12 Mar 2012

Martinez claims: Liverpool FC striker target could cost £60m...

With Liverpool currently languishing in 7th place in the Premier League, and Champions League football gone for another year, it's looking more and more unlikely that the club will be able to attract top players in the summer. Fernando Llorente is a player Liverpool have enquired about in the past, but the chances of signing him in the summer look increasingly remote.

In a recent interview with Esquire Magazine, Llorente revealed that he'd discussed a move to England with former Liverpool stars Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres.

You would like to think that Torres and Alonso put in a good word for the club, but, unfortunately, even if Liverpool were in with a chance, he would probably be too expensive anyway.

According to Wigan manager Roberto Martinez, the price for Llorente's services could reach £60m. He told The People:

"Whatever price you can afford to pay for Llorente you will have to double it. Otherwise they [Bilbao] won't sell him. If you go in with £30m they will want £60m. If the figure gets to £60m, then they can't stop him. He would be a great Premier League player".

Liverpool football club's interest in Athletic Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente is an open secret, with the Spanish striker confirming last year that representatives from Anfield 'came to Bilbao' to negotiate a possible transfer.

I totally agree that Llorente will be a 'great' Premier League player, but sadly, it won't be for Liverpool.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We have already made our bed with Andy bloody Carroll.

    Llorente-Liverpool ship sunk a long time ago.

  2. Liverpool enquired about Lorente last season and get this opted for Carroll.
    Gulliem Balague said that and he's pretty reliable.
    So we had choice and Kenny went for Carroll cus he's English...END OF THE DEBATE.

  3. Jaimie this a TWEET sent TODAY by Guillem Balague 
    @GuillemBalagueCloseLast time a strong club chose a manager based on (biased, emotional, sensitive, passionate) fans opinion? Those emotions dont help judgement.SOMETHING IS UP AT LIVERPOOL ...

  4. Always blaming Carroll!!! How can you all blame Carroll when he never plays! We have eliminated the mancs thanks to him and we have drawn with cardiff (1 - 1) thanks to him. Stop blaming him. He's not a 20 premier league goal a season striker but in due time (when he will get a decent run in squad with suarez) I am sure he will deliver.

  5. With £35m, you expect something substantial in the short term, as well as long term

  6. we had a choice no we didnt sunshine he tiuned us down FOOL.

  7. Theycallmemrburt4:10 pm, March 12, 2012

    No one blames Carroll.  We blame the thought process that brought him here.

  8. Theycallmemrburt4:13 pm, March 12, 2012

    Spot on.  No individual is bigger than the club eh Kenny?  Lets see if that is just mantra.  There is a sword ready to be fallen on.

  9. carroll does get it in the neck alot,i'd rather llorenete over him but i'd take llorente over suarez too.suarez for all his skill and guile is actually becoming predictable and his success rate from shots is laughable.yakubu is playing better than him in a side that are staring over their shoulder at the championship.

  10. I think most people are forgetting that Carroll didn't put the £35M price tag on his own head!! That is what Newcastle asked for and we stupidly paid!!! I agree with most that it was over-priced, but it's not down to Carroll. I've lost count of the amount of Gods I've prayed to that he'll come good, should have known they're all a myth...

  11. I never said or implied it was Carroll's fault that his fee was so high. It is more of a go at Liverpool, not Carroll, my view. It was the club that decided to spend that amount of money on him. At the end of the day, when the club spends that amount of money, one expects something in the short term as well as long term. Yep, not fair on Carroll necessarily but tough luck.

  12. Ditto. Amazing how some fans gloss over Suarez ability to finish in this league because he is their new hero and is being made to look like it is HIM that is carrying the side, when in fact our form during his absence was certainly not much worse.

  13. If it's as blunt as our attacking, KD will survive falling on that particular sword!

    Can see Comolli leaving before Kenny.

  14. Agreed, although i think he can score 20 per season. Can't understand why Carroll and Downing are often not on the pitch at the same time.

  15. suarez isn't doing what he's in the team to do.
    people argue that he isn't a centre forward etc but he's in the side to score goals and he isn't doing that.
    six league goals this season is a scandalous return.

  16. Better red than dead6:53 pm, March 12, 2012

    I have no respect for Carroll. He is constantly falling on his ass and then run to the ref to complain and moan. OK if you have a bad run and don't score - but do your job, stop moaning and give a 100%.

