10 Mar 2012

Lawro: Kenny should replace Carroll with this £30m Man United star...

The debate over Liverpool's wastefulness in front of goal seems set to run and run this season, and the criticism will probably only end when the club finally signs an effective goalscorer. The next opportunity to do that will be in the summer, but who should Kenny Dalglish sign? According to Anfield legend Mark Lawrenson, Liverpool should raid fierce rivals Man United for a potential solution.

Speaking to the Liverpool Daily Post earlier this week, Lawro bemoaned his old club's paucity in front of goal, and urged the club to buy someone else to play alongside Luis Suarez.

The right partner for Suarez could really galvanise Liverpool's attack, and Lawro's suggestion is sure to raise some eyebrows amongst the club's fans. He said:

"Suarez is the best ‘wriggler’ in the Premier League, the best at working himself space inside the area. It’s crying out for someone else to be sniffing around alongside Suarez in the box. Even someone like Dimitar Berbatov would be the perfect foil for the Uruguayan".

Berbatov to Liverpool? It's certainly an interesting idea, and the Bulgarian - who cost Man United £30m in 2008 - arguably has the skill, technique and game intelligence to really make a difference to Kenny Dalglish's team.

The stumbling block is always going to be the Man United affiliation, and Alex Ferguson would probably block Berbatov from moving to Liverpool, just like he did with Gabriel Heinze a few years ago.

Berbatov is a bit-part player for United these days, but the depressing thing is that despite only making 14 starts this season, he still has more goals (10) than Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing combined.

I would definitely take Berbatov on a free at the end of the season, or even for a small fee. He may be 31 years old, but age hasn't stopped the likes of Craig Bellamy, Paul Scholes, Robbie Keane and Thierry Henry having a major impact for their respective clubs.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Somehow I can't see this happening.

  2. I wonder if Lawrenson means sell Carroll or keep him and have Berbatov as competition. I ask because the competition he has already in Bellamy and Kuyt don't seem to be spurring his performances.

  3. Unfortunately
    things at LFC are getting pretty ugly after experiencing our third consecutive
    defeat in the premier league and I personally don’t see any way of recovery as
    long as Kenny Dalglish remains on helm! 
    It is imperative for John W. Henry, Thomas Werner, Ian Ayre, and Damiel
    Comolli to finally realize this as well and finally to take the right decision
    as they can factually prove what they have been declaring from the very first
    moment they undertook the team that they want to transform it into a superpower
    football team again!  It is so deplorably
    tragic watching LFC games and being possessed by the sentiment that this team
    does not actually have a manager who will scout and analyze the opponent teams
    and provide the right plan to the players as tactically can play orthodox
    football and beat their opponents!  So,
    if Kenny Dalglish loves this club as he claims I am wondering how he can’t
    observe and perceive this reality and for the sake of the team to step down as
    LFC’s manager?  Kenny was good just for
    the transitional period of moving from the ex-ownership to the current.  Kenny is not good enough for the modernized
    football, thus, he is not the manager who will meet up with our high

  4. cant see it happening at all. Firstly he is too old and secondly,,,,,,,,,well does anybody remember ince at anfield. the ground went silent when he scored. Berbatov not a bad player just not for Liverpool now

  5. Context is everything JK. Did he actually say we should try to buy Berbatov? Or that we need someone LIKE him?

    I would be surprised if it was the former but we'll need more than that snippet to know either way.

  6. Technically, better than anyone we got and can be a fantastic player, in the right set up. Bit of a enigma, Berbatov. If we want to continue with this slow pass-n-move, buy players who suit like Berbatov, not someone like Carroll. Would be a great signing but won't happen.

  7. Berbatov?? He was just anotherAndy Carroll in his 1st season with ManU -_-" forget him, he won't do any good to Anfield upfront. If you want to raid manu, it's better Hernandes Chicarito.

  8. Berbatov also won the Golden Boot last season playing just 2/3 of the season.  He would be a great addition to Liverpool, and is rarely injured.  He has probably the best football vision and intelligence of all forwards currently playing in the PL, is also great at playing a second striker/playmaker, but for some strange reason ManU does not play him. The main reason I think is that he does not run all the time as a headless chicken, which is required from all ManU players - but constantly running around does not always equate good contribution to the team.

  9. Chchiarito cannot do anything with the ball except score if he is 1-1 with the goalkeeper and no further than 10 yards from goal.  

  10. Chris Rossington3:46 am, March 11, 2012

    Sounds like a certain michael owen, not the worst skill to have

  11. Here we go, the 'Berbatov is not good enough for Liverpool' campaign is in full swing!!

    I actually did think about this one as well. I'm not sure he'd come, though, because, firstly, we are rubbish and, secondly, he would become public enemy number one at, both, Tottenham and Man Utd, and I'm not sure that would sit well with him. But I think he would do a great job and he could probably work well with Carroll as well as Suarez, as Carroll played best at Newcastle with another big striker alongside him. At the right price, I think he would be great, but I thought the same about Forlan when Madrid were moving him on and we did not make a bid.

    The signing policy of the club, bringing in youngsters with a resale value, has not worked, and I hope the club will look at this too. We should be scouting in the way Arsenal do and bring in youngster for a million, if you get 10, then maybe one will make you 25 million in future. Buying people for 16 million and 35 million does not work and i think the owners got duped by their own policy when they agreed to sign Henderson and Carroll. There were exceptional signings, that did not fit the club's policy, last summer, Parker for 5 million was one, and we did not make any move because he was meant to be too old. But alongside Gerrard and Lucas, in a 433, he would have been a fantastic signing. At least we got Bellamy, though, the club will need to find a few more in the coming months. There are younger players, too, that we should be looking at, Hoillet will surely leave Blackburn, I hope someone is bothering his agent on a daily basis also.

