3 Jan 2012

Angry DALGLISH annoyed by Liverpool 'mistakes' against Man City...

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish was clearly unhappy with his team's performance in the 3-0 defeat to Man City earlier tonight, and in his post-match comments, he blamed the loss on 'lots of mistakes' made by his players.

Dalglish didn't make any excuses in his post-match comments, and he once again pointed to the team's inability to finish chances:

"If you want to be a successful team you've got to be clinical. We've got to get that into our make-up, and tonight we didn't have it.

"We had a good chance early on [Downing], then we lost a goal from our throw in, and the second one comes from a corner. Then we go down to 10 men, and almost immediately we give away a penalty from our free kick.

"It was difficult, but we've got to be more clinical if we want to get where we all want to go.

"There were a lot of mistakes made by a lot of our players. We've got to take it on the chin and make sure we don't have a repeat of it".

Stewart Downing has now gone 21 games without a goal or assist; Andy Carroll hasn't scored for 11 games; Kuyt has 1 goal in 20 appearances this season, and Henderson has 1 goals in 23 games.

Despite this, Dalglish started them in this game, and kept Bellamy and Maxi - who have regularly scored goals this season - on the bench. Again.


Jaimie Kanwar


  1. The club and Kenny made huge mistakes today. Suarez should have played but LFC chose to begin his ban. Then the selection tonight was awful. Could you see one of the top title contenders going into a game like this without their three best players?

  2. I think we've definitely arrived at the point where we have to do either of the two: (1) Change our attacking approach to whatever Carroll thinks he is going to be more comfortable with, or (2) Leave him on the bench and allow Bellamy to start majority of the games up front.

  3. the mistakes started before the first whistle KD!  who out there has scored more than 1 goal...all season?!  Adam may have 2 but that was it.  The only scorers with a few under their belt were warm and cozy on the sidelines...so yeah, I am angry at the mistakes also!

  4.  I am more angry with
    Dalglish's selection for today.. Why on earth he played Kuyt, Spearing and Carroll
    against fast-paced and highly-technical City? He should start Gerrard,
    Bellamy and Maxi in the first place.. Liverpool should delay Suarez ban and play him.. This is utterly ridiculous..

  5. A perfect example of mediocre versus quality. Its all very well to label Man City as a 'mercenary' team but at the end of the day superior ability won over work-horse talent....

  6. first time i thought andy carrol needs to score, or fake long time injury .because its getting fucking desperate now ,so score you big over paid twat or fuck off your shite.

  7. don't post first message as i was upset come on andy carrol score a fucking goal or 10

  8. I think this is the best time to have Suarez's ban take place as games are coming in thick and fast. Remember that FA cup and Carling cup ties are included. 

  9. Full faith in the King.  Poor signings in Carroll, adam and Downing but he'll get it right . No Gerrard all season. We've lost Lucas. Suarez racism row. New players
    bedding in. We're 3pts off 4th and still in both cups.   We lack offensive class, that much is apparent.

  10. I`ve never commented on Downing before but what does he bring to us? IMO nothing,he slows the pace down and seams scared in the tackle. 20mil quid no way I hope he proves me wrong. We need a proven quality striker and a more attacking midfielder. See what the Jan sales bring?????

  11. I still cannot see what he sees in Carroll,henderson and Downing. He says we are not clinical. We cannot score. How does he expect us to score when he keeps his scorers on the bench. Just makes me laugh. He shouldve had the same lineup he had in november, the difference being Suarez. Makes me wonder whether he wanted Man city to win..I doubt it 

  12. If Gerrard is match fit then play him. Leave Carroll on the bench when we play against the top teams. Bellamy is our main threat now that Suarez is suspended. It should have been him and Maxi up front.

  13. I knew the minute I saw the team sheet what was coming. How much longer are we going to persist with these players who not only aren't scoring they aren't even getting close!! Maxi and Bellamy have more of a chance of scoring while still sitting on the bench!
    Can somebody please explain the logic of starting the Suarez ban today??? We cannot seriously be considering his first game back being at Old Trafford??? I mean that's just nuts...

