21 Feb 2012

LFC Chairman gives his view on Liverpool's season so far. Is he right?

Liverpool Chairman Tom Werner has confirmed that he and Principal Owner John Henry will be at Wembley this weekend to watch Liverpool play - and hopefully beat - Cardiff in the Carling Cup Final. Werner admitted that game is 'massive' for Liverpool, and he seems pleased overall with what he describes as the club's 'steady' progress this season.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Werner admitted that he was 'thrilled' that Liverpool are in the Carling Cup Final, and enthused that it would be a 'special day for our club'.

Werner - who admitted last year that he wasn't initially in favour of NESV buying Liverpool - also gave his view on Liverpool's overall performance this season:

"I see good and steady progress. We have played brilliantly at times, and at other times we haven’t been at our best, for example, playing too many draws at home"

"Kenny has said it himself: the quality of our squad has improved since last year. We are just a few points from fourth place and we are the only team in England with the possibility of playing in both the Carling Cup and FA Cup finals".

Werner also reiterated that Liverpool's goal this season is to finish in the top four:

"We are aiming to play in the Champions League. We didn’t qualify for the Europa League this season, and all of our players want to play in international competition".

At the start of the season, John Henry stated it would be 'major disappointment' if Liverpool didn't make the Champions League, and it's good to see that the club's owners still see that as the ultimate goal, and are not buying into the idea that winning the Carling Cup would be the crowning achievement of the season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Winning the Carling Cup, FA Cup and getting 4th would be great season. All of those things are still very much achieveable. We seem to be hitting form at the right time but we have to make sure we take maximum points from the smaller teams in the prem and beat Chelsea and Arsenal.

    Come on red men we can do it!

  2. I'm not sure we're hitting the right form, I only saw us score three goals against a shockingly poor team in the last match. If we get most points in the Premiership in the next four or five games then yes, that will definitely be a sign of hitting the form.

    Regarding the owners and chairman stating the goals: I remember Henry saying in an interview before the season's start that Dalglish told him he saw no reason why we couldn't win the title.

  3. anything less than 4th is only papering over the cracks. being better than last season is no bench mark, we were awful last season.
    Rafa should be brought back in to get the most out of the players, which kenny is clearly not doing.

  4. The team is miles away from hitting form, even if the individuals in it are. We cannot deny that all our players played well against Brighton, but the team performance just wasn't good enough. In terms of contribution to the team effort, Carroll was oustanding, but we could hardly say the same about the rest.

    Enrique, Johnson, Skrtel, Gerrard, Adam and Suarez were outstanding at individual levels. To me, this implies our players want to win and are giving it their all, but either they still haven't clicked or aren't being too clever about how they play.

    The individual abilities of our players in general means that if they play a disruptive game in the Arrigo Sacchi tradition, they will be able to contain attacking teams and try to nick a lucky winner from tricky chances. However, we will remain toothless or pointless against parked buses or exceptionally well setup sides.

    It's been a long time coming, but Carroll has finally got it. Hopefully our other new signings aren't too far behind.

  5. Agree! Our passing game is too predictable at times. There is no sense of anticipation among players which should happen after  playing together and with growing confidence in one another.
    I see a number of good opportunities being wasted because of the lack of anticipation which results in an unexpected good pass being lost. 

    Apart from Gerrard, midfield is just not prepared to run in towards the opposition goal when a winger has possession in good position which helps opposition defenders in surrounding our lone striker in the box. I think some players are not brave enough to step up when needed. Especially, Downing and Henderson tend to take easy options. I like Shelvey in this matter but unfortunately he hasn't got many chances. 

  6. Have to say how amazed I am by the over rating of Rafa on here.

  7. Spot on with Shelvey! He's hungry for the ball and chases the game. He deserves a run ahead of Henderson.

  8. Nobody believes that winning Carling Cup alone would be a massive achievement

    To lose next Sunday would be galling and would do major damage

    4th spot is there for the taking, we play both Chelsea and Arsenal at home. Newcastle could be biggest threat

  9. 4th spot was and still is the sensible target. An achievement which will be great concerning the state of the club only little over a year ago. Then next season the target will be to compete for the guaranteed CL spots in the top three. And then we should be looking to be title contenders in 2013/14.

    Building a strong side takes more than one season no matter how rich the club is and now we're on the way to build a strong squad which is essential to be strong in all competitions. We've got a good mixture of young players and experienced players, and from this summer on it's about adding some quality and hopefully someone who can contribute with more goals on a regular basis.

  10. Let's be honest, mate, for the last 2 seasons the league has been there for the taking. After the way we played during the run last season, I thought we'd romp it. We couldn't buy blockbuster signings from Europe as we were only playing domestic football, so we had to buy British with their premium attached.
    Even if we scrape 4th on goal difference it opens up another tier of potential signings. I would love to see Lavezzi come to us, even for 30mil. Him and a decent right winger and I'd be happy, anyone else would be a bonus.

  11. Finishing below 4th = failure

  12. We have had a settled back five for most of this season (which is the most important foundation to have) and no European competition to distract us. So of course, 4th place is what its all about this season and if we don't reach it, than it would be a very disappointing season indeed.

  13. 'outstanding' ...yikes, you are easily pleased.

    Nothing outstanding about the first half at all.

  14. 'carroll has finally got it'

    Got what? The ability to not be able to bully defenders? As that is what happened, he spent more time on the floor, moaning and swearing than he did actually winning the battles against the defenders. 'Got it', hehe

  15. As in he finally understands where he's supposed to move to. He's also picking out pretty good passes. Very different player now from the one we saw in August-December.