20 Feb 2012

Is Spurs legend Waddle right with this bold prediction about LFC? I hope so...

One of the most overused phrases to describe Liverpool this season is 'work in progress', and whilst no one expected the club to win the league (well, no one sane, that is), there was an expectation that the club would, at the very least, put in a strong challenge for one of the three Champions League spots. That hasn't really happened so far, but despite this, Spurs legend Chris Waddle believes the future is bright for Liverpool, and that next season could be particularly good.

Waddle recently described Liverpool as 'serious contenders' for the coveted 4th spot in the Barclay's Premier League this season, and the former England International thinks the club can do even better in the league next year. He told ESPN:

"They [Liverpool] are closing the gap, and next season, they will definitely be looking to be a top four team, and may even push for the title".

That's a nice vote of confidence from Waddle but if I'm brutally honest, I can't see Liverpool challenging for the title next season, especially if the club finishes outside the top four this season, which Waddle believes could be a possibility:

"If you look at the Premier League, they [Liverpool] are around 4th or 5th spot level at the moment. They're not up there with Man City - I know they've beaten Man Ciity and Man United, but they're still a little bit off them at the minute".

If Liverpool hadn't dropped sixteen points at home (!), the club could've been challenging for the league this season.

Is a title challenge next season too much to hope for; should fans have lower expectations than that, and just be happy with a top four finish? If Liverpool end up splashing the cash on a similar level to last summer, then a title challenge will surely be the minimum expectation...?

Will Kenny Dalglish even be trusted with big sums of money after (arguably) wasting so much money over the last year?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We aren't good enough yet. 

    We got the back five sorted to a good enough level to challenge for a title. We are probably short of at least two first XI attacking players.

  2. Not at all. Waddle's been munching the space cakes again.
    By the way - how much of a W***ER is ESPN's Jon Champion? Such a smug C**T.

  3. When Rafa was there we watched European football every yr apart from the last yeta of his reign. Bring him back Henry ASAP. YNWA

  4. I was always of the thinking that with the large number of first team players we purchased last year it would take untill next year to see the real situation. Possible with a out and out striker like van P and a right wing like lucas we are there

  5. you always say Kenny Dalglish wasted all the money. Don't you know of a certain Damien Comoli? or do you just try that hard to bait people? 

  6. Dalglish has final say on transfers, not Comolli.

  7. Here we go. People have been making cartoons of us making title-challenging predictions in July, and now some of our blinded fans will cling on to this suggestion and start making those predictions even earlier.

  8. Only thing were missing is right winger.. Aureillo and kuyt prob leave this summer.. So jack Robinson might get in the squad but need top winger. Prob spend 20 - 50 million altogether but all the signs r there that we could be battling for the tittle next year..

  9. Comolli: 
    “If there is a player Kenny isn’t comfortable with then we’ll never sign him. He’s the one at the end who has to say ‘I’m really comfortable with this player’ and ‘I like your recommendation’ or ‘I don’t like your recommendation’.”

  10. We're only missing one player? If only that was true (!). In my view, we need:

    1 x prolific striker
    1 x left winger
    1 x right winger
    2 x attacking midfielders
    1 x defensive midfielder (as decent cover for Lucas)
    1 x back-up striker

    Lucas, as good as he is, is not irreplaceable; and you could even make an argument for buying another central defender.

    Kuyt, Carroll, Henderson, Downing, Johnson and - as much as it pains me to admit it - Adam, should be squad players, and if Liverpool persist with that lot as first teamers next year then the club is going nowhere.

  11. Liverpool can challenge for title but not with this team, Liverpool seriously lack quality in midfield specially wings and their strike force hasn't really fired up either. Without quality additions their is no chance for Liverpool to challenge for league.

  12. Not sure I would trust Kenny with large sums of money either. Especially if he continued on this "buy british" policy. So much talent out there and he looks to home for overpriced average talent. 
    Other than that, Kenny has been pretty damn good for Liverpool when they needed him so although I am a massive Rafa supporter, I'm happy to see him try another year. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes. 

  13. Defo in transition the press have loved battering us this season though, so shorly a couple of cups and a top 4 finish would see us scousers with a smugg look on our face's once again, defo lot's to clear out in the summer plenty of space for young quality recruits and some older quality heads. What else to say that's about it. Ohh and Im going to Wembley to see the mighty red men!

  14. is gerrard gonna be injured again? r we still short on the wings and upfront?....No title then


  16. I admit some of the first team look more like squad players but if you look at Uniteds team, not many of them could be considered first team superstars. They have a dodgy keeper, a suspect defence, an average midfield but have an attacking winger and great strikers.
    Newcastle &  Arsenal have also shown that if you have prolific strikers you can remain at least competitive even with an average team behind the strikers.
    Overall if we had a prolific striker knocking the goals in we would still be in the title race now, our defence is great and the chances created by the team in general has been highly consistent. We have been let down by the form of Carrol and Suarez, they were brought to score goals and they haven't.

