3 Jan 2012

Luis Suarez's MOTHER admits: "I'm worried about his future..."

Sandra Diaz, the mother of Liverpool's Luis Suarez, has expressed her disappointment at the FA's recent verdict in the Patrice Evra case, and she strongly refuted continuing allegations that her son is racist.

Speaking to Uruguayan newspaper 'The Observer', Mrs Diaz revealed her surprise that Suarez could be deemed to be racist:

"Here, it is a common thing [to use the word Negro]; it is not racist.

"I accept that he [Suarez] has made mistakes, for example, with his gesture to the [Fulham] fans, but he should not be treated as racist.

"Making a gesture is one thing, but to be accused of racism? I laugh that he has been called racist, because I know he is not. I know my children".

Some fans fear that the FA's guilty verdict could force Suarez to ultimately leave Liverpool and the Premier League, and his mother seems to share that fear:

"We are all at waiting to see what happens with the appeal, but I worry now what will happen. I worry about his future.

"I trust in God, which is the only judge to have".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. All of us Liverpool fans know he's been set up and I hope we take Evra and the FA to court, the FA have treated Luis very unfairly and you can't take one man's word over another when they don't even have any proper evidence and if he does leave us it will be Evra and the FA's fault.

  2. He left Ajax and the Dutch League because he got into trouble. People are now predicting that he'll do the same with Liverpool. Suarez has got to understand that he has to one day face up to his responsibility. He is with one of the biggest football teams in world football. Leaving at the first sign of a crisis will not do his reputation any good. Plus, he will be seen by other teams as a trouble maker more than an asset.

  3. Even prior to this Evra / FA incident I have always maintained we are on limited time with Suarez, he is 24 and I believe he will leave for Barcelona or Madrid in the next few years

    For me Barcelona is his likeley destination as they will need to replace David Villa, and the perfect candidate to play on the left of a Messi and Sanchez attack is Suarez - he would just fit in at Barcelona.

    I would hate to see him go but as with the Torres scenario I can see why he would and this reputational damage may just add to turning his head.

  4. I hope liverpool fight this all the way, even if it means going to the courts. I personally feel suarez is being victimised, we need to back him all the way.. YNWA

  5. I feel sorry for Suarez, I think hes a bit like Bellamy in the way that supporters love him but the opposition despise him. That being said he does seem to have a short temper that can lead to him doing stupid things. He needs to control his temper more.

    Still I Hope when this has all blown over he realises the support he has recieved from the club and the fans!!

  6. The english FA are a bunch of clown in gentleman suit.

  7. Agree, Luis deserves to play in the best football team ever.  Yet, I would love him to stay and help us get better and better and why not even close up the gap to Barca.  I know it seems as wishful thinking but we need to strive for the best.

  8. "All of us Liverpool Fans" ??

    Lovely stuff here.

  9. the fa and other anti liverpool will be happy when suarez has no option but to leave england and will try to drive him out.
    its sad, if it happens i just hope players from other countrys will think twice about coming here......................................unless its for united obviously, then they will be assured.
    one big big question for me is, does scum bag evera get off scot free??

  10. Barry yates... go f**k yourself.

  11. By accepting the Suarez ban, Liverpool is condoning and accepting racism. After all, they employed Suarez. Suarez should leave because he cannot and should not play for a racist club.
    The reasons I say the above is below…
    NEGRO is not a racist word. The United States Census Bureau announced that "Negro" would be included on the 2010 United States Census alongside "Black" and "African-American" - does that mean the US government promotes and condones racism?
    The trouble here is the judgement has been made by 3 individuals who probably have never experienced a second of true racism in their lives. They are a joke and disgrace to the United Kingdom.

  12. The FA should invent a spanish word for 'black' because spanish speakers can only say 'negro' when they describe something black. Negro is an abusive word when used by people who have a different word for 'black'. For instance, anglo-saxons have the option of saying 'black' but if they chose to say 'nigger' or 'negro' it becomes an abuse.

    I hope Luis disregards the off-pitch distractions and chooses to stay and torment his accusers on the pitch! FYI, I'm a black African and I'm not at all convinced that the FA panel has made a case against Luis!

  13. The sham moralism of the media is shameful.  Well you got your pound of flesh today - your token foreign player scapegoat to appease your skewed sense of self-righteousness in your binary world.  But in reading the statements today you can tell Liverpool and Suarez wanted to fight but we were cornered by the media and a growing number of antiracist groups. I'm sad we capitulated but glad we made a firm rebuttal in both statements. 

    The FA and national media wanted to paint a black and white image and have applied reductionalist thinking in forcing their will. It is not a triumph for anti-racism but a triumph for a sham moralist witch-hunt - and the descrimination and defamation of a foreign player. And all by an FA that espoused apartheid and ignored the vulgar English brand of racism for years.  I think Suarez will leave England the first chance he gets - you can hear the powerlessness in his statement. Sadly, our capitulation will solve nothing - he'll still be branded as a racist on the terraces - and neither statement will be received in good grace by the pharisees in the media.  A hollow victory for the Fergie Association - who have now enabled players to be targeted and convicted on hearsay.  

    The FA and the English media are guilty of the very thing the claim to rail against.  Do a modicum of research on Luis Suarez and you won't find a less racist person.  

  14. the fa have almost got wat they want, apart from liverpool giving city 3 points tonight. that wont help united. and i hope it prevents you know wat. had we had suarez we would of had a better chance

  15. Take the FA to court, they are rotten to the core. Again, "Puki Mak" and "Kukit" to them.

  16. actually he left Ajax because we beat some of Europes top clubs to his signature. He's not about to leave Liverpool. His mother doesn't need to be concerned because he has the full support of the club and that's not about to change.

    By the way, this is not a sign of crisis it's a massive joke

  17. The thing is mate they have already replaced Villa with Sanchez (40mil Euro) and even already have Fab to replace Xavi. They have a bunch of young midfielders from their youth academy that are good enough for the first team but just no space for them and Guardiola is fighting to keep hold of them. Barca won't come in for Suarez I don't think.. plus we have Fenway who (unlike Hicks and Gillette) are far more likely to make the necessary investments to keep Suarez happy rather than sell him off.

  18. It's true that he's been hard done by but leaving would have no impact at all, as opposed to coming back from the ban stronger than ever and not being defeated by racism. I hope he comes back with a defiant attitude campaigning against racism and scoring plenty of goals.

    On one hand, Evra should have snapped out of it when the full time whistle blew but unfortunately he's gone all self righteous and taken it all out of context.
    On the other hand, if you're black and some white boy wearing opposition colours calls you an 'N...' and I mean any version of the word.. not once, but repeatedly, well probably wouldn't appreciate that too much.

  19. the fa are just using the story of suarez being a racist to show they wont be tolerating racism. Even though he said a non racist word where he comes from!!!! ur a joke FA!