  14. Yep, bad team selection alright. No point blaming the lack of clinical finishing, Kenny. If you look at the stats of the players you started tonight you will see, that they have not been clinical at all this season. I think he was hoping for a draw upto 60 minutes, then bring Gerrard and Bellamy on, but Reina let in 2 howlers IMO (Yes, the 2nd goal included. 20 seconds before he made a save with the same sort of header).

    Downing and Carroll offer nothing as usual. They need to be taken out of that team quickly. Both are very low in confidence and we will not get goals from either of them.

    Remember we are onyl 3 points off 4th and still in both cups, so a lot to play for. It would be a shame to ruin it all based on price.

  15. Some pretty poor team choices:
    1) Carroll and Kuyt together are probably the least potent attack force in the league 2) Downing on the right hand side doesnt work, he always cuts in 3) We had no attacking threat through the middle, we just relied on mediocre crosses from the wings which were continually well delt with 4)Spearing just isnt good enough. I see he is well liked but if a player hasnt properly broken into the first team regularly by 23 then it isnt going to happen. If he were in his teens you would think he was promising, but by 23 he should be better. In all honesty we havnt had many teens breaking through into the first team for years. All our top players (from the academy) were teens when they broke through (Gerrard, Fowler, Owen etc). We really should have some young players on the bench who we are looking at for the future. We seem to have had a promising youth system for a few years, but still waiting on some exciting players to come through

  16. The three players who have scored the most goals were on the bench and what he sees in Adam??? cannot tackle ..thought he could cross?? what does he do in the team...if you are on the bench then you are fit to play..why not play Gerrard maxi and bellamy from the beginning rather than wait to be 2-0..when the game is lost...

    Kk just play the best team rather than just who u bought ..results are more important than pride of admiting mistakes.

  17. I am not sure Carroll is to be blamed today - he received poor service from both the wings, his knock downs were not gathered by any other liverpool player and he ended up being isolated most of the time in search for a partner to receive the balls he did win in the air.  Maybe the pouring rain had its share to contribute to the downfall today as well, since two of our goals came out from sloppy passes when we were hardly challenged for the ball...and of course, Lucas was absent...! The summer "spree" we carried out is looking really silly and wasted - outscored in terms of goals even by the club at the bottom!

  18. Why we started with Kuyt down the right when he has done nothing for us the whole season is beyond me. All he did in this match was cost us a goal. Johnson, need I say more. Both these players were the main culprits for goal one and two...

    We had almost double the possesion LFC 64% vs City 36%?????????

    LFC 16 shots vs City 11.

    LFC shot accuracy, 46% vs City 75% hence them scoring 3 goals.

    LFC 593 passes vs City 331. Our passing accuracy was at 86% compared to City at 77%.

    LFC total crosses 39 vs City only 8.

    Kenny got the selection wrong. What exactly did we need Spearing for in this match? It is not like City were dominating us in midfield. They only had one thing in mind and it was to win this match which they did. Was City convincing at all in this match? The difference is that they were CLINICAL and we weren't...
    It is quite clear that the main problem for us this season has been goals and we have had no player to suggest that goals will be flowing.

    Clearly we need a Fowler or Owen up front otherwise we will keep on struggling to hit the back of the net. FACT!

  19. Once again you come out of the dark when we have lost.

    Why can you never post anything when we win?

  20. Further Statement from Liverpool FC issued tonight: "It is our strongly held conviction that the Football Association and
    the referee it selected for tonight's match with Man City constructed a highly subjective result against Liverpool based on a scoreline that was ultimately unsubstantiated."

    (Why don't ye cut out and keep this for future use - sure ye don't have to accept any results from now if ye use that kind of palaver, ye can pretend you're top of the league all the time.)