  17. Think we had every right to expect a title challenge after the way we played from Jan to May last year , and then adding Adam , Enrique , Henderson , Downing and Bellers , don't think it was / is insane to expect a lot better than we have done .

  18. Sad state of affairs. You bunch are bitching. LFC fans you are not. The whole lot of you. Shameful. Look around and see where we are at currently than the last couple of years at this time. A footballer is like buying a new car. All the reviews and performances before purchase  does not necessarily guarantee reliability. Modifications are required to suit different types of conditions. And this takes time. WTF yous on about. You lot think you can do a better job than KK? Talk is cheap. 

  19. rafa is gone for good 

  20. The mancs have recent experience of winning PL titles in their squad in abundance, the mentality that stems from that is what keeps them going, despite the injuries they get and the so-called average quality of their side. Liverpool simply do not have that priceless weapon. So Liverpool have to make up that difference in a different way...like Spurs and City have been trying to do.

    The other two teams in the top 3 have none or little PL winning experience but they have a brilliant team/squad that can score goals, hence why they are in the top 3 and we aren't anywhere near (Liverpool's defensive record isn't much better than theirs, yet they are miles ahead). Like City and Spurs, we have a solid defence but we do not score goals like them or create like they do. People say Liverpool create chances but Liverpool don't, well not on the level of Spurs or either of the Mancs. So I don't agree with putting the bulk of the blame on Suarez and Carroll, as the likes of Henderson, Downing as well as Gerrard (to be fair on Gerrard, he has come back from injury) have not had a great season, though to be expected in one or two of their cases maybe. Simply can not rely on just Suarez and Carroll for goals. United have 5 players on at least 5 goals in PL this season, City also have 5 and Spurs have 4. Liverpool have just 2 players on at least 5 goals in PL. The likes of City, Spurs and United have at least one attacking midfielder that has been on form and really contributing, whether it be a winger in Valencia, Nani and Bale, or a playmaker who has really dictated games like Silva and Modric. Liverpool simply haven't that level of regular contribution/performances from their midfield, not even close to it, this season. You need more from your midfield, than you are getting. 

    Until Liverpool score goals AND get more from the likes of Downing and Henderson (or better replacements) as well as somehow get Gerrard firing again, Liverpool won't be challenging for a title next season, in my view. Liverpool need more from the midfield as well as the forwards.

  21. 'we'

    oops, I meant Liverpool (I support Newcastle)

  22.  i hate espn,they try so fuckin hard.a bunch of amateurs.

  23.  we'e not fans aren't we?
    who made you judge and jury you nob.

  24. we need a massive overhaul of the squad again.
    maxi,kuyt,aurelio look contenders to leave.
    we need a prolific finisher-suarez and carroll aren't going to get us 20 goals a season each-not even between them by the look of this season.
    2 pacy widemen,downing looks scared to take people on,look at lua lua yesterday for brighton,he was relishing running at defenders.
    need more in midfield too-cabaye and tiote are the type of calibre we need.

  25. Fifa fair play rules dictated the fee received for Torres had to be spent in January, so whilst we can all berate the money spent on Carroll realistically we basically swapped Babel and Torres for Suarez and Carroll. Considering how Torres and Babel are playing right now I think we did alright on the deal TBH. To judge Henderson, Adam, Downing and Enrique when they have only been at the club 6 months is just daft. Kenny has managed to move on an awful lot of deadwood in the this process and our squad is now miles better than last year. So for me to have achieved all of this with a net spend of £35M is pretty good business, only time will tell whether it's money well spent. However if we do manage to have success in 2 cups and finish fourth in Kenny's first season proper, it will have to be considered a great season TBF....

  26. I think Waddle is right and disagree with the need for another massive spend. We now have the squad. Maybe we're short of a few additions, but aside from holding midfield, our other positions are adequately covered. What we're seriously lacking is the mentality.

    Just about any combination of our starting 11 equals the best Rafa could have put forth in 06-07, although Spurs and City have since surpassed that benchmark, hence pushing us out of the top 4. However, the key point is we can now achieve that with virtually any combination from our full squad. Our worst 11 is superior by far to our worst 11 of 08-09.

    Alot of us slammed Rafa for having no plan B, but the success of our 08-09 team was indeed set up around Gerrard. Instead of building the team around 1 player, Comolli and Kenny have brought in  players who don't fit 1 player in particular - although it does look like if they did, it's Lucas. As such, this lot was always going to take abit longer to gel, but when they have, we will also have more tactical options.

