24 Jan 2012

LIVERPOOL Star tells fans: Get off Kenny's back - "It's NOT so bad..."

After the depressing defeat to Bolton in the premier league, Liverpool fans are feeling pretty disillusion at the moment, and with a run of important season-defining games coming up, things clearly need to improve sooner rather than later. Some fans have even turned on Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, but former Liverpool striker David Johnson has called for fans to keep the faith in the manager.

In an interview with the official Liverpool football club website, Johnson - who scored 78 goals for Liverpool - did his best to look at things in a positive light:

"I'm just as disappointed as anyone else. You look at it and you think 'this is not where we want to be', but, if we'd won against Bolton, we would've been in 5th place.

"If we beat City and United, we're still in the FA Cup and we've got a trip to Wembley, and all of a sudden, it's not so bad.

"You've got to look at all the other things's Kenny has done since he took over. There was an awful lot of dead wood at the club, and he's done an unbelievable job of getting rid of players who didn't look like they were ever going to get anywhere.

"He's done a fantastic job there; and don't forget, it's still only his first year - you don't do everything overnight. All this talk about the manager - he *is* the manager, and you've got to have confidence that he's going to do it for us".

If Roy Hodgson was in charge right now there would be blood on the streets; fans would be foaming at the mouth and calling for his head on a platter...just like they did last season.

It was as ridiculous then as it is now - things are bad at the moment but calling for Dalglish's head is embarrassing (IMO).

That doesn't mean that he shouldn't be held accountable for the mistakes he's making, and if Liverpool finish outside the premier league's top four then that failure will be on his shoulders.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. In my opinion, Damien Comolli should be sack. He's no where near being a good Sport Director. St Etienne's Chairman warned Liverpool not to sign him, he made mistakes everywhere he went to. St Etienne, Spurs. This guy is a joke. Granting permission to buy Andy Carroll for 35M pounds when the bloke's evaluation in Newcastle's book was 1M. Stewart Downing 20M, Jordan Henderson, 20M. I am not a great fan of Benitez, but surely Benitez would have bought world class players with this kind of cash. Torres would not have left. Torres & Suarez leading Liverpool's attack, just think about that for a sec.

    Kenny Dalglish is a good manager, not a great tactician. I doubt Mr John Henry would be willing to invest more money into players, considering he saw how Comolli & Dalglish handle it the first time. Kenny should be given some more time, let's say, one more season and if he continues to persists in getting British players, then he'll have to go, just like the rest.

    I'll blame Kenny on one more specific case, Raul Miereles. That guy should have never left liverpool. Kenny made a great mistake letting him go.

  2. 'if Liverpool finsih outside the top four then that failure will be on his shoulders.'

    What a ridiculous comment! Sure Liverpool have spent a fair amount of money, but they have also brought in a fair amount.
    It takes time for new players to bed in, and sure its taking longer than expected but it has been a difficult few seasons, and this is the first one where stability is occuring behind the scenes.

    It is disappointing to drop points at home to the lesser teams, and lose away to the likes of Bolton, but even Man Utd lose the odd game to some mid-table team.

    You could say that the amount of money spent you should demand top four, I'd agreed to a point, but the truth is there are still 5 teams with a better squad than ours. Gerrard has only recently come back, Lucas is out for the season, Suarez has been banned for 9 games. And at present non of our so called forwards are playing with confidence! A few goals and wins and we'll put another good run together!
    If fans are honest the top four was always going to be an up-hill task, but we're still not out of it, and we are still in both domestic cups.

    We do need another out and out goal scorer! And at the minute I'm more disappointed by the lack of activity in the transfer market than the few bad results of late!

  3. Couldnt agree more re Miereles. And the same goes for Aqulani. We have loads of British workmen, what we need to go with it is a bit of European skill, flair, touch. That something magical, special. Last year we played wonderful pass and move football after KK came in, not so this year. I can't ever see Carrol, Downing or Adam playing this sort of style...  

