20 Feb 2012

Manager admits: I won't block young star's Liverpool FC opportunity...

Over the last few months, several youngsters have undertaken football trials in Liverpool, including Swedish midfielder Gustav Engva; Ghana youth midfielder Mumuni Abubakar; Swedish teenager Abdul Aziz, and Norwegian defender Jakob Glesnes. Potsmouth and England Under-18 player Sam Magri is the latest prospect to spend a week at Anfield on trial, and if he's successful and a permanent deal is offered, Portsmouth manager Michael Appleton will not stand in the youngster's way.

Magri will spend this week with Liverpool, and is due to line-up in for the Reserves against Everton on Friday.

Speaking to Portsmouth News, Appleton was pleased for the youngster, and indicated that he would not put any barriers in the way of a move to Anfield. He said:

"Sam is going to go to Liverpool for a week to train with them and let them have a look at him. His agent rang me on Friday night and asked if there was a possibility and I said ‘yes’.

"I was quite happy. I don’t want to step in and stop somebody having an opportunity like that. Whether anything comes of it, who knows, but it is a good opportunity for him.

"You want to keep your younger players around, but when a club like Liverpool comes in you have to look at it. At the end of the day, though, we won’t be letting him go without it being worthwhile to the football club as well.

"I don’t want to stand in the way of a lad having an opportunity of joining a Premier League club"

Magri captained the England U16 team during the 2009 Victory Shield campaign and also helped England reach the Final of the Montaigu Tournament in France, where they lost to Portugal on penalties. He has also been a regular for the U17s in 2010-11.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. *yawn* i think dalglish will do what benitez did - waste so many young talents.

  2. Dear me...I think YNWAfan are not well informed or have any idea what Rafa and Kenny have done for the young talents. Your not even worth wasting kb on kid....

  3. Kelly, Flanagan, Robinson, Spearing, Insua etc. Rafa and Kenny have done plenty to bring kids through or not. To some extent Insua was used too much and it destroyed him to the point that so called fans ran him out of the club.

    Sterling and Suso aren't ready yet. As players they are excellent but they need to strengthen physically beforehand. Another 6 to 12 months in the gym will see them start to come through. If we bring them in too soon, they will end up like Insua.

  4. 1986 uraguay v scotland after the game the scottish manager refused to shake hands with the opposing manager - his name was alex hypocrite ferguson.

  5. Kelly, Flanagan, Robinson,, Spearing and Insua were all drafted into the first team because of the first-team players in their respective positions were all injured. Don't be so ill informed to give the impression that Rafa and Dalglish were giving our young hopefuls the opportunity. Your post could not have been farther from the truth!

  6. they were essential yes, but that dosent mean they werent given a chance.. And thats a lie, although only one person, ol' Fabio can play right or left back, as well as holding midfield and these kids got a shout over him. i know its just the one man, but it makes your point irrelevant.