3 Feb 2012

Redknapp: Dalglish 'right' to slam Liverpool players after Bolton defeat

After the recent defeat at Bolton, many fans were surprised by Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish's ferocious public attack on his players, but Jamie Redknapp - who was signed by Dalglish during his first spell in charge at the club - believes the public rebuke was the right tactic to employ, and he feels it will lay a positive foundation for the rest of the season.

Dalglish signed Redknapp in January 1990, just over a month before he resigned, and although he only got to work with him for a short period, Redknapp still has a fierce allegiance to his old boss.

Redknapp was at White Hart Lane on Tuesday to watch Liverpool in the NextGen competition, and prior to the game, he revealed his admiration for Dalglish's tough stance. He told LFC TV:

"I love him. After the Bolton game, He told one or two of them what it means to play for Liverpool.

"People questioned whether it was the right thing to do, but this is modern day football, and you've got to be able to handle a bit of criticism. That's what it takes to get a few people going, and look at the reaction since then.

"The Man City and Man United games were fantastic, and people say Wolves are struggling but not many people go there and win 3-0 as comfortable as that.

"Plus, there's the genius of Suarez to come back, so it's good times. I think Kenny has given the club such an identity now".

I'm not sure I agree with Redknapp completely here; is such vociferous public criticism of players correct? I would argue no. It seems to have worked this time, but what happens when Liverpool inevitably have another bad performance? More public criticism?

Could not the same result have been achieved by blasting the players behind closed doors, which is allegedly supposed to be 'The Liverpool Way' of doing things (something Daglish has reaffirmed many times this season)

Contrary to popular belief, the Bolton blast wasn't the first time this season Dalglish has publicly slammed his players. After the woeful Rangers friendly in October, Dalglish told his post-match Press conference:

"You can’t go and play like that if you want to play for Liverpool football club. It’ll not be accepted. One or two of them let themselves down.

"You’ve got to take the opportunity to help yourself, and I don’t think some of them did that tonight. We’re happy to have them, but we want them with a better attitude than they had there.

Very similar to the post-Bolton comments. It will be interesting to see how Dalglish reacts when Liverpool put in another poor performance.

In both instances, Dalglish's wrath was understandable, and definitely warranted (!), but should public criticism of players become the norm at Anfield, or should everything be done behind closed doors?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Don't think it should become the norm but do think it was right at the last 2 points. Beginning of the season to make sure they started with the right attitude and midway through when it seemed some players were forgetting that attitude needed. I'm sure the staff and manager know when it is right for the players to know they are being questioned publicly. I hope they take this new drive into the Spurs game. Come on you redmen.

  2. True and some of those players who played against the Rangers that day are no longer playing for Liverpool! Whatever works...

  3. The buck ultimately stops with the gaffer and sometimes a deviation from the norm is necessary to get your point across ... especially if it's his neck on the block. Certain past league performances have been dismal and Kenny was well within his rights to air his feelings. They say a modern day football coach has to have the inate skills of a diplomat, the intrinsic cunning of a fox and a degree in collective psychology and even with all of the above, can still be kicked out like Christmas trees in January. If a public pasting is what's needed then so be it !

  4. The only thing I can say is that why did it take KD to publicly criticise his players?

    Surely, if he had motivated them like this from the beginning of the SEASON we would not be 6th in the League we'd be 3rd or higher.

    It should be down to KD to MOTIVATE them and not wait for defeats against Bolton before he addresses that.


  5. King Kenny is arguably one of the best in the Premiership at man- management. Yes, it was a public chastisement of certain individuals within the squad and yes, it was a deviation from 'The Liverpool Way,' but sometimes player's just need to be reminded of who they're playing for. The fans were let down and Kenny made sure his player's knew that.
    He chose a public platform rather than a hushed exchange in the Anfield change-room and there's nothing wrong with that. Results against City, United and Wolves bear testimony to that.

  6. As he doesn't actually give names of players (that would be awful) I don't have a problem with what he has said.  If you are a highly paid and respected footballer playing for one of the greatest teams in the world with a rich history, then if you've played poorly, be prepared for the boss to be truthful. 

    I've been in a team at work where people weren't pulling their weight and quite rightly the boss had a few things to say to us all but has to speak to the individuals as well should they not improve.  And I imagine it is the same for a lot of you out there.  And we're not being paid as much as them or doing our jobs in front of a global audience!

    I would rather Kenny did this than make excuses.  If he said nothing perhaps he'd be criticised for pretending it's not happening when Liverpool don't perform.  Just a thought.  Sometimes managers are damned if they do and damned if they don't!

  7. right we can argue weether it was right or wrong, hodgson done it and we played worse, kenny done it and we are now in the final of a cup and through to the 5th round of the fa cup. it does not matter what you do or say, if your a very good man manger who knows how his players tick you know when the right time to air your views in this way, he did and he got the desired response, end of argument!!!!

  8. If he needs to do it again this season then there are real problems that need addressing in the summer.