  4. i agree with Hashim... KD should be given some time... Maybe trying to rope in back Torres shd help at least... BRing on the old spirits YWNA

  5. I think Camolle is a big thug. He looted Liverpool. New Owners were traped by bogus stories and videos and low quality players were purchased by getting high commission. It looks Comolli and Kenny both parted the commission that's why kenny is justifying the worse player like Carrol, Downing and henderson whose values are definately not more than one forth of the purchasing price. It is vary painful to see the plight of liverpool. We would have in top four if we would had started all those matches with kuyt which we started with carrol. In every match we played with 10 men team as Carrol was no where instead he was loosing balls and mounting pressure on defence. It is high time to replace kenny camollee and all dead woods which they bring in liverpool to cancer the club.

  6. Hashim,
          Bang on, everything you say is spot on.  But I don't think Kenny had much choice with Meireles.

    AVB sold him to LFC for 11.5M
    AVB Moves to Chelsea, buys Fernando Torres knowing he is getting Meireles back for 12M.

    Kenny's hands were tied with the meireles deal I think.

  7. i wouldnt go so far as saying if it was RH... he had us down in the relegation zone, i dont think KK has had us down that far...  that i think is going a bit too far...    Also we have had 2 really bad games, bolton and spurs, then with all our other drawn games, we had more than ample chances to win, but the players just didnt score... i dont think you can blame the manager for players not scoring if the chances are there... blame the manager on tactics, but not the missed opportunities.  if we won 2 or 3 of those games there would be a big difference in opinion in sitting 4th or 5th as to where we are now...   i wont comment on the players we have or havent bought as that creates too much divide, suffice to say im happier to be in 7th (a few points off 4th) than sitting in 15th or below trying to get out of relegation zone...  But we can and should be doing a lot better...

    YNWA ... have faith and lets kick Man C and Man U arse...

  8. Johnson doesn't get it - it's not some individual matches and results that are disappointing. We systematically underperform against lesser teams, and that is what costs you the end result in May. We're still in the fight for fourth only because Chelsea have been struggling too.

  9. ' If 'we had won at Bolton, 'If' we beat City, 'If' we beat United. Life is full of ifs and if only's. If Only we hadn't drawn all those games at home, if we hadn't been well and truly beaten at Spurs, City and Bolton, and just beaten at Fulham, we would be top of the league. If we beat City and then United, then it's a different ball game and the pressure is off the manager. But that particular  ' If ' is a very big one!

  10. I have faith in LFC, we should not be bitching all the time. We have had a massive squad overhaul and it takes time for teams to galvinise. Look at City for the past couple of years... We need to stand behind our team and manager!

    Did I not predict that an attempt to hang these flops on Comilli would happen?BANG ON TIME THEY HAVE STARTED......LOL
    For those wishing to attempt to hang this on Comolli you really should do your homework.For your information:BEFORE KENNY ACCEPTED THE POSITION AS MANAGER HE SOUGHT CLARIFICATION FROM FSG .THE CLARIFICATION HE WANTED WAS THAT ALL PLAYER PURCHASES SALES  ETC THAT KENNY DALGLISH AS MANAGER WOULD HAVE FINAL SAY ON.So I'd end this attempt shift the focus away from Kenny Dalglish's tactics and ability to get the best from his purchases.I am not calling for KENNY DALGLISH to be sacked I will wait until the end of the season.However based on current form we are not going to be in the TOP 4.I draw your attention to JOHN HENRY'S assertion that he EXPECTED for his INVESTMENT a Top 4 place.I'm waiting for the next excuse to come which will be give Kenny another season etc.I'm even prepared to limp on until Xmas 2012 but I see NOTHING thus far which make s me think there will be any improvement in our fortunes under KD.So I liek many will let you exhaust all the excuses and then watch you go  quiet or change your Moniker.

  12. Back to the Suarez ban    Stamping on a players head and no fine.  POSSIBLY insulting someone who has been insulted for a lifetime and you get ONLY a 4 match ban    Consistency please FA.  Suarez you have been stitched up.

  13. Jimmy   I guess we all know what you mean you simply got it the wrong way round. I am sure like many of us like you think 4 for assault and no fine is not enough if Suarez get 8 and a fine for a bit of unproven racism. Officer I did not abuse him, I only trod on his head can I go home.

