for the way liverpool have been playing.
    could you imagine if wenger had a 20mil midfielder and 35 midfielder who seem incapable of the basics playing for him.

  15. FINALLY....someone with a pair balls is willing to tell it like it is..

    Its not ONLY Suarez and Kuyt though, thats the problem.....you can include Reina, Lucas, Enrique........perhaps one or two others as well connected to that clique of agenda driven players....

    Been blatantly obvious to me that this season all of those players have been at times during certain games trying to gift our opposition with either a win or draw.....that is why we have been so inconsistent....1 step forwards and 2 steps back.....

    Fact is once Kenny got rid of certain players in the window and brought certain others in....i.e. the British ones the scene was already set for a showdown.....

    A war of attrition whereby the likes of Reina Lucas Dirk Suarez etc have been trying their upmost to unsettle any momentum we build up with the Britsh players playing.....

    Might sound a bit far fetched but i honestly think that since Rafa left the Club we have continued to be a team/squad and Club....DIVIDED as to which path "we" want to take, be it Kennys path of the foriegn one that Rafa wanted.......

    Roy was just a sacrifice to appease those fans of Rafa who felt angry with how he was ousted....(which he was, rightly so IMO). certain players made sure he would fall also.....Torres being the main sulking culprit along with Reina etc etc....

    These idiots think they are fighting some kind of righteous battle to prove a point that Rafa was wronged....and should be reinstated....which is exactly what is happening now with more and more fans expressing now how they would like Rafa back......even though we have a legend like Kenny Dalglish at the Club who is being PLAYED....by these players....to make him look like he's lost it.....DISGUSTING behaviour tbh, i agree with this guy re Suarez and Kuyt.

    Spot on IMO but as i've stated this is only the surface of it....there is more rotting below the surface......

    For sure Rafa is behind this, bitter and twisted as he is his presence is still very much alive and well at LFC....., he continues to try and divide and rule....

    FSG have a BIG BIG problem on their hands come the summer, this season has been a direct challenge to their successful ownership of the Club, IF they sell Suarez and try to weed out these troublemakers all hell will break loose amongst the fan base...........

    I say we keep Kenny, get rid of WHOEVER is not "happy" at the Club and intent of fcuking around with our season...... and then move onwards and upwards.

  16. really?
    sell skrtel,agger,gerrard and bellamy?
    you must want us to be playing in the championship.

  17. whelan is afraid to criticise kennys signings.evans and wright on lfc tv after the match yesterday hinted at poor signings but wouldn't say it.

  18. you been reading the da vinci code?
    a bit over the top with your suspicions toi suggest certain players have agendas and are trying to unsettle the squad as a whole.


  19. what a weekend - now City have handed number 20 to Fergies mob- we need Swanseas manager

  20. i was wrong that KENNY will take liverpool to 1oth spot. and wat i see doesnt look good at all, Well wat will happen now ONLY GOD KNOWS loool

    7   Liverpool - 39

    8   Norwich     - 38

    9   Sunderland - 37

    10 Everton     -  37

    11 Fulham      -  36
    12 Swansea   -  36

    13 Stoke       -  36

    14 West Brom - 35

  21. Theycallmemrburt4:53 pm, March 11, 2012

    I am interseted in hearing your take on the royal family, illuminati, Britains ongoing quest for Jerusalem and how we were convinced into believing that paper money has a value.

    If this post is anything to go by that will be a good F@ck@@g read...................

  22. Theycallmemrburt4:54 pm, March 11, 2012

    I am interseted in hearing your take on the royal family, illuminati, Britains ongoing quest for Jerusalem and how we were convinced into believing that paper money has a value.

    If this post is anything to go by that will be a good F@ck@@g read...................

  23. he'll tell you,but he'd have to kill you.

  24. Mark Wright, useless manager and another who is starting to come out and back Kenny to the hilt to get him to avoid the chop. The Kenny campaign machine is in full swing now. These comments are not good for the club as a whole.

  25. Theycallmemrburt5:04 pm, March 11, 2012

    lol.  I like a bit of conspiracy theory as much as the next man, but the lads post read like an episode of Dynasty.

  26. lfc tv is the only place where wright can get work.
    claire rourke the presenter was actually getting pissed off with a caller who rang to slag off the performance.
    that channel is full of over the top pr drivel.