  21. We will have Luis back for Old Trafford on Feb 11th now, he would have missed that game otherwise

  22. Why are Gerrard and Bellamy sat watching the first half our two best / cleverest players , what is the f@@@ing point , what are we saving them for ? Mistake Kenny , we could have beat city tonight , you got it wrong and it's no good saying we'll keep doing what were doing and see we're it takes us , cos it's not good enough Gerrard and Bellamy want to play are head and shoulders better than the players you picked to start , we could be a couple of goals up then take them off if you want , but would they want to come off , would they f@@k , did you when you were there age you were probably the main reason we won the double that season when you eventually started picking yourself and you were a lot older than them , have a think what's the point of having your/the best player in the country sat watching the game PICK AND PLAY YOUR BEST TEAM ,

  23. City weren't even "clinical", Pepe let one in when we should have been 1 nil up

    Then we allow a soft one from a corner

    Then a penalty

    Downing was very unlucky not to score, but he was woeful overall, I've backed him before, we need genuine pace on the wings. Shaun Wright Phillips - £5 million would do it and Nathan Dyer - £5 million

    We don't play to Carroll's strengths, we need to supply him with service Bale and Lennon do for Ade

  24. City will miss Yaya massively, will they cope?

  25. get over yourself dhead

  26. One more thing Gerrard and Bellamy are both 31ish both got about 3/4 years left at the top , do you really think playing them every other game is doing them or us any good THEY WANT TO PLAY drop them when there not good enough , but dont have them sitting out games they could help us win it does,nt make sense , Downing , Henderson , Kuyt , Spearing , whoever playing Gerrard Bellamy watching , have a word with yourself Kenny or you have a word with Kenny , Steve Clarke IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE

  27. Accepting suspension now means Suarez will return for Feb 11th clash in Old Trafford

  28. So you are not clinical when you take you chances?

    If we scored three, would we not have been clinical?

    It does not matter if Reina missed the ball. Aguero took his chance and scored. It is as simple as that.

    Johnson SHOULD have done better by trying to stop Toure but it does not take away the fact that City have been clinical in front of goal.

    City have been doing that all season, they have been clinical when it comes to scoring goals.

  29. Ye our 64% possession was Charlie passing back to keeper or sideways to Henderson...nothing meaningful until we took Adam off

    and maxi and bellamy came on with Gerrard ...our possession went up...At least kk realises that Adam is useless compared to even spearing ..that's why he takes Adam off instead of spearing .....

  30. We've got to stick with Carroll, but he needs DECENT balls in to the box. Bellamy cannot play every game due to fitness worries. Gerrard is still finding his way back up to full fitness before he can start games. But Maxi? I have no idea why he isn't starting more regulary. Great end to last season and scoring this season when played. Downing is utter crap! Never been a player, one performance in twenty if your lucky. Gutted when we signed him, crestfallen at the price!! Henderson is not good enough at the moment and Adam and Spearing never will be. Keep Henderson in the hope of becoming worthy of the red shirt but i'm afraid Spearing should be moved on. Maybe keep Adam as a squad player but wouldn't be sad to see him go.

  31. Gerrard obviously cannot be risked for 90 minutes just yet

  32. By the way what's happened to Adams 10million pound corners ...suppose it was windy today that's why he couldn't get the ball over the first man......he's not very good is he???BUT I GIVE IT U...he's still better than Alonso though ...???

  33. When we took Adam off not much was happening either so what exactly is your point? If anything, Spearing should have come off for Gerrard seeing that Adam is by far our most creative player when it comes to goals vs any other player in our squad. What do you have to say about that?

    You still need to tell all of us why you only post comments when we have lost.

    Never have I seen you post anything when we have beaten teams.

    Nothing but a doom-monger aren't you?

  34. Agree 100% about Adam not good enough ...at least spearing came through the ranks and didn't cost like Adam . i would rather have one man short than Adam..

  35. Our defence was, before tonight, the best in the league

    The match was very close, a draw the deserved result, but deserves got nothing to do with the result in football

    It's all about fine margins

    We missed a glorious chance to rattle them to their core with Downing's chance. He should have scored, credit to Hart for not getting "megged"

    Then a speculative shot from distance beats Reina, what a gimme!! Maybe there's a reason he is 3rd choice for Spain

    Then we have to deal with set pieces against 5 huge threats -  Richards, Dzeko, 2 x Toure, Kompany. Glen Johnson was very poor, ne was never even close to Yaya. Yaya faced him up, pushed him off and sauntered across to casually nod it home

    Lifeline - Barry should know better, c. 20 mins left, enrique with a poor pass from our inexplicable short free kick, eventually a softish peno follows

    Unstoppable pen, but Reina NEVER saves them anymore - did he ever really? Used to for Villareal maybe

    Overall, it just wasn't our night but I'm getting tired of Downing. He just hasn't delivered

    We miss Lucas

    We need to sign either

    1. Fast wingers to service Andy Carroll


    2. A pacey world class striker - Anelka would have been perfect for us

    Prem League is all about pace, we have none

  36. So has Adam scored and created more than bellamy????!

    has he scored more than skirtel or maxi or Gerrard who has been injured all season.???