    With a season's worth of experience and a few enhancements, it is unlikely we will be dropping so many points at home next season. That is fully logical and unblinkered. We also know we can beat any team on our day, but the problem is our boys don't have the collective mentality to make it our day once we go a goal down. So while not a probability, challenging for the title is still a possibility next season.

  27. Agreed. This could still prove to be a very good season, but I fear that we'll miss out on 4th place too due to the signings (which were predominantly Dalglish's).
    It's a shame because with Arsenal and Chelsea looking so shaky, it could have easily been a GREAT season.

  28. the bloke is a prize pr#ck, how do these people get the jobs?

  29. We spent £35m on Carroll, no matter which you way you spin it.

  30. so in the long run when carroll and henderson possible come good for club and country will you eat your words?

  31. dont agree with all that, dream on. even with the mass 60 mill kenny has spent, how could he afford all you listed!!!
    time to get in the real world.
    anyone would think were mid table and got nothing to win.

  32. First close down the gap between our level and Spurs' level of quality before we even think about challenging for the title against the Manchester sides. 

  33. personally i juyst can't see downing improving.
    wonder if kenny will be cut throat like rafa and move him on in the summer and go  for a wide man who actually likes attacking full backs,far too often downing delivers way too early.he's just not lfc quality.

  34. They won't, so I won't have to. There's hope foe Henderson but he's a big standard english centre mid; there's nothing special about him, and that's not going to change (IMO)
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  35. We actually create more 'chances' than Man U, but the 'chances' they create offer a higher probability of scoring. Our players instinctive work hard but don't work smart. We have creative players in abundance, but creativity as a team is conspicuously missing.

    Our midfield has been chaotic and unsure from the start of the season right up to our most recent game and only looks to have some semblance of direction when Shelvey plays. We have never been able to replicate the Alonso effect after he left.

    City and Spurs have actually both had 2 seasons of stability, so any additions to their teams weren't key players at the point of signing. The respective chemistries within their squads had been worked out and they only needed to fill in the blanks with their signings. Lucas and Gerrard are our only 2 senior central midfielders and they hardly got to play together this season and the number of new starters also means they too are playing in a brand new team. When Man U beat us, the only new player they fielded was one from their academy.

    The mentality that Man U comes not so much from having won titles. It comes from trust and understanding. Their players truly aren't that great, but their teamwork is superior by far. Otherwise, with their collection of players and experience, Chelsea should be in the mix for the title but they aren't.

  36. Sorry mate I bought an audi and it delivered as expected according to its price. Your analogy is very poor and probably sums up ur footballing knowledge. For someone who still thinks downing will come good (20m to perform ok against lower league sides) well Just dont give up ur day job unless ur a self employed mechanic that is. I dont really have an issue with any other player as i will never knock anyone for trying

  37. I say he will end up a decent wide player, somewhat like Milner who isn't really a winger either.

  38. Funny how some others say he is not fast enough when in reality he has beaten the rest of our team for pace and he has no support up front. He's playing for us pretty much exactly how he played for Villa, except he was effective there because all of Young, Bent and Agbonlahor were pacy too.

  39. I disagree with most of your post, if not all.

    First para: One of the strangest and bemusing justifications I have read. Chances is goalscoring opportunities. A goalscoring opportunity is a goalscoring opportunity, no matter which way you desperately try to spin it. The likes of Spurs, City and United create far more chances than Liverpool do. Performances of Downing compared to superior wingers Bale, Downing and Nani illustrate the gulf in the number of chances they create with their wing play.

    Second para: Liverpool aren't the only club to suffer from instability and the disadvantages of change. Clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea and United have had instability and absences in more than one area. Liverpool have had the important advantage of a settled defence as well as no European competition, unlike Arsenal, United and Chelsea, yet Liverpool are 7th and only 4 points ahead of Norwich, as well as being closer to bottom club Wigan (21 points) than league leaders (20 points), in terms of points. Its a pathetic excuse, as nearly all of the top clubs this season have had big issues with instability and absences/injuries, not just Liverpool. 

    Third para: Stability is nice, important and useful to have but that is no excuse, for failure in the first season. Mourinho bought loads of players in his first season. Most of those players hadn't played a minute PL (unlike Enrique, Carroll, Henderson, Henderson, etc). Yet, they won the league in formidable style. If you have the team, the squad and manager in terms of quality and mentality, anything is possible, whether it is in the first season or tenth season. I will reiterate and say nearly all of the top clubs this season have had big issues with instability and absences, not just Liverpool.