  17. Better red than dead6:56 pm, March 12, 2012

    We will be a laughingstock of the other top clubs if we insist on this stupid Buy british-strategy in the summer transfer window. Please, please, please give me what I want - some Marin, maybe a Huntelaar and som south american speed.

  18. He was signed for 5 years not the short term I Think !!!!

  19. Akash Super Star Fc7:18 pm, March 12, 2012

     SACK kenny dalglish and appoint FRANK RIJKAARD.... if not means just closed the club, don't spoil the club's name by loosing to underdog teams like sunderland. And dalglish always give excuse if lose any match...

  20. Eh? That is clearly not the point I was making. I will explain it more simply for you. The point is when spending that much money on a player you expect something in year 1 and not just in year 4/5

  21. Llorente would need good supply, something Carroll hasn't received

    Provide some pace and Carroll will thrive

    Man Utd, City, Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle all have loads of pace

    Having pace in the team means that defences have less time to get settled, therefore more goals are scored

  22. like the man says he never plays

  23. wats the point of signing a player like this when we have zero quality on the wings!!!!!!  we should be talking about signing propper out and out wingers, when was the last time liverpool had two wingers who created and scored goals?? actually name me one?? maybe berger in sort of recent times. we have no natural outlets thats half the problem, suarez kuyt and carroll would reep the benefits. its why were miles behind even spurs let alone the other 2. we have no young,nani or valencia. no silva, nasri oreven milner. no bale or lennon. 
    throw in a creative midfielder with lucas back, wat a difference it would make.   its that obvious and simple.  forget about signing any more strikers

  24. Like I said/implied in another post, I am also having a go at the club as well, which includes KK and his selections. If you are going to spend £35m on a player, you expect something in the short term. By not playing him and him playing rather below par (at best) most of the when he does play, illustrates there has been very little to show for the money so far in the short term. I think that is quite simple to understand.
    He has started 14 league games by the way, which is more than half of the league games we have played so far. 'never plays', pfft.

  25. i 've heard there has been a fuss on twitter, with the fans calling for Kenny's head, if we loose with Everton well tbh I can't wait to see what's going to happen

  26. Fantasy figure from Martinez that, if he even said it himself. And if he did it shows how messed up football has become. No player is worth that much unless it's Messi or Ronaldo.

  27. Why would any decent world class player come to loserpool. We have nothing on the wings apart from our full backs who try to get fwd but really should be the job for our so called wingers like downing. Having to watch videos of mcmanaman to cheer myself up and see what it was like at liverpool when we had a decent winger. i grew up watching mcmanaman, barnes and berger!! Whats happened to my beloved liverpool....WHERE ARE OUR WORLD CLASS WINGERS AND OUT & OUT STRIKERS!! SHOCKING....

  28. Manchester competing for 1st place, North London competing for 3rd place and Merseyside competing for top half finish. Bloody hell.

  29. Oh...my....god. Anyone seen the latest spin and excuse spouted by KK, in relation to our season? Going on about improvement in sponsor money, youth set up, people smiling at Melwood, etc and how this shows its a good season for the club and that good progress is not just about points and trophies. Basically using all that waffle about sponsor money, etc, to overshadow the poor performance in the league. Pathetic. 

  30. Kewell, Riera, Luis Garcia (ok, he was more CAM but also played on the wing)

  31. Kewell spent more time in the treatment room, than he did on the pitch for us. Let down. Garcia scored more than he created, funnily enough. The same with Kewell. Reira was a decent squad player-level player, never was good enough to be a top 4 first XI player. We haven't had a quality wide player since Macca.

  32. Totally agree, players like Carroll and henderson were bought to be for the future, but Liverpool have spend starting 11 transfer fees on them.
    So the are on an uphill battle from day one.

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  34. Is this a Manchester United Blog? Why is it called the Kop? I thought that was a place for Liverpool supporters? Enlighten me....

