3 Feb 2012

Aston Villa's Darren Bent 'flattered' by Liverpool FC link

Liverpool were linked with dozens of players during the January transfer window, and one of the names that kept popping up was Aston Villa's Darren Bent. With 164 goals and 39 assists in the last nine seasons, the England International definitely matches the type of player Liverpool need (and arguably still need), but the Bent has now revealed that a transfer was never realistically on the cards.

Aston Villa winger Gabriel Agbonlahor recently laughed off the 'crazy rumours' associated with Bent, and the man himself has now reaffirmed his commitment to Aston Villa. He told The Daily Express:

"It was laughable. I always knew I was going to be here come February 1 and I’m delighted that is the case. I have been on record as saying I would like to stay at Villa for years and really kick on in my career while playing here.

"It is flattering to be linked to Liverpool as they are one of the biggest clubs in the world but, at the same time, it never once crossed my mind to leave."

Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson recently claimed on BBC Radio Five that the a deal for Bent had been done, but clearly that hasn't turned out to be the case.

Of course, this is merely Bent's public version of events; it's possible that there could've been negotiations going on behind the scenes and a deal just couldn't be agreed.

Despite Luis Suarez's return from suspension, I still believe that Liverpool need a goal-poacher, and at the end of the season, I hope that lack of goals does not turn out to be a reason that the club finished outside the top four.

Having said that, Andy Carroll's form seems to have improved, and Craig Bellamy is banging them in, so let's hope Liverpool's goals problem is over.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. clutching at straws with this article. Darren Bent reaffirms his commitment to his current club and still the scousemongers looking for something out of nothing. Thats the problem with the media, they whip up something out of nothing and try to hype it up to become truthfull. Big egg on Lawro's face as well - Stick to MOTD lawro and dont get involoved with Media Bulls@@t!

  2. Things are not always as they look. Good article mate.

  3. I think whether we spot the 4th place or not we still need a striker,whether Bent or another.

  4. You are not good enough for us.

  5. People still saying Bent is not good enough?

    If he's happy to stay at Villa for years to come he certainly is not ambitious. They are a nothing club at the moment, not really looking likely to progress and they don't seem to be that fussed about it. I'd not be that happy if i supported them, the club seems to lack any kind of direction.

  6. Just heard that messi has said "in 2 years time i will sign for LFC because I like the way they play, and I think I could do well at the club". Now I know you are all going to think this is bs But I have the info from a very reliable source.

    What we as football fans need to do is, take the attitude of believe it when it happens, rather than give credence to unfounded rumours. 

    Kenny says we will not buy or sell any players in jan, he must be lying
    No evidence to prove he was.

    Bent says he wants to stay at villa, he must be lying
    No evidence to prove he was.

    Messi, no evidence to prove that he did not say this.

    this is how much of a farce the media have turned the game of football into, its sad, very sad.

  7. Bent, or Mr. Signing on Fee, would of course deny this

    The only "laughable" thing is that he would have pocketed another £2 million signing on fee

    He would have jumped at the chance for another big move