    He must be the worst player to have played in the middle for us..but he's still better than Alonso though...

    Once Lucas is fit....Adam will be forth choice behind Lucas..Gerrard ..spearing..he's lucky to be sat in the same room as Gerrard...just a championship player at best...

  37. ACTUALLY Adam's 7mil pound transfer (not 10mil) has given the club 8 assists and 2 goals. That is in fact a very good return for 7mil.

    When you can start posting comments when we win instead of only posting comments when we lose then you can deem yourself a worthy LFC fan.

  38. For any Torres back to Liverpool suckers / dreamers

    Skybet have it at 3-1......... What a joke!!!

    Torres to stay at Chelsea, Betfair earlier was 1-50, now it's 3-100

    We could do with Adam Johnson to be honest. Boro's replacement for Downing back in the day

  39. Suarez had nothing to do with it! At the end of the day we still have goal scorers available and they were left out. You would have thought due to Suarez's absence, at the very least Beller's or Maxi if not both would have made the starting XI?  

    KK can't blame the players, we held possession well, applied a lot of pressure, however it was HIS signings, (e.g Downing, Carrol) who failed to create a dicky bird. I feel sorry for the back four, they've been outstanding recently and deserve better. 

  40. Check your stats out before you start posting lies..he has 2goals (one was a penalty) and 4 assists... but he's stillcrappp

    Check http://soccernet.espn.go.com/team/squad/_/id/364/league/all/liverpool?cc=5739

  41. Will another winger be the solution now when we have do not have a natural goal scorer up front? Not even Suarez has been able to live up to all the hipe in front of goal. We are still creating many chances even with Downing in the team and as a matter of fact without Suarez.

    If we do not have a striker who can convert chances into goals then what is the point of another winger at this point of time? Would that not be defeating the object of the real problem which is someone who can hit the back of the net on a regular basis?

  42. I dont know what scares me more, KD's selections or the fact he may have more money to spend and go out for more sub-par but expensive signings.
    The excuses used to be last season he had a poor team and so on but now he has spent over £100mln on players and all those new buys bar Suarez and Coates started at City but the bench looked like it had better players and none of the ones who came on were part of KD's total spending given Bellamy was a free signing.
    seems KD was hopping to play out until his customary and very predictable substitution systems at 60minutes then put players on to damage City but somehow did not realise City were strong enough to have won by then given they happen to be the league leaders and started the game 11 points ahead of lfc.
    Carrol is a non scoring striker, Downing doesnt show he has been in the premier league since 2002, Henderson is conundrum and I am yet to hear anyone explain what he does or bring to the team and Lucas made Adam look good because ever since Lucas got injured, Adam has been absymal. his set pieces are light years from what he did for black pool given  the vast majority of his corners hit opposition teams first defensive player all the time.
     I now sincerely hope ewe wont go spending £20mlln on the great Zamora or Kevin Doylenot forgetting the skillful Matt Jarvis who the liverpool management may consider a snip at £25mln.

  43. Check your stats out before you start posting lies..he has 2goals (one was a penalty) and 4 assists... but he's still crappp

    Check http://soccernet.espn.go.com/team/squad/_/id/364/league/all/liverpool?cc=5739

  44. But Tottenham, City and United and are going run away with 1st, 2nd and 3rd so we're going to have to do some serious goal scoring if we're competing with Chelsea and Arsenal for fourth spot. Seems unlikely unless we can do something in the transfer window. 

  45. Apart from the Downing chance, what did we create against City?

    All that possession we had, we did nothing with it. We didn't create. So what chances were there against City that a new striker would have finished off?

    With Suarez out for a while, all it takes is a injury to Gerrard again and we'll really be struggling, despite all the money spent by KK.Yes, Suarez and Carroll have been poor in front of goal but we haven't really been cutting teams opens in terms of our attacking play. KK has really ballsed up with his signings/tactics. Trying to play a style/tactics with some players who don't suit it. 

