24 Jan 2012

AGUERO: Liverpool striker was my IDOL, but I 'cursed' him for what he did...

Michael Own broke the hearts of millions of Argentineans when he scored his wonder goal for England during World Cup 1998. Among those watching that night was Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero, who yesterday revealed his great admiration for the ex-Liverpool striker.

With 14 goals and 4 assists in 21 games this season, Aguero is proving to be one of the best strikers in the premier league, and in a recent interview, the Argentine spoke of his admiration for the Owen, now with Manchester United:

"I’m not so much a fan of Liverpool, but one of the players who was my idol when I was a boy was Michael Owen.

"He was quite small and had an eye for goal, just like me. When Liverpool were winning trophies, I was looking out for them because Owen was doing well.

"It’s ever since he scored for England against Argentina in ‘98, although I wasn’t too happy at the time. I cursed him pretty badly for scoring that. But getting that goal didn’t stop me from admiring him."

Unlike, say, Robbie Fowler, Owen is not revered by Liverpool fans, but one thing that cannot be denied is his that he was a brilliant striker for the club.

Owen's goal against Argentina at World Cup '98 was great, but he scored lots of similar goals during his time at Anfield, and who can forget that winning goal against Arsenal in the 2001 FA Cup Final?

Aguero is looking forward to Wednesday's Carling Cup semi-final at Anfield, and he's determined to help City into the final:

"It’d be nice to play in a final at Wembley with City. We’ll be going there and giving everything we’ve got because we know it’s an important game for this club".

Just imagine if Liverpool had the 1998-2001 Michael Owen right now....

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I wonder how many young fans there are that have Andy Carroll idol as their football idol at the moment?

  2. Disgusting, utterly disgusting.

    Not much difference is there?

    Good heavens, what do we do with him?

  3. again, Jaimie, you won't gain many fans by continuing to give mis-leading headlines... i'm sure everyone will be thinking 'Aguero cursed the scum for leaving LFC'

  4. The same amount who have Owen has their football idol!

  5. Well, maybe Sterling could get a few minutes on the flanks, didn't Rush say that he was a similar type of player?

    Owen was a great striker for us and I still feel we should have tried to get him back on a free when he was available. If he stayed fit, he could have done a job for us with his eye for goal.

  6. Well Owen is past it NOW, whereas when he was young, he had plenty.

  7. I wish we had Aguero instead of Carroll!

    Andy Carroll is idol, not an idol!

  8. I know I spelt it wrong, it was a joke, but not the bit about Aguero he is class!