    Fourth para: Its farcical and bemusing to ignore what winning title breeds. It breeds confidence and resolute mentality. A 'winning' mentality. You say Chelsea. They still won the title, were title challengers and reached the CL final under Ancelotti/Grant, thanks to the winning mentality, stability and quality of players left by Mourinho's time. So what is your point? Yes, Chelsea this season are struggling but the advantages of Mourinho's legacy can only last for so long. Regardless of the past success, Chelsea failed to evolve and supplement the squad with new purchases well enough over the past few season. That is why United have been able to keep the winning mentality going, they have done it and do it by evolving the squad as well as keep on winning titles. 

  40. Downing has been a dud so far. Simply isn't good enough to readjust to a different team that requires a higher and different standard of service.

  41. forgot your always right!!
    head stuck in own arse springs to mind lol

  42. he has the pace,am not questioning that-it's the lack of attacking penetration from him and nearly always going for the early cross.

  43. lol what is this obsession with trying to place all responsibilities for transfers on a glorified head scout???

  44. Coming good in the long run doesn't prove wrong those of us who are saying they simply weren't what the team needed when signed though.
    Everybody loves to point to Lucas as an example, as somebody who was heavily criticised and likewise came good later, but those ppl happily ignore the fact that the team fell apart to a large extent because we had such a non-contributor playing such a major role in the team for those years. Players who can't cut it should be bench players while they develop their confidence, not starting every week.
    Carroll is finally picking up his performances now, but another league campaign has already been wasted in the meantime, when a few more matchwinners contributing at a high level could've seen us chasing the top 2 instead of the top 6...

  45. What formation are you looking at that would require 2 more wingers, 2 more strikers, 2 more attacking midfiders AND another defensive midfielder?? :-o

    I'd say we desperately need a quality right winger, a pacey striker that can play as a wideforward and a dominant ball-winner to upgrade over Lucas if we are to be an elite team again anytime soon. Another centre-back would be nice too.

    Any other fixes should be left to the reserves/the cheap. And the likes Kuyt/Maxi/Carragher/Aurelio etc shouldn't even remain around to continue as further drains on the wage bill (it isn't realistic to expect Downing to be heading anywhere so soon...)

  46. Hi Jay - I believe we need all those new players to genuinely and consistently challenge for the league title.

    * Wingers: Downing is not the answer on the left; Kuyt and Henderson are not the long-term solution on the right. All three should be squad players IMO. We need two top class wingers to replace those three.

    * Strikers: Carroll is not going to cut it. If Carroll is the future of LFC's goal threat, then we won't be scoring many goals any time soon. We need another first-team striker, a prolific goalscorer, plus another decent back-up striker to put pressure on Suarez and Carroll.

    * Attacking midfielders: Who do we have? Henderson, Adam, Maxi, Bellamy and Gerrard. Gerrard, Maxi and Bellamy are getting old; Henderson doesn't have skill or guile, and Adam - as much as I'm a fan - we need pacier, more skilful AMs IMO.

    * DM. Who is challenging Lucas for that role? Spearing? As you've pointed out many times, he's not really a DM. I think Lucas is a top player but Liverpool can still do better, i..e someone who does Lucas's job but also has at least one other dimension to his play.


    ----------------------- Reina

    Kelly ------------- Agger -- Skrtel ---------- Enrique

    New RW -------- Lucas --- New AM ------ New LW/Bellamy

    ---------------------- Suarez/New AM

    -------------------------- New Striker


    ----------------------------- Reina

    Kelly ------------ Agger ------- New CB ------------- Enrique

    ---------------------------- Lucas

    New LW ----------------- New AM ------------------ New RW

    -------------------- Suarez ----- New Striker

    First though, we need to get into the Champions League, and that isn't going to happen this season.

  47. a man in the real world. well said. some numptys must forget were not city or chelski. people seem to forget lucas knows the prem game very well, he reads it spot on. thats wat were missing most the time. we got players who wanted to come to liverpool. regargless of who we could of signed, augero mata etc etc, never going to happen.
    were a big improvment on last season. but some people will never be happy, untill were winning 5 nil every game

  48. I don't think there is any correspondent as negative as Jaimier Kanwar...He is the glass half empty kind of person, and perhaps the only Liverpool fan (if he is) who backed the previous owners.

  49. Oops, not Henderson twice of course ;)


  50. Why does jamie always think he is right?? I hate know it alls!!

  51. RAfa was terrible at admitting when he brought a dud,next people will be saying kenny is too scared to drop a legend like carra when he is getting past his best.......oh he has.
    KENNY is a breath of fresh air,and as for skating his buy British policy,when does the home grown quota policy come in? Next season?
    I'm sure he would b slaughtered when that comes in if he had just brought overseas players!
    I take it fans would prefer konchesky,poulson,eggnog,babel,Cole and jovanovic in our starting line up??

