14 Jan 2012

ENRIQUE: 'World Class' Argentina legend 'taught me not to panic'...

Liverpool left-back Jose Enrique has been an unqualified success at Anfield, and is arguably Kenny Dalglish's most consistent signing. He learned his trade under Manuel Pellegrini at Villareal, and Enrique has nothing but good things to say about his time at the club.

In a recent interview with LFC Magazine, Enrique spoke about two of his former Villareal team-mates who were big influences on his career:

"There were people there like Juan Roman Riquelme and Diego Forlan - world class. You could pass to players like that from a long distance and and they would use their body to pretect the ball and control it.

"The manager (Pellegrini) wanted it like that. Pass to Riquelme and watch what he does. It does not matter if he plays in your position or not because some players have the attitude and others have the quality.

"Seeing his [Riquelme's] technical ability both in training and matches was a lesson, especially for someone like me.

"He taught me to be strong, take my time and not to panic when the ball comes to me. I remember that"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Time the Jose Enrique taught Andy Carroll those tricks!

  2. He can also do a job for us on the wing as he has shown already this season with his ability to take on player and get pass them without too much difficulty!! Maybe he can play on the wing, once we have faith in one of younger left backs who are trying to push through. Enrique plays without any fear and has full confidence in his own ability...trait of a exceptional player!!! I still dont understand why others in the team who have joined at the same time, have not watched and learned..

  3. If only Jamie Carragher had heeded the same advice. Nay, given his limited technical skills, no way is Jamie ever going to be a decent footballer even if he had tried his hardest.

  4. Andy Carroll is a waste of space!

  5. top player best left back in prem, pure class.cool as fuc#