  35.  no.. it's just not a blog for brainwashed liverpool fan that satisfied  with 7 place

  36. one excuse after another6:57 am, March 13, 2012

    Kenny is losing the fans

  37. Agree with your point about Liverpool not having quality wingers but our strike force is no good either and neither is our midfield. When we had Torres as striker, he used to constantly move inside the box creating space for himself and for other players to score goals but neither Carroll nor Suarez do that and that is one of the reason  they don't score goals often enough because they are always marked. In midfield, i think we have compromised quality with work ethic, other than Gerrard and Lucas i don't think any of our midfielder is good enough to play for a top 4 team.

  38. Stop supporting my club you scumbag. We don't need fans like you. Fortunately, 99% of fans don't come on forums like this as its full of idiots like you.

  39. I don't trust Comolli or Dalglish with money. I am sure they will do another blunder this summer in transfer market if they were given money.

    Look at all purchases Liverpool made. Liverpool were absolutely ripped off in transfer market. These idiots have earned Liverpool such a bad reputation that as soon as we put bid on a player his price doubles overnight. Everyone knows Liverpool are stupid buyers.

    I wish FSG hold them accountable for the transfer blunders and sack them at the end of the season. 

    If you compare the situation with Rafa's time, we can see most of the players Rafa bought can be valued more after a year with Liverpool. Their value increased (barring a few exceptions). Everything Kenny bought is worth nothing now. No other top Premier league team will keep them even in first squad.

  40. If you want 'all is well' mentality, you can try RAWK forum

  41. Andy Carroll would not get a game (never mind play in half of Liverpools games) if he was with either Manchester club, spurs, aresenal, chelsea, newcastle, everton or even sunderland.
    We bought a badly injured player who had only a half of a season playing in the premier league.
    it was a shocking/panic buy - he does nothing other than complain and miss chances - a newly promoted side 'might' offer £8-10M for him - take IT!!!
    Neither Adam, Henderson or Downing has defensive abilities, at all, all supposedly attacking players and yet, between them, they have scored less than ten goals and assists are in single figures also...We bought Downing because we didn't get young, we brought in Adam whilst Spurs got Parker and Chamberlain could have been bought instead of Henderson.
    it pains me to say it but the four main buys just have not cut the mustard - NEITHER WILL THEY..!
    Kuyt misses too many chances and his final ball is woeful and Stevie g is wasted as a deep lying midfielder.
    Personally I cannot quite see, except for games against City and perhaps 3-4 more, why we are making such a fuss about Bellamy.
    We are, clearly, a long way short of being a top four club.
    Play our youngsters for the rest of the season and 'off load' the poor buys along with Cole, Aquilani, Kuyt. Maxi, Shelvey.
    Bring in 3 quick, tricky players (two wing and creative mid and buy Llorente or Carvani for £60M. 

  42. you didnt get the hint of sarcasm in my post.........no didnt think so. Of course spending 35m on a striker the pressure to perform and get results from day 1 is immense.

  43. Kenny's favourite quote after most of the matches this season:
    "We didn't have the LUCK"
    Apparently, Liverpool never ever have the luck

  44. Oh Dalglish just sign a goalscorer, a DM and a speedy winger, keep Carroll, Downing and Henderson but sell Adam, he really sucks

  45. A very very subtle hint ;)

  46. I think everyone needs to take their goggles off Liverpool have spent £100m to be one point better off at this time last season and as for kk spitting the bull about sponsors that he has nothing to do with clinging onto a carling cup that we won on penalties against cardiff is ridiculous! Say what you want about rafa but he had to sell to buy and would never have attempted to waste money on downing carroll henderson like kk has! Expect another draw tonight as dalglish and co run out of ideas mid table mediocrity awaits face it!

  47. King Kenny has flattered to deceive.

  48. do you honestly think llorente or carvani will even think about going to a mid table english team,,these names will only come to a top team with cl next year,,us liverpool supporters are deluded to think that hazard ,carvani,llorente or any world class player would come to us ,,,we have and will continue to be a mid or below mid table team. since rafa left we  have been in denial thinking above our station and believing we had a god giving right to pick and choose who we can get,,,this year was different new owners, 100 million to spend, kk back,fans where happy and we all dreamed of european nights like juv and chelsea and maybe a push at the top of the table.This was the year to attract world class players and offer them  part of something special and rebuild lfc towards being feared at home and europe again.Between kenny and comolli they single handly destroyed what should of been a new era by continuinely playing the rubbish they bought in the summer ,For a man to say he has lfc best interests at heart and plays the crap he bought in the summer week in week out simply to justify he was right in the hope he thought we might of ended up in fourth spot. THE BIGGEST DISGRACE IS THAT KENNY MAYBE DOESNT KNOW WE HAVE PICKED UP  5 POINTS SINCE XMAS .IF IT WAS ANY OTHER MANAGER INSTEAD OF KENNY THERE WOULD BE MARCHES ALL OVER ANFIELD TONIGHT. 

