12 Mar 2012

Manager confirms: I want to sign Liverpool FC midfielder on loan. Good idea?

With six goals and two assist in 10 games during his recent loan spell at Blackpool, Jonjo Shelvey did a great job for Blackpool before being (needlessly) called back to Liverpool to provide midfield cover. Now, Seasiders manager Ian Holloway wants to bring Shelvey back, and who can blame him?

In his press conference on Friday, Holloway revealed that he is interested in another loan deal for Shelvey. He said:

"I will be ringing Liverpool and I'll be asking about his [Shelvey's] availability.

"We didn't want Jonjo to go back. As far as I'm concerned, we'll have to ask Liverpool very nicely to get him back.

"It will be Liverpool's choice if he comes back or not as he is their player."

Cutting short Shelvey's loan spell was utterly pointless IMO. Back at Liverpool, he never got the chance to get going:

* One start in 15 games
* 25 minutes of pitch time in the last month and a half, .
* 280 minutes of football overall, averaging of 18 minutes a game.
* On the bench for 13 out of 15 games.
* Unused sub in 9 out of 15 games.

* Dropped for 5 games after scoring/creating 2 goals vs. Oldham.

With these things in mind, Surely Shelvey's development would've been better served by allowing him to continue learning and *playing* at Blackpool? How did warming the bench for thirteen games help his development?

Middlesbrough are also interested in taking Shelvey on loan, and given their position in the Championship, they may be a more attractive proposition. If Shelvey can help 'Boro gain promotion, he could be in with a chance of a permanent deal, and once in the Premier League, he might actually get some games for a change.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Kenny is being biased against the players he hasn't bought. I Like Shelvey and I think he deserves better that this. I fear that he will leave Liverpool. I would start Shelvey over Henderson.

  2. It doesn't take a genius to see that Jojo Shelvey is a better player than 1.Henderson 2.Spearing.
    Yet because Kenny Dalglish signed Henderson he has to justify his spend on him even if it's bleeding obvious that Henderson is not as good as Shelvey.
    Kenny Dalglish is not a fair manager, to prove it he plays Downing who has yet to score over Maxi  (who he didn't sign) who has a record of scoring goals.
    Furthermore he alienated Aquailani and Mereles who were clearly better Midfield options than Spearing and Henderson.

    This style of management is then rewarded by his charges with poor performances.
    This then in turn demoralises the players who can see in training and on the pitch that people are not being selected on merit.

    Kenny Dalglish is a poor man manager as well as being poor tactically.

    I'm going to ride out this season and wait to see what FSG do with Dalglish.
    Clearly they are not going to be happy with him.

    I'm already saying we should go for Joachim Low or Jurgen Klopp for next season.
    I'd hope that we can clear out the following:
    Henderson,Kuyt,Downing,Carragher,Spearing,Carroll,Aurelio & Adam.Dalglish Kevin Keane, Steve Clarke 

    Promote a the following :

    A new Manager with FRESH PLAYERS and IDEAS and a backroom staff that actually can influence the Manager in the right fashion.

  3. Kenny + legend = Fxxxx manager 'Bring Back RAFA '

  4. I feel he should be starting before Henderson but that obviously isnt going to happen! Let him go back to Blackpool, he is familar with the setup and football played there will help aid his development more than Boro. I couldnt care less about helping Boro gain promotion!

  5. Although i agree with most I feel a better maanger will get more out of Henderson. He is a CENTRAL MIDFIELDER and should be considerd ANYWHERE else apart from there. It is beyond me that a why he keeps playing RW when he has no attributes to play in that posistion. He actually played wel against Arsenal in the middle so to push him back out to right is clear bad managment from KD.

    You cant really tell how much infulence Steve Clarke has on team selection but he is a defensive coach and would have to say we have been sound at the back for most of the season. unfortuatley his time may be up sue KD misgivings.

    I feel the team plays better with spearing in it although he is clearly not onm the same level as lucas. Amoo hasnt got the quality to play for Liverpool for years to come.

  6. remember his through ball for suarez at craven cootage last season,an example of his good technique and vision.at this strage i think he should be a threat to charlie adam not just henderson.
    still can't understand why he was recalled and then given no game time.wouldn't it have made more sense to bring coady into the squad to have cover and also give him the experience.
    shelvey proved at blackpool that he has what it takes.

  7. Cus Kenny Never bought him and  Kenny has to prove his expensive flops are better.

  8. Kenny put lousy players he has bought ahead of goog plahers he didnt!!
    Sells mereles.. Allowed aquilani to go on loan.. Even sidelined kuyt on many occasions which made him think about leaving in exchange on playong henderson who has not showed up yet, spearing who belongs to the b team at best, and wandering carroll who didnt win most of the air balls against man united Fabio who is half his size in the league miserable defeat... I am not sure how the owners are ok with letting him go on with this egocentric approach?? Lets wake up and smell the roses... May help belp us for next yr, its already late this yr as we all have figured out.. FC

  9. Even Ince is doing a better job at Blackpool than Downing has done for us.

  10. Shelvey should stay and be given 10 games on the bounce in place of Adam who should be loaned back to Blackpool. 

  11. Seemed a little pointless to bring him back alright, although we did need cover for a game or two. Was Speo injured or suspended at the time?

    Not sure of the comment about Boro maybe signing him permanently. How would that benefit Liverpool?

    Also, the term "dropped" would be more properly attributed to a regular being benched, not a reserve who got a run out in a cup game

  12. He hasn't felt forced to play Carroll

    But I could certainly understand Kenny favouring guys he has spent millions on

    To not play them is admitting that they were bad signings, and Comolli and Kenny may as well resign

  13. Amen......best post out of the 100`s trying to make sense out of Liverpool`s freefall....and anyone who disagrees is living in la la land....watch the changes this summer...Mr John W Henry did state a preferance for a 4th place minimum finish THIS SEASON(not next year,or we`ll see how this team develops nonsense).Fenway Sports as LFC owners,like most of us want results....NOW .....if I have to wait another 22 years for a Premiership title....think I`ll be 6 foot under before then for crying out loud!!