2 Jan 2012

ALAN HANSEN admits: "Manchester City are than Liverpool..."

Liverpool play Manchester City three times over the next month, and the given the club's great recent record against the top teams in the league, fans will be confident that Kenny Dalglish's team can get results in all three games. Anfield legend Alan Hansen isn't so sure though, and he's predicted that City will knock Liverpool out of the Carling Cup.

Speaking on 'Match of the Day, Hansen - who won the League Cup three times as a player - argued:

"With respect to Cardiff and Crystal Palace, it [winning the Carling Cup] really is 50-50 between Manchester City and Liverpool.

"I have to back City to win it because they are a better side than Liverpool, but all depends on how they cope with their run of fixtures in the coming weeks".

"They must play Liverpool, Manchester United and Liverpool again in the space of a week and that is a testing time for anybody.

"City’s away record isn’t quite as impressive as it was earlier this season, so Liverpool might see chinks in their armour.

"Much also depends on Luis Su├írez’s availability, but at this stage, I have to go for City".

Are City actually better than Liverpool? On current form, there's not much to separate the two teams. Last 5 games:

Man City: LWWDL | F5 A3

Liverpool: WWDDW | F7 A2

Overall, it's probably fair to say that City are better than Liverpool, but right now, Liverpool are winning more; losing less; scoring more goals, and conceding less, which all bodes well for tomorrow's game, and the Carling Cup games.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I think we can knock them over or at least come away with a good result in all three games. City are looking vulnerable for the first time this season so its definitely a perfect time for us to play them. We also cant forget our knack of stepping it up against big teams. We just keep doing it so fingers crossed we continue this trend.

  2. I think we can beat Man City!!
    I think it will be 2 0 to Liverpool. And the fact Alan Hanson say he thinks City will win is a good omen for Liverpool. lol!

  3. I'm always confident against the bigger teams but I still worry that the absence of Lucas might be a telling factor when we face up to City's attacking line up.

    I'm going with a draw, 1-1.

  4. hansen just trying not to sound bias but knows we are capable of getting results in at least two of them. if we have the desire as we did when we last played them we got a strong chance.
    time for andy carroll to show his worth, and i recon he will

  5. agree, lucas done a top job on silva last time. hope spearing has a good game if played

  6. all city fans should back suarez tommorow night

  7. I just hope there are no nasty racist incidents, may the best team win !

  8. yeah no nasty racist remarks to our suarez, because its allowed !

  9. Regardless of the mentality of the side in smaller games, Liverpool are always up for the big games. So they will definitely give City a tough time and I reckon at least a point they will get.

  10. Caught_pants_down2:42 am, January 03, 2012

    A win, a draw and a loss are in order, but not in that order. I think we will thump City without Suarez - but Gerrard will have to play. City won't be prepared to cope with Gerrard. City has fast forwards and fullbacks, but Kompany and Lescott/Toure aren't the quickest or strongest defenders around. I believe if Carroll has the service he needs, he can give City a hard time. If we get enough bodies behind the ball and transition well as a team from defense to offense, we should be able to keep City very quiet too as Sunderland and Chelsea had done. Enrique and Skrtel will be key to keeping us in it, but to beat City, hopefully Gerrard will spark our underperformers into match winners. If Downing and/or Henderson can produce MOTM displays, we might very well shade it.

  11. City will be desperate to win the league game and I think will come up with a performance similar to that against Arsenal which came after they'd just lost for the first time. There's no doubt though that they will make a lot of changes for at least 1 of the two legs of the carling cup tie so liverpool will have to take advantage when they do that.

  12. Do you want to explain why? If your referring up us hating Utd then yes your right, however if that's why your saying we should back him then your 100% wrong. Racism is racism regardless of club badges. I hate racism, I grew up in Hulme and have as many black friends as white so I've grown up detesting racism and Suarez is a racist end of. my only surprise here is that you lot actually want to support him? Why? It's not as if he didn't say it? It's not as if he didn't mean it in a nasty way? Because he clearly did? He will get a nice warm welcome tonight from us lot and I'm sure Lescott, Clichy, Richards and Kompany will welcome him to City, along with Yaya, DeJong, Kolo and Balotelli.

    Stamp out Racism........

  13. Wow, a lot of IF's there fella. So here's a few City IF's.

    If Silva starts and takes control without being kicked by your thugs then we will destroy you.

    If Yaya tips up and runs at your slooooow defense then we will destroy you.

    If your cheating defenders don't get Mario sent off (that was not an elbow) then we will destroy you.

    If if if??? I'm confident we will beat you tonight, I just hope the ref sees through some of your divers like Suarez. How can you watch him constantly cheating? It's embarrassing???

  14. Caught_pants_down3:44 pm, January 03, 2012

    Suarez is not racist. Why we all who understand football want to support him is because the media is unfairly depicting him as racist when he clearly made the so-called racist remarks to wind Evra up on the pitch. A racist is someone with a genuine bias based on race. Do Evra or Materazzi have fetishes for other footballers' sisters? Has Ryan Giggs ever used it to wind other players up? There is a huge difference in saying something to deliberately antagonise someone as opposed to actually believing what you say. I tell subway evangelists I believe in the devil and the media could pick up on it and quote me to make me look like a Satanist or devil worshipper when I am in fact Catholic and a big fan of Jesus.
    Stamp out racism - but do not falsely crucify someone for it. Support Suarez.