  27. Theycallmemrburt5:11 pm, March 11, 2012

    It's funny Isn't it.  Most of our ex player pundits are failed managers who are still bitter that they were sacked.  If you close your eyes when they speak about Kenny it is ALMOST as if they are talking about themselves and their previous employment.

  28. Well, it might seem OTT but in reality its not, just take a look at Chelsea and AVB......

    Shit happens, and things are sometimes not as clear cut as we'd like to think, and i say sometimes because i do not go in for conspiracy theories as a rule, clearly there is SOMETHING wrong, no?

    So much shite being written about our tactics and our shite British players etc and most LFC forums wouldn't accept the opinion that certain players have an agenda, but how the hell can you explain our almost schizophrenic form this season?

    One game we look fluid and cohesive creating loads of chances etc and generally playing well.....the next we flop, look all at sea, the complete opposite in fact, it just doesn't add up......

    Unless of course there is something a little bit rotten going on at the Club which we don't know about, something thats been there during and after Rafa left.....a divided squad, thats what it is, not all singing from the same hymn sheet, not pulling together and NOT performing at the level that they can............

    Just re watch the final of the Carling Cup again, take a look at how our build up play kept breaking down when the ball went to Suarez.....Enrique running into dead ends when he could/should be passing it or crossing it....take a look also at the amount of goals Reina has let in this season....rather suspiciously.....THIS has been a pattern of our play ALL season.....it was also like that under Roy......

    AND who is getting the blame??? Kenny and the Britsh players......

    Agenda? You bet your arse it is....

    Suarez himself has done more damage to our season then any other Liverpool player in recent history in fact i can't recall another player EVER single handedly tarnishing the Club with his antics and tarnishing the rep of Kenny also....YET on most forums he is being completely protected and near on IDOL worshipped??? With Carroll being the utter villain and waste of space who should be sold ASAP???

    No one wants to mention how shite Suarez has been since he came back from his ban, Carroll was getting into some form and we looked more like a team without Luis upfront losing posession and generally fcuk arsing around with the ball, kinda pretending to do something with it but not really....

    Problems we have, no denying it, no matter how you look at it something drastic has to happen for our fortunes to change, either we get rid of Kenny and most of his British signings and re build, or we get rid of the troublemakers and re build hopefully keeping Kenny as manager though i fear it might be too late for that.

  29. Yep, and there's more of the same posted above in reply to another poster....

    Fact is Mark Wright has opened a can of worms by pinpointing Suarez and Kuyt, a lot of LFC fans won't want to accept that he has a valid very point.....

    And as i said this is only the surface of it.

  30. Yeh, like Rafa......

  31. Gerrard can and has adpated to whatever position he is asked to play, such is his all round footballing talent.....

    Clearly you know very little about what constitutes a great CM, Gerrard has ALL the qualities to be that, always did, only Rafa who never wanted him to play that role out of spite IMO such is the Rafa way......

  32. What a load of shit...Dalglish's tactics are at fault here!!! How many more times are you going to play Henderson on the right and Adam who is clearly not good enough before you understand that it is not working!

    Also, why do you play Suarez up front on his own when you can see that he is getting marked out the game. He needs someone like Carroll to play off....It's not fucking rocket science.

  33. suarez_mcmanaman7:13 pm, March 11, 2012

    My god mate...I think you need find a mrs and get some frustrations out... little bit highly strung... Chill out...Calm down on the weed paranoid... ™™™™™

  34. Im sure Gerrard must of hated it when Rafa was here... he only scored more goals in a season when Rafa was in charge.. Rafa is a world class manager and KK is a legend of the club, but cant manage the team... need a mananger not a legend

  35. the team is playing with no confidence suarez needs for the mid to jump into the play not watch him as if his some kind of hero...get rid of adam too fat and slow.

  36. Titi u missed the point

  37. ou're basically questioning the professionalism of the players.

  38. gerrard can only play centre midfield with someone who'll sit.i think the fact he played best with someone like hamann shows this,look at him with adam and lampard for england,he can't adapt.rafa knew this and that's why he moved him to the right or a free role behind torres.
    arguably his best football has come as a support striker or when he was starting on the right.

  39. MITZU........you really need to stop SMELLING THE BEANS!!!

  40. Paul,Carrolls not up to it mate,too interested if his pony tail looks good when he tries to head the ball,Jovanovic had more nous,AND i watched Real Madrid last night, Arbeloa sold for 2.5Mill????
    Alonso pulling strings,Stevie not responding to treatment??? I`m pulling what hair ive got left out mate!!!! YNWA

  41. If only ..... The current players were as scared of of Kenny as the ex players are ? Might be different , what do you think ?