  14. septimus
    im not one for sacking kenny, we should not even talk about it at this stage of the season, if we dont pick up our form asap we will deffo be out of both cups and no chance of top 4 and any confidence the players have will go altogether, BUT if kennys rant has the desired effect and we go on to wembley and beat the other mancs on saturday we could and should be flying, my worry is  the way we are playing, its so very boring to watch so slow aimless and predictable, its got to change, we were fast and direct early on in the season, ok we were missing chances hitting the woodwork ect, now we are not even getting into the box? whats happened, i know suarez isnt playing but, we played like this a couple of times with him in the team, its ATTITUDE that needs sorting out thats all

  15. What conclusive proof is there that KK is not as responsible as Comolli (if not more) for the players that we bought in?

    Comolli is on record basically saying that KK has the final word on the signings.

    KK is also on record saying that its both his and Comolli's responsibility.

    So if your going to blame someone, blame both Comolli and KK, instead of coming across as someone who wants to preserve the romance of having KK here again.
    Yes, Comolli has played a part in the flops that were bought at Spurs but he also bought some damn good ones too that still play for Spurs. Just like Rafa made some dodgy buys as well as some good ones, or unless you going to blame all the bad buys on Parry/G&H and the good ones on Rafa. Ah I see the theme here......

  16. We probably will kick their arses as we always turn up for the big games but for the other games....pssh.

    Its like we are like a excited small lower division club who get the chance to do some FA Cup giant killing act on a big PL club.

    Mediocre, that is our standard now.

  17. In my opinion, we should all reserve judgment on KD, DC & FSG until they've been given a reasonable amount of time to have made a considerable impact. If none of us were prepared for teething problems then we were living in cloud cuckoo land. We gave Kenny and the staff 3 year contracts. Let's allow them to see it out and see where we are at the end of it.

  18. AVB didn't buy Torres...AVB came in the summer, Torres had been there for 6 months already. Meireless was pushed, with all the mid fielders we were buying, for him the writing was on the wall. And he wasn't British, KKs stated preference. 

  19. Or when he wins our 1st trophy in 6 years then the glory will all by his!!!!
    We win as a team and when struggling we fight as one!!! Dalglish is no different to any other manager, makes mistakes and yes should be held accountable but too often fickle fans demanding and expecting way too much too soon!!! Mancini spent over 250million and was expected to make the top 4 last season, they scraped in late in the season, WON the FA Cup and then in the Champions league went out in the group stages, bet all their fans remember winning the FA cup last season over what their overall league position was as their European venture was a disaster.
    Top 4 this season is only important in the fact it will improve the quality of player we attract and are able to keep (Suarez), dalglish role was to steady a sinking ship and progress season by season, debate all the new transfers all you like as we all know they are the targets here every other day but try and analyse the performances of the whole season, i am finally happy with the football we play and only 2 games stand out as unacceptable(Spurs away and Bolton, Dalglish has accepted this and has warned the players)Results could be better but it will click I am confident in what I have seen.
    Suggest we move on from Bolton and focus on a magical night at Anfield wednesday night when the real LFC will turn up and lead us to the New wembley for the 1st time!!!

  20. Honestly what did you expect this season?

    LFC not the only team spending money this season, anyone in the Top 6 can make the Champions league places this season.Not as easy as it was under Benitez to make top 4!!!

    It may be only the Carling cup but we have a chance to win 1st trophy in 6 years.Positive step forward though.

    Typical fan, expecting everything overnight probably because the likes of Kenny Dalglish brought us so much success in the 70s and 80's, get a grip mate!!!!!