  52. You Liverppol fans are a bunch of moaning toss pots. Under Hodgson you were doomed. Kenny a club legend comes in and steadys the ship. He might have spent money and things might not be perfect.But teams need time to gel. At least give him a chance. Makes me wonder if you have any understanding of the game. Not even a Liverpool fan but can remember Rafa made  bad signings as well and wasted money.

  53. Buy British policy not working? Last time I looked Bellers was an outstanding addition and for free!!! Jose Enrique isn't too shabby either yet I might be wrong but isn't he Spanish not British?? So much for only buying British then!

  54. Spot on pal we were going nowhere under Hodgson and Rafa especially at the end of his time as manager! (maybe the situation of the club wasn't helpful but we have King Kenny now so move on! ) Anyone who thinks Carroll is shit doesn't know shit about football!! Downing hasn't been consistent and needs to step it up if he wants to keep his place in the side as new wingers will arrive in the summer ( and he would make a good squad player with what I have seen from him this year ). Henderson on the other hand hasn't been impressing me at all in his last few matches and not really this season! But give the guy some time because he was a good player at Sunderland ( Lucas springs to mind with Henderson ). As for his other signings well for me Bellamy and Enrique have been awesome signing!!

  55. 4-4-2 Formation: Reina, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Enrique, New RM, Gerrard, Adam, New LM, Saurez, Carroll Subs Doni, Kelly, Coates, New CB, New LB, Henderson, Lucas, New CM, Downing, Bellamy, New Striker
    King Kenny is getting it RIGHT!!
    We couldn't attract the likes of Mata's quality last year!
    Football is a squad game and mixing theses players up with different formations depending what team we are playing with some quality signings in the summer then I agree with Waddle we will challenge for the league!!
    Obviously getting in the CL will attract the quality players we need but if not there are other good players out there who would come in and do a job!
    Every signing is a gamble! Some will produce some won't! That's football for you!
    Carroll and Saurez need good service to get the goals we need and we only have Downing who is actually a winger that's why my priority would be to get two attacking winger in!
    Lets judge Downing at the end of next year and if he doesn't become consistent then yes he can be called a flop!
    Carroll and Henderson are both YOUNG and have plenty of time to settle in!! I'll drink my own piss if Carroll doesn't become a quality player for us!! Just needs good service the poor lad! Henderson has a lot to prove in my eyes only because he hasnt performed well this season and especially in his last couple of games but I really rated him at Sunderland so I bel
    ieve he will become a good player for us! Defo not Gerrard class tho!

  56. Let's get behind the team and give them the support they need! Nothing wrong in debating but seriously is there any need for all negative comments towards players of Liverpool FC especially from Liverpool FC fans!! What happened to YNWA!!

  57. The whole lot of you are the judge and jury. Look at the whole picture. Look at the squad.
    We will come good. As for the Audi, well it just shows how shallow your understanding is of
    the comparison I made. Nuff sed

  58. If we (so called-Supporters Of LFC) do not believe in achieving our dream to win the league then we might as well support other team. We have players of abundance qualities and they have started to gel as a strong unit. I believed Charlie Adam, Hendo and Carroll will shine next season. They are new and still young. They are lacking of self belief (afraid of making mistakes and just playing with urgent short passes instead of trying to be creative) because of our very high expectations and the tradition of this club. I bet you even if Messi comes to us, he surely needs time to adapt. We will win the League and FA cups and get at least fourth place in the league this year. Lets forget about racism plot against us (We are Not racist) and win the title next year.This club has never been negative and dont dwell on petty issues. We got to move on and remain positive. Support them and they will get the results. Walk On>>> YNWA!!!

  59. Premier League did not have so many rich teams when Rafa was there. Tottenham is also very strong now. 
    Effect of poor OR good club management shows results after 2-3 years. Examples Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea. All are reaping what they sow in last 2-3 years.

  60. Before this season we had struggled for years to fill the much talked about 'problematic left back position'. We signed Enrique and he has made the position his own. - Progress.

    Most of us have been saying for years that Agger and Skrtel were the centre back pairing we would like to see (ok injuried have stopped this happening alot) but now Carra is back which is right and Agger and Skrtle are forming a great partnership - Progress

    As much as people like to slate Johnsons defending if you look at the stats for tackled won and how many times hes been beaten this season his defending has improved. i know some people will dispute this but go to Opta stats and look up the information its all there - Progress

    Losing Lucas in midfield for most of the season was a massive blow. Lucas has been arguably our best player for the last two seasons and his presence would have allowed Gerrard more of a free attacking role. I think this has highlighted that we are short of a defencive midfielder in the Lucas mold as cover, somebody who can break up the play and start counter attacks.