  42. Gerrard has all the qualities to play there, but not the discipline! He should be played in a more advanced role or on the right wing, his best season to date was under Rafa's management and most of it played on the wing!

  43. Had a match myself on Saturday so didn't see any of the game, but was delighted before hand that Sessegnon was suspended

    That in itself is indicative of where Liverpool have been in recent years, us hoping that key opposition players from so called lesser teams are injured etc

    We need to win some games or this could get embarrassing

  44. Whilst it is important for the manager to get some backing from the media, i fear this is becoming dangerous for our club. Too many horrible decisions, particularly in the transfer market where simply ignored. 
    Blind faith from fans, and the xenophobic media are going to ruin the club. We are constantly bombarded with comments about the progress made since Dalglish came in charge.
    How are they measuring this progress? By points per game? Players coming through our academy? Number of goals scored? Financial?
    Can someone enlighten me? 

    It must be something i have missed out on the questions above. The answer for every single one of them is NO. Points per game is comparable to the previous manager. No players are getting into the first team (kelly doesnt count) and Jay is there by positive discrimination. 

    Financially, after spending 100 million pounds we are no closer to the CL spot. AND with that amount, we should have been in a top 4 spot by now. People who talk about City's billions refuse to look at Newcastle!
    I remember when Rafa was in charge, he was forced to offer assurances that if Liverpool fail to reach the top 4, he would resign. Can someone ask Kenny that question? 

    Time to face the truth. Kenny is not up to the job. I am happy he won a trophy but business is business. 

  45. I posted on here before that if we are in a situation where 4th is gone, we should give game time to youngsters from reserves

    Maybe after the derby it will be time to blood some of them

    We have the Europa league spot, what is there to lose now?

  46. Always good to blame the foreign talent... not the overpriced Brit crap...

  47. never been a central midfielder?? have you only been watching for the last few years?? i agree hes not ideal now especially without a mascerano type player and his age, but your talking sh#te to say hes never been a centre mid, i wont waste my time going back to when viera and keen rated him so highly for a battle in centre mid and chasing down c.ronaldo with a perfect sliding tackle (more than once) etc etc. games at liverpool were won through midfield thanks to gerrard along side a ince, didi haman, alonso etc etc.
    kennys made some big mistakes for sure this season, so we stick and give him more time or raffa back

  48. ballsh#t, that wat i think

  49. to true, funny its wat happened last season and look wat happened. desire and some brave football!!
    those lads must look and think wheres the hope. especially shelvey, wat a waste. (another)

  50. how,if we bought similar players to adam,hendo etc we'd be relegated.

  51. Mark Wright you got it wrong.It is not SUarez and Kuyt but Hendersen,Downing and Adams who spoilt King Kenn's day.We are not counting on a single day that a player has not performed but many many days.Why is KK always fielding Hendersen?WHy Downing and Adams.Please  we are tired of British players KK is sticking with.CLear them all out.Hendersen,Downing,Adams and Carroll are all useless

  52. He clearly wasn’t serious.

  53. I think Kenny should accept he’s not the man to bring us forward and step down.
    We again have loads more deadwood only this time they are playing week in week out.Major changes needed but first think should be new manager I would love to see Rafa back but hopefully reunited with paco they made a great team and Benitez has struggled without him.

  54. you missed the point again

  55. when we finish 9th, we should really get rafa benitez back to sort everything out ....again

  56. ....retard,

    ball retention is infinately better when carroll plays

    when play 442 with carroll, much more of an offensive threat, defenders start to get nervous.

    arbeloa was going anyway, couldn't have stopped him

  57. Gerrard does have the discipline to play CM he has proved it on many occasions, that is just a myth which was borne out of Rafa's strange insistence on playing him elsewhere....

    Would have been the best CM in the prem had he given the chance to prove it......

  58. No, i don't think he would have hated it under Rafa in the early days....his success on the right was credit to his professionalism and utter class as a player, same with playing in the hole where he made Torres look better than perhaps he actually is.....

    Doesn't excuse the fact that he was denied the right to play as CM when he was clearly our best option for that position.......