  21. KennyDalglishAkaTheKing11:58 am, January 24, 2012

    I have been reading your comments for quite some time now and I`ve got to admit that fans nowadays are being a wee bit impatient. Whats with calling for my head so early? Dont you think you are a wee bit over reacting!? Afterall its not my fault if the super stars I bought are not having any impact on games. I`m a wee bit pissed off that you lfc fans are criticising my genius transfer strategy of last windows. It was all meticulously planned. Buying british is the key to winning the league. Didn`t you fools know that england has the most technically gifted player on earth? Even the spanish do not compare! Whats with saying that i was out of touch with football for too long? Thats ridiculous! I`ve been playing football with my grandson on his psp a couple of times before you morons! Some idiots are still saying that I overpaid for mediocre players? 35 millions for caroll was a bargain you retards! Mark my words that guy will be worth twice as much in a couple of seasons. Why are you calling him a donkey? He may resemble one with his tail but hes the new alan shearer for gods sake. 20 million for dowming was another genius stroke of me and damien. What if he has not scored or created any assist in the league up till now? What if he is 27 years and the number of matches he played for england could be counted on one hand? Its not like we are going down with him! The 16 million I spent on henderson, I said it before and I will say it again, is for the FUTURE you imbeciles. You will see how good he is in a dozen of seasons from now. Then you will all realise how right I was to force meireless out and loan out this italian crap that all italian teams are queuing up to buy for no reason. Also why are you criticising my formations, huh? Ive got to stick with glen johnson at right back even though I gotta accept that he sucks there. Don`t you simpletons see that he is f*cking black? He is the only black player in our team right now and I don`t want to look like a racist for promoting kelly who is white even though he is the better of the two, especially because of the recent incident between suarez and evra. Why do you so want to see maxi in the team? He cant do anything except score goals. We don`t need this, do we? We already scored plenty this season. 21 goals in 22 games. Do some math you cretins! Its one goal every game! Terrific record, isn`t it!? Not many teams scored more than that. Only 12 teams if I remember corectly including balckburn who is fighting relagation. So please have a wee bit of respect for me and the team and keep supporting us, continue buying jerseys, stadium seats for the following seasons etc. Keep watching us even if we get beaten by relagation teams, even if we get kicked out in all competitions, even if we failed to qualify for champions league for the 3rd consecutive season because thats what a true LFC fan is supposed to do. If you can`t do this you can jump ship and ii won`t care since nobody is greater than this club, except me of course.

    You`ll never win anything! Oops sorry! What was it again? yeah I got it now... You`ll never walk alone! 

  22. Anyone who wants KK to go Is NOT a Liverpool fc supporter.

  23. Gary I agree,

    But that's what Managers are paid for to motivate them and improve the performance.
    I think KD thought that by having competition for places it would raise the level of performance.
    However on closer examination I think that it's had the opposite effect because player become demotivated when they think that players who are not performing on merit are getting picked in front of them.

    Maxi can see he's more effective than Downing.
    Spearing is more effective than Henderson etc.

    However the poison that KD introduced was when they are on the training pitch everyone can see whose better and whose not.

    So players like Mereles Aquilani etc get alienated by Dalglish's purchases.
    Then they think **** THIS I want OUT.

    Let me ask you all this.


    Welcome to the LFC Under Dalglish

  24. James,

    You should take a look at what John Henry said at the begining of the season.
    You should also take note that a 3 year contract doesn't mean anything if you are failing.
    Base on the level of performance from last years summer signings, can you seriously say that this bunch are good enough to challenge for titles nevermind about the dreamy eyed idea of being in the Champions League?

    If that was my money and I spent a considerable amount with NOTHING to show for it at the end of the season I'd be asking serious questions.

  25. Beno,

    who as asked for Kenny to go ?

    Not me I said I'll wait until the end of the season.

    However I wouldn't trust him to buy anymore players in this window.

  26. 100 Million Spent and you think we should be happy with the dross we bought?
    You're lowering the expectations with being happy with a Carling Cup mate.

    Not me I expect Liverpool to be in the Top 4 and challenging for the league or Champions League.
    We had that for 5 years straight now we have gone backwards.FACT

  27. Bang on mate!!!!!!!!!!, and if we r to  blame comolli for something blame him for signing suarez!!!!, (he is only our best signing lol). Lets judge kenny at the end of the season, but lets not give him a second chance only because of his legacy at the club, lets treat him like any other manager in charge

  28. Can KK explain to us how Hendersen is better than Spearing.IMO Hendersen has/is contributing nothing so far.Just running and running around but yet he plays nearly all matches and 90mins.
    If KK is adamant he is doing the best selection,then all BLAMES WILL BE ON HIM if we fail 4th spot.

  29. 5 years straight yes and the most consistent out of the english teams during that period but after we let Rafa go too early and brought in Hogdson it was always going to take time to re-establish ourselves, never going to happen overnight, Dalglish has picked up the pieces and steadied a sinking ship who were in the bottom half of the table this time last year.