    Jordan Henderson is still young and needs to play central midfield, i feel he is improving and has shown flashes of what he is capable of. He is developing and is only going to get better. So we have a player that is going to improve rather than fade, this is something we havent had for a long while, quality young players who are improving. This is better than having an Aging and poorley preforming player like Joe Cole at the club - Progress

    Torres for Suarez - As Torres was quality for most of time at Liverpool i think that is just like for like. (Although on current form etc we got a good deal with that change.

    Babel for Carroll - Babel was never going to cut it at Liverpool his touch was terrible, his attitude even worse and looking at what he is 'achieving' in Hoffenhiem we were right to get shot of him. Carroll after a poor start due to injuries and what i think was a confidence issues is starting to look more like the player we thought we have signed. Over the last 2-3 weeeks his touch has improved dramatically , his passing success rate has improved, his headers and knock downs becoming more accurate and he is getting goals and assists. Carroll will become better that babel was at LFC this is something i am certain about. - Progress

    Bellamy being brought in as a stiker come winger for free as a replacement for Jovanovic. Need i say more ? - Progress

    Coates as a young up and coming centre back as backup rather than an aging Kyrgikos - Progess

    Charlie Adam for Raul Meireles - This is one where we might have lost out. Adam does offer more in terms of set pieces but Raul Meireles did have a bit more to offer when going forward especially on the counter attach. However not sure if Meireles and Gerrard would fit in the same team. - Like for Like imo but you could argue this was a slight loss.

    Downing has been a bit of let down but has added something we didnt have the squad. At his age he should be hitting his peak but just doesnt seem to be able to find assists or goals. It could be a confidence issue that will suddlenly fade if he gets a goal or two? Who knows. At the moment this is the biggest dissapointment of the transfer dealing of the summer. However as we only had Maxi and now we have Downing and Maxi for the left at least we have more cover.

    Overall i see the club has made alot of progree in terms of rebuilding and although not all the results have been great especially the draws at home i think the squad is definatly improving and also developing with the future in mind. Rebuilding takes time i believe the foundations have been firmly laid by Kenny Dalglish.

  61.  Its the way of the world.No Champs league, you will not get anywhere near the decent players. Liverpool this season have been average. Some terrible away performances (Bolton, second half vs United, spurs) some good ones (Chelsea twice, maybe arsenal) but really it's been hard to watch.

  62. Considering where we finished over the last two seasons, the players we signed were probably the best we could expect to sign. Sure we could afford Aguero, but that calibre of player is not interested unless you are in the UCL and challenging. Suarez has been overhyped and considering his poor disciplinary record, Ajax were probably looking to offload him.
    I expect that most if not all of last summer's signings will be gone or reduced to bench warmers if and when we have progressed to a level where we are challenging for titles. They are stepping stones. They were over priced, but had we not paid that price, we would have been stuck with the players we had last season, minus the ones who left.
    We are not going to sign world class players until we are in the Champions League, because they are not interested in playing for us.
    Why do you think Hazard is making noises about going to Spurs? Because Chelsea, Arsenal & Liverpool can't guarantee Champions League and title challenges. Playing for Liverpool means nothing to foreigners. Dominating Europe was something we did before they were born, it means nothing to them.

  63. Spot on...glad to see someone here sees things for how they are rather than always looking for the negatives. This was always going to be a rebuilding year given it's Kenny's first full season in change but I think Waddle has it right. We may not win the league next season but I am 100% confident we will be up there challenging.

  64. Spurs did not get Champions League last season but managed to sign the player of the year and get a top striker on loan and now they sit in 3rd challenging for the title. I think it is completely ignorant to say without Champions League you can't sign any decent players.

    It's all about the team rather than individuals anyway. We already have top individuals right down our spine in Reina, Agger, Lucas, Gerrard and Suarez. For us, it is just about gelling more and I think in the last few weeks we are starting to see that come together.

  65. A goalscoring opportunity can vary in quality. Putting a player in position to shoot on target is definitely creating a chance. Notice I mentioned United and neither City nor Spurs, because their chances, like ours, are all about releasing a dangerous player. United consistently creates moments where 3 players are in a position to score. They don't need the van der Vaarts, Silvas, Agueros or Suarezs - apart from Nani, theirs are typically team efforts.

    Arsenal and Chelsea aren't really in a better position than we are. 4 points separates us in the league and they've yet to beat us this season. United's injury crisis only pertains to the back 4, but even so, Jones aside, the rest of them have been with United for at least 3 seasons(Evra/Fabio/Rafael/Smalling/Evans/Carrick/Ferdinand). The superiority of our defence is evidenced in the league table, but as is the lack of it attacking wise. We do have the 2nd best defensive stats and we don't have the settled attack to take advantage of it. With a large squad, Europe provides extra game time for the squad to gel on the pitch. It's not always a disraction.