    Gerrard would have shone as CM for Liverpool even more brightly than he did when playing anywhere else on the pitch, Rafa knew that and IMO he couldn't cope with the fact that Gerrard would have outshone him..........

    So, i guess your right, Gerrard probably did come to hate playing under Rafa.....like many other players did also....

  59. Suarez and Kuyt would be first on my wish list out of the Club tbh, Kenny has to realise that its his head on the chopping block here so IF those 2 nonexistants (along with others...) keep on getting picked to start then i have no sympathy for Kenny whatsoever when the shit hits the fan and the bring Rafa back brigade of wonder dicks start calling for his head....like they are already.......

    Sad, very sad indeed. Those same people were probably the ones shouting the loudest for Kenny to return.......

  60. Yeh, thats a good idea maybe we could finish 7th instead of 9th.... * rolls eyes to the heavens *.

  61. Suarez and Kuyt??? How many games has Kuyt started this season?? Suarez has more goals than 4 combined! are you kidding... Adam Henderson Carroline and Downsyndrome need to go...along with the moron that paid 85m for them.. all overpriced Brit crap that dont even deserve even wear the practice jersey!

  62. very well put, today i watched bologna and Ramirez looks great i wonder why kenny never went for him.

  63. Yes you heard right, Suarez should be gone in the summer along with Dirk and others too who have been letting Kenny and the team down.

    Overpriced foreign crap......that don't even deserve to be wearing the shirt NOT becuase they havn't got the technical ability either, but because they have forfeited their right to play here by way of their behaviour and unprofessionalism....

    Yes, unprofessional......

    I sincerely hope that FSG know what is going on at the Club and deal with it accordingly, for too long now this Club has bowed and given in to what the fans want....or certain fans want....NOT all of us.....

    That has brought us nowhere fast, for 20 odd years we have FAILED to win the league......why? The fans get what they want......

    The fans wanted Roy out and Kenny in.....the same fans now want Kenny out and Rafa in...surprise surprise.....

    What the Club needs is strong leadership, just deal with the problems....at the Club, one by one and get rid, clear them out no matter WHO they are.....screw what the fans want....bring in a manager to start afresh if needed....a new manager.....and move on.

    IF certain fans don't like it, let them wail and moan on the internet and make themselves look like even bigger dicks than they already are....

    Quite simply i think its pathetic how so many fans are calling for Rafa to return, cringeworthy, smacks of desperation and disloyalty to the present manager.....can't even make the excuse that its Roy either....

    We need to clean out our closet once and for all, that means making some changes we might not want to make....otherwise it will just be the same old same old over and over again for another 20 years...ad infinitum...

  64. I usually ignore Rafa haters because they are ignorant and talk gibberish. But you my friend have topped the lot. Congratulations. 

  65. yeah cuz carragher told him he was shit

  66. You're an idiot. 20 years? Give us some more fan-power examples then. You've only gone back a few years. Did the fans demand Roy Evans, Gerrard Houlier or Rafa in? I think not.

    The only person that looks like a dick on this page seems to be you! Everyone is ripping you!! lol

  67. I agree to bring Rafa back. He might not perform just before his exit but we have to understand the problem he was facing from all corners. This one! wait for them to gel..wait for them to gel... unlucky and so on. Time is running out. Rafa is a good tactician. Actually, do really need to buy players? Make them play according to their positions. Inspiring player cum leader like Gerrard should play first. 

  68. I agree with you,it is about the right deployment of players. Look at MU, how tactically good  Ferguson is. His players  young , vibrant and cheap,yet they are very consistent. Arsenal is getting better despite the loss of the so call international players. LFC? get bad to worse. We revere Kenny but not at the expense of the club.

  69. That was the worst performance by LFC. Charlie Adam and Henderson are useless. Seb Coates was confused and lost in the game. Carroll (below par player) and Kuyt (tired of adjusting) also not in the right frame of mind. Suarez, you better leave LFC coz u aint give us more than that...Overall_Pathetic and low standard. We might as well play in the Championship. I am so angry and want KK to clean up this mess. No more lame excuses and rosy words with wild dreams to finish fourth. Kick out all the dead woods before your days be numbered. This kind of game is wasting our time and money! Honestly..their level of confidence are so low and even small kid can say it..better forget about Champions League and dont repeat it coz that was the worst day in LFC history.!!

