20 Feb 2012

Alan Hansen blasts: 'Moaning' Chelsea flops need to show some pride...

Alan Hansen's criticism of Chelsea has incurred the wrath of Andre Villas-Boas on more than one occasion this season, but with the pressure building at Stamford Bridge, the former Liverpool defender has expressed some sympathy for beleaguered Chelsea manager, and called on Chelsea's players to show some pride and start playing for the shirt.

Earlier in the season, Hansen accused AVB of being 'naive' in his tactical approach; he then dedicated an entire column in 'The Telegraph' to eviscerating his Chelsea team, labelling Jose Bosingwa's defensive qualities as 'embarrassing' in the process.

Speaking to the Telepgraph today though, Hansen revealed that he likes AVB, and wants him to do well, and shifted the blame for Chelsea's woeful form onto the club's underperforming players. He said:

"It is time for AVB's players to stop moaning, end the factions and perform for the club, even if they genuinely dislike the manager.

"The senior figures within the Chelsea dressing-room should come together and take it upon themselves to ensure that everybody puts any grievances to one side to get the team winning again".

AVB recently intimated that he'd lost the support of certain members of his Chelsea squad, but argued that it was 'normal' if some of his players didn't 'back the project'.

Dressing room unrest when things aren't going well is no real surprise, but Hansen believes that modern footballers s are 'world class' moaners when things go wrong, and that could be having an impact on Chelsea:

"One thing about footballers is that they have no equal when it comes to blaming somebody else. Whether that is a result of the increased money involved, who knows, but surely there remains a pride and a will to do well for a club that you have helped be successful in the past?"

Pride and love for the club are not concepts I would personally associated with Chelsea's players, but Hansen warns that these qualities must come to the fore if Chelsea are going to pull themselves out of their current predicament:

"The responsibility should now fall on the players' shoulders. If they do not want to do it for Villas-Boas, they should want to do it for Chelsea".

In my view, Villas-Boas is a dead man walking. Rightly or wrongly, Chelsea's players don't appear to have confidence in him, and as we saw with Roy Hodgson, once the players lose faith, it's all downhill from there.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Who cares if Chavski fail? We've waited the best part of decade for the wheels to come off Roman's pet project. Now that it is, I for one won't be worried about it. Plastic fans that can't fill a stadium for CL games and provide plastic flags for their 'supporters'. They will never be a big club in the UK or Europe no matter how many titles they try and buy. And how could they destroy one of the former best strikers in the world? Come back Nando - all is forgiven!

  2. I thought the Chelsea bench on Saturday said it all with all the old brigaded on it like Drogba, Essien, Lampard and Malouda warming it and only Cech from the good old days. AVB and Chelsea have 3 teams AVB, Ancelotti and Mourinho it's what you get when you keeping changing manager and Abramovich should take the blame. 

  3. tORRES is a bad omen to Chelsea. Sell him or he'll jinxed the team.Damage control needed. Skrtel scored more goals in 2012 than Torres! What a joke.

  4. O.G has scored more goals then Torres in 2011 n 2012 lol

    AVB is only still there coz of the CL if Chavski dnt get in the nxt round then he's gone, its the most important cup for Roman the one that he wants the most.

  5. If he is on the way out of Chelsea, then the same fate should be awaiting Dalglish at the end of this season. The fact we are trailing Chelsea says it all.

    AVB has had to come in and try to change the team and replace some of the older players, who now are the ones who are not pulling their weight. The owners ought to have given him time and taken this into account, but nothing surprises me really. Replacing the chelsea old guard is probably the biggest job in the premier league, especially as all their managers are encouraged to think short term due to the revolving door policy.