3 Jan 2012

ALDO blasts: "Andy Carroll needs to get it right. I'm SICK of saying it now..."

Liverpool goalscoring legend John Aldridge seems to be losing patience with Andy Carroll, and he's once again called on the striker to improve in one crucial area of his game.

Aldridge recently insisted that Carroll's positioning was 'poor' and his tactical awareness was 'frustrating', and after watching him play against Newcastle last week, Aldo's frustration with the beleaguered player seems to have intensified. In his column for the Liverpool Echo, he argued:

"Carroll was unlucky not to score against Newcastle for Liverpool FC and he worked hard but he isn't making things easy for himself.

Things just aren't working for Carroll at the moment and it's clear his confidence is low. Ask any striker and they will tell you, attack the ball from beyond the far post.

"Carroll needs to work on his positional sense because too often when the ball comes into the box he's in the middle of the goal".

Steven Gerrard provided some excellent crosses during the Newcastle game, and Aldo believes he could be the key to getting the best out of Carroll:

"Too often he gets under it and isn't able to attack it correctly. Hopefully the penny will drop soon because I'm sick of saying it".

"If he [Carroll] starts taking up positions beyond the far post then he will score. Steven Gerrard and Craig Bellamy can provide quality deliveries into the box but the striker's starting position is crucial".

Obviously, I hope Carroll takes heed and starts scoring, but he's almost 23 - if he hasn't learned the fine art of positioning yet, I doubt he will ever learn.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. The last couple of games Carrolls movement has improved(he his moving!) how did he manage to get on the end of those misses if his movement was poor? Check his run for the save by the keeper against Blackburn he starts on the edge of the area the chances against Newcastle he was in acres of space because he had found it.
    Aldridge his wrong Carroll needs to improve his finishing like the rest of the team!!!!!

  2. @jj - From what i've seen in those match that carroll play in he is like a lost soul who jog around the final 3rd instead of creating space or chances for himself or his team mate,kk made a mistake in paying millions for a head without a brain.

  3. Clearly you should do some analysis on similar players like Carroll, in terms of build and attributes.  These players tend to get to their best around the age of 26-27 rather than 22.

  4. I was at the Blackburn and Newcastle games and all Carroll was missing was a goal. Desperately unlucky not to score in either game. But to be fair, we scored more goals in the Newcastle game without Suarez then any other game since August which I find interesting. I wouldn't mind but besides Maxi and Bellamy, nobody else is exactly setting the world alight with their finishing for us at the minute are they? It's all very well blaming Carroll but to be fair he's just played his first two back to back games since joining us. Give him a bit more time and support him.

  5. I would have agreeded with you and Aldridge a few games ago but Carroll has shown signs of improvements the last couple of games, playing 180 minutes of football is having a positive effect on him and his body a man that size needs to be playing to get his movement going, can't see how a player can become a forward and a footballer for Newcastle and not have movement.

  6. To be fair to carroll the service he has been given hasnt been the best, downing seems to cut inside more often than not, when gerrard is fit enough to start liverpool will start firing on all cylinders and carroll should bag a few goals, he was unlucky against newcastle and lived on scraps most other games.  Referees dont seem to be helping him a lot either, any contact with a defender in the air and its a free out, reverse the situation and carroll is repeatedly left frustrated by people moaning at him to get to his feet. Just give him time to find a bit of form!

  7. Well said, Aldo. There's nothing more to say.