  70. I think that too many people are reading into it too much and trying to place blame without fully understanding what it is to be a professional athlete. Motivation is probably the single most important characteristic an athlete can have. When you are talking about world class players, talent and skill are only a portion of what it takes - in order to outplay the other team, your squad has to be more motivated than they are, and when they are, even a team like sporting lisbon can beat a team like Man City with 20 times their payroll. For top world class players, a manager with that strong personality to motivate the players is even more important as many of them have already decided that they are the best. Im sorry to tell you, Dalglish is not this person. His tactics are horrible and his man management is even worse. To say that management bends to the whims of fans, you must also see that Dalglish bends even farther to appease his players, even when he should probably be strong arming them. His team has no discipline and it is evident in their play. You criticise certain players for not being good enough, yet Mourinho took Inter to Champs League title and FC Porto to the same with a bunch of players that killed themselves on the field for him day in and day out. They didnt do this because it was their work ethic, but because it was his way. At Chelsea, he couldnt do it and if he had more time he probably would have, because as it turns out, players with bigger egos need more time. Dalglish isnt the man for the job at liverpool just like AVB wasnt the man for the job at Chelsea - Big clubs need Big Managers. When players have this much talent, it comes down to tactics and motivation. With this many internationsals starting for big soccer countrys on your team, all it comes down to is tactics and man management. When you are this close to being in the bottom half of the league with this sort of payroll and talent, it is the coach that is letting you down.

  71. And to add to that, you can buy all the players you want, with Dalglish you will go nowhere - whereas with a good coach average players, aging players, and hungry players will bring you to the top. You say charlie Adam cant pass - thats a new quality since coming to liverpool, and as an athlete I can tell you what has happened. Player of the year for blackpool, all this patting on the back babytalk makes a man soft. Same with suarez, he is the key blah blah blah - you took a world class scorer and turned him into crap by babying him all of the time instead of putting him in his place. That is why some managers are where they are. Mourinho acquired fabio coentrao, who was the king of Lisbon going to a top club with top players. What happened, he put him on the bench and let Marcelo show him who the big man in town is. And who is Marcelo, who was he a couple years back, you probably didnt even know his name - now considered one of, if not the best left back in the world. And Coentrao will be all the better for it. Dalglish not your man, he may be a likeable lad and such, but he is no manager for a world class club.

  72. Dalglish is the dead wood. Many a coach would kill to have your players, and would win major trophys with them. Clean the dead wood and get who? Reina, Johnson, Agger, Skrtl, Enrique - not much better defensively in the EPL. Gerrard, Suarez - World class. Henderson, Coates, Carroll - young and full of talent - Kuyt - a work horse. Lucas Leiva - underrated. Give me a break! You have too much talent to be calling for removal of dead wood players when it is the managers responsibility to motivate them to perform. If likeable chap is all you want you may as well get Sach Baron Cohen as your manager.

  73. Mitzu can you tell me this, how many times has Carroll, Downing, Henderson, Adam, Carragher, Spearing and Shelvy and co have scored to save us the game, you talk about the foreign players not performing well F#$K ME Kuyt has saved our arses on a number of occasions and he is over 30 so thats an insult you moron as for Suarez all he needs is help, someone who can keep up with the vision, not to mention has played alone upfront a few times and has scored some goals of his own back  with no help so F$%K you very much. You can throw what comments you like but don't insult the players that are actually trying to do something.
    Let me just say that Kuyt work rate is second to none in the PL OH WAIT maybe we should get the English team to play for LFC because they have achieved heaps in the past have'nt they. Your a complete and utter D%^&HEAD. 

  74. So, you really think that, Suarez and Kuyt should be sold?, ahead of crap like Carroll, Adam, Downing and Henderson??, are you for real?. Your real name would't happen to be KD, would it???.

  75. Well said Blackwog, it seems that wan*er Mitzsu, KD's loverboy, needs to wake up, from his comotose state!

  76. Your view is skewed? You seem to enjoy writing a novel, KD is the problem with his West Ham backroom, he is off end of the season just like AVB, he has failed to deliver.  At least Rafa will use the monies and players wisely

  77. kanwar, i've read enough of your stuff. shallow and high on opinion.
    and miguel, your lost mate. pull yer head out.