    Can't argue we are not heading in the right direction, we have only lost 4 league games, won away at Arsenal and Chelsea, outplayed Man Utd and Man City at Anfield, had we turned 4 of our home draws into wins we would be challenging man utd!!!

    Take your point with Carling Cup but who remembers where we finished in the league through the 80's when we were not league champions but everyone remembers winning the League Cup in 81,82,83,84!!!!

    As for the dross we have signed, can't be arsed with the debates with our signings as unlike many fans I am patient with players and understand some need longer than others to adapt at such a big club, henderson is copping so much grief and the lad is 21 years old trying to justify a big transfer fee(no where near the 20 million people wrongly claim!!!) works his arse off every game, end product is short at times and he takes the easy simple option too often due to confidence issues but I think he will progress.

    Carroll has not worked but again at the time everyone was over the moon with his signing, some work some don't, gota rectify it and look for alternatives.

    Of the 100m of dross, name me 1 better player for all those Kenny signed, just to get an idea!!!

  30. Enrique was their best signing by a mile at 6 m!!!!

  31. Enrique and Suarez poor signings???????

  32. Jaimie I agree that it is silly to ask for Dalglish to be sacked, FSG alone will make that decision at the right time if it is needed but it is way too early now.

    However there is one issue with Kenny's appointment that is worrying and may prove to be regressive for this club, his status. Kenny is the most important player this club ever had, he is an icon for the city and its fans, as well as ex players that played with him and under him, a true legend that has seen it all in his first spell at the club. This creates a problem in regards to accountability and scrutiny with his job, he more than anybody else will face less criticism from fans and ex players / pundits and be afforded more time and patience which IMO is dangerous when we fans think with hearts and sentiment rather than our minds and logic. Even his appointment confirms this, was he really the best available especially considering his absence from the game?

    I 100% agree with your point about Roy Hodgson, some of the fans that are arguing to provide Kenny with time did not show this level of support to Hodgson (nor can they provide ample reason for this hypocrisy but will attempt to do so!). I did not believe Roy was the right man to take us forward when he was appointed, but I do acknowledge that he did not have the same beneficial circumstances to work in that Kenny has been afforded (budget for transfers, stability with hierachy and structure, faith and patience from fans). FSG must have been aware of the level of discontent from fans towards Hodgson, something I do not believe will happen with Dalglish so FSG may face a fan reaction if they ever decide to cut ties with him.

    Early days yet, but it is completley possible that Kenny will go down as a manager who squandered a massive transfer budget and replaced deadwood, with deadwood. He is accountable for that (not just comolli) but again it is very early to tell. The performances of the likes of Downing and Carroll may change from here on in but no one can deny that the new owners have fulfilled promises and been generous but it is increasingly looking like that money has been wasted, and in this day in age not a lot of owners provide that type of budget again and again.

    Personally I would give Kenny one more year beyond this to make this squad work as he planned when it was assembled, but would not sanction more summer signings and instead make him sell to buy. If he is given anywhere between a further 20 - 50 million again, with no CL that will be coming out of the owners pockets again and if Kenny fails again, imagine how hard the job will be for the next man to step in ? Would that manager be afforded funds or will he likeley have to shift Kenny's deadwood to get his own squad ? Hopefully it will not come to that but in my opinion he has been backed generously and needs to work with what he has or raise his own funds. (An example of this is our lack of depth upfront, we have significantly less strikers than any of our rivals and ones that underperform in front of goal, In the summer we had an overpacked midfield when we purchased Adam and Henderson and when Meireles was at the club... why when we are light upfront? The decision to not show Meireles he was wanted was a bad one as that money could have been used on another decent striker back then so we would not be the worst LFC finishing team for many years) 

    The cup games coming up are important, but I would personally sacrifice the League Cup and FA cup to take 4th spot as it is more beneficial to the club (based on modern day financial distribution) so for me the games we face in Feb in the league (United, Spurs, Arsenal, Everton, Sunderland) will define if Kenny hits the expected target John Henry set for him.

  33. Not sure about 'over the moon', plenty of us were thinking we got done.

    Scott Parker and Cabaye have been great and they were bargains. But we are stuck with Adam. Arturo Vidal would have been perfect for PL.