  46. Sorry mate but I can't agree with you here. Downing has created clear cut chances on many occasions this season but none of his team mates have been able to take advantage of converting his chances into goals.

    If you are a player on the pitch and cross a beauty (with no excuses should end up in the back of the net) but your fellow teamate heads or blasts it wide then you will not be awarded with an assist.

    If you were a footballer, how will that make you as a player feel who is creating chances but there is nobody to finish those chances off??? Will it be ok for me to brand you as a useless player???

  47. If I am not mistaken, we have created more scoring chances than any other team except for City and believe we have more shots at goal than any other team in the EPL.

    We need to find a striker who can convert our chances into goals. Why are people not able to see this?

    What has been the main problem? Is it not something called goals?

  48. lies, damned lies and statistics as they say

    Ok, answer me this. With all the possession we had against City in the game as a whole as well as the man extra for latter part of the game, what chances did we create?

  49. Downing just lumps in crosses in the hope that players get onto them. To make things worse, he wasn't even able to do that against City yesterday, despite the possession. Tragic.

    Nothing really intelligent or positively consistent about his play at all, if you consider he is playing at a club that expects to be in the top 4 minimum. He isn't at Boro or Villa anymore, he has to be better than that. 

    Can't believe that the last good winger/wide player we had was McManaman and before that, Barnes.

    Getting fed up of seeing inadequate wingers come and go at this club. Downing being the latest.

  50. Ronaldo (fat one) was clinical

    Zidane, Del Piero, Fowler, Torres (with LFC), Rush, Kenny, Van Nistelrooy, Lampard are / were all clinical finishers

    I would not describe a speculative shot that the keeper makes a horrendous error on as clinical, it's a bit of luck

    Yaya's finish was excellent alright, penalties should be scored and Milner did so calmly

    City hadn't scored in previous 2 games

    We scored 3 against Newcastle, I would certainly describe Beller's first goal and Gerrard's goal as clinical as they converted their chances in an emotionless, dispassionate way

    Beller's 2nd was fortunate

    Possession was 50/50 by the way

    My definition of clinical is the ability to dispassionately convert obvious goalscoring chances, such as 1 on 1s

    We had the only 1 on 1 and Downing didn't have the composure to do it, so as a consequence we were less clinical

  51. Ignore that dude, he has no clue

    We play with a "holding" player, so Spearing stayed on

  52. He's not. He gloats when we lose

  53. I believe you are missing my point.

    In order to score, get a shot at goal or whatever the case may be, the player who is attacking the goal and wants to score needs to receive the ball from one of his team mates.

    We had 16 shots at goal vs City, six of them were on target. In order for a player to take a shot he needs to receive the ball from one of his team mates?

    Overall we have squandered chance after chance the whole season and that is because we do not have a  player up front who is scoring on a regualr basis. I also believe Suarez has the most shots at goal than any other player in the league but has only scored 5.

    So much for your damned lies and statistics as they say.

  54. You are right Red4life

    Opta measure Shot Assists, to track how many chances a player sets up

    Not Downing's fault with some of the good balls not being converted

  55. But is Dalglish to blame NOW for not having the best like we used have in Macca and Barnes?

    Pennant (although I think was alienated by Rafa) in 3 seasons (81 matches) only managed 3 goals. i will not waste my time by brining up the signing of Keane which was also a very expensive mistake and after that we sold him at a loss.

    It is Kenny's first full season back at Anfield. Downing has not even been with the club a full season so I will not give up on him as yet especially if he has created clear cut chances but his team mates are the ones who cannot score.