  78. anyone calling for rafa is an idiot.
    his track record is far worse than kenny's. i won't even name all the crap he bought as i'd be here all day doing it.
    yes, our league position is poor, but it is not down to kenny's tactics. we have played amazing football at times this year. we have soundly failed to turn it into goals which lies with the players. we need to sign a goalscorer and another midfielder. keep the faith with downing and henderson for next year, ship adam and kuyt, drop carroll to the bench and we'll be fine next year.
    let's not forget, we have atrophy in the cabinet for the first time in 6 years. we are also back in europe even though it's the second tier.
    progress takes time. i think we are a better club now than 18 months ago.

  79. before we go overboard - who set the template to buy overpriced local "talent"?

    Even now the best performing players are the ones that were bought in by rafa! If anything Comolli's head should be the first to go.

  80. The team as a whole needs to be overhauled this summer again Downing never liked him but he was no where near this bad ever at Villa Carroll looks nothing like the player he was at Newcastle.
    Suarez great to watch but so are clowns at the circus just not clinical enough he also can go with Kuyt and fund 2 strikers who can score.
    Although he cops criticism i think Adam probably is close to being worth what they paid along with Enrique and Bellamy.
    I do believe the side is a mile still behind the one where Mascherano Torres Gerard and Alonso terrified sides and wish RAFA was still in charge.

  81. davewestausregularguest10:53 am, March 12, 2012

    BULLSHIT,Dalglish should never have been given the job ! LFC need to bring BENITEZ back, ASAP !  I forecast at the beginning of KK's new reign that he would fail ! TIME & MONEY HAVE BEEN WASTED. The 'REDS' would have been much further advanced if RAFA had been there when the 'NEW OWNERS' took over

  82. Ok, you lost me as soon as you included Lucas in that lot!!  He's hardly played all season due to injury!  As for Suarez - I think emotionally he's already left. He looks bored and as though he'd rather be anywhere else - reminiscent of Torres I'd say! Best let him go to PSG.

  83. Dalglish has made some terrible buys and I for one thought benitez was our best Premiership manager ... his 2nd place finish and tactical change at half time in the 2005 final prove that.

    You'll Never Talk Alone - Join the LFC Social Network

  84. Yes, and Mark Wright is almost the worst of the lot of them!!

  85. I used to watch it but started to tire of the propaganda on the station.

  86. davewestausregularguest11:21 am, March 12, 2012

    I agree with Titi_camara You 'MITZU' are a dreamer!
    To begin with you need to know KK's 'TRUE' managerial history.
    when he took over from Joe Fagan all those years ago he was left with a great squad of players-he could'n't fail,however he did'n't know what to do as a manager so he called back 'Bob Paisley' to
    show him the ropes.Paisley spent the next 'THREE' years  with him! The trophies he won were mainly due to Paisley's influence!
    When he won the league title with Blackburn he had Ray  Harwood doing all the same things that Paisley had done for him!
    When he managed Newcastle & Celtic he failed at both clubs!
    He should never have been given the job a second time around.
    Fans should also be reminded that Rafa Benitez (shrewd move), brought back KK to handle the academy & be an ambassador for the club(ideal situation for him.). What did he do--- He undermined the man who brought him back !!!
    The quicker LFC's new owners realise that Benitez is the correct candidate for the club the better !
    At least 75% of LFC fans would have RAFA back tomorrow!

  87. Bryandavies234@hotmail.com11:22 am, March 12, 2012

    The team is shit

  88.  yes that is the bottom line we were spoiled. rafa brought in world class talent - where players like alonso and mascherano are playing for the likes of madrid and barcelona - who out of our team would get in them sides? Downing? Carol? adam?

    Aquilano? oh sorry we loaned him out to milan!

    Really poor decision making. KK is a legend but he is not the man who bought together barnes, aldridge and beardsley but the chap who bought speedie and rosenthal!

  89. Can u tel me if that team will get in to the CL? No I don't think so. The team is shit? Am a Liverpool fan . The team is no getting no where. We are shit .

  90. Why are the bitters, who have less cash, worse players and a lack of talented individuals so close to us in the prem? that is the question we should be asking. What are they doing that we are not? 

    The simple answer is the players, the manager, the fans and the club have something to prove.

    We, at the moment, thats the fans, the players, the manager and the club just expect success with out putting in the effort. We spend 100mill and expect that, the fact we spent so much, should just give us the right to have success with out working for it. 

    We need to want success, we need to to go out against every team with the attitude, we want this more than you, and we are going to get it.