    Falcao went for a similar fee to Carroll and he has fitted in with ease in La Liga. 

    There are a good handful of young german attacking midfielders that would have been better than Hendo. The likes of Marco Reus (too late now as recently agreed to go to Dortmund next season....yikes..Gotze-Kagawa-Reus), Holtby, etc.

    CSKA's Honda is looking to leave the club and doesn't seem to be for a mammoth fee.

    Would have signed Demba Ba and Peter Crouch, still have money left over, instead of Carroll.

    Plenty of alternatives out there but most of them aren't British, so they probably weren't even on KK's radar.

  34. Suarez was scouted by Benetiz back in 2009 Enrique  was a Good buy any others ?

  35. Paddy excellent points good call

  36. Hashim,

    Kenny Dalglis has been out of Managment for 12 years and gets a GIG in at the top with no questions.
    THIS IS WRONG...I would have been happy with a young manager who was fresh and hungry and I would have accepted 3 season outside the Top 4 IF I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

    The game has changed Kenny Dalglish's attitude has not that's the problem.

  37. Hi Madness - great points. I totally agree with everything you've said. Kenny's status at the club is a rod for his own back, and as we're already seeing, he doesn't receive one tenth of the criticism Hodgson received despite performing worse in relative terms. Hodgson had next to no money to spend; no fan support; boardroom turmoil to deal with; demotivated and unhappy players after Benitez's final season etc, yet KD's Liverpool have played just as badly at times despite having every benefit possible this season.

    I also agree about replacing dead wood with dead wood; the only difference is that now we have *expensive* dead wood, which will be even more difficult to shift in a cost-effective manner.

  38. In many cases, patience = acceptance of mediocrity. There's a reason Liverpool have not won the league for nearly 21 years, and it is 'patience', i.e. giving managers and players too much time to 'settle in', hoping that one day, they'll deliver the goods.

    Sometimes, you just have to see the writing on the wall, and when it comes to players, it's easy to see from very early on that some players are just not going to cut it.

    For example: it was obvious that Voronin was never going to make it; the same goes for the likes of Degen; Jovanovic; Dossena; Morientes; Josemi; Cheyrou; Le tallec; Zenden; Pennant and all the other dud buys over the years.

    Giving them patience is, as I said, acceptance of mediocrity, and the same applies to Downing and Carroll. They are never going to be successful players at Liverpool, and it's easy to discern this from observation.

    This is not writing them off, it's just acceptance of *reality*. Most fans (in my experience) prefer to bury their heads in the sand and ignore reality, but that is the wrong approach.

    I prefer to just tell it like it is. It's not hard to see the inevitable; most fans can see how things are going to pan out if they look at things objectively and don't allow LFC bias to get in the way (which, admittedly, is hard).

    Almost every feeling I've had about a player over the last 10 or so years has come true; it has nothing to do with any special perception or skill on my part, it's simply about accepting the reality of what you see with your own eyes.

    I would compare it to the stock market; seasoned traders get to know their particular niche eally well and come to the point where they can accurately predict trends in the market. It's exactly the same with football: if you look at things objectively; consider the stats, past performance, current performance etc, you can make a pretty accurate prediction about how a player is going turn out.

  39. Totally agree, Septimus. Liverpool should be in the top 4 and challenging for the league. The galling thing is that top 4 was/is there for the taking this season. Spurs and Arsenal are totally inconsistent, and Liverpool could've capitalised.

    Alas, we haven't, and that (IMO) is down to the following:

    * Wasting money on the wrong players
    * Failure to utilise the players we do have in the right way
    * Inconsistency of approach/formation

    It's massively frustrating, and reminds me of the 2008-9 season. The league was there for the taking that season but the same old problems derailed our title bid: Too many draws; too cautious an approach in the first half of the season etc.

    With the right approach this season, and money better spent, Liverpool could've been challenging for the title. That's not an exaggeration either. Imagine if we had a striker who'd scored 10-12 goals by now; imagine we had two central midfielders who'd both chipped in with 5-7 goals, and a few assists. Those goals would've been the difference between 7th and 2nd/3rd.

    Liverpool, specifically Dalglish and his coaching staff, have thrown it away this season.