    Mourinho was called the special one because he is an exception, not the norm. Fergie took 7 seasons to win his first title. Wenger may only have needed 2, but we all know who's been leading the trophy count since then. By stability, I specifically mean no major change in first team personnel and playing philosophy and that certainly applies to Spurs and Man U. Even Mancini is in his third season and most of his starters had been regular starters since the start of 10-11. I agree anything is possible, but fantasy football is far from probable.

    Grant pretty much retained Mourinho's team. Also, the likes of Mourinho, Capello, Rafa and Ancelotti are all heavily influenced by Arrigo Sacchi. They set up their teams with the same philosophies. It is no surprise Chelsea continued to do well under Grant and Ancelotti, but what happened with Scolari? If it was indeed about the winning mentality, why did they have a dramatic blip under him? Ancelotti restored continuity to Mourinho's setup. Any surprises why Liverpool is playing like we did under Rafa in 06-07? Ever wonder why United only ever makes 1 or 2 new regular signings(excluding keepers) every season? Knowing how to win is a myth. Spurs and City challenging for the title is proof of that. In the absence of prodigies like Mourinho/Wenger/Rafa. continuity, familiarity and trust is everything. Spain wouldn't be so good if they weren't essentially Barcelona with a few Real enhancements.

  66. And that's been my critique of him all season. He's come in and done the job of a winger, but a very robotic one. He gets the ball, gets to the byline and whips a cross in. That is indeed what he is paid to do, but he consistently fails to consciously pick out team mates unless Enrique is overlapping. Others say he is slow, can't beat a man and doesn't cross enough, all of which are not true. He's not the smartest player, but he is a proper winger.

  67. You cheat! Carroll is suddenly aware of where to move and how to support the rest of the team! Of course he will become a quality player for us!

    Henderson has the attributes but not the balls. If he developes as much as Lucas did, we will have an exceptional player on our hands. I would rather see Shelvey starting for us though. Not as fast, but knows what he's doing.

  68. I have always defended Carroll's touch. His first touch is excellent. The problem was he looked like he didn't know where he belonged functionally, and it now looks like he's finally grasped it. He is clicking with the team and that is what is showing.

    I only disagree on the Henderson count. I feel he should play out wide. He's more skillful and even faster than Downing, plus he knows how to pick out a team mate. He looks better as a CM because it cuts his work out for him and the ball will come to him. He does disappear on the wings. But we mustn't forget, Lucas, Kelly and Bale are converted players too who are excelling in their new, but not initial roles. Gerrard's favourite role is CM, but he was more effective as a winger and even more so as a second striker.

  69. I don't know why we even settle for a CL spot (4th) aim for the top every year and stop talking CL shit. I don't know a footballer who settles for 4th what a joke. Aim to win the f*#$%^g league and if you fall short, than guess what you'll have a CL spot for all the people who like to under achieve.

  70. We have one of the best keepers in the league! Fact! Posistion Sorted! We have one of the best left backs in the league Fact! Position Sorted! We have Johnson and Kelly fighting for right back! Position Sorted! ( there is only Sagna, Richards and Walker who are better and that's arguable ) Agger and Skrtel are the best partnership in the league Fact! Position Sorted! ( Vidic and Kompany are only two better! There a a few who are as good but the way the have played this year shows we currently have the best partnership on form ). We have Gerrard need I say anymore! Position Sorted! Lucas is also one of the best in the league at his position! Position Sorted! Adam is also good and is good enough cover for them both! Henderson is young and will hopefully develop into a good player but in the meantime we need a Essien type of player who can defend as well as attack then that is CM Sorted! Wingers need sorting as we only have Downing who is a proper winger! ( if he finds his form of Villa and Boro then he is defo good enough for us! ). We need some pacey tricky wingers, two at least then that's wingers Sorted! We need a pacey striker as well to give us more and different options up front! Someone like Bent to add to Carroll and Saurez and if we get CL football this year then aim for a higher quality pacey striker! Position Sorted! (we also have Bellamy who can add quality up front and can also add quality to the wingers position ) Squad Sorted! We also have a lot of young players like Coates, Jono and Pacheo if we don't sell him in the summer! We also have an awesome youth set up and the likes of Suso, Sterling, Morgan and many more coming through! Have Faith! YNWA

  71. 4th isn't lost yet!!! We're only 4pts off the pace. Arsenal and Chelsea still have to come to Anfield, so all is not lost. I'm annoyed that it has come to us chasing AFC and CFC. We should be clear of them by at least 3 points if we had converted those draws to wins. However, we look like we are improving whereas AFC look like they may start to implode. CFC aren't doing great, but they are the ones I worry about. They have the capacity to improve as I think they have more match winning players and more leadership in their team than Arsenal. But, the fight is still on.