    At the moment we only seam to want to try and beat the top teams, and just expect to turn up and win against the rest with out much effort.

    We need to get off our high horse thinking where better than the likes of Villa, WBA, Swansea, the bitters, etc, and get to proving it on the pitch week in and week out. Back when we were successful, we had a hunger that was evident, that hunger does not seem to be there anymore.

  91. Same as - it's sad that I can barely even bother to watch the reserves on there anymore. Then again, there's no point in me pretending that I'm looking out for the future of Liverpool in those games anymore, seeing as they're never going to get the chance to step up, no matter how good they may be or how bad the first team may be. Shame

  92. Gerrard would have outshone Rafa in CM? What world are you in? Rafa is one of the world's best tiki-taka CM's in the world...I'm sure he wasn't worried about Gerrard outshining him...

  93. Arbeloa had a year left on his contract. There was no need to sell him for such a pitiful fee.

    I'm not sure about ball retention being better with Carroll, but we definitely look more likely to score with him in. Not that that's saying much, but still...

  94. I was in the same position, thinking that having their best on ball player out meant that it would be a comfortable game.

    Still haven't bothered to watch the entire game back, and I have no intention of doing so either, because tbh, what I saw was extremely boring...

  95. the same tactical genius that wanted to get rid of alonso and sign barry !!! get a grip benitez is a backwards step !

  96. half our players are too slow look at downing enrique and bellamy when where on the counter the rest of the team simply doesnt keep up and we have to hold the ball up on that left wing all the time, suarez for all the skill and talent he's got he cant shoot for s**t if he converted a decent amount of the chances he was given we'd be in a different posistion, you say we cant blame kenny or clarke but the players weve bought have been bought on stats alone which can be missleading like downing previous pass records that couldve jus been down to the manager/players setting the team/themselves in better posistions to recieve passes, liverpool have mooved backwards from last year, we should of keept the team that very nearly got us champs league last year and actually got it this year then actually attracted players with the talent needed to win the prem/champs league, the only players i think was worth including this year is ballamy and enrique, dalglish has wasted his oppitunity at anfield now as with no champs league and having wasted all that cash he wont be able to replace any of his mistakes, i think we'd be better of grabbing rafa back before cheski get him

  97. I am afraid the team selction and performance is down to the manager and both these are deteriorating.  The manager has become clueless and I would probably get better results with the resources available.  It just the same thing week in and week out struggling to win at home and failing to turn up when away.  We are sitting ducks managed by a dinosaur and its time to take off the blindfold and blinkers

  98. Lets look for a manager with the credentials, MOURINHO, not pretty but effective at grinding out results, which is what we need to claw back to the title within next 2 years

  99. Agreed - as for not pretty, I dont think I can see anything uglier than that effort vs Sunderland. Mourinho would do wonders with this team. He will never come, but its fun wishing it. Players kill themselves for Mourinho on the pitch - It is exactly what liverpool needs. I have no doubt that he would end up winning the EPL with this very squad!

  100. Theycallmemrburt3:12 pm, March 12, 2012

    mali strikes again!

  101. Theycallmemrburt3:42 pm, March 12, 2012

    So Rafa, Capello, Sven to an extent and the much maligned Mclaren all got it wrong.

    *roughly* Gerrards goal Tally whilst playing predominantly central midfield. 283 games 41 goals.

    *roughly* Gerrards goal Tally whilst playing predominantly RM or up front.  292 games 104 goals.

    WE NEED GOALS AT THE MOMENT DO WE NOT?  so why is Gerrard being played in a role that doesn't enhance his his chances of doing what he does best as a player...score goals.  Answer: because Gerrard wants to play central midfield.

    Our cup final fiascoes over the years have all been partly down to Gerrard and his lack of positional play.  Alaves, Ac Milan and West Ham.  The boy switches off.  Against Milan Rafa switched him from central midfield to an advanced position off the strikers which is partly why we got back into the game.  In that first half he couldn't find Kaka never mind get near him.  You may say who scored the goals to get us back in the match?  I would argue would we have been in that mess had Gerrard been able to play central midfield more effectively.  Prevention surely must be better than cure.  

  102. Theycallmemrburt3:49 pm, March 12, 2012

    "not ideal" the game has evolved.  Teams either play two skillfull holding midfielders or three in the center with one being given the license to get forward.  The days of one hold, one go, have been over for years now.  The area in front of the center backs has become crucial and it is no longer a one man job to protect them. 