  40. where are your alternatives then??

  41. 'more difficult to shift in a cost-effective manner'

    Not my idea but still think its a good one:
    'Or the club should raffle off 100,000 tickets at £350 each to win the chance to play up front for Liverpool for the rest of the season.

    £35m recouped, and just as many, if not more, goals'

  42. Again Fair comment, the players you named were all Garbage from the outset bar morientes who I had real hope for but quickly accepted he was not going to make the grade in England.

    I feel the same with regards to Carroll but do not agree with Downing and feel there is something there, only time will tell if he comes good or not but as he proves for England he has got ability, whether he can be consistent but I am not righting him off just yet.

    To be a successful side will not happen overnight and takes years, maybe decades to establish, Fergie nearly had the sack at Utd after 5 Trophy less years and we all know what has happened since!!!

    In your opinion, players who sign for LFC are expected to right from the outset turn out to be world class players? Ronaldo at Man Utd is testement to the fact some players need time, some such as Suarez don't!!!
    There are a number of reasons why we havent won the league, the main one being the fact that KK left!!!!!!!! And our foreign Managers bought the garbage you identified as never going to make the grade

  43. Spurs Inconsistent?????!!!!!!!!

    After their first 2 games they had won 9 out of 10 until defeats by stoke and Man City.

    The season aint over yet so why can't they capitalise? chelsea and arsenal should have extended their advantage over us, they havent, 6 points behind Chelsea, still have to play them at Anfield!!

  44. Seriously, the term dead wood applies to crap players worth no sell on Value!!
    Carroll will bring some money back wherever he goes.

    Henderson, if things don' t work will bring a return.

    As for comparing them to El Zhar, plessis, Degen, Dossena, jovanovic is just daft

    JK, do you actually watch any LFC games or just wait for the stats afterwards? LFC have murdered nearly every team we have played and have had more chances than any team, most corners etc... Worst conversion rate I agree so tells you one thing, we are a creative team(More so since Suarez been banned less creative) sorry but just not aving the fact our performances are as bad as last year, pathetic judgement. We had lost over 10 games this time last year!!!!

    As for Hodgson, No money, then he should never have paid £4.5m for christian Poulson!!!! And as for paul Konchesky, dont get me started!!!! Worse as last season, use your facts to back up that nonsense!!!!!

  45. Doesnt matter who scouted them, Benitez may have scouted all the players that get shit on here every day!!henderson, Carroll, Downing, Adam etc.....Managers, Coaches etc scout hundreds of players.
    Hodgson apparently got offered Van der Vaart last summer but said we did not need him as we had Joe Cole!!!Bullshit!!
    Fact of the matter is how long do you assess when a player has been successful?Half a bloody season? Come on, even the greatest players take time as I always use Ronaldo as prove to my argument.
    Time will tell, as JK says he always knows when a player is gona turn out to be crap so maybe he is wasted on here and should apply for the Managers Job when KK is hounded out!!!!

  46. Ryan - please don't ask such stupid questions. Just because I have a different view to you doesn't mean I don't watch the games.

    Dead wood does not just refer to players with no value; it refers to players who have value to Liverpool's performances on the field. Torres was arguably dead wood at the end of his time at Anfield, but he's still worth money.

    Liverpool will never make money on Carroll, Henderson or Downing. They'll sell eventually, but the club will make a huge financial loss.

  47. We have gone backwards. 

    The second half of last season, we were statistically the best team in the league in that period. We were quite formidable.

    Than got KK got his hands on a pot of gold in the summer and got carried away with the desire to add British-ness.

    As for Hodgson signings, well Raul Meireles trumps any midfielder that KK/Comolli has brought in by a mile. He had a desire, enthusiasm and energy to do well....and he wasn't British.Still angers me that they sold Raul Meireles, even more so considering the performances of his two new replacements. 

  48. Although the post wasn't directed at me, I have listed the alternatives that were available last summer.

  49. Raul meireles asked for a transfer so what do you do?? The lad has got quality but not that good enough to be mourned at his loss!! Hasnt exactly set the world alight at CFC has he!? Might need bit of time as he only started to play for us when KK came in last Dec - Jan???