  49. If KK goes on to win the FA Cup it will mean he has won 2 out of the three competitions he could win. Even if we dont qualify for champions league football, have we had a bad season if we did win the two trophies? I agree that our league form has not been good all year through a lack of goals, but that is down to the strikers, surez for all his quality dribbling, he is as bad as carroll for finishing but there is hardly no mention at all of surez being absolutely poor in front of goal. What i have learned over the past year by visiting this site, is alot of liverpool fans are not interested in FA Cups or carling cups, they are interested in 4th spot and champions league football, even when they know that we are not in a position to challenge for the title, 4th spot is great!. Even if we where in the champions league do you think we would get past barca or madrid, no chance!!! What i do know is that at the start of the season our priority was 4th spot, but if we dont achieve it and end up winnig two cups, to me that is much better than to qualify for the champions league as at the moment qualification to the champions league only means being cannon fodder for barca. If we do win the FA Cup we can at least put that on a banner and wave it in the Kop, we can go visit it in the trophy room, we can buy pictures of them with the team and above all else celebrate that we have won something. What do we get with 4th spot?? nothing but qualification into the champions league, a competition where at the moment, there is only 1 team in europe that can challenge barca and that is madrid. In my mind KK was brought in to stop us going further down the table, he was brought in to give us a feel good factor, we have won a cup and close to winning another one. yes our league position does not reflect some of the play we have had and yes we have been extremely unlucky at times. Iff KK goes on to win the FA cup and still gets the sack, i feel sorry for the person who will replace him as really he should win the treble to out do KK, but as fans have bencoe increasingly obsessed about 4th spot, then if he achieves this year after year and wins nothing , is it ok?? ask some arsenal fans what it is like to be the nearly team, at least KK has given us a bit of pride and took s to wembley in his first season!

  50. again, "reporting" or blogging for sensationalism. total waste of time to read.

  51. Well said, we have not had a great season, but it has not been that bad so far for a team that is re building. I do think KK has shot himself in the foot a few times. I know its a squad game, but as soon as someone scores, has a very good game or shows signs of improvement, he is dropped. Ok we don't know what has gone on behind the scenes, but it just seems as Carroll was showing an improvement, he is on the bench, last game Maxi played he had a decent game, then benched, Bellamy played well then benched. Henderson has poor games, still on the pitch, Downing, poor games, still on the pitch. The team should be picked on form, if you are in form, you should play, if you are having a bad run, you need to earn your place back. it should be that simple. all this chopping and changing for no apparent reason is not the way to build consistent performances.

  52. absolutely agree...if we were to add up the shirt deal with the sponsors, the kit deal, the increase in commercial value of our brand, world-wide, the reduction in debts now that we have new owners and the fact that we have only spent a net amount of £35M since KK took the reigns AND the feel good factor of having kenny at the reigns we have made excellent progress - as always, we want more and it is fair to point out that between comolli and the king the purchase rate at about the 3-4 mark.
    We need to blood some of our exciting young talent in the remaining games, ask Cole, Aquilani, Kuyt, Rodrigez, Carroll, Henderson, Shelvey and Adam to find employment elsewhere and use the estimated (£5-7M per man) £40M + a further same again to buy two stikers of proven pedigree and 2 fast wingers who can both score and assist  

  53. I love to see my team playing in the Champions League. Its the best club competition around. Hearing that CL theme at Anfield. Its a great buzz. Add the financial benefits for the club and attracting better standard of players, 4th place > domestic cup, all day long. 

    Its a failure to see how far behind 4th in terms of points we are, considering we didn't have to juggle playing in a European competition at the same time. 

    These days, simply being a domestic cup team and doing bugger all in the league is embarassing.