    In todays game if midfielders want to score goals regularly they shouldn't volenteer to play in a two man central midfield.  Like a large chunk of Liverpool fans this way of thinking is living in the past.

  103. Theycallmemrburt4:03 pm, March 12, 2012

    In Arbeloa's last match Carra picked a fight with Arbeloa on the pitch.  Could it have been under the instruction of Rafa?  Carra noted in his book that Rafa would hint that senior players rough up under performing players  'full metal jacket' style.

  104. Yes, it must be depressing to be in our reserves and see how some of our first team players are performing, it kind of tells you that you are not going to get a chance unless the manager moves on.

  105. Spot on. I don't think the time to judge the players, even the new signings, is while we have a management team that clearly is not coping. A new manager might turn some of these performances around.

  106. It should be the other way around. KK let down players with his awful nonsense play system.

  107. disagree. if we still had mascherano we could play that way, players like that are hard to come by, noone got past him. you could say if chelsea still had a makelale type player they would be doing a lot better, they never replaced him.
    does barry or yaya chip in with goals this season? hardly.
    do parker and moderic? hardly.
    do carick or who ever they player? hardly.
    my point is apart from gerrard, we have little quality in midfield and i dont agree with wat you say about how teams are set up in midfield.
    sounds like dream team fantasy football

  108. in a way it still does come back to the manager. At the end of the day he's the one to field the players who he "thinks" will do the trick. From there it's up to the individual players to give it their all to get the three points. Too many times has Dalglish put a team on the pitch which confuses the fans and has them questioning the tactics of the manager. One tactic that hasn't worked to date for Dalglish is his decision to sub players late in the game (on avg. @ 70min) which is not enough time for even for the world class players. In no way am i saying for Dalglish to be canned but it wouldn't hurt to re-assess him at the end of the season before allowing him to buy/sell. No matter the decision, I'll always stick with the team. YNWA!!!

  109. No!? An ex-Liverpool player, or anyone infatuated with Kenny Dalglish for that matter, is trying to blame anyone except for KD? Who would've thought it!

  110. You can always tell when there is Favourtism going around, because when things go wrong when someone is not liked, eg. Hodgson, people blame the person, when the person is liked, e.g. Dalglish, they blame the system, the tools, i.e. the players, bad luck, etc, etc. Hodgson was rightly blamed and moved on and so should Dalglish be suffering the same fate. He even had the nerve to somehow conclude that the team's awful form, compared to Everton being unbeaten in 9, somehow would work in the team's favour. Any result is possible, but why would a manager on such a poor run say such a thing? If Hodgson said that, we would, rightly, be saying what bumbling old fool he was.

  111. historic archives6:42 pm, March 13, 2012

    its right to slam the staff, however fickle,premature claims for ridding us of managers etc,,, again is beyond common sence.

    I wud like to see suarez on the bench tonite and kuyt left out altogeteher. a few more cud be punished this way , but sadlly we dont have the depth.

    are midfiled is pitiful and we have to ride it out , till we can sort it.
    a de jong type is paramount for us.

    this season was allways gonna be a transition , no mattter the want it now generations thirst.

    Dalgliesh needs to put his foot down with some

    starting tonite!

  112. historic archives6:49 pm, March 13, 2012

    id play carrol up

    downing back and on the left side.

    the middle is my worry , gerrard will be centre again as the others are not up to it.

    so hopefully bellamy can support carrol

  113. Theycallmemrburt7:55 pm, March 13, 2012

    I think Gerrard has proved he finds it difficult to play alongside anyone in central midfield.  Other than the best most energetic defensive central midfielder who at his best does the job of two men who else could Gerrard realistically play alongside.

    anyway I refer you to my post below.

  114. gerrad was just awful tonight in CENTRAL midfield tonight eh ?!?!

    anyway please refer to my earlier post #~$% !!!

  115. Take off ur red tinted glasses, only 1/2 of Scousers still rate Rafa Benitez, regardless of him winning this n dat. He comes with stagnant, stale, boring, everyone else's fault and mediocority to all the clubs he's managed. No other team owners/fans would want him if they do their due dilligence right, even the suave pockets of Abrahimovic u see. Come out of the Shell! Talkingbout Dirk Kuyt, thats the player rafa wants in his team. Perfect for a mid table team, not 70k quid a week.

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