  12. "run all the time like a headless chicken...." LOL

    I know, they're clueless aren't they? No wonder they never win anything. Fergie has a lot to learn from KKKenny's hoof to Caroll plan.

  13. Yes, it is a luxury to have a player who is only a goal poacher, if a team can't afford to have a player who doesn't have much else to his game but if a team can accommodate one, it is good to have. Though most top teams have/need strikers who can do more than just hunt in the box, hence why Welbeck has gone ahead in the pecking order in front of Hernandez for the Mancs, as they have a weak central midfield that needs both Rooney AND Welbeck to help out with knitting the play together.

  14. They played him regularly in his first two seasons, despite the goals and assists, he didn't really fit into their style, hence why he has gone down the pecking order. Got to say he (and the team) did well to get as many goals and assists he did, considering he hasn't been a comfortable fit into that side. They play at a quicker tempo and like to use more width in midfield with wingers, which doesn't really suit Berbatov. Naive to suggest it is down to how much he runs, that is just rubbish as there were stats around the time of his first two seasons where he put in as much distance cover as the likes of Fletcher in some games, such as Porto away and Sunderland away, I recall. Too many people get fooled by his body language. Classy player, just at a team whose style is not his cup of tea.

  15. Buying one striker will change very little - we play very very predictable football - Tranmere could get a 0 - 0 at Anfield no problem - Kenny started by giving youth a chance and then reverted to being mega predictable - Fergie is miles ahead of him and saying that really hurts

  16. And why are we so lacklusture in some games - bad attitude ? bad management ? bad captain ? it has to be asked. If we beat Everton we will probably lose to Stoke and season over. Against Stoke we need Sterlings pace and Maxis brain

  17. Carroll and Suarez should be played together for the remaining fixtures either instead of Kuyt or Henderson. The latter is offering nothing to the Liverpool attacking third at this point.

  18. I can't believe Lawrenson really said this. A man with his knowledge of football would surely know Ferguson would never sell a player to Liverpool. It just couldn't happen. Total nonsense invented by somebody.

  19. Carroll has got to go... that's true. The whole team seems to suck. Why do we play well (and yet lost) to bigger teams like Arsenal, ManU and lose. And we always dont play well against weaker teams and definitely lose... Sigh...

  20. just get rid of kenny and move on and get european players in and let them four muppets go back to an average team where they belong,,

  21. daglish no excuses  100 million spent and 5 points since xmas ,,,,time to move on love the man but thats simply dreadful ,,,,

  22. Any striker is better than the dunce that is Andy Carroll. I'd even take Maradona in his current form...

  23. Reina
    Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique
    Hazard Gerrard Lucas Downing
    (Falcao/Soldado/Cavani/Tevez/Llorente/Berbatov/Gameiro/Remy/Negredo/Giroud/Matri/Pazzini/Higuain/Benzema/Van Persie/Adebayor/Luuk de Jong/Oscar Cardozo/Van Wolfswinkel/Eto'o/Diego Milito/Qualiarella/Lewandowski/Mario Gomez/Lucas Barrios/David Villa/Claudio Pizzaro/Guerrero/Forlan/Leandro Damiao/Darren Bent/Seydou Doumbia/Mario Balotelli/Edin Dzeko)
    Hurts me to say it,but all these strikers are better than Carroll....

  24. why does jaimie kanwar continue with these rubbish posts? it is well and good if he is unashamedly a sensationalist, but it is laughable when he continually pretends to be a responsible blogger who delivers balanced, objective views. frankly, all i see in the few times i have unfortunately clicked through (from newsnow) are attempts to polarize fans.

    you know what is poor journalism? you conjecture with no basis at all. but then again, he will argue that he is not a journalist but a blogger, which still makes him a lousy blogger. he says his views are balanced ... i don't this so. what this site does well is to sensationalize (like the tabloids) and suckers readers into  the heat of the moment. what is rarely does is actually give any objective and unbiased views in spite of that claim.

    in saying rarely, i will accept that there is the occasional balanced view. but we can't always be all the way left or right. even obama has to come in to the center now and again.

  25. "A weak midfield" that has taken us top today eh...

  26. So "running around like a headless chicken" is required? If you're talking about the work ethic that the greatest manager in history has instilled into generations of title winning teams then I'd say more headless chickens please. But then, what would a poo fan know??? 20

  27. Carroll might develop enough to be a sub for us at some point!

    That's a good shout about Hazard, although he might decide he wants Champions League, but Joe Cole is at Lille, so maybe we can do a deal with them?

  28. a weak central midfield, is what I said and secondly, by THEIR standards (which is 'last 4 of the CL' quality/tactically (no three-man central midfields being used any more by them and very open tactics that leaves central midfield too vulnerable)), it is weak. Thirdly, yes, goes to show how good their mentality is as well as the other areas of the team, to overcome central midfield problems. We have a annoying weak mentality. Our balls/guts only seem to show up against the big sides. Pathetic really, I admit. Envy the mentality that United has and have had for a long time.

  29. No, he will just hype up the talents of a mediocre player to lure in Dalglish to buy him. I refer to Adam.

  30. Any team that fails to make the top 4/CL qualification, I don't think even have a chance of signing Hazard. My money is on Chelsea getting him. Mata and Hazard...yikes.

  31. bring back torres ,he would do well off suarez, play sterling on the wing in last fifteen minutes of matches ,bound to be a sucess

  32. i don't see any difference between carrol en Berbatov, Lawro should talk about other young players but not that old broom.

  33. Well, Berbatov is a far more skillful player than Carroll, for a start.