  54. So basically no one, apart from Madrid, should bother with the CL as Barca are too good? Going by that attitude, we might as well drop out of the PL as we aren't good enough to win it. What a dreadful attitude to have. I wonder what you thought prior to the start of season when we won the CL under Rafa, with THAT average team (in hindsight, its amazing really as we finished miles behind the winners in the league) in a competition with the likes of Milan, Madrid, Juve etc.

  55. Of course its not ok to get 4th spot every year and nowt else, if that is all the team have done every season for the past 5 years. But its better than not getting it and simply becoming a domestic cup team and playing in the Europa League. Its called progress and ambition. 

    Winning the league > Challenging for the title/reaching last 4 of CL> 4th spot> domestic cup triumph. Not getting into the CL is the equivalent of a big club being relegated.

  56. I believe it wasn't the fans' objective for the year to get to the fourth spot but the objective set by Liverpool Management (acknowledged several time by KK). At the very start, there was no set objective to win CC or FA cup. Therefore these achievements are irrelevant. Failure to achieve the objective at the beginning is a FAILURE.

  57. everyone dogging kenny over the signings...yet its comolli who identifies and chooses who we negotiate for.  kenny is our coach, the days of a manager who controls everything are long gone.

  58. Everyone goes on about the £114M that was spent recently, but they seem to forget the £70-£80m(Babel, Torres, Bennayoun, Riera, Meireles, Koncheskey, Poulsen, Ayala and Ngog) the club made on sales during last year and half also, so it was £45 or £35 net spent on players, that is nothing.

    The owners need to give King Kenny and Commoli or a new manager in summer £120- £130M on 7 players who will change dimension and complexion of side and squad, whilst 5 players should be shipped out also.

    1: Joe Cole  AM/ RW/ LW for £2-£3M
    2: Maxi Rodriguez AM/ LW/ RW  for £2M
    3: D Kuyt  RW/ FD  for £8-£10M
    4: Fabio Aurelio LB Release
    5: Jamie Carragher CB / RB Retire

                        Defensive players needed:

    1: Hummels Or Subotic' Of Borussia Dortmund for £12-£17M    CB
    2: J Martinez Of Athletico Bilbao, M'Villa Of Rennes, B Matuidi Of PSG, C Tiote Of Newcastle, M Sissoko Of Toulouse Or E Banega Of Valencia, One of these tough strong defensive midfielders/enforcers should be brought to club to compete with LUCAS and SPEARING, for DM starting position at club for £14-£18M

                   Pace, Speed, Skill, Crearivity, Quality and Class

    3: J Hoillet Of Blackburn Or N Dyer Of Swansea For £3-£6M      RW
    4: P Hernandez Of Valencia, J Biabiany Of Sampdoria, Pedro Of Barcelona Or J Montero Of Real Betis, One of these tricky speed merchants should be brought to club for £15-£20M.   RW
    5: D Capel Of Sporting Clube De Portugal, R Drenthe Of Real Madrid Or S Sinclair Of Swansea, One of these Left footed Left wingers should be brought to club in summer for £8-£16M.     LW
    6: Willian Of Shakhtar Donesk, Lucas Of Sao Paulo, Diego Of Wolfsburg, C Eriksen Of Ajax, Valbuena Of Marseille Or Coutinho Of Inter Milan, One of these skill pacey quick mobile players needs to be brought to club for £12-£18M    AM

        Pace, Speed, Finisher and Provider

    Higuain Or Benzema Of Real Madrid, G Rossi Of Villareal, Hulk Of Porto, Llorente Of A Bilbao, Cavani Or Lavezzi Of Napoli, One of these strikers desperately needs to be brought to club to compete with one another and to finish off all the chances Suarez will set up for them, any one of these players should be brought for £21-£32M      FD

    As club have alot of work to do before we can be challenging the two Manchester clubs and Tottenham anytime soon unless these 7 players are brought to club. 

  59. get lost rohit. hoe dare u call OUR team NAMES. U r a losser not LIVERPOOL FC .

