8 Jan 2012

ARSENAL LEGEND raves: Liverpool star is "one of the all-time greats..."

Liverpool fans are overjoyed to see club captain Steven Gerrard back playing for the club regularly, and his inspirational impact on the team is being praised across the board.

Former Arsenal stalwart Martin Keown joined the chorus of approval during the BBC's 'Football Focus' program' on Saturday. He enthused:

"This fella is different class.

"I remember him coming into the England squad, back in the day when Keegan was bringing through youngsters, and straight away, you could see there was quality all over him.

"I remember being on the end of a crunching tackle as well; he has that about him.

"He's been a great player; I think he's one of the all-time greats. He's one of the best players to ever grace the Premiership. He's that good".

Jaimie Kanwar


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  2. Just hope he can play for another 5-6 years and god damn it win the premier league with us.....true legend, players like him are not very often born in britain. Yes there's only one other player who has been irreplaceable in the last 20 years interms of what he did on the pitch........steve mcmanaman!!!!!

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  8. shame england have never consistantly used him to his full potential,
    poor managers and then poor players taking his favoured position.
    true class, they should make a comic book about him lol

  9. I feel Stevie's talent has been wasted a bit. I just wish we'd had the team around him he deserved. The closest I suppose we came was when we finished 2nd but unfortunately his and Torres injuries meant that we finished empty handed but I reckon if those two had played 5 more games together we'd have walked the league that year. I'd put that team up against the best team of the last 20 years. Solid at the back. Unbelievable midfielder with Xabi and Masch. The under-rated Riera on the left. Dirk at his running like a mad man best. And of course Stevie behind Torres. 2 games beaten in the league all season. Doubles over Chelski and ManUre and two draws against Arse and one of the 4 all. Yep. Amazing team. Sometimes you think God is against us!!!

  10. Yeah JK, ban him, because its not like the Kop or any of our supporters use the F word when singing the song.  

    MSTRKRFTSMN, maybe you should take a walk in the real world and you will find language like that is now the norm.  Or actually, why dont you give an opinion on what you think about SG rather than discourage someone for what they have put up...
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  11. I think Stevie is much better than Beckham in every aspect of the game. One thing for sure Stevie doesn't bed around unlike the scum. Me. Ashfah don't even think of "Kunkit" with Becknham.

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