    Still plenty of time left, maybe we have gone backwards as gerrard was out for last part of previous season and now he has returned!!! Ha Ha!!!! don't win anything in January Paddy but you do in February!!

  50. Why are we concerned with making any financial loss? We sign a player to perform on the pitch, partly why we paid more for Carroll and Henderson is the age and potential to grow and re sell, at a loss but we will recoup something!!
    Not many players in the modern game are  sold for profit. And the club should not look to either, the players mentioned are clearly an investment. Can't argue with the Carroll factor as I do not agree with the logics of the move and would have forced Torres to stay!!!

    Never my intention to offend with regards to your views on games but last season was the worst Ive witnessed in my 25 years of watching LFC and i was massive Benitez fan so was probably one of those who never wanted Hodgson in the first place!!

  51. Under 21


    Iker Muniain Age (19) Athletic
    Bilbo Spanish National

    Left Sided Midfielder
    Arsenal sniffing around.

    Valued at £8 million


    Mario Götze Age (19) Team Borussia
    Dortmund /German National

    Right Sided Midfielder or


     Xherdan Shaqir  Age(19)
     Team Basel /Swiss national

    Right sided Midfielder
    player we’ve seen him play

    Valued at £11 million


    Adam Ljaijc  Age  (20)
    Team AC Fiorentina Serbian National

    Striker or Right Wing or
    Second Striker

    Valued at £6 Million


    Érik Manuel Lamela (19) Team
    AS Roma Argentina/Spanish National

    Left Sided Midfielder  or Second Striker

    Valued at £11 Million


    Christian Erikkson (20) Team
    Ajax /Danish

    Second Striker or Left wing

    Valued at  £11 Million


    Junior Hoilett (21) Team Blackburn Canadian/Jamaican National

    Left Wing Second or Lead

    Valued at  £4 Million


    Under 25


    Jesus Navas Age (25) Team Sevilla /Spanish National

    Right Wing or Left Wing

    Valued at £21 Million


    Édinson Cavani Age (25) Team
    Napoli /Uruguay & Italian National


    Valued £24 Million


    Mats Julian Hummels Age (23)
    Team Bayern Munich /German National

    Central Defender or
    Defensive Midfielder

    Valued at £17million

  52. I blame Dalglish alone, until proven otherwise - there is nothing to suggest that Comolli is in charge of transfer policy, from his words to those of the owners.

  53. They have better squads because Dalglish wasted the opportunity to upgrade our squad.
    +£100m spent to replace two starters (Torres & Meireles and a bunch of players that Dalglish clearly didn't rate at all) and the argument is that the squad should be in the same position as before?? 

  54. Because the club wanted him to put in a transfer request (I'm sure there are financial reasons for this) and they were trying to sell him in the summer, well that is what he says anyway.
    He deserves to be mourned about, because although he is nothing special, his replacements have been cack and have rarely displayed they have the potential to be better.He started 30-odd league games for us, so started plenty before KK came

  55. the term started wasin reference to  when he started to show any promise, first goal was under KK where he scored bout 6 in 6 then wasnt seen for next few months!!

  56. His overall performances were pretty damn good and important, especially in that second half of the season. So don't know why your focusing on goals only, its ridiculously narrow minded.

  57. Things are that bad. A visit to Wembley will paper over the obvious cracks but, for us, the Carling Cup gave us a chance to play players who did not have Europe to worry about. Chelsea and Arsenal have had a nightmare and we are trailing them. Arsenal have lost 3 games in a row and we are behind them. Newcastle don't have better players than us, or they shouldn't have. Last weekend, every result went our way, no one in the top half, except the two manchester teams and sunderland, won and we showed up at Bolton and played the way we did. It is unforgiveable and the coaching staff have to take responsibility. We have replaced old dead wood with new dead wood.

    I can accept a near miss, behind Chelsea, and a 5th place finish, but any lower than that and our coaching set up needs a change at the end of the season. After spending so much, anything lower than 5th is just not good enough.

  58. With Senegal going out of the African Nations Cup already, Newcastle will have two strikers returning, sooner rather than later, so they will be back to full strength soon as well. It's great to be at Wembley but we need to step it up in the league now.

  59. its really a good news for all of liverpool fans that there will be no kind of transfer activity this winter