  60. the r drenthe bit just destroyed that weeks work u just wrote

  61. these 7 players are needed m8 you have about 100 players written down

  62. at the time of liverpool winning the champions league, english teams where on par with all teams in europe. At present it is only chelsea who are flying the flag and a poor flag they are flying, for all the millions of man city they bombed out quickly from the champions league along with man utd. All I am pointing out is we are expecting to run when we have just learned to walk. I am certainly not saying i would be satisfied with remaining a domestic cup team, but what i have is a real expectation. Last year we where on our knees and in turmoil. In one year we have got our pride back and achieved something. Donty get me wrong, i do expect next year that we should be looking at at a good run in the league and instead of 4th spot look at a title challenge.  What benitez achieved was remarkable with the team but for sustained success the foundations have to be right. I would also like you to remember that same season we finshed behind everton in the league and benitez although close never won the league and in his last season after he had changed players, he finished 7th. It was not dalglish that put us in 7th, it started with benitez, made worse with hodgson and is now getting better. With blackburn Kenny over 3 years moved 1 or 2 positions in the EPL and on the 4th season he won it. This is what i expect from liverpool overthe coming seasons, to build the foundations right. At present players are getting ear bashings and for some rightly so. but i remember the same things where said about lucas, and nearly all fans are wanting him back as he is regarded as a vital first team player.

  63. All liverpool need is a quality right winger and someone world class who can put the ball in the back of the net. if we had someone like that this year all this talk of 4th spot would have been settled.

  64. Its not as if Chelsea and Arsenal have been so good this season that we shouldn't bothered with 4th spot. We had a great chance this season, considering our form from the second half of last season and no European competition to juggle this season, as well as the form of Chelsea and Arsenal. But we made a right mess of it. 

  65. Money spent is money spent, regardless of money brought in. Net spend doesn't justify spending £35m on Carroll, etc.

  66. Good luck getting that level of striker, after we spent over £50m on two, in Suarez and Carroll.

  67. Royston Drenthe Has more pace, speed, creativity, Assists than Downing and Henderson this season, They cost us £40M and between them he has more assists and goals than both of them. And he has been on there bench most of time, just like our best player and most consistant performer/biggest threat to opposing teams our manager didn't even have him on subs list last night, BELLAMY.

  68. I gave options to choose between , but if you want me to make it simple for you and those who struggle to analyse or compare similar players and to pick their best out of the choices available.

    These 7 players should be brought to club: To change us from Top 7 club into top 1-3 club. And to bring competition, quality, class, pace, speed, creativity and some more solidity in two areas to keep unit/squad strong and solid.

    The owners need to back Kenny heavily : £90-£125M this summer: Then we would be competing for the title next season:
    And Kenny and commoli should go all out and get these 7 players to club in summer:

     7 players:

    Defensive recruits:

    1: Hummels Of B Dortmund for £12-£17M                      CB
    2: M'Villa Of Rennes For £15-£20M                              DM

    Creativity, Skill, Pace, Speed:

    3: Junior Hoillet Of Blackburn for £3-£6M                      RW
    4: J Biabiany Of Sampdoria for £6-£12M                       RW
    5: D Capel Of Sporting Clube De Portugal For £10-£16m  LW
    6: Willian Of Shakhtar Donesk  For £15-£20M                AM

    Speed, Pace, Out and Out Finisher:
    7: Higuain Of Real Madrid For £25-£32M                       FD

    These 7 players would add to the lack of genuine class and quality to ur team and squad to complement our three best world class players: Gerrard, Bellamy and Suarez.

    As when them 3 players are out of side, we lack quality, class and goals.

    When two of them are out of side: Bellamy and Gerrard, the team struggles to score more than 2 goals a game.

    These players would show intent and would get us back into Champions league reckoning, the best 3 clubs in premiership have creativity and quality and competition for their attacking positions, we do not, if Bellamy, Gerrard or Suarez are out we are doomed.

    Man City have: Upfront: Aguero, Dzeko, Balotelli and if they want to use or bring him back Tevez.
    creativity: Silva, Nasri, Johnson and Milner, Yaya Toure.

    Man Utd have: Rooney, Wellbeck, Hernandez and If they want to use him at their disposal Berbatov. 
    Creativity: Nani, Valencia, A Young, Park, Scholes and Giggs.

    Tottenham have: Adebayor, Defoe and Saha .
    Creativity: Modric, Van Der Vaart, Lennon and Bale.

    we have: Carroll and Suarez upfront.
    Creativity: Gerrard, Adams, Downing, Henderson and Kuyt.

    But when you check our goal difference in league compared to all the three above, its quite embarrassing how far we are away from them.