  56. Listen

    I would love a super star chance convertor, but who is there? Demba Ba maybe

    If Carroll was playing for Spurs he would have bags of goals

    They have world class wide players who give many chances per match

    Our wide players are too slow / lack confidence

    My theory is

    - All Prem League / Championship teams possess good solid pros, esp defenders who have a simple job when they manage to attain the correct field position

    - Man Utd, Spurs. Arsenal etc possess wingers of such pace and quality that they turn normal attacking positions into quasi counter attacking positions and do not give defenders the chance to attain their correct default positions and forwards capitalise, Hernandez at Man Utd

    - Everyone who comes to Liverpool seems to wilt under the pressure of 20 year drought, except most of current batch

    Is Darren Bent the answer? I'm not sure, just like I wasn't sure about Downing or Carroll - but if £20 million is there let's do it

    Hendo will be super, Adam is class

    We have Sterling, Adorjan, Jordan Ibe coming soon, another young lad recently

    The future is very bright, Champ League next season would make that future brighter

    Would Darren Bent do it? Defoe, Pav, Yak? I agree we need someone

  57. Downing didn't even put in one half-decent cross in against City. No striker would have scored from Downing's service yesterday. Gave absolutely nothing

    Yes, Dalglish and Comolli deserve blame for wasting away so much money on Downing, Henderson, Adams and Carroll. Carroll for £35m?! £3-bloody-5m...what a farce.

  58. Just to add, I just had a look at FourFourTwo Statzone and Downing didn't even attempt to put in one single cross, according to their stats from yesterday.

  59. Adam is very talented and has played well

    Hendo has been quietly good, he is Gerrard's replacement

    Downing has been frustrating, Carroll worrying but needs FAST wingers to provide decent cut back balls for him to attack

  60. If I had the choice then it would have to be Mario Gomez but CL football is high priority for a player like this. He scores goals for the fun of it.

    We need to finish in the top four this season and the only way this is going to happen is when our players start believing that they can.

  61. Well I disagree as I think they aren't top 4 first XI material, not even close but each to their own I guess

  62. We should sign Xherdan Shaqiri

  63. Ok so then go back to FourFourTwo and find out how many of the chances Downing has created (which should have been converted into goals) in all matches that he has played and do us the favour by posting the info.

    Much appreciated.

    Chat to you soon :)

  64. A poster on a forum posted the 442 stat zone diagram.

    But just for you, here is the link to the 442 page as you seem adamant that he is creating loads of chances. I have done my bit to illustrate he did nothing worthy of praise yesterday, despite all the possession we had:


    I guess I expect better standards at Liverpool and I don't think they are unreasonable considering our stature and the money we spent. 

  65. Caught_pants_down3:03 am, January 04, 2012

    I personally feel that was not generally evident. City only had 2 players who made their quality count, and they were Hart and Yaya Toure. Silva, for all his hype, was as invisible and effective as Henderson. But for his goal, which was down to Reina's poor judgment and not his ability, Aguero was only as good as Carroll. In Barry, Milner and Kompany, City relied equally on workhorse type players. In terms of possessions and goal attempts, we shaded it over them, therefore, generally, we were the marginally better team. It was obvious watching the game our players made better use of possession in general, so I for one can't see how this was a case of mediocrity versus quality.

    3-0 doesn't tell the story adequately. Had fortune not once again favoured our opponents, we would only have lost 1-0 to the penalty. Toure's header hit the woodwork and went in. For some strange reason, the game was started with a new, softer ball which perhaps threw Reina's timing when he failed to keep out Aguero's shot. It wasn't a remarkable shot and was one he'd typically save. Liverpool were never mediocre compared to City. We did however begin the match with our weakest attacking lineup, but this is the first of 3 close matches against them. It was always likely we were going to lose at least one out of three and I believe this is the one Kenny wants the least. Based on today's and the previous showings(not scorelines), with the right players, we can and should beat City. They aren't as scary as Spurs. Their so called superior ability(compared to us) is only an illusion. A win and a draw from our next 2 encounters will do us fine!

  66. Caught_pants_down3:08 am, January 04, 2012

    It is unfortunate the only way to get the confidence of our Englishmen up is for them to start scoring, so they have to keep playing. They are getting closer though. It was a good run from Downing to set himself up.

