8 Feb 2012

England star claims: Struggling ex-LFC hero is still a 'top class player'...

Since signing for Chelsea in a £50million deal over a year ago, former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has mustered up a paltry three premier league goals. Clearly, he's still struggling to make the grade at Stamford Bridge, which is mystifying considering his undeniable talent and quality. Despite the underwhelming performance, Torres is still inspiring his team-mates, and Gary Cahill is happy to be playing alongside the Spaniard.

Torres left Anfield under a cloud, but there's no denying that he was, for the most part, a phenomenal striker for Liverpool.

As the saying goes: 'Form is temporary, class is permanent', and only the most short-sighted of fans would write Torres off completely at this stage.

Cahill seems to agree, and he has nothing but good things to say about El Nino. He told The People:

"Fernando Torres has got everything. He is a top-class player and I can assure you I've never had it easy against him.

"The runs he makes and the way he controls the ball is great and I can learn from being up against someone of his quality every day.

"Playing against him in training gets you ready for facing the other top players in the world."

Torres may be in a funk at the moment, but his talent has not just disappeared, and when he finally comes good for Chelsea, it will be like having a brand new player.

Torres has been linked with a return to Liverpool several times over the last few months, and if it was down to me, I would take him back tomorrow. In my view, a Torres-Suarez partnership would be a match made in heaven.

A few months ago, I conducted a poll on this site asking fans to choose between and in-form Torres and Luis Suarez. The results were clear:

2500 fans voted, and Suarez got most of the love, but I would still choose Torres, for one reason alone: When both players are fit and on-form, Torres will always score more Premier League goals than Suarez.

Torres' goal record for Chelsea is, admittedly, poor, but with three league goals in the last 17 games (and only 1 in the last 12), Suarez's record is not really that much better.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Torres, a former hero that is in the bad books with Liverpool fans and all good memories of Torres in a red shirt gone from their minds, against Suarez, a hero that can do no wrong with Liverpool fans and doesn't get the same level of stick that Carroll gets with his finishing this season, despite being at least almost as bad.

    Yep, we can see how this poll will go :)

    Gotta love tribal mentality eh(!)

  2. It's Suarez for a reason, he's not just top scorer out of form, but he can assist well, yes, Fernando can do that too, but look how strong on the ball Luis is ... If you need more reasons, look at the age of those too, Luis can develop, he has future in front of him, Torres is supposed to be on the top of his career right now and where is he? 

  3. Torres is a natural goal-scorer when he in form he can score whenever he is in penalty box. Meanwhile Suarez is a player with skill to by pass any opponent he more like Messi type player.

  4. Suarez has barely got any 'assists' this season but yes, Suarez is better in the build up play. Nando seems to be improving in that regard at Chelsea as some of his build play has been really good but seems to me he is having to do that because he is struggling to get his finshing confidence back, so compensating for it with link up play.

    Funnily enough, according to espn site, Torres has more assists than Suarez, in the league this season and only played two more games.

  5. I think its a hard choice between the two on top form..... Suarez on top form scores goals and contributes more to the team so i would have to go with Suraez. On top form Surarez is a better player than Torres (and i really did admire Torres's game), no doubt about it, look how often he effects the game even if hes not scoring.

    We need an automatic goalscorer to work alongside him.

  6. Well Paddy you have certainly added a lot to the Post! I am fully informed now.

    Would like to add option 3 - both!

  7. Suarez is more of a Aguero-type player. A all-round goalscoring forward that can play as the furthest forward or deeper. Aguero is on a way way better level but he plays for City and they have a certain Silva to unlock and knit things together really well in the last third.

  8.  And they say we have problems
       De Gea: If I stare at the floodlights, I see angels

  9. Ithink suarez is a player we still have not seen the best of from a scoring point of view

  10. Suarez can do no wrong with Liverpool fans? Really??

    Btw, even when he isn't finishing, Suarez typically carries a threat both with the ball and off the ball with his incessant harrassing of defenders. The more reasonable fans are likewise giving Carroll credit in recent games for improved all around play, even if he doesn't score

  11. I'm yet to be convinced that Aguero is any better than Suarez, much less "way way better"!

  12. Well, you are right, Suarez does not assist a lot, but he influences a game and he does a lot more work than Torres did or had to do when he played for us. Torres is a natural killer in a penalty box when Suarez is more of a creator or like somebody mentioned here Messi-type player. 