    And this is why our club needs major changes in summer, club could do without Henderson, Downing and Carroll. £75M, They were not the players we needed to get back into champions league and to be competing with the two manchester clubs and Tottenham.

    But the 7 players mentioned would change dimension of club/squad and the addition of three pacey, quick, speedy out and out wide men with good regular and consitant delivery and service into the box could and would bring the best out the best in A Carroll.

    And with genuine pace, speed in side we can always stretch teams: Club have lacked speed, pace, creativity, consistency, Out and Out width Quality and Class for the last 5 seasons and this should have been adressed before A Carrol was brought to club and even more so when he was brought to club. Downing is the only Out and Out winger at club and he has been inconsitant all season, yet starts in 90% of all our games no matter how poor or inconsistant he has been because he has NO Genuine Competition Out wide. As he is only genuine winger in the 1st team

  69. How much did Berbatov and Rooney cost Man Utd? 60+ M, How much did Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli cost Man City? If we want genuine quality and someone to regularly put the ball in the back of net week in week out, we need to get someone who is one of the best in the business in world football and Higuain and Benzema are both that, both 23 and both would be great partner for Suarez. Suarez would play in hole and they would play in front of him and we'd hurt teams , If we get wingers into club with genuine  speed, pace, creaivity, width, quality and class we would be able to stretch teams at Home and Away and then we may get to see the best of A Carroll in years to come. But Higuain or Benzema with Suarez just behind either would be LETHAL.

  70. How do you think that? We are miles apart from the three top teams in league : The two Manchester Clubs and Tottenham. Carroll, Downing and Henderson are not players who have lightened or changed much since last year, we are still 6/7 and that is £75m worth of players there.

    Overpriced English players, Hopefully they will come good in season or two, but they all lack cutting edge and have no real competition for their places.

    Our main goals come from Gerrard, Bellamy, Suarez and Kuyt.

    Yet Carroll and Suarez, play as forwards. If we had genuine quick pacey right winger and kenny did use our best player this season as super sub every week and just play him every week , week in week out unless he is injured or unfit for 70mins a game(Bellamy) Most of the games we have drawn and lost this season, the results would have been different. 

    We need a huge influx of players to be brought to club and some players need to be sold on: we need to sell 5 players and bring in 7 players. But players who will actually improve and implement squad and bring something to club we are currently lacking.

    1: Joe Cole AM/LW/RW                For £2-£4M
    2 A Aquilani AM/CM                     For £5-£12M
    3: D Kuyt    FD                           For £8-£10M
    4: F Aurelio LB                            Free Transfer
    5: M Rodriguez AM/LW/RW            For £2-£4M

    Ins:  money needed = £90-£125M

                  Defensive Players:
    1: Hummels Of Borussia Dortmund   For £12-£17M      CB
    2: M'Villa Of Rennes                     For £15-£20M      DM

                  Attacking Quality Creative Players:
    3: Junior Hoillet Of Blackburn         For £3-£6M         RW 
    4: J Biabiany Of Sampdoria           For £6-£12M        RW
    5: Diego Capel Of S De Clube Portugal For £10-£16M LW
    6: Willian Of Shakhar Donesk        For £14-£20M      AM

                Out and Out Finisher:
    7: Higuain Or Benzema Of Real Madrid for £25-£32M  FD

    A Right Winger would have helped us, but for the club and for our team to genuinely want to challenge and to compete for the premiership again before the Mancs go 20, 21Premier League Titles) and so on, over the next following seasons Our club needs to do some serious changes to standard of players they recruit in this summer and players we actually need and do not have we should be bringing to club.

    we have enough average hard working playing midfielders: Henderson, Adams, Spearing, Downing and Kuyt. We need two compete for the league until the end and be serious contenders year in and year out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. m8 do me a favour as a liverpool season ticket holder of 13 years i have never heard so much bullshit in all my life ,,it seems to me that u think ur playing player/manager on the playstation,ur looking to overhaul lfc and leave four first team players in,,where does reina skrtel agger enrique gerrard saurez johnson kelly lucas fit in ,,wise up even city with all there money ohh and champions league football next year would struggle to attract 7 these players ,,
    Subject: [liverpoolkop] Re: Martinez claims: Liverpool FC striker target could cost £60m... | Liverpool-Kop.com