  67. hey ! kenny  u don't find the reasons why when carroll in feild our team always make a lot of  big mistakes. becuase of the tiny moving of him and he don't try enough to charge the ball and he never presence that he could win the completitors when we need the ball seriously. it means when we have him we seem have only ten players. the question is how can we beat the other? u know what u do but u don't know what it should do man.waiting u come back on the right way.the kop from thailand.mark

  68. LOL this if funny as you all don't want to admit that Kenny Dalglish is out of his depth.
    He cannot take Liverpool back to the Champions League with his antiquated British signings.
    Dalglish's substitutions and play are so predictable that City cruised the game.
    No tactical sense from Dalglish either.
    John Henry are you watching this ?
    Fenway have a fight on there hands to outs Dalglish at the end of the season as the press and the blind faithfiul fans will want to give him more money and time (he's British and a legend will be the subtext cry).
    I suggest you all look at what Fenway do with people given money in there other sports but don' deliever.
    No amount of fans power or moaning on forums will change JH mind when he concludes that Dalglish is not the man.
    No amount of fans attempting to blame Comoli for the purchases will inlfuence that choice either.
    At the end of the season you know in your hearts on this form we have no chance in finish in the Top 4 the question is what do we do next ?

  69. Yeah Kenny talks about being clinical , Gerrard said after Newcastle game bring on city , him and Bellamy two best players in that game , then Kenny leaves them out . WHY ? does not make sense , must have give city a big boost when they seen our team sheet , and then the result flattered city so did the draw they got at anfield , and yet they are 14 pts better off than us so get clinical Kenny and start picking and playing our best eleven you keep quoting what a great addition Bellamy is to the club what a great pro he is how fit he is what a great trainer he is and then you don't play THE NEXT GAME IS THE MOST IMPORTANT , so we save our best players for the one after it , or for one in the future sometime PATHETIC

  70. Liverpool are playing aimless football. They are too static in front of the goal, passing to each other aimlessly. How close of the goal do they have to get before shooting on target. Story of the season is so consistent. That itself says it is a tactical issue. 

    Liverpool are trying to play like Barcelona with short passing and slow build up game. If you want to play like Barcelona, you got to have creative midfield which can crack the solid defence. We don't have that quality in our squad apart from 1 or 2 players.

    All our attacking attempts are so similar. Throwing the ball to flanks, back to midfield, back to wings, goes on ...then comes an aimless cross on the box where opposition has already parked the bus. 90% chances our striker doesn't even get to touch the ball. If he does, he is completely out of position. We need 5-10 mins build up for that one low percentage cross. 

    I don't see we get goals in this predictable manner.

    Our set-pieces conversion ratio is also pathetic. On other end, we have conceded too many goals in set-pieces. How many times a corner ball hits the head of Andy Carroll ? Out of 10-15 corners in match, you got to make it right at least 2-3 times. But most of the time, it goes out of the play on other hand. Charlie Adam doesn't deserve that duty now. He is too poor. Enough....

    We missed so many penalties this season but we can't manage to stop at least one going in even thought we are supposed to have the best keeper in the league.........


  71. Im suprised by the negativity towards KK on here. If a team is having more of the ball than the opponents and creating lots of chances while not leaving the door open at the back then the boss and coaches are doing their job. This has been the case in all but the spurs game.

  72. I'm talking about creating proper chances, not just poxy passes to players who get a little bit of space outside the box to hit a speculative shot. What your talking about isn't creativity, that is just hopeful shots.

    How many of those shots from Suarez were outside the box?

    Again, yes, lies, damned lies and statistics.

  73. and the City game yesterday

    Rubbish defending, static passing and barely any chances created, regardless of possession. City didn't even have to get out of first gear. They didn't even have to defend brilliantly as our movement was cack

  74. Arsenal? Wingers? Nah, they don't have any wingers.  Downing and Henderson are both pacy and Downing is a genuine winger. Problem is we haven't been able to distribute to them fast enough. That is what we're missing with Lucas out. It's not that we don't have the players to zip the ball to them quick either. Both Gerrard and Shelvey are fully capable of pinging the ball quickly, but even then, the way Lucas did it was very different, he would win the ball and distribute it in one movement. Adam needs to take an additional look around the park and while his pass choices are usually good, they are hardly fast enough and our game slows as a result. Suarez also tends to slow our game down in trying to weave through too many players.

    The answers should indeed lie with our youth players, but it would be another 2-3 years before the ones we want make the bench. Sterling, Coady, Wisdom and Morgan have only just stepped up from the youth side into the reserves. Indeed, maybe Suso and Adorjan should be loaned out now, but maybe the plan is for them to have at least a season with Sterling and co. before the whole lot of them go on loans next season, and depending on how they perform then, maybe we'll see them as subs the following season.

