8 Jan 2012

VIDEO: Joe Cole scores a HAT-TRICK for Lille vs. Chantilly

Liverpool loanee Joe Cole scored three goals for Lille on Saturday night as the Ligue 1 outfit Lille beat Chantilly 6-0 to bok their place in the last 32 of the French Cup.

Cole has been in great form for Lille this season, and his goals came in the 22nd, 59th and 65th minute.

The former Chelsea man recently hinted that he could stay in France after his loan spell ends. Speaking to Sky Sports, he said:

"Right now, I'm really happy at Lille. I'm playing, and I'm playing well, so basically everything's on track."

"If things continue like this, it would make sense for me to stay at Lille. In footballing terms, things are going really well, especially given the fact that I didn't play much for Liverpool last season."

"I've started off well here and I'm going to keep getting better and better."

Here are the highlights from the game, including Cole's hat-trick.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Bloody hell. Joe's overhead was a bit of a spectacle. Always liked him but I think a number of factors contributed to him never hitting his potential in England but I think he could have really prospered in Europe.

    I don't want to see him back at Liverpool simply because he'll always be used as makeshift winger and that's just a waste of time for everyone involved.

  2. jaimie can you do a report on the fare chief saying liverpool and kenny have started a tribal fevor at liverpool because i think its unfare its not liverpool or kenny that have done this it is all the journalists that have started this with all there speculations about it thjey just need to leave it alone now the more they go on the more there making us fans all over the country and the world start hating each other if this carries on there guna start riots or somethin because its getting out of hand now the news papers need to keep there mouths or should i say there keyboards SHUT!!!! thanx pal would be nice if you did.

  3. Just shows how useless that league is. He didn't have the pace or skill to do that in premier league and never will again with his age and injuries. Liverpool might get more money for him if he keeps doing well over there.

  4. Watch the video again and you'll notice that he in fact doesn't score a hat-trick. Unless you scousers have forgotten what Joe Cole looks like, of course.