  72.  Jamie, I always thought you were more objective than expecting instant results just because we bought a few players, for goodness sake give the boys a chance to bed in and get used to a new club and ways of doing things. is it really too much to ask that they be given a season or 2 to show they are worth the money before just spouting off that they are a waste. You really should sometimes just look at the bigger picture and stop letting this attempt at journalism go to your head.

  73. Waddle is right. End of. Support the team.

  74. you must be the most negative person on the internet about Liverpool. Always banging on about the down side. I don't mind a balanced argument or outlet but every article I read of yours is negative.

  75. First para:
    My point exactly. Spurs and City have that many scorers because of trust and
    confidence within their squads. We too try to get other players into
    goalscoring positions, but their efforts and ours aren’t as well orchestrated
    as United’s. The key word here is ‘try’ and it is evident that that level of
    understanding between our players has been conspicuously absent. I have never
    denied they have players who make them tick, but like us, they’re counting on
    the qualities of individual players. They too don’t line 3 players waiting for
    crosses. When Bale beat Reina, there was no one to support him. City too stick
    a knife and not a fork at goal despite ticking well and they have many good
    knives. When United score, there are usually at least 2 other players besides
    the scorer in goalscoring positions.

    para: You mentioned Arsenal and Chelsea have their instabilities too, so I
    merely pointed out they’re not doing any better than we are either. Performing
    against the big teams means we have the adequate quality of players, but
    instability accounts for lack of consistency. Once again, precisely why Chelsea
    and Arsenal are where we are and United, Spurs and City are ahead of us.

    Second para
    ii): Likewise for their midfield, all the players who have come in, despite not
    being first choice, are players with adequate experience. Jones is the only
    true newbie. I do acknowledge Arsenal’s injuries have affected them severely
    because of all the new players they’ve had to play. We’ve still got 2 shots of
    winning something. They will need a miracle not to be empty handed again. Our
    problem is our new players are first choice. There is continuity and therefore
    trust and confidence with Scholes, Giggs and Carrick, even Rooney. For how good
    Ravel Morrison is, why isn’t he getting games? Thank you for highlighting
    United’s defence. They are all experienced campaigners with the team. The
    absence of Vidic will not unsettle them. They have all been adequately rotated
    before. Besides Jones, they have no new defenders. That’s stability for you.
    That’s what strength in depth is all about. I have never downplayed the value
    of a settled defence and theirs is settled as settled gets.

    Third para:
    That’s right. He isn’t the only manager who has done it before, but I will
    maintain he is the exception rather than the norm. For every manager you can
    name who has done it, you will be able to name 20 others who can’t, including some
    very big names. I agree it is not impossible but it still is very unprobable. Ferguson
    couldn’t do it, but none of us can say he isn’t the right manager for them.

    para: Sacchi and Scolari have been mentioned to highlight the importance of
    continuity. Mourinho was indeed Lippi-like at Chelsea, as was Ancelotti. The
    footballing philosophies played to by Mourinho and Ancelotti’s sides were
    similar. Scolari was something markedly different. So if Mourinho and Ancelotti
    could do well at Chelsea, why not Scolari? You have correctly pointed out I do not
    subscribe to such a thing as a winning mentality. Liverpool beat Brighton
    through winning mentality, but it was still dross at team level and it is not
    something that can be replicated consistently. I agree wholeheartedly the right
    tactics have a major role to play, and that is perhaps why Mourinho, Allegri
    and Lippi were able to get instant results. Trust and confidence are especially
    important to the way Kenny, Wenger and Redknapp want their teams to play. You
    could possibly say the same about Guardiola or Rijkaard. I agree fully with
    your final conclusion, but not only do you need an outstanding tactician as the
    manager, he must be able to tell every player exactly what he wants each of
    them to do and the players have to trust him.

  76. such a new team and system needs time after what rafa, h&g did to the club and squad. they need time to adjust to liverpool football, and not french or spanish football. and on top of that, a very fresh team needs time to gel. we have a good team, minus a few which will come - given how disjointed the team looked at the start, more signings would havemade life more difficult - in time too. but our quality is showing in cup games, and the odd away match in the league. however the kind of consistency that sees you turn 9 draws at home into wins comes when the players are gelled, and settled with the system. man utd owe their success to a settled core of players, well acquanited wit their system, which is why they always compete at the top no matter how badly the stars are doing. the squad as a whole know very well what to do because it is virtually unchanged, bar the odd star signing coming in. squad overhauls weaken team work initially, which is why i am confident that with more games we'll look a whole lot more settled and consistent. and naturally, a few additions will help balance the team as well, for instance a RW to take the pressure off downing, and a goal scorer to compliment carroll and suarez' playing styles.