2 Jan 2012

Rangers CONFIRM: "English teams are interested in Jelavic..."

Rangers striker Nikica Jelavic has been linked with a move to England for a couple of months now, and latest developments seem to suggest that a move down south could be imminent.

Jelavic was left out of the Rangers starting line-up for yesterday's clash with Motherwell, which is strange given the fact he's featured in practically every game this season.

Players mysteriously vanishing from first team line-ups in January is usually a surefire sign that transfer activity is imminent. No concrete reason was given for the Croatian's absence, but a news story on the Rangers website stated:

"Jelavic had a fitness test ahead of the Old Firm clash and could still be feeling a problem in his knee".

All this proves is that Jelavic had a fitness test; the notion that he could be 'feeling' a problem in his knee is just speculation. Rangers also confirmed the following on their website yesterday:

"A number of English clubs are reportedly interested in the striker and we will have more on this story when we get it".

In a Press conference a few days ago, Rangers manager Ally McCoist was asked whether any bids had come in for Jelavic. He stated:

"No, certainly not to my knowledge. There was a rumour knocking about on Wednesday evening before the Celtic game, but that was all it was.

"I haven't heard anything to confirm or deny that rumour. Nobody has told me that any club has made an offer at all.

"I think it was one of the radio stations that mentioned QPR but it was just rumour."

Jelavic has scored or created 55 goals and created 13 more in the last three season, which is a fantastic record, and if Liverpool's interest is valid, perhaps he'd be worth a punt...?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We need a popular striker  the type of Higuain, Podolski, Soldado etc. The striker must be better then Carrol, must be proven good, like the ones above. For tomorrow i hope KK play Bellamy, Maxi and Gerrard together and we win the game. If he keeps playing these 3 together, plus one of the above i think we will challenge till the end. But please do not keep persisting with Henderson.  Downing if you play him, play him on the left or leave him on the bench because we need goals.

  2. i don't mind Jelavic if he can score 20 goals a season for Liverpool.

  3. If he were capable of 20goals a season, he wouldn't still be at rangers....lets not kid our selves...not lfc material.

  4. As long as he's not Darren Bent right ?.....LOL *smh* 

  5. I can't see this happening, we need a goal scorer and we can't look at scoring a decent amount in Scotland or Austria as a good indicator for this, his international record is unimpressive to say the least. 

    Add onto that his mercenary personality of basically threatening to go on strike with Vienna and playing piss-poor with Rangers this season after getting dumped out of Europe he will not add anything to Liverpool.

    If King Kenny splashes out money on Jelavic we can sure it is to give his boyhood team a helping hand now that they are struggling financially rather than anything else. We have no need of another striker who would struggle to get 10 goals a season. Let QPR have him, they are more his level. 

  6. I was hoping he had scored more for Croatia only 2 in 17, he his also coming from the Scottish League doesn't fill you full of cofidence.

  7. Not LFC material, not even close! 
      I watch him whenever he plays for Croatia and there is no difference when he plays or when Kalinic plays, a player who played in England but if you don't remember his name it's no coincidence...

    If you think Carroll is slow... next to Jelavic you would think Carroll is actually worth 35 mil.

    Strikers in Croatia that really stand out are Eduardo - when fit and on form, Olic (Kuyt-like) and more and more Mandzukic. 

    Others are there to provide cover.

  8. Caught_pants_down2:59 am, January 03, 2012

    Why popular? Popular doesn't necessarily translate to good for us. Carroll was hot property before we signed him. Good in their current teams isn't enough. Torres was better for Rafa's Liverpool than he has ever been for any other team. We need someone who has consistently performed with different teams, and currently, only Bent and Villa truly fit the bill and Villa broke his shin not too long ago. We must play counter-attacking football for Higuain to be effective, but that said, it is also the type of football that would suit Carroll. Our best bet may possibly be a relative unknown with certain characteristics. United took a punt on Chicharito and he's the type of striker we would like to have. How big was Cavani before Napoli? He too is someone who would fit our  squad now. IMO, we ought to try for Shane Long or Stephen Fletcher. They seem to display more of a predatory instinct than Carroll and would be cheaper than Bent. Like Bent, Fletcher has scored against all the top teams and they've been all kinds of goals - certainly not as 1 dimensional as Torres, Carroll or Higuain.

  9. Caught_pants_down3:11 am, January 03, 2012

    I think Jelavic would be a fantastic signing. His style is similar to Soldado and Cavani. The guy moves and picks his spots very well and doesn't hit only simple or spectacular goals. His stats are even more intriguing. While we tend to look at outstanding stats from strikers in weaker leagues, Jelavic's stats have actually improved moving up and not diminished as is the usual pattern. The better the team he plays for, the more goals he scores.

  10. All of you are good assessors. This guy is not a Liverpool type of player and would not fit in. Waste of time and money and may turn to be like Ivan Jokanovic. He is just testing the waters.

  11. Errr..I'm sorry but playing in the SPL is NOT playing in the EPL - not by a long way! I am probably wrong but he didn't want to come to LFC a few years back so why would we be interested in him now that he is getting on a bit? That rumour mentioned was drivel.

  12. Bellamy and Gerrard cannot play back to back games at the moment due to their fitness/age unfortunately. Bellamy's knees have been a concern for some time and Gerrard is being nursed back to full fitness. Shame, as I agree we'd be in with a great shout if we kept those players together.