4 Jan 2012

Man City Captain slams 'unjustified' criticism of Liverpool star...

Manchester City Captain Vincent Kompany put in a superb man-of-the-match winning performance against Liverpool last night, restricting under-pressure reds striker Andy Carroll to speculative headers and knock-downs for most of the game.

Most people watching would probably agree that it looked like Kompany had Carroll in his pocket for the entire match, but speaking after the game, the defensive stalwart was full of praise for Carroll. He said:

"It was a tough game, and he [Carroll] is a very difficult man to handle.

"To be fair, I don't think the criticism of him has been justified so far.

"I'm sure he'll do well for England".

It didn't look to me like Kompany was put under any sustained pressure by Carroll, but I'll take his word for it.

Before Carroll does well for England, he'll need to start doing well for Liverpool (!), and on current form, I can't see him making England's Euro 2012 squad.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. its not carroll im overly concerned about, believe it or not.
    its downing wasting the ball and scared to cross when he should,
    adams struggling to do basic passing and no vision, then theres henderson who just offers nothing and looks lost. these things concern me.
    sorry not digging at the new boys. they just aint improving fast enough.
    adams is missing lucas, they had a good balance between them.
    carroll has not had the run of games these players have, is he still getting match fit from the injury?
    i can remember torres only seasons ago getting no service and looked very ordinary (not in his first season)
    as bad as kuyt was tonight, i think he should partner carroll up front, least there will be 2 targets who can challenge for the ball in the air, more decent crosses are needed badly. city had least 2 defenders round carroll tonight and found it easy.
    thought it was a negative team selection and formation tonight, could see the game plan, but was no plan b. we had to wait an hour for it.
    soft goals obviously.
    like kenny said, they got to learn from it.
    rant over!!

  2. Jamie can you relax with the sensationalist headlines. You do good articles. No need to sully them Koptalkesque headlines. You dont need it.

  3. He's a good lad Kompany. says al the right thngs..Carroll is garbage...kompany owned him he knows it deep down. Pure diplomacy from kompany

  4. Hardly slammed it!!

    Every pro praises undefire losing opponent

    Plus a pat on the back for himself for controlling the threat

  5. Man City just exploited Liverpool's weakness in this match. They piled pressure in between the back four and the midfield. Adam and Spearing got over-run at most times. Constant pressure and closing down, the neat little triangles couldn't work.  

    Is it just me, but does anyone think that Adam doesn't even try to win the ball at times. He just bundles  into the player with intention, in my mind. Downing, the end product just sums him up. Henderson I believe has potential. He shows at times he can play that killer pass, hes young with visible ability that can only improve with age. Carroll on the other hand is a striker that needs to be supported thats all there is to his potential. He's never going to be a player that can depend on himself but the service of his teammates. It has also become completely apparent that Liverpool lack a natural crosser. Ye sure, we have Gerrard and Bellamy, but Bellamy isn't going to start every game and Gerrard cannot be the only guy to be relied upon. Downing seriously gotta start putting in some good "intentional" crosses instead of the usual ones that sometimes get lucky when he runs head down and crosses without thinking or looking. Same goes for Enrique and Johnson. Oh another pointer, Gerrard needs to open himself up for at-least a couple of long rangers in a game, he is very capable of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. 

  6. Doubt he would own Suarez though, he would have got nutmegged in this match. 

  7. Doubt he would own Suarez though, he would have got nutmegged in this match

  8. Some good observations there! However, I think Henderson has shown some real good potential he just needs to try taking on more players....actually all the liverpool midfielders do. When a team throws all its players back to defend its almost impossable to penatrate without cutting out one or two players, then the defence splitting pass will become more visable.

  9. Suarez is banned ...Caroll is a DONKEY  Downing is  Headless Chicken and Tactically Dalglish got owned its that simple.
    No one wants to admit it but Dalglish is out of his depth and there is no way on this evidence we are going to finish 4th.
    So what next? Stick with Kenny for 3 years and hope the other teams don't improve?
    No matter what you all say the reputation of Liverpool FC is in tatters Dalglish is looking increasingly stupid with is utterances.
    This man is not going to bring back the glory days and the sooner we realise it the better it will be for the club.

    I hope John henry is as true to his word as he was last season in that he expects a top 4 finish and will move Kenny along of he doesn't deliver considering the amount he's had to spend.

    Comoli wanted Lorente Dalglish wanted Carroll....Comoli wanted to keep Aquilani & Mereles Dalglish wanted Henderson and Adam.

    I suspect that Dalglish will try as will many fans to pin the failures on Comoli when the buy British crap came from Dalglish.

    So here we are No champions league on this form and a manager incapable of admitting his mistake.

    Dalglish OUT along with his failures

  10. You should be more concerned about that Adam guy, hes a cheating dirty scumbag. As for Skrtel well the guy needs a proper slapping down, another dirty little cheat.

    Was very disappointed in Kuyt for kicking a well out of play by a mile ball back into play in our 18 year area, one thing I hate is a dirty little cheat.

    City deserved to win and Liverpool deserved to lose because of these three players.

  11. Keep taking the tablets!

  12. In every look of things, I will assert that Paul Konchesky was and is far more better than both Hendersen and Downing combine.
    These duo always have their starts despite their serious flop but King Kenny keep telling Bellamy,Max and kuyt that he is rotating the players.
    One is beginning to loose faith with King Kenny.
    Hope King Kenny is not trying to model Hendersen to our 4th place detriment as Benetez did with Lucas.
    Kompany is just trying to con us to still field in Carrol in the Carling Cup so that he will be playing his best.

  13. Just out of interest, where have you learned the following that you have stated,

    "....Comolli wanted Llorente, Dalglish wanted Carroll....Comolli wanted to keep Aquilani and Meireles and Dalglish wanted Adam and Henderson..."

    It seems to me you are purposley trying to lay the blame on Dalglish for by seperating Comolli from responsibility without any valid proof of that.

    Dont get me wrong, I did question Dalglish's appopintment as he is after all a manager without any Champions League / European managerial experience.

    But him going at the end of season will not be a good idea. Consider the next man to come in, he is stuck with a squad of players that he will not want and will have to sell to buy so it does no good, give Dalglish two years and then if we have not made it back into the top 4 then we get someone else.

    IMO - and it is not shared by the majority, we let the right man go, he had some faults but I think Kenny has also shown he is stubborn, and arguably damaging to the clubs image at times.  

  14. correct. remember the game against city at home, suarez was awsome. any other goaly but jo hart and we would have won 3-1

  15. where are these numptys coming from??? paul konchesky????? oh my god.
    il has wat some yer on!!!

  16. are you a liverpool supporter??
    where do you get all this crap from? its constant, i can only picture as a bloke/boy that has a mouth full of wasps!?!?
    dont tell me, we were supposed to go get jose m or guss hid??
    and then sign david villa, kaka, and silva etc etc
    wake up will you. no champs league, new owners who are still yet to prove them selves.
    hows the stadium coming on? you know everything else.
    how about...........you OUT along with your bull sh#t