8 Feb 2012

Hamann warns: Liverpool simply cannot afford to miss out...

Liverpool's top four hopes are delicately balanced at the moment. The club is only four points behind Chelsea, and with 42 points still to play for, fourth place is still very much in the club's hands. However, Kenny Dalglish's team has struggled for consistency this season, and has regularly failed to capitalise on the inconsistency of Chelsea and Arsenal. Former LFC midfielder Dietmar Hamann is still hopeful that Liverpool can make it, but he's warned that the consequences for failure could be dire.

In an interview with TalkSport, Hamann made it clear that failure to qualify for the Champions League could have negative consequences. He said:

"Long term, you need to be in the Champions League. It's a lot of money for the football club, and you can only attract the best players if you are in the Champions League.

"With Suarez back, and Carroll finding some form, hopefully they can make a final push in the last few months of the season".

Andy Carroll's form has definitely improved over the last few games, and I have to admit, I was surprised by his work rate in the 0-0 draw with Spurs on Monday.

Dalglish still has a dilemma to solve though: does he he stick to the Suarez-Carroll partnership, or does he revert to playing Suarez up front on his own?

The wrong decision could end up costing Liverpool 4th place in the long run, so it's definitely important to get it right (!).

I would always go with Suarez ahead of Carroll; or, if Liverpool have to play two upfront, I would go with Suarez-Bellamy, or Suarez-Kuyt.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I think Carroll Suarez partnership was showing signs the other night against Spurs. Carroll was winning a lot of flick ons and its just a matter of understanding each others runs now (like Gerrard and Torres of old!).
    Bellamy always joins in with attacks where ever he plays so its not fundamental thats he plays up top. I dont think a forward line of 3 really suits Liverpool at the minutes so I would have AC/LS up top CB left wing SD right and alternate through a game to mix it up a bit

  2. Enough of KD 's excuses about creating chances and yet still do not win the game, If we do not make 4th spot KD must be man enough to quit as he always say that the team is bigger than any individual, our tactics other bad , we are too defensive, Pepe Reina is the busiest goalkeeper in EPL , becuase the ball gets passed to him more times than the opposition having shots at him. Except for Suarez & Bellamy , the rest KD bought crap and he is forced to play them every gamand he is to proud to get players on loan. e .KD must please quit he simply failed us - Yunus, JHB, SA

  3. We'll keep doing what were doing and see where it takes us , slightly different from " my idea is to make anfield a bastion of invincibility , make everyone submit , so they'd have to send a team from mars to beat us " if what we keep doing is drawing home games we have to do something different , we got to put some fire in the players bellies , so they know it's not good enough . Look at Suarez sat watching games for six weeks obviously raring to go to make up for his " mistake " , help the team get better result , busting a gut to play , but it wouldn't be fair to start him , so he sits watching for another hour and goes on for half an hour when we're desperate for a goal , probably shoud've been sent off , again probably out of frustration , we would and could've lost him for another 3 games . What would be the plan then , let him watch the first hour of that game . The mind boggles . GET A F###ING GRIP , Wembley is a great bonus , fifth round of F A cup is great and the teams we've beaten to get to them shows we are good and we should be a lot higher up the league , so let's not just keep doing what were doing lets start winning more games MAKE IT HAPPEN , make it happen , we are all probably ( that word again ) more confident about beating united at old Trafford on sat than we would be about beat stoke or Sunderland or whoever at anfield , so that's dead wrong , and to be fair you would' nt think it would take that much to put it right , so let's stop feeling sorry for the players who get left out lets make the players who are playing feel 10 feet tall cos there playing for LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB , the club that's won 5 European cups 18 league titles etc etc etc ! ! ! Rant over

  4. Preferred front line should be Bellamy Carroll Suarez with Maxi and Kuyt as cover.

  5. Suarez & Bellamy upfront period! Upto now we can not know our attacker. I promise u will see non stop goals

  6. Play Bellamy and Suarez either side of Carroll. They can provide the width. Bellamy cannot play every game, so Downing can come in for him. I would sooner have Carroll in the line up than Downing at the moment. He's improving and I think it is a backward step to drop him now. With Gerrard, Adam and Spearing in midfield, we will have two players who can pick a pass and cross a ball, which should suit all our front three. Spearing should provide a bit of insurance for Adam's lack of mobility.