8 Feb 2012

Milan Legend: Fiorentina Star 'will leave in June'. Should Kenny bid?

Liverpool will probably be in the market for a new striker in the summer, and one player who will almost definitely be available is Fiorentina's Stevan Jovetic. The Montenegrin has been consistently linked with a move to the Premier League over the years, and Liverpool were definitely interested in him at one point. If Jovetic is going to be available, then Liverpool should probably take another look at him.

Speaking to Football Italia, Dejan Savicevic, the former AC Milan star (and current Montenegro FA president) was full of praise for his countryman, and conceded that he would probably leave in the summer. He said:

“Jovetic is playing consistently and I knew he could do well, although I wasn’t convinced he could be so prolific in front of goal

“As for his future, I think he is a player who sooner or later will have to leave. He cannot stay in Florence for much longer. It’s lovely that he wants to stay and is grateful to the club, but when the offer from a big side comes – and I think it will be in June – then he will go.

"This is the transfer market. Sooner or later, Fiorentina will certainly sell him. I think he’d be suited to the Premier League or La Liga as well as Serie A. Jovetic can challenge for the Champions League, national titles and the Ballon d’Or.”

Liverpool have definitely been interested in the past. In March 2011, Jovetic's Agent Fali Ramadani told Calciomercato:

"I can confirm that last summer, Liverpool had asked me about Stevan. The deal did not go through because the player wanted to remain in Florence".

If Liverpool were interested once, they could be again.

Jovetic has 12 goals and two assists for Fiorentina so far this season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. it was rafa that wanted him after fiorentina anhilated us in 09/10 season in Champs League. He is very good and would be a great addition. Can play off the striker or as LWF.

    I am one of these people that believes Rafa got a rough ride. People will say that he ruined us and made us finish 7th but in reality he had to deal with owners who never gave him the backing and were constantly at war with him.

    Yet in his time in charge he managed 2 Champions League finals including bringing one back, won an fa cup final, finished 2nd in the league (with highest number of points we have ever managed) and completely transformed the team.

    Ask any real Liverpool fan and they would swap the squad we had now for the one in 08/09. Yes there were some suspect buys (Keane, Morientes, Dossena, Gonzalez, Kromkamp, Jovanovic) but there were also some amazing buys

    Reina, Johnson, Arbeloa, Sktrel, Aurelio, Mascherano, Lucas, Alonso, Sissoko, Kuyt, Maxi, Benayoun, Torres

    of which 7 are still at LFC and 5 are probable starters in today's team.

    The one thing Benitez wasnt afrqid to do was axe a player if he couldnt cut it. Just imagine, under Rafa whether Adam, Henderson, Downing, Carrol would have lasted this long? Whether Aqualani (who EVERYONE thinks is class) would have really been loaned out.

    I think he got a rough ride at the end and LFC fans almost came to expect 'too much' following the season we finished 4th. Before people start criticising that LFC fans should expect everything, I think the disappointment came more in the style of footbal, having beaten teams like Madrid 4-0 and United away 4-1, we did not live up to it the next day.

    I would take him back personally, he proved that he had a good eye for quality players and was not afraid to get rid of them if they could not perform to LFC standard.

    Sign up Jovetic though - he really is a class outfit, i just fear he will follow Champions League football and be bought by whoever bids the most.

  2. wwhether we want him or not or whether he would even consider coming to is another matter ....

    To me i don't think the money is there for us to buy him...we will to balance books from nothing on

  3. From Now on..not nothing

  4. A classy player. Him and Vargas ripped apart Bayern defence a few seasons back in CL. Done well to come back after missing so much football last season. Vargas too.

    Would allow Suarez to play further forward or interchange at least. Jovetic likes to drift around last third, got very good and clever movement like that. He is more of a second-striker, Jovetic, but can and has played further forward quite a lot.

    Would love Jovetic and Vargas at Anfield. Vargas has a sweet left foot on him but don't see him coming as we have made our bed with Downing.

  5. from what i have read Rafa actually wanted him in the transfer window before the season that they beat us in champions league, unfortunately he's transfer budget was cut and then jovetic showed what kind of signing he would be

  6. I like his loyalty and class as a player and a man. If we secure champs league next season then yes, lets sign him. If we end up 6th then I can't see it happening. He could go to any CL participating team.

  7. Joveta is great talent,watched him when was kid in Partizan Belgrade.We should sign him before other clubs start bulkin price.

  8. I'm a bit suspect about players who come from Serie A, he could be a great signing but a lot of them are pretty underwhelming. Zola was a great signing but I can't think of too many others. Henry came from Serie A, but failed there, so I wonder if the style of play makes it a bigger risk to bring players in from Italy. I'm sure there are other successful signings from Italy, but can't think of too many great ones. Most of them ended up at Chelsea. He does look like a good player and did destroy us but I wonder if he would replicate that in our league.