8 Feb 2012

LFC Legend: Kenny Dalglish should sign this prolific striker...

Liverpool's goalless draw with Spurs on Monday night once again underlined the pressing need for Kenny Dalglish to buy a striker capable of *regularly* scoring goals. Last week, Anfield legend Steve Nicol argued that Fulham's Clint Dempsey could do a good job for one of the league's top sides, and now he has gone one step further and suggested that Liverpool should actually think about buying him.

Speaking to ESPN, Nicol - who won a bucketload of trophies playing with and under Kenny Dalglish - argued:

"If you look at Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, the way they play would suit him [Dempsey] down to the ground, and for me, there's no reason why any one of those teams shouldn't be looking at him.

"If you look at the stats - and no disrespect to Fulham - those numbers tell you he should be playing at a high level.

"You don't need to tell Clint Dempsey to get into the box; he just does it; that's where he wants to be. He wants to score goals".

Nicol knows what he's talking about; he discovered Dempsey in the US, and managed him at New England Revolution, so he's in a unique position to offer a credible opinion.

Dempsey has 15 goals and 5 assists this season, and his premier league average over the last 4 years is 18 goals/assists every season, which is a great return, especially when playing in a team with comparatively inferior players to Liverpool.

15 goals and 5 assists - just imagine where Liverpool could've been with 20 extra goals this season...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Agree on that as long the price is workable. he shld play w liv.

  2. for him to get an extra 5 assists we would need some one else to put the ball in the net.  unfortunately we don't have anyone.

  3. You think he would want to go to Liverpool after all that anti-american stuff last year and flag burnings? Good player but I doubt he'd come. He's the sort of guy I expected Newcastle to poach last month.

  4. thought Liverpool had American owners ?? No ?? perhaps not

  5. I reckon Dempsey is good enough to be a top 4 squad striker. Someone that come in and do the job. As its unlikely we will splash big on a first XI striker in the summer, as KK has made his bed with Carroll and will continue to persevere with him.

  6. ironic isn't it? No? Maybe not for you.

  7. He would just be an American version of Maxi Rodriguez with more aerial prowess. If Dempsey would be satisfied with a squad rotation role then I would say yes, go for him - but to build an attack around him as the main striker if Suarez were injured, then no. An opportunist should not be dismissed so easily as he has proven to provide goals but his all round game just does not cut it for a big club.

  8. If he were French, and not American, people would want us to sign him. Strange how players are viewed if they come from unfashionable countries, isn't it? His record is good, he is proven in this league with an average outfit, he scores plenty of goals. We had no problem bringing in Adam and co for what would probably be more money, yet some people question whether this guy is good enough, despite his record.