    I still cannot forget the goal Torres scored against Sunderland and that smile when he scored one and I won't ever forget it and I will be grateful for what he did forever.

    But even after I consider his goal-scoring skills I will go for Suarez in this one because Liverpool in these days is different and it suits Luis or will when we improve the team a little bit more. 

    And there is one more fact I want to make clear, I love both of these players but I cannot get rid of a idea that Jaimie for unknown reasons hates Suarez. I just want to say that if we wait, Luis will make number 7 shine again. 

  13. Jamie you are already rating SUarez who has just been with us for over a year with Torres who have been with us for about four good years.Remember with Torres we have never reach the quarter final of any Cup but with Suarez we are already at the Wembley final for the Carling Cup.
    Please lets make out assessment when SUarez will be four years with us.
    Hope you se how sometimes the majority of people in this forum hate your assessments or how you conclude your things

  14. If you make us choose between the 2 then we choose Suarez because he actually wants to be here. You didn't ask if we would also like Torres. I think you would find a different conclusion and it will underline the problem with misreading polls.

    I for one think he is worth a 20 mil bid, no more.

  15. Everyone seems to forget Torres was the worlds best striker under the guidance of Rafa.When Rafa was kicked out by Purslow after talking to a couple of players the great  days of Torres was and is finished.Who will ever forget Torres giving Vidic a torrid time in Rafas 4-1 victory over man utd at old trafford when we went on to get 86pts and were beaten only twice all season.Since Rafa was sacked this club has gone from being the most respected and feared team in europe to a club who has set its sights on the league cup as the holy grail,SMH.

  16. Each to their own. 

    Very rarely have I seen a opposition striker that troubles a Barca side as much as he did in so many games at Atleti. 

    For his first season in PL, he has been brilliant. Also, he gets on with playing football in a clean manner, mostly. That is the likable thing about him and RVP, unlike players like Rooney, Suarez, Balotelli, Gerrard, etc. 

  17. Loaded question. Doesn't take into consideration for an in-form scoring Suarez. Torres is fabulous and definitely the better finisher of the two. But the presumption here is the an in-form Suarez is the player we see here and now, when in fact an in-form Suarez is the one that scores 4 goals in a game for Uruguay, and the 110+ for Ajax. Tired of the simplistic 'I will choose the least popular decision to be different' mentality in the articles. It's very easy to take the critical, cynic path - a lot harder to analyze the game on it's merits.

  18. Whose to say Suarez will replicate what he shows with Uruguay and showed in Holland, in the PL.

    At the end of the day, its early days. Give it another full season and see where we are with Suarez' best performances in a red shirt. That is what matters NOW, not what he does on the international stage or did in the past in Holland (ask Chelsea, Boro, etc, about the likes of Kezman, Alves, etc if they give a monkeys anymore about what they did in Holland).

  19. for me i love to have seen them both up front together it would be very good i just wonder if we had keep torres i wonder where we be sitting on the table now torres ynwa and that coming from a lfc fan

  20. Torres seems to have lost a yard of pace which is disastrous, considering the type of goals he scored for us. He was up against Ferdinand on Sunday and I remember him accelerating past Ferdinand and smashing one past the keeper for us, he tried it on Sunday and could not do it. He's had too many injuries and his confidence looks shot. He had a chance, towards the end on Sunday, to have a shot, from inside the box, and he took too many touches and was dispossessed. It's sad to see, and I still think he is a great player, but I think we have seen the best of him. At least until he leaves England anyway. Would still have him over Suarez, though.

    This poll will be even more interesting when both have left the club. The fact that Suarez gets only 60% when he is still here, after everything that has happened, is hardly a ringing endorsement for a club 'hero'.

  21. For people who say Suarez will be here for four years, I think you are dreaming.