  15. WHAT??? Are you serious? Let me tell you something mate, I know 100's of people who would absolutely flip IF you chose to say something like Suarez did regardless of him saying it to " wind him up" or not? Ask any black man if they think it's ok to make racist remarks if it's just to wind someone up? But I wouldn't stand too close to them fella because I think they would flip.

    I'm sickened by what you have just said. Your actually saying its ok to say racists things if it's just to wind someone up? NO IT ISNT? And Suarez is a racist end of? I also couldn't give a tosh for your god speak either because I'm an atheist? Or your Giggs crap.

    Just how the hell is someone not believing in god and someone making sick racist remarks the same? You need to realise what your actually saying and take your Liverpool hat off. I understand you defending your players but not this time mate, no way. I also can't believe I'm defending a Utd player but I'm comfortable with that because I'm defending him against a racist???


  16. "Are City actually better than Liverpool?"


    Is that a trick question? They're 11 points ahead of us after half a season, ffs!

  17. it was supposed to be a bit of banter nothing else.
    i live in a country of mixed race (england) i have different coloured friends so to speak. who r u to judge me?
    i detest evra and the fa, always have. its an injustice. my opinion. it looks dodgy as hell all of it.
    also city backing suarez would be against the fa in theory

  18. wind your neck in and stop trying to be a hero.
    your missing all the points here. maybe you are a united supporter you sound like one

  19. Wind my neck in, a hero me? Narr son, well only when i need to be. Tell you what, and I'll keep this clean, do one. Missing what point exactly? The point that poor old Liverpool feel people are having a go at your racist player?

    O and I'm a Rag eh? Nooooo mate, nooooo, I'm just a non racist that absolutely detests people who are blind to what they SHOULD believe. Just because he wears your shirt doesn't make what he did correct. You would all be taking a different view if someone had done that to Johnson and you know it.

    A Rag me? I'm on a bus right now going home from slapping u lot 3-0 and if it weren't for the ref it would have been more.

    I'll do you a favour and pass this thread over to some of Uniteds lads and see what they think of your views and your racist player? Good luck...

  20. We do indeed live in a country of mixed race, however it's not correct to call black people coloured, my mates hate it as they aren't "coloured" they're black? Also I'm not judging you, It's not my place to do that. BUT, when you place your "views and opinions" on the www youre basically asking others opinions?

    For your information, I can't stand Evra either, I detest him and his attitude, this isn't about him as a person, this is about what Suarez did to him? That's completely different?

    If you boil it all away you are left with Suarez and Evra in a heated moment and Suarez chooses to say some quite nasty things? He was angry and wanted to get at Evra, so he chose to be racist towards him? How can that be defended? What can you say to that honestly? Take Evra the person out of this and the FA's decision and once again you are left with Suarez being nasty to another person and having a dig at the colour of his skin? This isn't about Liverpool or United it's about the people and Suarez was completely out of order, how can you not see that? The fact that the FA are involved is because it's a world wide problem that needs immediate firm attention and requires a very strong penalty being served against anyone (not any club) being racist?

    If Aguero had done the very same to Johnson I'm very confident your views would echo mine and others. The problem here is you feel the need to defend him against Evra and the FA but that seems to be clouding your judgement on the matter at hand. That's me done on this subject, I can't make what I'm saying any clearer, I've sent this thread to a mate and I've asked him to read through it and comment accordingly, or not if he can't be bothered.

  21. Well well well.. This shows the power of football.

    One of the problems with joining a thread like this is that
    you will always come across something or someone that draws you in and can send
    your blood boiling.


    I’ll make this brief and I won’t be posting on the subject

    Defending this kind of behaviour is a disgrace and anyone
    who does needs to take a long hard look.


    I’ve read what Giatistuta has been saying and I have read
    what you (Bhoff23) have been saying.


    Giatistuta could not have put this any better and you would
    have to be a total empty head not to understand.  What I believe is that you do understand but
    the problem you’ve got is the same problem Dalglish has got in that you’re
    gutted about loosing your best player for 8 games.. Full stop.


    Yet worse than that, is that loosing your player is more
    important to you than right and wrong.


    You’re allowed to chat whatever garbage you want in trying
    to justify Suarez’s actions. Dalglish on the other hand being in his position has
    in my view shamed himself and shamed your club.


    Do you really think all the Liverpool
    players share the same view? I doubt it. Do you think Glen Johnson wanted to
    where that shirt? I doubt that too.


    Let me tell ya, I’m a red from Manchester and if any of our players came out
    with a series of comments like that I wouldn’t want him band for 8 games I
    would want him out the club regardless of who it was... period.


    The fact is there is no justification for what he has said,
    if he said that to me he would get smashed! If I met you in the street and you were
    telling me that was ok, YOU would get smashed.


    This aint ‘Mississippi
    burning’ this is real life in England 2012 so do yourself a favour and take
    them scouse goggles off because they’re blurring your vision.