    As to who we could bring in? Stephen Fletcher or Darren Bent should be good enough. They have both scored against all the top sides in the premier league and have never gotten exceptional service. They have been scoring consistently - Bent for clubs that play different styles and Fletcher from very few chances(and we aren't even talking about the quality of those chances). Defoe hasn't got consistency. We've got a donkey, we don't need a yak. Pav may be a good option, but seeing as he doesn't play so often, he may need more time to adjust.

  75. The problem is Downing isn't playing for the team. His playing is very academic - very textbook and unimaginative. We're not saying he's garbage, but he's not playing up to his price tag. If all we wanted was academic crosses and speed on the flank, we could have had N'Zogbia for half his fee.

  76. It's not a tactical issue. It's about confidence and hunger. Mascherano and Babel, even Gonzalez used to shoot the moment they saw a gap. Most of our players are too concerned with setting someone else up to actually put themselves in a position to score. Downing, Carroll and Henderson are especially guilty of this - Downing and Henderson are our fastest attackers and Carroll  is our no.9, they, of all people should be anticipating final deliveries and then get into position to shoot.

  77. Actually, our movement was cack and our passing was static because City defended brilliantly. They did not allow our boys to move effectively. On the other hand, they hardly looked like getting out of first gear because we were also doing it to them. The pressing all over the pitch from both teams pretty much cancelled each other out. Gaffs cost us 2 goals and a moment of brilliance earned City their 3rd.

  78. Mate you are right but its kk...he knows what he's doing...he's out thinking Alex Terdie and out smarting him...

    Just look at the way he bought Carroll for 35million ..bet fergie had to admit he wasn't expecting that...

    He out smarted him on Henderson...when every1 else would have paid 5million...he blew fergie.s brain away with 20million...

    He tricked fergie into buying Young for 16million and bought downing for 20million under fergie.s looong crucked nose.

    Fergie described Adam corners were worth 10million alone...he bought the whole Adam for 8million...before fergie could blink..

    Just look how smart kk really is.....you just have to believe...

  79. Don't red4life hear you say things like this....you can't criticise kk...these players will come good in about 10years time...once they well...just wait...you just have to believe ..

  80. 8 assists????check your stats again...its 4 assists(hopeful lobs into penalty area) and 2 goals (of which one was a penalty)....

    Skrtel has more goals...maxi has more goals and even stevie G who has missed 90%of the games...

    Even spearing would give you them statistics if he took all the free kicks..corners and penalties...
    Adam can't attack..defend...that's why he's playing time is going down and down

  81. City defended adequately and had no need to defend 'brilliantly' because our attacking didn't need to be 'brilliantly' defended against. Worse than the pile of rubbish we served up against Newcastle prior to our savior Stevie G coming on.

  82. Yeah Silva came away with just 2 assists to make it 11 for the season and Aguero just 14 league goals at halfway point.

    Equal to Carroll and Henderson then?

  83. Andy Carroll was screwed before a ball was kicked because of the price tag.There is nothing wrong with Andy Carroll.He would be a sensation back at Newcastle.The problem lies with the management team who brought him here

  84. My head was in my hands when i first heard we were signing downing and then to top it off for 20m...even if kk realises now that downing is not good enough he cannot do anything till the summer as it will go down as one expensive mistake and not look good on kk. As we dont have natural wingers at the moment i would put enrique and johnson on the wings as they have shown desire and committment to get forward, take players on and play out of there comfort zone...get kelly in at right back and get in another LB and striker. A bit risky to go and buy another winger in jan, wait till the summer and see where we are then. Play adam or spearing with gerrard in the middle, Bellamy and Carrolly upfront. No excuses now gerrard and bellamy have to play from the way start and drop henderson, downing kuyt to the bench. This way we just go out and get 1-2 players and like i said johnson and enrique like going forward so why not release them from their defensive duties and allow them with the license to get forward....

  85. i get were you coming from mate dont understand why he never played gerrard but in the bellamy corner he did get a nasty hit the other day so that why hes left him out i totaly agree with evertythin else tho